Storyline IWT Exclusive Spawn Q&A 8/11/16

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    [The feed begins with a well dressed Spawn walking in front of a podium littered with several microphones. There are plenty of journalists and cameras stationed in front of him. Spawn clears his throat before he speaks]
    Spawn: Thank you all for coming out here ladies and gentlemen. I am sure there are a lot of questions to be asked so lets not waste anymore time, if you could please.

    Journalist: Spawn, you stated in the ring that you were back, did you mean back as a competitor?

    Spawn: Yes that was exactly what I meant. I am back in IWT and I am still under contract. Next question please.

    Journalist: Spawn last month you claimed you were leaving and now you tell us that you are back, was it all a publicity stunt?

    [Spawn chuckles a bit before answering]

    Spawn: No it was not a publicity stunt. I left last month with the intent of not returning until I felt it was time. I was so caught up with my demons that I couldn't sleep at night. I needed a break. I took that month off but I was not slacking. The whole time I continued to pray to the lord for some guidance. It was then I had the revelation to rid the mask. It was a relic of darkness and bad times that would forever link me to the horrors of my past. No matter how much I would repent and beg for forgiveness, I would never truly change as long as I was one with the mask.

    Journalist: So you still consider yourself a man of God?

    Spawn: Absolutely. Without the lords guidance I would still be stuck in the bad cycle I was in before I left this place last month. Removing my mask and returning without it was like a baptism for me. I am reborn now. I washed away my sins and now I begin a new life.

    Journalist: Why come back now Spawn? What made you decide now was the time to remove the mask and return?

    Spawn: I have been watching from the sidelines for a while now. When I first came to IWT there was only a handful of folks running around here, but if you look now this place is flowing with new talent each and every week. IWT is bigger than it ever was and I didn't want to lose my spot in the company. I needed to come back now to show that Spawn is still the top guy in this company. I am back to solidify and take back my position at the top of the roster.

    Journalist: What are your goals coming back to IWT now?

    Spawn: What are my goals? Every damn thing in this company. I want it all. I left this place once with nothing to show. I never once held a championship. don't get me wrong. I came damn close twice but I could never do it. I am back in IWT and I will be fighting my way back up the ranks and I will take every damn title this company has. There is a fire under my ass and being close isn't good enough anymore. It will take hell on Earth to prevent me from doing all I can to win a championship.

    Journalist: Excuse my manners Spawn, but you hope to win a championship but you lost every match you had after IWTMania IV. Do you really think you can reach for those belts again?

    Spawn: Were you not listening buddy? I just told you that there was nothing that was going to stop me from getting those belts. To everyone that thinks I have no chance listen to me now. My loss streak started at IWTMania IV where I faced the current IWT Champion Aids Johnson for his belt. We fought like savages that night. The pain and heart we both put in to walk out with that belt certainly changed us. I don't think either of us walked out of that main event the same. I would bet that match took 10 years off both our lives. The hell Aids put me through changed how I moved, how I fought.

    I don't think I have fully healed from that match. Ever since that match with Aids I faced Forte, Jacobs and Antonio. I lost to all three men because of the fight Aids Johnson put me through. Thankfully I managed to put Aids through some hurt too. Even he lost his next match against Michael, but I consider Aids a lot smarter than me, that's why he has the belt. He knew he had to take a break and then he came back better than ever. I look up to Aids as an inspiration.

    You could say I have done the same. I have left and returned and I think like Aids, I will retake my rightful place on the throne.

    Journalist: There a lot more IWT superstars around now, what makes you so sure that you will be able to take your place back?

    Spawn: Well I have leaned down a lot, I have dropped over 40 pounds and have begun practicing MMA, Judo, Boxing and Karate. My style is completely different now. I am not going to overpower my opponents, I am going to beat them down with skill and technique. I am taking this completely serious now. I am constantly working on cardio and always looking through the tapes. I got tabs on every IWT superstar and I have been making profiles. When I am not in a gym I am either eating, sleeping, watching tapes or coming out here.

    This is my life now. I am devoted to this run. Nothing will be able to prevent me from rising to the top once more. I am better than I ever have been and I cant wait to get back in that ring and show you all what Spawn is really about.

    Journalist: Do you know when you will return into ring action?

    Spawn: That is exactly the question I was waiting on. I am not booked for any matches yet, but after Summerslam I want to get in that ring. I don't give a damn who it is against. So I am calling out anyone with the guts. Anyone who wants to prove that they can beat the man who main evented IWT Mania IV. I am giving a shot to anyone in that locker room right now that I will sign any match after Summerslam. I hope to hear from someone soon, or I will simply start from the bottom and work my way up, cleaning out everyone.

    Thank you for all your questions but we have run out of time. I am sorry to anyone I missed.

    [Spawn poses for a couple flash photos before walking away from the podium as the feed shuts off]
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