OOC IWT Extreme Rules Predictions

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  1. I know i'm late but i just remembered to do this.


    Dat Kid and DK
    Write yours below.​
  2. Fooq and Jwab
    Joey Bryant
  3. Fooq and Jwab, you could have a thread on "what I expect to hear DK and Dat Kid promo about" thread with the winner getting an IWT #1 contender shot and you'd have 10 #1 contenders. Played, out.
    Frie, why is dude being held back so hard?
    You know Majour got this, I'm not holding her back and she's gonna shine for it.
    Dat Kid. Expecting THG to come at Dat Kid with something great and Dat Kid going bigger. It happens sometimes.
    Won't vote on this because i'm assuming it's another @Delik mistake. Is it Chip or Senhor?
    Can't Hypeman my dude without expecting him to win. Twerk' Ziggler FTW
    The Order - Hey everyone, VP and I already did the "lets face off every single month" feud, it was less boring and much more relevant.

    The last match is the tough one. I think you take me out of WM DK is still champ. Will DK underestimate Forrest again? I doubt it. Will Forrest play undercard underdog who wants to rise up to retain his belt? Honestly I don't care, IWT wins either way here, both are great.
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  4. OUCH
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  5. Don't worry, you and Marcus are the Me to the 4 other being shared versions of VP. I love the feud I just think you all could have build other matches in the interm to keep it relevant. You know i'm all about that Relevance Hashtag.
  6. It's Chips debut god dammit!!!!! :angry:
  7. God damnah goes better with cocksukah :true: Oh wait, was that OOC? I can't tell the difference anymore.
  8. OOC COCKSUCKAH! :happy:
  9. @Dolph'sZiggler look at all the people cool with Chip debut in the high card (no one cares about dat kid) when you got shit on for a non title match with an upper carder.

    IWT doesn't want creative to book unless they pushing one of their big players. @Delik it's Chip, not Senhor Perfect, correct your mistake son.
  10. Yeah, Jono and my name's JobberThatWillbeGoneNextMonth not Artist! Get it right!
  11. get in line with the rest of the people trying to use the IWT to get cred on your efed.

    All my point was here is to ensure people are booked under the correct name, it really doesn't matter here minus the predictions cup (which will either be great under the new voting or show underlying reasoning on the voting change being failed...I know the new HNIC will get that figured out, all drama aside) I was marking for the senhor return before I realized Chip was getting a #1 contender shot in his first match.
  12. Don't worry, he is only in the match to put me over.
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  13. It was a joke, nothing much.
  14. Apart from Chris Kaizer and the tag matches, 99% of the names there are the forum names. It's Chip in the match. It really doesn't matter.
  15. It will next week. It's okay princess, everyone makes mistakes. It's easier to say "oh my bad wrong name" than defend your position when it's wrong. I'd be glad to go round 3 though if you want to keep it up.
  16. #DramaAlert
  17. Do you guys have to argue everywhere?
  18. Man I am just here to keep Crayo's entitled princess in check. Everyone makes mistakes, it must be extra tough to never accept you make them.
  19. Aids you can fuck right off if you think that I don't accept I make mistakes.

    How can you even sit there and say that when even mistakes that aren't my fault I'll take the blame for. What a complete and utter pile of shit.