Storyline IWT Fight for your Life (Official Card)

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    Michael vs. King Zero: Buried Alive Match - Will King Zero reach his goal? Will he finally meet his biggest road block, Alias Antonio at IWTMania 4? He faces the booker, Michael, in another battle. This time it;s Michael's integrity and King Zero's last chance.

    Nick vs. Spawn: #1 Contendership Match - Nick vs. Spawn II is under way. Nick and Spawn face off, for another chance at the IWT World Champion. Aids Johnson is the target, and these me are sharpshooting.

    Prince Balor vs. Gav the Chav: X-Division Championship - Balor faces his biggest challenge yet. He is going to face the former IWT Champion, Gav the Chav. Will the Demon feel his end? Or will Gav be the next victim?

    Royal Rumble - 30 men. 1 winner. 1 goal. The last man standing will receive a shot at the World Championship and will main event IWTMania 4!

    Aids Johnson vs. Victoria Parker: IWT World Championship - Aids Johnson vs. Victoria Parker renew their feud, and Parker receives her long awaited rematch.

    Jack Forté vs. Senhor Perfect: Intercontinental Championship - The future vs. the Past. Forte will meet his biggest challenge yet, in the main event of Fight for your Life. Who will solidify their place in the company? ​

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  2. Why's the IC Title the main event
  3. VP no showed. Paper champ!

    From vs Roadie opens!? I am really jacked on this card, tbh.
  4. *Spawn cuts a package and says that Aids is faggot*
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  5. Step up, my next victim.
  6. *Spawn breaks kayfabe and makes a twitter calling Aids for being a shitty worker, he then leaks his new titantron.*
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  7. I laughed way too hard at that video. Shitty worker? Mr. IWT is my name for a reason.
  8. Why hasn't it been the past couple of months is the real question.
  9. Because I draw like you dream to. Aids catches views like Lucroy bby...all day.
  10. I'm really looking forward to that Rumble....I have a good feeling about this one:smirk2:
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  11. That's why I fight the best of the best, they do the drawing for me pal.
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  12. Is that why you want me at the next ppv? I'm glad to help bby.
  13. Just trying to soften you up for Nick tbh.
  14. Everyone already know's i'm soft as Baby shit. I'm gonna miss Danny.
  15. I think I may be ready to debut
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  16. We will book you next month.