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    Ladies and gentlemen, IWT presents...LIVE from TD Garden...IWT Fight for your Life!

    *Pyro shoots from the stage to the ceiling, in a zig zag formation, leading to a massive explosion. The camera swoops across the capacity crowd as they cheer in excitement*

    Sven Steven: Ladies and gentlemen welcome to IWT 2016! I am Sven Steven and with me, former IWT World Heavyweight Champion, Christian!

    Christian: I'm only a former champion because I jumped off this sinking ship before it sank. I'm being paid 6 figures to talk, why not?

    Sven Steven: Many people thought you would never be hired back after leaving so abruptly, but then again many people never thought the IWT would be around in 2016! And here we are.

    Christian: One of those people, is me. I don't think the IWT would've lasted much longer, but no-one ever said death was fast.

    Sven Steven: Let's forget about that and let's talk about the action here tonight!

    Graphic shows Prince Balor vs. Gav the Chav

    Sven: This match will pit the undefeated, X-Division champion Prince Balor, against veteran competitors and former IWT Champion...Gav the Chav! In what seems to be a deep rooted hatred for one another; they both seem intent on being the one to bring the X-Division title to the top!

    Christian: Yes, the only title worth less then Michael's FTW title, is being defended by two guys who are too good for it. Makes perfect sense coming from someone as useless as Michael.

    Sven: I think it's great they are doing this. They are doing what they can to rebuild a dead division. It was rebuilt by Michael, and now it's time for them to continue it's construction.

    Christian: That shouldn't matter. What should matter is the IWT World Championship, and it seems Nick and Spawn are the one ones aware of that.

    Graphic shows Nick vs. Spawn

    Sven: Final jeopardy for Spawn and another chance for the gold, for Nick. It will be intense. And crazy.

    Graphic shows Aids Johnson vs. Victoria Parker

    Christian: Ah! Victoria Parker. She won the title without competing. She lost the title without competing. She got another chance at the title without competing. She hasn't showed up once, since her reinstatement. I'm not feeling so great about this one.

    Sven: But it is another great match in the Johnson v. Parker saga. Who will win? Who will go on to IWTMania 4?

    Graphic for the Royal Rumble

    Sven: The Royal Rumble will determine who will face the winner of Johnson and Parker, and if the champion can survive Nick, Spawn and FTJ...they'll be facing the winner of this 30-man, Royal Rumble.

    Graphic for Senhor Perfect vs. Jack Forte

    Christian: And the biggest match of the night, in my opinion, is the future vs. the past. The legacy of the Intercontinental Championship, and the two most talented and gifted athletes in the IWT. Jack Forte defending against Senhor Perfect.

    Sven: Yes! It all started with Jack looking for some competition, and he might've found it in the Triple Threat...Senhor Perfect.

    Christian: I can't wait...let's get some action started.

    Sven: Yes, starting with our X-Division title match! We shoot it to our announcer for the official introductions!

    Camera cuts to the announcer with a small X-Division title match graphic in the lower right hand corner.

    Announcer: Ladies and is now time for your opening contest and it is for the X-Division Championship

    *Crowd pop*

    *The lights dim, as a pulsing name begins to fade into view on the tron. Heart thumping can be heard on the PA System. Smoke begins to spew over the stage, as an object crawls out of the stage. He is wearing tassels and has a long head dress on; crawling down the ramp when at 0:46, the lights burst into a light white revealing Prince Balor with his hands up high. He crawls down to the ring, throwing his hands up and triggering the lights. He climbs atop the apron and jumps in, and his music fades. He takes off his head dress and reveals his X-Division title, painted red.*

    *A long wait, is filled with the commentators bickering*

    Christian: Wow, finally. The guy spends an hour on his gear, an hour on his entrance and an hour in the ring.

    Sven Stevens: I personally love it. Reminds me of Japan.

    Christian: What in the blue hell, did you do in Japan?

    Sven: I ann-

    *Gav chavs out, onto the stage. He is wearing many accessories, and he begins to throw each into the crowd. He dances around by the crowd, singing along with his theme and having fun. He rolls into the ring and begins to bounce off the ropes and takes off his customized Adidas track suit. He backs into the corner, and begins to shadow box.*

    Announcer: Introducing first! Weighing in at 190lbs...from Parts Unknown...the reigning, defending X-Division champion...Prince Balor!
    *Balor whips his hands up while the crowd boos*
    Announcer: Introducing second! Weighing in at 147lbs...from Middlesbrough...the challenger...Gav 'the hardest **** i have ever met' Chav!
    *Gav dances around as the crowd cheers*

    *The referee raises the newly designed X-Division championship*

    The bell rings and Balor ties up with Gav. Gav gets the upper hand and Irish whips Balor into the corner and runs at him, with a splash. Gav lifts Balor and leans him against the ropes. He kisses his hands and begins to whale on Balor. Striking furious, Tyson like, punches on Balor's face and abdomen. After a vicious assault, Balor falls to the ground and Gav goes for the pin - 1...2 - kick out! Gav doesn't hesitate to pounce on Balor and begin a 10 headbutt attack. After the 10th headbutt, Balor is bleeding from his mouth. Gav has his face smeared in face paint, and laughs as he does his trademark 'Wanker" taunt. Gav squats in the corner, and rests while Balor recovers. As soon as Balor gets to his feet, Gav charges him and hits a vicious spinning heel kick that has Gav landing awkwardly on his head and Balor flung into the turnbuckle.

    Christian: Jesus! Did Gav just break his neck?

    Sven: By god, the impact. Gav may have a broken neck and Balor may not be too off from an injury, either.

    Christian: That was vicious. I have had very scary incidents in my career, but that was sick.

    *A replay shows a slow-motion angle of Gav hitting the kick and lands on his head.*

    Balor climbs back up to his feet, as the referee checks on Gav. Balor walks over and begins to stomp on the back of Gav's head, to large boos. The referee pushes Balor back, but Balor retaliates and pushes the referee and lifts Gav and hits a DDT. Gav is motionless on the ground, as people begin to speculate on his neck. Balor goes for a pin - 1...2...- Gav kicks out to a massive pop. Balor looks at the crowd in anger, and Gav begins to climb to his feet. Balor turns around and his met with a lariat, after lariat, after lariat before a final lariat launches Balor out of the ring. Gav screams, feeding his adrenaline and momentum. He runs off the ropes hits a suicide dive. He lands on his feet and runs into the ring. He steps onto the top rope, slowly. He looks around the unfamiliar territory of the top rope. He jumps and hits a splash. He crashes hard on Balor as both scream in pain. The crowd beings to chant, "holy shit!"

    Sven: Gav going to uncharted waters and risking it all for the reward! Balor is hurt. Gav is hurt. This match is amazing!

    Christian: It's just a spot fest, Sven! Nothing about this will make me a fan of the indy darling division.

    Balor, ironically, is the first one to his feet. He rolls in, and awaits Gav who makes it in. Balor charges a seated Gav, and hits a soccer kick to his chest. Gav squirms around, in pain. He hooks Gav, and uses all his might to lift Gav into a suplex. He slams him hard onto the mat. The crowd cheers for the strength exhibited. He covers Gav - 1...2..- Gav kicks out. Balor lifts Gav and seats him on the the top rope. He grabs him and belly-to-belly suplexes him from the top. Gav lands hard in the middle of the ring. Balor rolls out of the ring, and clutches his back.

    Sven: That may have hurt Balor, as much as it did Gav.

    Balor rolls in, and is met with a superman punch from Gav. Balor is wobbly! Gav spins in an attempted discus clothes line, but is met with an arm drag followed by an enziguri. Balor, clutches his back as he climbs the turn buckle...Coup de Grace! He covers -1...2...3! Balor does it!

    Announcer: Here's your winner, and STILL IWT X-Division Champion...Prince Balor!

    *The crowd boos. Balor rolls out of the ring, with his body/face paint washed away amongst the sweat and tears on his face. The ring and Gav are smeared in the paint. Balor rests amongst the ring-apron and winces in pain. He limps up to the top of the stage. And disappears.*

    Sven: What a match! This is why I am a fan of the X-Division. That was amazing and is an example of why I love the X-Division.

    Christian: Oh brother. I've spent years competing, and I have never had such a suck up fan, like you. Stop being so bias and pay attention to their craft. Not their weight class!

    *The camera pans over the crowd as a hype promo airs.*

    Promo: "IWTMania's the biggest night in the IWT. It's the grandest stage...It's here. Get your tickets now to see the Hall of Fame and IWTMania 4, first hand! Live from Memorial Stadium in Wichita Falls, Texas! See Aids Johnson, Alias Antonio and many more as they compete on the biggest night of the year!"

    Sven: Yes, ladies and gentlemen! IWTMania 4 is on the horizon. Many thought it would've never had come. Get your tickets now, LIVE from Darrell K. Royal Memorial Stadium in Austin, Texas!

    *The official IWTMania 4 theme song hits as ticket info is shown*

    Christian: Well, now it's time for the only match worth watching. The only one that has any real purpose. The match that will set the stage for the future. IWT Golden Ticket holder, Nick vs. The baddest motherfucker in the IWT, Spawn!

    Sven: Yes. This blood feud, started when the Golden Ticket finals were wrapping up. Both men put on a show that many fans have called, one for the ages. Many call it the defining moment for these men. They see the future in these two guys, and maybe now it is the time!

    *Spawn lugs onto the stage, he walks through the flames and stands atop the stage with camera running towards him.*
    Announcer: Introducing first! From the depths of hell...weight in at 317 lbs...Spawn!
    *Spawn begins to walk down, and walks over the top rope. He slowly raises his hands and flings them down, setting the ring posts ablaze. The lights return, and Spawn stands in the corner. His eyes are a deep blood red.*

    *Nick walks out to a positive crowd reaction. He stands atop the stage and busts out some dance moves before walking down and jumps into the ring. He stands atop the turnbuckle.*
    Announcer: Introducing second! From Brooklyn, New York...weighing at 225 lbs...Nick!
    *Nick tosses off his hoodie and jumps down to the ring.*

    Sven: A nearly 100 pound difference between these two guys. But the heart and soul of Nick, might just make up for that.

    Christian: Heart and soul doesn't matter when you're facing a demon, monster...the baddest motherfucker in the IWT

    The bell rings; Nick and Spawn circle each other before coming together in the ring. The massive height difference is shown. The stare down is cut short when Spawn, suddenly, grabs Nick by his throat and lifts him into the air. He is choking the life out of him, as Nick's face turns purple. Nick desperately kicks Spawn in the gut, releasing himself. Nick, runs to the corner. He is holding his neck and coughing, in pain. Spawn takes little time to recover and begins to walk towards Nick. Nick plays possum and attacks as soon as Spawn gets near him. Swift lefts and rights to the face, and short kicks to the leg. Spawn is broken down to his knee. Nick bounces off the ropes and hits a running forearm. Spawn remains on his knee. Nick runs off the ropes and attempts a clothesline, but is met with another choke hold. This time Spawn stands up and lifts him up and slams Nick down. A massive chokeslam, the crowd goes crazy. Spawn goes for the cover - 1...2...- Kick out!

    Sven: Very, very, very few people get up after a move like that.

    Christian: Nick is an Iron man. But who knows, how much more he can take.

    Spawn spends little time, recovering. He instead lifts Nick and leans him against the ropes. Spawn runs of the ropes and big boots Nick out of the ring. Spawn follows him outside and whips him into the barricade. He lifts Nick up and whips him, again. And again, and again, and again. Spawn rolls into the ring at the 9 count, but quickly roles out to restart the count. Nick is on the ground, in pain. Spawn grabs Nick by the hair and sidewalk slams him on the floor. Spawn proceeds to tear apart the mats. But Nick gains some life. He begins to punch and kick his way out of Spawn's grasp and hits a discuss lariat. Spawn goes down for the first time in the match. Nick limps into the ring, and bounces off the ropes. He jumps through the middle rope and hits a Suicide Forearm Dive. Spawn goes down, along with Nick. The referee gets to a 7 count before both men make it inside.

    Christian: This is crazy. Nick as pulled something out, and he remains in the match!

    Sven: Heart and soul is what Nick has.

    Nick refuses to let Spawn get to his feet. He quickly goes for a chin lock. Spawn's eyes show pain, as he attempts to make it to the ropes. After around 80 seconds of trying to escape. Nick let's go. But instead of letting Spawn get to his feet, he bounces off the ropes and hits a sitting dropkick. Nick goes for a pin - 1...2..- Spawn kicks out. Nick, disappointingly, lifts Spawn to his feet and hits a swinging neckbreaker. Nick fixes his tights, regains his stamina and recovers while he awaits Spawn. Spawn makes it to his feet and is met with a Running Knee lift. Nick goes for a pin - 1...2..- Spawn once again kicks out. Nick signals to the crowd, that the end is near. Nick lifts Spawn. Hooks his head and hits a Snapmare Driver. The crowd pops, as the apparent end is near! Nick goes for a pin - 1...2...- Spawn kicks out, milliseconds before the Referee hits the 3 count! Nick sits up in amazement. Nick pounds on the floor in anger. The motionless Spawn, abruptly, sits up.

    Christian: Holy crap! Spawn just sat up!

    Sven: This can only mean one thing! Nick better start pounding away-

    Christian: Or he will meet the wrath of Spawn X!

    Nick looks amazed, and attempts to punch Spawn; Spawn grabs Nicks hand and twists. Two punches knock Nick to the ground. Spawn hits a stationary leg drop. Spawn pulls Nick up. Nick can be barely stand, and is anchoring himself on Spawn's ring-gear. The groggy Nick slaps Spawn. Spawn looks at Nick, with no emotion but tilts his head. He grabs him by the throat and hits a thunderous choke slam! Spawn goes for a pin - 1...2...3! Spawn does it. He shoves Nick away. He stands up and slowly raises his hands up in the air and thrusts them down signaling fire and his theme.

    Announcer: Here's your winner...and the #1 Contender to the IWT World Championship...Spawn!

    Sven: What a match. What a story. Spawn has gained a well deserved spot, here tonight. Nick has nothing to worry about.

    Christian: Yes, of course. If Spawn were to win the IWT World title, Nick can rob him of his moment and win it!

    *Spawn circles the ring, and leaves through the crowd. The music fades and lights return to normal. Nick is helped up to his feet, but Nick pushes away the referees. He makes his way back to applauds. *

    Sven: Now, ladies in's time for the IWT World Championship match!

    Christian: Yes, of course! Victoria Parker, who we haven't seen in months is getting a shot at the title, I never lost!

    Sven: This feud may be rekindled here tonight. We don't know what this could mean for IWTMania 4, and the IWT World Championship!

    *Pink and purple lights flash around the arena when Scream by Halestorm starts playing.*

    *Victoria walks out, standing on the stage scanning the crowd before slowly extending her arms out for praise, smiling slightly as she makes her way down to the ring. The smile quickly fades as she eyes the ring and slips underneath the bottom rope and into the ring. She walks into the corner, admiring the legions of screaming fans. She awaits her opponent; when the lights return and her music fades.*

    *Aids Johnson runs out from the back. He is wearing his IWT title with pride. He looks at the camera and says something, but it can't be heard over the crowd's mixed reaction. He flicks his toothpick at the camera and runs down to the ring, as the camera zooms out showing the crowd. He bounces off all four ropes before taking off his entrance attire and standing face to face with Parker.*

    Announcer: Introducing first! From Milwaukee, Wisconsin...weighing in at 120 pounds...the challenger...Victoria Parker!
    *Parker raises her hands, admiring the pop, and scoots back to the corner.*
    Announcer: Introducing second! From Milwaukee, Wisconsin...weighing in at 220 pounds...the reigning and defending IWT World Champion...Aids Johnson!

    Sven: A hundred pound difference. Fellow Milwaukee citizens. Grand rivals, making another chapter in this story.

    Christian: They've had some great battles, but who knows if age has caught up...or ring rust has kicked in.

    Sven: I have faith that this might be a match of the night candidate.

    Aids Johnson stands from afar and observes Victoria Parker's deranged smile. Aids johnson pushes himself to the center of the ring, and hooks up with Parker. Aids Johnson maneuvers a headlock. He walks over to the ropes and slings her into the opposite ropes. Aids runs quickly and hits a shoulder tackle. Aids Johnson sits up and grabs Parker's foot. He locks in an Ankle lock, but is unsuccessful in keeping it locked in. Victoria squirms out and launches Aids to the side of the ring. Parker jumps to her feet and charges Aids Johnson hitting a cross body that is converted into a pinfall - 1...2- Aids Kicks out. Parker stands up and lifts Aids Johnson to his knees. She hits a snap DDT. She sits on Aids' back and proceeds a ground and pound the back of AIds' head. After 14 shots to the head she stands up and lets out a scream - "I'm back!"

    Sven: The confidence is really showing in Parker, here tonight. She better get back on the champ, before he recovers.

    She lifts Aids to his feet, but Aids begins to fight back with chops. Lefts and rights to chest and slaps to the face. He hits a discuss clothesline. This time he screams - "The champ is here!" He climbs to the top of the turnbuckle and proceeds to hit a moonsault. Aids goes for the pin - 1...2..- Parker kicks out! Aids Johnson laughs, and stands up. He lifts Parker with ease and hits a Fallaway Slam. Aids Johnson stands up and lifts Parker to the top of the turnbuckle. He hooks her and hits a Brain buster from the top rope! Aids fights through the pain and goes for a pin - 1...2...3!

    *The crowd jumps in shock to the abrupt end. Aids Johnson sits up and laughs.*

    Announcer: Here's your winner...and still IWT World Champion...Aids Johnson!

    *Aids grabs his title from the referee and slings it over his shoulders. He slowly walks out from the ring and out to the back. Victoria Parker is left in the corner of the ring, unconscious. The referee checks on her, but can't seem to wake her up. He calls for some EMT's but when they arrive, Parker has recovered. She stands up and walks to the back, holding her neck in pain.*

    Christian: There ya have it folks! The ring rust was locked in. Aids exploited it, kept his offense strong and capitalized on the best moments. That's what a champion and fighter does. Not slack off.

    Sven: I hate to agree, but you're right. Aids Johnson played this match very smart. But will he be able to survive the next three months as champion?

    Christian: He has some tests. If he does get passed Spawn, he will have to face Nick. If he gets passed them he'll have to face the Royal Rumble winner! But now it's time for Michael vs. King Zero II, A rivalry that's been brewing for almost two years now, is culminating in this match.

    *Footage from Artist vs. Dat Kid from June 2014. Dat Kid is shown pinning Artist; Artist slowly walking down the ramp. The footage shows a flashback to October 2015, when Michael introduces the rebooted IWT. Dat Kid's transformation and Alias Antonio winning the IWT Title. It goes back to December 2015, where Dat Kid and Michael have an exchange and a montage starts showing Michael, Dat Kid and Alias Antonio and ends with a slow motion staredown between Dat Kid and Michael*

    1....2....3.....testing? *crowd pops* Yes...

    *Alias hops over the barricade, garnering an even bigger pop, and proceeds to enter the ring, glaring at the rowdy audience who are chanting "A-LI-AS!" continously, along with some "Fuck you Alias" chants however as some fans found him no-showing his title match disrespectful.*

    It is I. Alias....An...

    Actually fuck it, you know who I am. I don't need no petty introduction. I'm not even supposed to be out HERE. People in the back want me DEAD, and I'm sure they're shitting their pants at the sight of me out here right now I haven't been backstage ever since I won the IWT Title and no-showed my first defense and got suspended. So I came out here to this special occasion, the Royal Rumble. You must be stupid if you think I actually bought a ticket to this crap though. I've got contacts...

    But I came out here, not to indulge all of you with some self-flattering speech, that may I add, I'm sure you'd all enjoy. I came out here with a purpose, as I always do.

    First of, let me explain myself. A few months ago, I captured the IWT Title for the second time in my career, technically the third, by defeating Dat Kid, or King Zero, or whoever the fuck it was under that mask. It was a great milestone in my career, and I was proud to once again hold what was rightfully mine, regardless of my hatred towards this comapny. However, a few weeks later I was booked to face Victoria Parker in a unification match I believe, or something like that. We both felt this company was in the shits and we felt that IWT didn't deserve to see that match after the shit we've been put through, and for what? So the so called number of "fans" could enjoy it? We were making a statement by giving a big fuck you to Roadster, we wanted a CHANGE in managament, and being aware of the consequences, we both no-showed said match.

    What he did after though, was even more despicable than I imagined. I expected a suspension, but when I saw that he handed MY belt to Frank The Jock on a silver platter like that, I was livid. He was doing what so many have tried to do, and that is, truly destroy this company. And then, what was to come made my blood boil even more. MY belt was being passed around like a hot potato between Frank The Jock, and Aids Johnson. Two inept, socially incapable, washed-up, has-been downies that haven't been popular in about two years. This company was relying on these two men to be solid draws, in this day and age? God please, they're like two fossils battling it out in an archaelogical museum. I was beyond livid.

    I was months and months sitting at home. My name could not simply be kept out the roster's mouth, to the point that I was offered an IC title shot by Forte himself, but I declined. I was even offered for my suspension to be uplifted and to make minced meat out of people like Bruce Knight and Marcus Anthony by the scumbag GM himself, Roadster. But I declined that too. HECK, I WAS OFFERED TO ENTER TONIGHTS ROYAL RUMBLE, BUT GUESS WHAT? I DECLINED THAT TOO.

    If you think I came out here to earn shit the hard way, think again. I've already done all that and SO much more. My record speaks for itself. I don't need to work my way up to the top of the ladder like some upstart rookie. I don't need to throw a couple of guys over the top rope and point to some pathetic sign. I don't need to prove myself to anyone anymore, I've done that my whole life. Now is the time where I start making the decisions for myself, and it's as simple as that.

    Fact is guys, I never lost my IWT Championship. And certainly not to guys like Aids Johnson or FTJ. And another painful fact is, I've main evented IWT Mania twice in row now, and I've lost both times. For my sake, I NEED main event IWTMania4 and finally get my win.

    Where I'm getting at is this. I don't give a shit who it is, I don't give a shit who it's against. But at IWT Mania 4....

    I want my IWT Title back.

    And I plan on retiring with it around my waist.

    Fuck you.

    *The crowd erupts in boo's when Michael walks out with a confused look on his face. He is wearing an IWT t-shirt, chewing gum and has a water bottle in his hand. He pours some water on his hair, and proceeds down to the ring. But stops to look at the grave and tombstone. He shivers a little and continues. He is handed a microphone...*

    Alias, you're not entitled to anything. I should've fired you for what you did, but I didn't because I respected you. Key word - respected. I no longer care about you. I no longer need you. I no longer want to fight you. I offered you matches against the lowest of the barrel because to me, you're the lowest of the barrel. If you want your IWT title back - you'll have to fight for it. Because as well all saw, when you don't fight for it, you'll be crushed in mere moments. I urge you step out of the ring and allow myself and King Zero do what we have to. If he wins, you'll be set for Mania. If he doesn't, you will be stuck in a rutt.

    *Alias leaves the ring, and arrogantly sits at the commentary booth, without a headset.*

    Christian: How is it going, bud? We ran this place, Sven. I know you haven't watched wrestling for that long but we were the top of the mf'n foodchain.

    Sven: Yes, I remember. Nice to meet you Mr. Antonio.

    Christian: Hahaha! He doesn't even know who you are. Something I wish I could do.

    *Michael warms up in the corner when the lights begin to flicker.*

    *The titantron shuts off, the lights blow out and smoke spews from them. The Zero Sovereignty emerges from the smoke. They stand clustered and right above them a cross carrying Dat Kid is lowered. Dat Kid is unconscious and in his old attire. Once the cross hits the stage floor, a tower of smoke erupts. King Zero emerges from the smoke and the group makes its way to the ring. Zero rolls into the and the others pace around the ring as Zero stares at his opponent. The lights return to normal as both of them make their way to the center of the ring.*

    Announcer: Introducing first! From Terra, Incognita...weighing in at 190 pounds...King Zero!
    Zero doesn't flinch when the crowd lets out a cheer.
    Announcer: Introducing second! From Chicago, Illinois...weighing in at 213 pounds...the owner of the IWT...Michael!

    The bell rings and they both exchange lefts and right in a furious back and forth brawl. Michael gets the upper hand, and punches Zero into the corner. Michael begins to stomp on King Zero, and screams as King Zero is kicked into the mat. King Zero gets to his feet and runs at Michael; he hits a big boot!

    Christian: Holy shit! Dat kill from Jersey!

    King Zero spends little time to carry Michael to the grave sight, but Michael fights back. He begins to chop King Zero, proceeded by round house kicks to the gut. Zero goes down. Michael runs off the ropes and attempts a Head of State shining wizard, but Zero lays back. Michael furiously turns around and charges Zero but is met with a slap that is echoed around the arena. Michael falls back, and King Zero runs off the ropes and hits a Head of State shining wizard! Zero is heard laughing and grabs an unconscious Michael, who is bloodied. King Zero lifts him to his shoulders and begins to carry him to the commentary side of the ring, where he lugs him off his shoulders, onto the outside. King Zero stares at Alias Antonio, but accidentally allows Michael to recover, who sweeps King Zero, from the outside. He drags King Zero to the outside, and locks in a Dragon Sleeper. King Zero kicks and claws for air, but begins to fade. Michael let's go and picks up King Zero. He leans him against the apron, and proceeds to grab Sven's laptop. He smashes it over Zero's head.

    Sven: What the hell was that for!?

    Christian: It's apart of the game, son. Hahaha. You see that champ?

    Sven: So funny! It's freaking hilarious!

    Michael starts to clear the announce table, and stands on-top of it. He talks trash to Alias Antonio, and spits in his face. Alias looks pissed! He wipes the spit off his face, and drags Michael off the table. He begins to stomp him when Christian calms him down. King Zero walks over, and has another staredown with Antonio. This time he shifts his attention to Michael and slams his head off the table. He pushes him on top, and punches him. He runs onto the apron and on to the ring post. King Zero slowly makes his way up. He points at Michael and jumps! He's attempting an Elbow drop! But Michael jumps out of the way! King Zero crashes through the table. "Holy shit!" chants begin to fill up the crowd. Michael is wiping the blood off his face, and trying to recuperate. Michael laughs and gets to his feet. He gets a chair and begins to drive it, into Zero's sternum. Suddenly the lights go out. When they return King Zero is standing and flanked by his Zeroes.

    Christian: Holy...

    Michael is in shock when they pounce on Michael. Alias moves aside and allows the carnage. They beat Michael to a pulp, busting his mouth, nose and forehead open. They grab Michael and carry him on their shoulders, as King Zero leads them to the grave sight. The Zeroes hold up Michael, as Zero proceeds to hit Michael in the face with a shovel. After about 3 shots, The Zeroes let go. King Zero kneels down and starts talking to Michael, but stands up and points to Alias Antonio. Michael tries one last time to fight back, but is stopped by one of the Zeroes who punts Michael in the head. Zero motions for Michael to be thrown in the grave. The pick him up by all four limbs, and throw him in. The all begin to shovel dirt in when the lights begin to flicker red. Suddenly flames burst from the stage.

    *Spawn steps through the fire. He destroys the Zeroes and fights his way to meet King Zero, face to face. Spawn tilts his head. And uppercuts King Zero. He flips him and nails a vicious tombstone. Spawn steps into the grave. He pulls Michael out, and chokeslams King Zero into the grave. He jumps into the Excavator, and dumps the dirt in!*

    *Michael gains conciousness and runs away. He is scared for his life and crawls to the back, with blood dripping everywhere! When Michael leaves, the music fades. Spawn stands atop the grave and proceeds to stare and tilt his head.*

    Sven: What the hell just happened!? I can't believe this. Dat Kid vs. Alias Antonio was robbed from us by that Neanderthal, Spawn!

    Christian: Watch what you say, Sven. That man is crazy. He's going to fight anyone and everyone.

    Sven: But what is this about!?

    The camera fades away.

    OOC - IWT Fight for your Life's Royal Rumble match will be posted separately, as the time was stretched far beyond it's due date. Sorry for the inconvenience. No one wants to see Reagan Cole win, anyways.

    Sven: It is now time for the match of the evening. Jack Forte defending his Intercontinental Championship against Senhor Perfect. The future vs. The past. All to establish the legacy of the IWT Intercontinental Championship!

    *The camera pans to the stage and as soon as the tron comes into view you start to hear subtle piano keys being played. As it starts to get louder the stage lights turn into a light shade of green, white lasers shoot out in sync, and Jack's entrance video begins to play.*

    *At the 00:13 second mark Forté bursts out of the entrance curtain, finally being greeted with a positive reaction. He makes his way to the ramp and pauses-- about to unzip his white leather jacket. Jack begins the process with his free hand, unveiling his white tank top and his shiny white title that sits over it. The tank top reads 'It Was Written' in mint green text. Forté picks up the pace and heads ringside, but doesn't enter the ring.*

    *The lights begin to flash gold. The crowd stands up in awe of Senhor Perfect. He walks down with an arrogant smirk on his face and a towel in his hand. He spits and swats his gum out of mid-air. He then underhands his towel from behind - catching it. He walks down to the apron, and pulls up his singlet and admires the crowd. He looks at Forte and his title, gaining a hopeful smirk on his face in the process. He hops in and shadow boxes in the corner as the intros are done.*

    Introducing first, from Sin City...weighing in at 180lbs...the reigning, defending Intercontinental Champion...Jack Forte!
    *Forte raises the title to applauds*
    Introducing second, from Robbinsdale, Minnesota...weighing in at 257lbs...the challenger...Senhor Perfect!
    *Senhor sternly walks towards Forte and stares at him*

    The referee rings the bell, and Forte enters. Both men stare at each other intensely before locking up. They both struggle for leverage but meet in a stalemate. They break up. Senhor circles Jack before locking up again. They struggle but can't gain an advantage and break up. Senhor scopes Jack, again, and this time attempts a take-down. They wrestle for a side control, but no man can find his way. Jack attempts to knee Senhor, in the ribs, but can't reach Senhor who is on his right-hand side. Senhor moves into full mount and begins to pound on the champion. Hard rights and lefts, leave Jack in a daze. Senhor goes for a quick pin but can't get to a 1 count. Senhor moves back into side control and cinches in a head lock. Forte wiggles out and kicks up quickly - meeting Senhor, who is also on his feet. The crowd claps in appreciation. Senhor and Jack circle each other before Forte runs for a stiff lariat. Senhor lays on his stomach in pain, while Forte looks around with a smirk and lands a jumping elbow to the back of Senhor's neck. The champion, quickly jumps to his feet and bounces off the ropes for a stiff running knee smash.

    Sven: This quick action is surely going to lead to a breakdown of their bodies. How important is cardio to a match like this?

    Christian: Well, working the heart and endurance is critical to all matches, but a match for a title and a main event is when you need to play is slow. It's not about getting 5* by Big Dave, it's about doing what you need to, so you can win.

    Jack goes for a pin, but can't get to a 1. Jack stands up and grabs Senhor by the hair. He whips him into the ropes and lifts him onto his shoulders. Jack looks around and slams Perfect with a fireman's carry slam. Jack goes for a pin and still can't get to a 1 count. Forte begins to grow frustrated. Forte circles the ring, incidentally, allowing Senhor to regain his composure and go in a for a discus clothesline. Both men are on the floor in pain. Senhor rubs his neck while Jack rubs his chin. Senhor makes it to his feet, quicker. He locks in a standing head lock. Jack screams in pain as Senhor adds pressure. Senhor converts the headlock into an Irish-whip to the corner and runs like a locomotive, and lands a splash - with thunderous velocity. Senhor runs around the ring, motivating the crowd to a "Senhor" chant. Senhor crouches in the corner and awaits Jack to stand. As soon as he's up to his feet, Senhor charges. Forte counters with a roundhouse kicks that sends Senhor out of the ring, along with two of his teeth. Jack falls into the corner, with the force of the charge and Senhor is laid out outside. The referee gets to a count of 4, when Jack rolls out. Jack kneels down and hits 5 knees to the gut of Senhor. Jack stands up and clears the announce table, and climbs to the top. He grabs a water bottle and drinks a big gulp, announcing "Ya know who to blame!"

    Christian: Cockiness at it's finest!

    Sven: I think he should be focusing more on the match, but mind games are the best, non-violent tactic a wrestler has.

    Christian: would know.

    Jack goes for a short senton bomb from the top, and lands hard. Jack stands up and enters the ring at the 4 count. By a 9 count, Senhor has rolled back into the ring. Jack climbs the turnbuckle and awaits Senhor. Senhor reaches his feet and is met with a jumping knee smash. He goes for a pin - 1...2..- Senhor kicks out. Jack looks at the referee in disbelief, and lifts Senhor by his hair. However, Senhor counters with a quick flurry of kicks and jabs. He runs off the rope and hits a cross body. Senhor jumps to his feet - pulling down his singlet straps. He screams and charges Jack, hitting a vicious spear and calls for a Perfectplex. He begins to measure, Forte. He lands a gut kick and hooks the leg...he hits it! He goes for a pin 1...2...- Jack kicks out at the exact same time the Refs hands hit the 3. Senhor believes he has won, and begins to celebrate as the referee explains it wasn't a pin. Senhor begins to grow disappointed and starts arguing with the referee. While his back was turned, Jack locks in a full nelson.

    Sven: Will this be it! Will this be it! Will this end this war! By god how does Senhor have anything left! Will he pass out?

    Christian: Senhor needs to dig deep and put all his weight on his abdomen to pressure Forte out! He needs to play it smart!

    Senhor is dazed, and is going limp when a loud "Let's go Perfect" chant begins to resonate within the crowd, breathing life back into the Triple Threat. He whips his arms down, and breaks the hold. He looks at Jack with anger, as Jack pleads. He charges and hits 3 lariats and a Lou Thesz press, followed by a spear. He sets up a Perfectplex, but it's reversed. Jack twists his way out and hits a snap suplex. Both men are exhausted and out on the mat. The referee gets to a 5 count, when jack rolls out of the ring. His mouth hanging open in exhaustion, and sweat pouring down his face. He grabs his title and clutches it close to his chest and begins to walk back up the ramp. Senhor notices and runs up and grabs him by the hiar, to which Forte responds with shrieks of pain. After being whipped back into the ring, Senhor hits a big boot to a sitting Forte. Senhor goes for a pin - 1...2..- Forte kicks out again! Senhor screams in frustration and grasps his hair in anger. The crowd stands up in an ovation for the legend and rising star. Senhor slowly climbs the top rope and attempts a stiff fistdrop, but Jack moves. Senhor winces in pain, and tries shaking feeling into his hand. Forte squats behind him, and awaits him to turn around. He hits a vicious Lethal Combination. Jack rolls out and grabs a mic, "Se- dick!" He throws the mic down, and rolls back in. He hooks in him from behind and hits a vicious Full Nelson Backbreaker! 1...2...3!

    *Jack sits up, with sweat pouring down his face. He clutches his title close to his heart and closes his eyes in victory...*

    Here's your winner...and STILL your Intercontinental Champion...Jack Forte!

    Sven: By god! By god! These two men had an absolute clinic in there! A classic match that defines why they fight for the Intercontinental Championship!

    Christian: Forte and Senhor did what so little had done before them, and that's show that the IWT World title isn't the only worthy thing on the card. I applaud them for this effort.

    *Jack Forte helps Senhor Perfect to his feet. The exhausted Forte, pushes Senhor against the ropes with his mouth hanging wide open. Jack extends a hand, but as Senhor gains his composure - he ignores it. Senhor spits at his hand, and drops out of the ring with Forte and the crowd pissed. Senhor leaves and Forte is standing in the ring with cheers of appreciation and thankfulness being the last scene of IWT Fight for your Life.*

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  2. After this disaster. Creative is adding changes to prevent something like this, to happen again.
  3. I had a blast. Still champ! *Soft as baby shit chants begin*
  4. So he hits his finisher has Time to go out and grab a mic then still gets the three count? Now I know what's it like to be officially buried. :hhhooh:
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  10. Thought promos were going to be posted in a thread before the show, serve as the build and whatnot. What's the point of doing promos if no one'll see them?

    Show came together decently anyway.