Storyline IWT Five-0

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  1. A video cuts into the intermission of Vice, with an iconic opening to rival even the best of shows:

    What looks to be the regular opening to Hawaii Five-0 has been taken over, by one Officer Leo Taylor, who appears as every character in the opening, excluding the female role, which is designated to Benny Huggins. The song continues as it cuts to a scene of Leo, reading a case report in an office within IWT Headquarters, chewing on a stick of gum as the camera sees him, the camera cutting to another Leo Taylor, a video edited version, entering the room and sitting down, showing a cheap edited scene with two Leo's in frame. Together, they go through the case of IWT and why they're there.

    Commissioner Taylor: Officer Taylor, please tell me this report right here is 100% accurate, I don't want no scandals happening after the last time something like this happened.

    Officer Taylor: Well, Commissioner, We recieved multiple reports and tips from anonymous sources linking IWT Holdings Ltd. to this Columbian drug cartel. At the moment, we haven't got any more links, either the company is a front for drugs or money or someone in the company either framed the company or is involved in this.

    Commissioner Taylor: Well, Officer Taylor. It seems you're onto something. Lemme just tell you, you're not the only one working on this case. There's also another man, someone no one in the company knows about yet, who's working in the shadows to search this case...He won't reveal who he is...until he has certain answers as to whom is behind everything. As of now, you are to continue with everyday patrolling around IWT...starting with a little 'Interrogation" with Schizio in this new tournament they have running...

    Officer Leo: Yes, Commissioner, I'll get to the bottom of this, one way or another!

    With that, the credits roll again as Leo leaves the room, the set breaking down as the greenscreen falls, causing technical issues as the screen cuts to black as it goes back to the show.​

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