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Discussion in 'Internet Wrestling Titles' started by Jonathan, Jan 16, 2014.

  1. @Dolph'sZiggler

    If you have comments to make about a story/promo and they're going to take the thread off-topic, talk about it here.
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  2. my first comment: dat kid is a bitch
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  3. I usually mention the crowd in my promos, sooooo...
    Say we're in a match, I think the crowd should be the most recent RAW's city and if it's a PPV, then just do the PPV's city.
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  4. I guess I'm the only one who likes reading the banter in the match threads. I can tell which are promos and which are not. Oh well.
  5. I never thought it was an issue either. Who are these people that are going through match threads but are like "awww... dammmitt.. I just... which are promos and what is banter>??? This is runing IWT@!@@!@!!!"
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  6. a handful of people who have rarely and in the main case, never, had an actual IWT match. Sure some threads like FTJ's bullshit goes way off topic but that is well earned in my opinion. Most of the threads like FTJ vs Dat Kid had statements from both competitors that brought the match off topic and even the people voting in the match went off topic as well. Sure if you sign on and there are 7 pages of random shit, it's going to be a lot to read, but it takes 20 seconds to skim through a page. To me this is a thread that will never be used when things get going, and will only hinder activity...leaving 4 posts before anyone promos with the combatants arguing over who has to go first.

    The change won't last long, not as far as i'm concerned. Especially with like my match vs D'z. We had our promos and THEN it was flooded by everyone with their tears and aching assholes, which is 100% fine with me.
  7. Amazing! This comment is only slightly better than your GOAT debut match! Bravo Dolph's! Bravo!
  8. people keep shitting on me for the match but is anyone disputing that I put out entertaining promos? no? ok then.
  9. LOL you know I was joking right? You did good and Aids did good in his last promo. Definitely better than my match.
    Just one match, we'll steal the show at RR
  10. Nah, hard to tell when everyone was legit shitting on the match for days :sad1:

    I definitely anticipate putting on a 5 star classic. You're character is on a role and clearly I'm a motherfuckin lyrical word smith motherfuckin genius
  11. #noComment
  12. Im looking forward to my current future, if I lose the title or not I still have some really nice matches coming up.
  13. Looking forward to me vs. David vs. TNH at da Rumble.
  14. Fight me Dolph's. :tough:
  15. Who isn't?
  16. David isn't.....
  17. :lol1:
  18. Depending on if things go right, big plans are in order.