OOC IWT GM Drama: Why the FUCK don't we run an election?

Discussion in 'IWT Archives' started by Dolph'sZiggler, Apr 15, 2014.

  1. How can anyone be opposed to this idea? Let the people decide who they want in charge. What a novel concept, no? Aids thinks he is the man, let him run. Jono thinks he doesn't slurp fat dong in his sleep? Prove it and put it in the people's hands. If you are against the idea of democracy, you are clearly pushing an agenda and not looking out for the best interest of IWT, and thus you can kick rocks. So can anyone give me one plausible reason to not go through with this? It would eliminate every thread turning into a shitty flame fest, and we can see what the people want. I say let anyone run and hold a damn election. It is such an obvious solution I can't believe I am the only one tossing the idea out.

    And that being said, I'm tossing my name in the ring. Lettuce get it.

    Unless anyone is opposed, I propose election day be held on Tuesday May the 6th 2014.

    And honestly, anyone who is against democracy feel free to speak up, I'd love to hear your arguments.
  2. where would Shadow be in all of this? since he's Co-GM?
  3. He can run like everyone else. I don't see a need for co GM since, no offense shadow, wtf does he do anyway?
  4. I'll throw my name in, not sure if this is a legit post though
  5. I intend for it to be. We can run the election and the "powers that be" can do what they wish with that. I'm sure Jono opposes the idea, because he is one of the people pushing an agenda I was talking about.
  6. i will just tag the People involved @Aids Johnson @Delik
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  7. Was hoping to get Crayo on board before throwing this idea out, but it works great for me TBH. Have a category for each area. If you want to run for GM, Tag, IC, X-division, etc.
  8. it isn't just GM, Trip Arab Stop Shadow Crayj Gav Fooq Dat Kid all are in the same boat with jono.

    Honestly it couldn't be much easier. State what you bring to the table, what you have done in the past, and what you intend to do for the division in the future. People can run for multiples.
  9. I don't think running that many elections is plausible. IMO the GM should be able to empower whoever he wants to do whatever within creative.

    I also think we should run elections every 6 months. That way if the GM isn't working for the people they get the boot. I want this to be fair, I'm sick of the dictatorships. Let's do this like civil Americans already.
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  10. I like this because, TBH, I see one of two things happening.
    1: Someone new gets it and turns out to be worse than Jono EVER was and gives it back OR
    2: Someone new gets it and knocks it out the F'n park

    Only one way to find out.

    I guess I would put my name in too, but I think there should be more than one in case one GM is not online or something (which would happen with me honestly). Maybe a GM and a commissioner?
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  11. but i'm British...
  12. I think we should empower the GM to put his own "cabinet" around him. For instance if I were elected I would definitely have a right hand man as well as several members of creative.
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  13. So this is for booker position or a sub booker position?
  14. Oh you know I push ideas in Creative
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  15. Don't care.
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  16. This is basically for the overseer position that Jonathan has now.

    Folks, you said you didn't want the drama before Mania, but now is the time. The reset button is pushed for the new fiscal year. Let's fucking do this.
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  17. ^ I love this guy :awyeah:
  18. awh.....that was my attempt for a Joke......
    *Runs away Embarrassed*
  19. Ok, Head Honcho Position, cool
  20. I personally do not care about all of the backstage drama/stuff, as long as we get matches and there's some sort of storylines that can keep us coherently active, I'm fine.