Storyline IWT Hall of Fame 3.5!

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  1. The regularly dirty mat is replaced with a red carpet, and the ropes are removed. A long red carpet leads from the top of the stage down to the ring, where steps are placed. The arena is flashing in golden colors and the crowd waits in anticipation. The announce announces that Michael will be inducting the newest inductee into the 2016 Hall of Fame class.

    The flashing lights dim down, and begin to flash red. Michael steps out onto the stage to a chorus of boos. He doesn't have hi IWT World title with him but is wearing a regular black suit. He ignores the crowd and sternly walks down to the ring. He takes the podium and taps the microphone.

    Michael: Last April at IWTMania IV we honored and celebrated the careers of Jack Forte, Joey Bryant and Christian. We took some time to look back at their accomplishments and really thank them for their service. Now, some 2 months later, It's apparent that the IWT Hall of Fame missed out on one big inductee. IWT didn't want to wait until next year, and so we are here to honor this man. He is known as one of the longest serving IWT competitors. He never held the most titles, he never drew 10s of thousands but he is known as one of the most helpful and approachable people the IWT has ever seen. He is someone that was always held down, but was there to put on the best possible show. He was a true professional in and out of the ring, and I'm honored to be standing in the same arena as him. It's a true honor to induct this man.

    The crowd stands in praise for the speech. Michael nods, waves to the crowd and makes his way back to the locker room.

    The flashing lights resume and the crowd sits down and they wait in anticipation. After waiting for about 6 minutes, a new theme hits and the crowd stands up in confusion.

    At the 0:50 point of the song, Michael is raised from below the stage. He is wearing a white silk suit, sun glasses and a floral dress shirt that is open. He has his IWT World title strapped around his waist. The crowd erupts into a chorus of boos. Michael smirks and shrugs off the boos. He arrogantly makes his way down the ramp and into the ring. He walks to the podium as a few fans throw garbage at him.

    Michael: Thank you Michael for giving me this honor! Yo Adrian...I DID IT! The man that saved this company from going 6 feet under, and ridding it of the Jonathan scum known as Aids and Gav. I am your IWT World Champion and the man that buried Dat Kid this past January. I am the man that defied the odds and pissed on the NGW's headquarters. I've revolutionized this company and I deserve this, perhaps more so than the actual 2016 class. Christian is an old washed-up announcer, Joey Bryant is a no-showing piece of crap and Jack Forte is the useless Intercontinental Champion. It's an honor, not only for me but for the IWT, the fans and the Hall of Fame to have me go into their hall of fame. I have led quite a career, but I can guarantee that it will only get better.

    The fans amplify their hatred. Michael looks at them with a pout but shrugs them off.

    Michael: I want to thank you, the fans. I want to thank Aids Johnson. Because without your bag of bones to whip around, I wouldn't be a World Champion right now. I want to thank everyone that's ever stepped into this company because while they're long and forgotten, I'm here proving that I am the best motherfucking champion this fucking company has ever seen. I don't care if Alias Antonio spits on me, I will come back and with every aching breath in my body I will prove that I am The King of the IWT. I am the King of the World. And all of you will bow down to me.

    Michael relaxes and takes in the atmosphere.

    Michael: So...Thank you everybody!

    Michael's theme hits and and prances around the ring to soak in the boos as he laughs.
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  2. The lights slowly dim out as the theme begins to play, Chris Kaizer walks out from behind the curtains. The crowd is mixed as Kaizer makes his way down to the ring. He asks for a mic as he arrives to the ring.

    I promised my self months ago that if I ever stepped foot in an IWT ring ever again, it would have to be under dire circumstances. I feel the fact that you are out here trying to toot your own horn and run around like you are something special gives me all the reason to return. I've been gone for a while, a lot has happened. A lot of people have come and gone and sadly you haven't been one. Sadly you waltz down to this ring event after event, show after show and yet no one has thought to themselves "Maybe this Make-A-Wish thing has gone on a bit too long". Your time as self-proclaimed "King of The World" is up, you better spend every waking hour with that belt while you can. You may have beaten an irrelevant vet, good for you. Now you actually have to face someone who isn't walking with a cane. And when you finally are humbled at Retribution and you are left lying in that ring, maybe you'll realize that you aren't the greatest thing on earth and just a doormat. A doormat for the next best thing to walk all over. You are a placeholder champion, nothing more. Soon you will come to that realization, just as everyone else in IWT has. Until then Michael, enjoy your time with that title. Because it's the last time you'll ever get in any sort of reach of it.

    Now I didn't just come back out here to ruin Michael's coronation as "King of IWT". That'd be rude really. I'm back, and no I am not going to no-show like last time. Because we are still feeling the unfortunate effects of that to this day. I'm not here to "fix IWT" or "bring justice" or what ever bullshit people say when they show up here now a days. I'm purely here because I felt like it. I'm here to win matches and titles. I have some good belts to choose from, I could go after the IWT World Title and hope I get to face Michael here. Or I start where I left off at, the Intercontinental Title. I'm sure Jack Forte would be up for the challenge. I never did get to face him, partially my fault but still I think we all deserve second chances. Though IWT has another belt on the horizon, the Universal Title. 16 men were put into a tournament to decide who would become the first ever holder of the Universal Title here in IWT. I want to congratulate whom ever that may be in advanced, it's an honor to be the first at something, especially here in IWT. Your name is going to be in the history books for being the first to ever win that title. You are going to celebrate, and for most of you you're going top celebrate more than your heart can take because it will be your first title you'll ever hold. You should be proud of that.

    Don't get comfy with it though. Who ever wins that champion, who ever outlasts 15 other men to become the champion, you'll be the first to hold that title belt. And you'll be the first to ever be defeated for it. You'll have your blaze of glory, your 15 minutes of fame, sure. You'll get your confetti and fireworks and maybe your own fanbase on the internet. And just like that confetti will fall, you will too.

    Don't worry though, just like Michael here you can soak in that title belt all you want while you have it. And just like Michael your whole world will come crumbling down, and you will weep.

    Chris Kaizer drops the mic and turns around to face Michael and taps him on the shoulder and starts to leave the ring while his theme begins to play.
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  4. Fucking marked. My dude welcome back, you've been missed
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