IWT Hall of Fame - Aids Johnson Induction

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  1. To the surprise of the crowd Dat Kid comes out to the stage wearing a neck brace, walking gingerly. His face is all scarred up from Extreme Rules and he really shouldn't be on TV. Dat Kid approaches the podium.

    Let's address the elephant in the room. What's up Alias, how's my belt?
    Kid nods to Alias, giving him a sly smirk
    Today we celebrate the 2nd greatest superstar in IWT....I'm just fucking with you.
    The crowd laughs

    On a serious note, today it is an honor to induct the man who i consider to be one of best friends in the business. This man cares about IWT like no other person I have ever known. Seriously, this guy calls me at 3am to talk about how he wants to push Harriet Vargas. From the voicemails, text messages, Skype calls, handwritten letters sealed with the Johnson family crest, to carrier pigeons, this man will always find a way to talk IWT with me.

    The reason for that is, IWT has become Aids Johnson's life, he is obsessed. It's true, Aids has a mad obsession with the IWT and the only thing that might supersede that is his love Brewers baseball and a half empty can of beer. That's not a bad thing though, I don't say it to bad mouth Aids at all. Aids brings his obsessive qualities to the ring, where others would look at this job as a nice chance to be on TV with a nice little check, Aids Johnson will take everything he does in the IWT to another level.

    My greatest rivalry in the IWT is arguably with Aids Johnson just because of the emotional investment we both had in that match. It was a time when the company was looking for new guys and, no matter how good of friends we were, we were prepared to do exactly what Alias did to me at Extreme Rules. Through it all we put on some of the best matches that have stood the test of time and in retrospect in doing so he has made himself stand the test of time.

    So since I can't induct myself into the Hall of Fame, I am proud to induct my greatest rival and my closest friend, Aids Johnson.​
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  2. *Meanwhile during Dat Kid's Promo,The British Kid is Breaking a World Record of the Largest Selfie with him,the Rest of Dudes with Tude,Aiden Ryan,Dazzling Chavs,Bruce Knight,Tyler Freeborn,Farooq,Ultimate Jwab,Lyle Chipperson and The Returning Rodrigo and BK Scorpion and most of the Fans*
  3. #JobSquad
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    The lights dim, and a giant blast of pyro goes off before leaving the arena in smoke and darkness. The crowd begins to chant "We've got Aids" before the theme his - prompting a loud cheering filling up the arena.

    The crowd again begins to cheer, as Aids Johnson walks out wearing the same attire he wore for Senhor earlier in the evening. He struts out and gives Dat Kid a nice handshake - stopping an expressing a few words of gratitude - before walking up to the podium.

    Thank you all so much, and especially thank you to Dat Kid for being the one to induct me, as well as my good friend Senhor for letting me have the chance to induct him earlier. Most importantly, thank you to the IWT fans and universe for being here with me from the beginning, through the good times and the bad, the highlights and the low.

    First off, a huge thank you to the IWT staff, creative and otherwise. I have gone over the line so many times, and yet here you remain for the greater good of a place we all truly enjoy spending our time on. Jono, the one who built me, buried me, and then put up with me like an ex-wife constantly badgering for more money. Spinzz, Stop, and Mr. Draven, thank you for being here since the beginning and giving me a place I honestly can say I love being at. Incognito i'm sure is watching soccer at home, so thanks for jobbing to me, proving forever that I'm more popular than you at your own home network. Billionaire Crayo got Aids and he lost the battle.

    To my Cure brothers. TNH Alias Jwab (lol) Ovalbuddy and of course Georgie Pie, I might have made a trainwreck out of your group, but I wouldn't trade it for all the missed opportunities in the world. Hey TNH - Private eyes, their watching you. They see your every move.

    Fooq daddy and Sackfist, you both have amazing records and I will always regret ending up 0-1 vs you, but the opportunity to face great talent such as yourselves alone was worth it. Good luck in your future endeavors.

    To my brother Dolph's *crowd pops* This IWT business might not have worked out as you had expected, but everyone should realize around here, quality does not always equal wins. How else would I have became the only three time IWT Champ people? I hope to catch you around here again someday, this place just isn't the same without you brother.

    To my two teammates sharing this wonderful moment with me. Senhor you old, senile, jobbing mother fucker - I wouldn't trade our moments for the world - especially because I won the big one. You have done me a ton of big favors around here, and i'll never forget that shit. You also grow a beard even Draven would get jelly over. And brita, TO THE DUNGIN! :pipebomb: Words cant express how fun this has been since you randomly got an entire section of people active in something that truly is fun.

    Dat kid, buddy. BRO YOU JELLY BRO? JONO IS ON SOME SHIT AGAIN AND IM GONNA GO FUCKING AT IT! Everything you said is so true, and thanks for putting it kindly, because in realistic terms people should know that means i blow dude up for 30 minute conversations on tiny problems on the regular in this bitch. You've been a great friend man, especially when you lost to me so I could challenge senhor at WM1 for the IWT Belt. Where would I be without you.

    *Aids looks around, shaking his head for a few seconds* God damn I feel I've gone on too long already, i'm almost at the point Sir Lee will give me a TLDR comment after my speech. To my good friend ms Harriet Vargas, what up girl, time for you to shine without people hating on you for being the next person i steal talent from. Ladies and Gentlemen, my name is Aids E Hey..Johnson. You're the shit girl.

    Gav you fucking chav! and mr Dazzle. Two of my favorite IWT members. FTJ you sly devil, you ducked my ass because you scurred of me and you know it! Aids > Chickenshit bullshit > FTJ. Nero, FTJ shit on you good son. Reag don't worry you might lose but at least you got a job, and Butters you are still the shit in my book bro.

    Joey Bryant, you earned that belt and don't ever forget it. You are cemented as HoF already and still have a ton of time to shine. Danielson, brother. It's weird with you being gone, but I wish you all the best. Oh shit I almost forgot. VP lady, people downplay all of the matches we had, but since I can proudly claim 4/5ths of the biggest matches of all time, it is a great honor for me to state that while Senhor vs Aids was the first WM ME, which will always be one of the greats, and Aids vs Crayo, which clearly was king vs god (You jelly Crayo?) our matches were always build well, and the majority of the work was done in part by you. You deserve a ton more credit than you get here in IWT, and it's mostly because you're a woman. I'm kidding.

    And last, and most importantly, ME. Main Event Aids Johnson, the GOAT, the only 3x IWT champion, Superstar of the year 2013, the man who barely hit .500 in W-L records but won when it mattered the most. IWT Universe, I would be nothing without you. Sure, I came on here drunk and hit you up with cheesy one liners and fake promises - and sure i never wore protection - but the bond we have shared together will carry on with me for the rest of my life. I have loved every single minute here. THe moments I woke up realizing what the fuck I did (so many) to the one's I gained by seeing great friends like Dolph's finally give into my talk and seeing him compete with Lee in matches that really do define the belt's held in the midcard. To my time with Georgie, to my matches with Senhor, Dat Kid, VP, Stop buddy (sudden death match ftw) and so many others. I didn't get to retire on top with the belt - but fuck it - I already tried that shit and it sucked ass.

    This is a special moment all around for me, truly being my last time here as an active participant in the IWT. It's a place I can honestly say I have enjoyed immensely, and something I will miss but be glad to witness when it is all over. Thank you to everyone who came here for this. I am the cancer - there is no cure. Goodnight!
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  5. [​IMG]
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  6. All of this was 2sweet. Awesome job fellas.
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  7. Chris Kaizer is in the front row sleeping.
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  8. I got a mention :yay:
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  9. *The lights go dark as Aids says his final words to the crowd. The familiar wolf howl echoes through the arena as a spotlight shows Trip in the head standing at the railing in the balcony level. He is dressed in a suit and tie which is very unusual for him. His long hair pulled back into a pony tail. Cellphones are lit up all over the arena as Trip places one well dressed foot on the first rail, leans forward and raises a mic to his mouth*

    TRIP: And what a good night it is Aids Johnson. A night to remember and reminisce. To reflect on past events. Like me making you think your family was dead.You remember that right? But I don't seem to remember you bringing up The Order in your little speech tonight. Whats up with that? That family crest Dat Kid spoke of is kind of a hazardous waste label thanks to us now isn't it? *The crowd boos* Now now, I'm not here to ruin Aids big night, no. But I have come to say this. *Trip leans far over the railing focusing hard on his next statement before he slowly says* C o w a r d. Take your things and go home. Why don't you throw another tantrum on your way out? You're like a child. Like this child over here. *Trip points to an excited young fan seated near Trip. Trip invites the kid over with a hand gesture and he begs his parents to let him go so he can say hi to his favorite superstar Aids Johnson. Please mom the child says as his parents reluctantly let him go to Trip* Hey there little guy. You like Aids Johnson?

    Kid: YEAH!

    TRIP: You wanna say hi kid? Go ahead.

    Kid: *into the mic* Hi Aids! You are soooooo awesome! I have all your merchandise and I follow you on Twitter and.....

    TRIP: Alright kid thats enough. *Trip yanks the mic back and faces Aids* See Aids. The fans still love you for some reason, but like I said - you are acting like a child again, just like this child in fact...

    *And with that statement Trip suddenly lifts the kid up and over the railing, sending him sailing over and down to the next level. Trip laughs maniacally into the mic as the crowd gasps in horror, some women screaming - especially the kids parents. Luckily a couple of security guards are in a close enough position to be there to catch the kid before he hit the floor(OOC: so he didn't die :burns:). The crowds attention turns back to Trip as the lights go out again suddenly. They come back up moments later to reveal that Trip in the Head is gone with many angry members of the crowd standing where he once was. Suddenly his voice is heard over the speakers*

    TRIP: *echoing thorugh the arena* Do you really think you will be able to stay away Aids? For how long? The Night will always return. Can the same be said for you? That'd be a good night too, mwahahahahaha.......
    *Trips laughing fades out to nothing as the house lights are returned to normal*

    OOC (open)
    Excellent speech man. All soft as baby shit and stuff lol. Sorry to see you go. All kayfabe up their brother. Hope it meets your expectations.
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  10. Damn, that kid is such a Aids Johnson fanboy, ugh.
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  11. OOC: Was hoping the kid splat; I leave disappointed.:sad:
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  12. Hey, rules say we can't kill anyone anymore right?

    Also, should one be ashamed for being disappointed a kid didn't die? Just curious.
  13. Yes, because that kid was such a fucking fanboy of Aids it's unbelievable. God, who could love Aids that much....
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  14. Aids motions over in the general vicinity, where the kid is nearly immediately handed a youth sized #Relevant hoodie and a set of cure dvd's for him and his friends.

    After the show, Aids is seen backstage waiting to witness the Induction for Britanica. A random backstage asshole walks right up to Aids and asks "So what do you think about the address made by Trip about your retirement possibly being short lived?"

    Aids gives a quick smirk, before taking the beer out of the man's hand, and replying quickly with "I might be the IWT's Jay-Z, but it certainly isn't going to be for a tag team belt. Oh shit that's right, dude doesn't even have that anymore." Aids flashes his new IWT HoF ring, before bossing it out like the man himself.

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  15. * We want Aids! We want Aids!*

    ooc: such a funny chant. :woo1: Great job bro man sir dude.
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  16. Chris Kaizer wakes up to an empty arena and starts clapping not realizing he slept through the entire thing.
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  17. Most of the MP kiddos.
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  18. [​IMG]
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  19. I didnt know you came over from MP son!
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  20. wait....I DIDN'T KNOW YOU DID! (i was in MP,The ICW Section)