Storyline IWT Hall of Fame Class of 2014 - Britanica's Induction

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  1. And now... presenting to you our THIRD and FINAL Inductee
    into the IWT Hall of Fame, Class of 2014. The woman who founded IWT,
    the person who lay the groundwork for this fantastic company we work for today...
    being inducted by @Toonami Tom 2....

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  3. 3:06 YES! hahahahahaha!

    FTJ doesnt want to touch your cat Brit! Close your legs!!
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  4. :gtfo: HOOKER!
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    *Britanica walks out with 10 cats, no one is shocked by this*
    *Frank starts gasping for air*

    "Thanks, Frank. I should have known you would be the one doing this. I blame the black guy. No, no, not Farooq... Not Dat Kid... Aids. The blackest of them all.

    *The 10 cats start surrounding Frank and rubbing all over him, making him break out in hives*

    "I enjoyed the early years of it IWT, when everything all just started for fun in the locker room. Who would have known it would be this big of a deal. When I was in charge, at first - I did a good job, but I started slacking, buying more cats, FTJ started abducting them after I screwed him *pauses* over."

    *Frank falls the the floor grabbing his throat as the cats pile on top of him*

    "Because time got the better of me and I simply didn't have what it took, I called in good ol' Jono Boy to help. He has done a great job since, even with the tid bits of fighting, he has kept everything organized and I am glad I made the first decision to have him be IWT VP."

    *Paramedics rush the stage to help Frank - Brit pays no attention to the commotion going on behind her and continues talking*

    "As for the future of the IWT... That is up to all of you. Will it continue to stand as strong as it had or fall to pieces? With great creative minds, hungry superstars and amazing fans, this place will live on forever, regardless of who is in charge."

    *The cats begin attacking the paramedics, fur and blood is flying everywhere. One paramedic kicks a cat off the stage and it lands in Dat Kid's fro*

    "Speaking of Dat kid,if it wasn't for him taking on the Crayluminati and convincing them it would be a great product, this would have never been possible."

    *With all the paramedics down, the cats behind dragging them off the stage, Frank lays on the floor unconscious*

    "And here is to Aids, Farooq and Senhor Perfect! Three of the best superstars to have ever graced the IWT. Through all the mayhem they stuck by this company's side. Always adding new creativity to this place and never giving us any boring moments. Thank you for that. You three kept this place going when it should have went under."

    *The cats return to the stage and surround Frank again*

    "I have had my taste of power, my taste of in ring action, and it is a true honor to be recognized by all of you out there for the reason this place ever took off and I am grateful to have given you all something to enjoy around here. To my main wolf posse, keep up the good work. Trip and Marcus are the future of this company. A lot of new people have joined and that is great to see. Thanks also to the original female competitors, Victoria Parker and Lady Deathbane. We haven't seen much of our favorite filipino, asian, chinese, cat eating lady but she was here when this began. And Victoria has had a number of great feuds and segments, never letting the mostly male roster dominate her or turn her away."

    *Britanica looks back at FTJ*

    "And thank you Frank for always being the comedic relief to the IWT. Without your rampaging, rioting, or complaining, I would have never been able to laugh so damn much. Some people may not have enjoyed you in those times, but I sure did... Even if you can't always say my name right."

    *All ten cats begin dragging Frank to the back of the stage*

    "IWT will live on forever, in the hearts and minds... and pants of all you perverted internet weirdos out there. Thank you"
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  6. *Farooq is in the very back with binoculars* "Yep, I chose the right seats this time."
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    *British Kid High Fives Al Poppin'*
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  8. these are 2sweet i swear
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    Seriously though this was fun and although I didn't see any real new face's come around, it's something they know can happen. I'm 3 time IWT champ and my record was 12-11 at best, and Brita started IWT but that girl had more jobs than racist jokes (that LDB shit cracks me up so hard) and Senhor? Well Senhor was pretty good.

    This place is fun, enjoy it.
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  11. Yay for Britannica! She started it and then bailed lol. :troll:

    You deserve a big thank you from lots of the guys on here I think.