Storyline IWT Hall of Fame Class of 2014 - Senhor Perfect's Induction

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  1. Ladies and Gentleman, presenting to you at this time, the very FIRST
    inductee into the IWT Hall of Fame, being inducted by @Aids Johnson,

    @Senhor Perfect!
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    Aids Johnson walks out to a huge pop from the crowd, wearing a suit and tie along with his brewers hat. He approaches the podium, wearing a huge smile on his face.

    Tonight we celebrate the greatest and longest reigning IC champion in IWT history. Senhor is not only the man who main-evented WM1 with myself, he also is the man who brought credibility to a belt is now recently retired in favor of a true midcard belt - the European title. The man who left the IWT to start a rival company that is still gaining new competitors even today, and the man I am lucky enough to induct. Hell, I am just going to keep this short and sweet.

    The man, the legend, perfection personified. Ladies and Gentlemen, Senhor Perfect!

    *Aids steps back and waits for Senhor to come out as "Senhor Perfect" chants break out.*
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  3. *Senhor walks out to the podium taking in the applause and gets a little choked up*

    Thank you, thank you. This truly is a night of firsts, the most amazing of which being Aids not having much to say for the first time ever.

    *Senhor shakes Aids' hands and gives him a playful punch in the arm*

    For those of you that might not know me, I am Senhor Perfect, the triple threat of the IWT. I was the inaugural winner of the Intercontinental Championship, which I held for almost an entire calendar year. A reign that has yet to be eclipsed by any competitor for any championship. I was the first ever triple crown champion, simultaneously holding the IC title, tag team title, and IWT title. I competed in four matches in IWT WMI. I could go on with my accomplishments But then we'd be here all night.

    My journey began many years ago. I was training to be a wrestler as it had been my lifelong dream since watching it on TV as a little boy. I began my training and soon met up with a big dumb jock who called himself Aids Johnson. Many of you have seen our training pics together with him and his 80s pornstar moustache. Soon after we went our separate ways and competed through the Indy scene.

    In 2012, an old promotors daughter named Britanica contacted me and asked if I wanted to be part of a new wrestling promotion. We'd met somewhere along the line and she said that she wanted me in on the ground floor and help her build this company up she was calling IWT. I jumped at the chance and was able to throw a few of my ideas in as she prepared to launch. Soon after I was holding my beloved IC title and FTJ was crowned the first IWT champion.

    Soon after, I told Brita about Aids, he was interested and soon joined. So began the greatest rivalry in IWT history. This rivalry culminated at WMI where unfortunately that SOB got the best of me. That being said, it was still a match for the ages and one of the highest viewed matches of all time!

    I want to thank Brita first of all for believing in me and trusting me to help her start this thing out. I want to thank my opponents, specifically Aids and FTJ, because without good opponents you're nothing. And finally, I want to thank you fans. If you loved me or hated me as long as I got some sort of emotion out of you, I knew I was doing my job. And I'm sure Aids will tell you, I did a lot of jobs.

    *some fans being to chant: one more match, one more match!*

    *Senhor chuckles*

    For the right money, and with the right opponent......maybe.

    In conclusion, it's been my pleasure entertaining all of you. It's an honour to be the first inductee to the IWT hall of fame. My name will now live on in history along side all of the greats to come!

    Now that's perfect!
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  4. You'll be back... they always come back. :tyson:
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  5. I knew it was you!!!! Your award gave it away
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  7. HA, this post just confirms its you.
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