Storyline IWT has Aids....for talent management

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  1. *Renee Young is seen outside a door that has the letters GM on them. She looks into the camera and begins*
    Renee: I'm Renee Young here outside the IWT GM's office. I'm not really sure whats going on, all I know is I heard Trip in the Head wanted to talk to me. I hope its not bad news. *Renee turns and knocks on the door. A few moments later the door unlatches, but no one opens it.* Hello? *Renee says timidly. She waits for a second but gets no response so she slowly opens the door. The room is dark and dimly light. Trip sits at his desk in the room, two of the most gorgeous redheads you've ever seen standing behind him on each side.*

    TRIP: Come in Renee, come in.

    Renee: I heard you wanted to see me?

    *Trip waves off the girls behind him, slapping one on the ass on her way out. She turns back and smiles at Trip as she exits the room.*

    TRIP: Well Renee, I do so love your reporting work here in the IWT. And people seem to listen to a pretty face alot more than that moron Micheal Cole. I sent for you because I would like for you to help get the word out. *Trip leans back in his chair and puts his well dressed feet up on the desk.* What word you say? The word about IWT's new name in talent management - Aids Johnson.

    Renee: Yes, there was that announcement you made at the end of Old School Uprising. That was all a little confusing.

    TRIP: And I can understand that Renee. I'm a reasonable man *Trip smiles and cocks his head slightly to the left*...most of the time. Thats why you're here. Now shoot with the questions or I'll have you out of here quicker than Chris Kaizer falls asleep at ringside.

    Renee: Uhhhh, ok. I usually prpeare fo something like this, but......ok, why Aids Johnson? You two have a bit of a tumultuous past here in IWT since you debuted all those months ago.

    *puts his feet down and leans on his desk with his elbows* Because, god damn it, that man cares about IWT. For all that bullshit preening, drama, and shit talking Aids is always responsible for, that guy genuinely cares about how this company does as a whole. And as the new GM, SO. DO. I. Of course, now he will answer to me, so when he goes all bat shit crazy and falls off his rocker I'll be there to filter out the ridiculous shit. Its like making good alchohol really. I'm filtering out all the BS and leaving IWT with the pure 100 proof shit that I know Aids can produce. Our past is just that, the past. We are both here for this company and thats what I'm looking for right now Renee.

    Renee: Well, it sounds like you have given this some serious thought. So what will Aids "do" as the new talent manager in IWT?

    TRIP: *Sits back in his chair again, no feet up this time though* Aids will act as an in between of sorts. If you're new to the IWT, or even a seasoned veteran, and you want in on something - let this man know. Of course, not everyone will get what they want - except me. People are still welcome to come to me or other staff members if they have something they would like to discuss and don't want to do it with Mr. Johnson, but I would like to ensure you all that he will do his best to help you should you choose to speak with him. Just look at Harriet Vargas.

    Renee: Yeah, about Harriet and women wrestlers in general. You said some pretty derogatory things about her at the closing of OSU as well. A lot of people have taken to social media to talk about it and people want to know where you were coming from with that statement.

    TRIP: Look Renee, Harriet has gotten a few extra chances here because Aids brought her in, Aids vouched for her. And maybe she doesn't like that fact, but he NEVER stopped believing in her. Well, she has quite the losing streak going on for someone he's backed. And it angered me a little. I might have taken it out on the fairer race at that moment in time. *Trip leans forward again* But you ask those 2 redheads with the great asses who just walked up out of here a minute ago and they will guarantee you that I indeed love women. *Trip smiles* And boy do they love me back. And actually, on that note Renee *Trip stands up and sticks out his hand for Renee to shake* if you would excuse me, I have some...ahem....pressing details to attend to. You can see yourself out right?

    Renee: Sure thing Mr.....Head?

    TRIP: You can call me Trip Renee. Now beat it.

    *Renee and her camera crew exit the room*
    Renee: And there you have it IWT. Changes are everywhere these days in IWT thanks to the new GM. *Renee waits for the camera feed to end and she thinks it does, but it keeps going for a few seconds as she says - I wonder if I coud get an interview with @Aids Johnson - just before the feed does cut out.*
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  2. Renee rounds the corner with the IWT crew surrounding her after the announcement has been made. Aids abruptly short steps the corner, running directly into Renee.

    Renee: Aids! Congratulations on your new position.

    *Aids pauses momentarily, ripping off the dazzling Rock to a fault. He is immediately handed a new bottle of Macallan 25 year scotch, before smiling and adjusting his tie.

    I know this is a just another 30 seconds wasted on your 15 minutes, Renee, but I am not here to answer questions.

    I'll lay it out as simple as it gets. I am here to ensure the success of IWT is returned to the activity I once was a part of. We have older stars returning, a gathering of what could possibly be the greatest trio assembled here - but most importantly we have new IWT stars arriving daily. I am the inbetween, the Immortal Aids Johnson :hogan:

    Now what does that mean? Have a question? Get at me. Want some help and suggestions on where you want to go next? Get at me. Not too into the IWT staff member who is holding you back?

    *Aids give's an ADR wink to Renee, before taking a pull of his scotch and walking away.
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