OOC IWT Head of Creative search: Round one voting

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Who should be head of creative

Poll closed May 2, 2014.
  1. Dat Kid

  2. Stopspot

  3. Trip in the head

  4. CM Punk

  5. Forrest

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  1. It's time to cull the herd in the search for the IWT head of Creative.

    To recap: We will hold a vote, which will be open until this Friday. The top three names will become the final 3, and will have a final shot at pleading their case to the IWT universe, after which there will be a 48 hour long vote once Extreme Rules is over. The final winner being the new head of creative for the 3 month trial period of that system.

    The nominees are:
    @CM Punk (self nominated)
    Stopspot (nominated by Shadow)
    @Forrest (self nominated)
    @Dat Kid (self nominated)
    @Trip in the Head (mass nomination)

    Aids Johnson was also self nominated but due to him and Jonathan (who was also self nominated) getting into arguments in various threads within this section, both men have been struck from the runnings (fair is fair).

    If any of the men tagged have changed their minds and no longer feel like running, say so as soon as possible.

    The voting will be open until this Friday.
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  2. I can't actually decide who to choose hmm....
  3. Voted Trip, and lol @ the having to remove me. I removed myself.
  4. People are choosing wisely. :phew:
  5. This place was at its best when Dat Kid was in charge imo. It was very entertaining, even just as a spectator. So I vote him.
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  6. #tripforgm
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  7. Trip is like Aids Johnson in a bar, HE IS UNSTOPPABLE!
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  8. lmao except in Trip's case, it's meant as a good thing.
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  10. Time is running out fools, hahahaha
  11. Good job to Trip for winning this round :yay:
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  12. I had totally forgot this was only the first round the other day. Got a little excited. Oops. :urm:
  13. So ER is just about done now, excluding a couple of voting rounds. Where does this go from here again?
  14. #tripforprimeminister
  15. has been weeks in the planning/voting, i'm expecting to see it move forward towards round 3 *if we even need a round 3* by the end of next week.

    Just get this shit over with, playing around with it and having days of voting is so damn pointless. There hasnt been an additional vote here for days at least. Finish the fucking project and let's let IWT move forward.
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