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    Written History (open)
    Written History: IWT was founded in December 2012 by a member named Britannica, later known as Solid Snake. The company was originally known as WWEF Championships. The idea picked up steam with many of the biggest posters and most active members being apart of it. Thanks to strings pulled by Dat Kid, WWEF Championships was given a subsection and subsequently named Internet Wrestling Titles or IWT, for short.

    The IWT was managed by Britannica until February 2013, when Jonathan was brought in as an Assistant GM. In the same month the IWT was split into two brands, RAW and Nitro. The brand split ended that exact same month. In April of 2013, Jonathan became a temporary GM for the first ever IWTMania or IWT WrestleMania, as it was known at the time. By the Summer of that year, Britannica had left the GM work to now permanent GM, Jonathan. He would hold that position until June 2015. Under Jonathan and Co-GM Dat Kid, IWT expanded it's shows introducing weekly events known as IWT Fight Nights and PPVs known as Uprising. Uprising would be a PPV concept that would run until February 2015. During the Summer of 2013 and new generation of stars began to flow from the ashes of MachinamaPalooza. Guys such as Suicide, Alias Antonio, Ben Dover, Jwab Atom and many many more. A number of these MP alums would go onto form a stable known as The Cure. The stable held the Tag Titles numerous times and had a last legacy on the IWT, that is still felt today. At the first annual IWT Summer Slam, in August 2013, IWT reached new highs as former WWEF owner and founder, Crayo faced off against Aids Johnson in a match that ran up to 30 votes. A IWT and World Heavyweight title unification match took place and a Breaking Grounds Battle Royal. In the fall of 2013, Joey Bryant wins a double sudden death to become the #1 contender to the IWT Championship, establishing the place for the new breed.

    IWTMania II took place in late March/Early April 2014. The show was marred by no-shows, and incompetence from both competitors and the GM that ultimately led to a referendum for a new General Manger. The campaign lasted for a few days until voting took place The new IWT GM was Trip in the Head, a former IWT Tag Team Champion. Many found his run as IWT General Manager to be marred with influences from Jonathan, who some considered to still be the one calling the shots. Many disgruntled and unhappy competitors left the company after IWTMania II. During the Summer of that year, the IWT introduced a new voting system to keep the situation clean and clear. The system led to a drop in voters and a call for the original system to return. That same Summer many IWT legends returned including Christian, Eric Draven and Senhor Perfect. IWT Summer Slam 2014 had yet another unification match of the highest prizes between Alias Antonio and Joey Bryant. Around this time, IWT's chief competition FSW was rebooted. At Survivor Series 2015, Team IWT faced Team FSW which was highlighted with the debut of current owner, Solidus.

    By the time IWTMania III had come around, many members had either retired, quit or claimed a loss of passion. IWTMania III was plagued with barely any votes and many no-shows. The event marked the end of IWT v1. Future events were canceled and updates stopped. The IWT was set for a revival in June 2015, by former 3x IWT Champion Aids Johnson. The IWT was revived at IWT Revival 2015. The show suffered a similar fate to that of IWTMania III. The IWT went quiet and even missed Summer Slam 2015. By September the IWT had faded again; IWT v2 had died. In October 2015, Tsar (myself) took over power from Aids Johnson and sought to rebuild the IWT. Tsar brought in many former champions and established the unification of both main titles, once again, in a tournament. IWT was still marred with no-shows and low voting but the show continued. In November of that year, FTJ returned and was handed the IWT World title. IWT would convert to a written promotion on January 1st, 2016. The first written show was IWT Fight for your Life. The IWT would be marred with low voting turnout and low participation rate and was being considered for a final killing off. However, The WWE Forum folded and brought a plethora of new and active stars, revitalizing the IWT, once again.

    In May 2016, IWT announced a brand split between Battleground and WARFARE. This was to take place after IWT Survival where Michael became IWT World Champion and Jack Forte unified both the Intercontinental Championship and X-Division Championship. After the split IWT announced a new world title, the IWT Universal Championship. It was to be determine in the first annual IWT Grand Prix World Tour. Men like Schizo, Nick and Bishop filed in to claim their stake. Meanwhile, Jwab returned to back up Alias Antonio in his match against Michael at IWT Retribution. IWT VICE is rebooted under a new weekly model and was the exclusive home of the IWT Grand Prix World Tour, and would be a permanent Saturday event. Meanwhile, IWT struck a deal with administrators to now include a new IWT Legend Award. Awarded to former and current participants that fit the criteria. IWT Tournament was established to determine a new #1 Contender while Aids Johnson returned for his rematch. He shocked the world by defeating Alias Antonio and capturing a record setting 5th IWT Championship. Luis Ovaldinho won a tournament to establish himself as #1 contender. He successfully won the IWT Championship at SummerSlam, while the IW3 (Kid, Alias and Aids) formed to take back their titles. At Anarchy 2016, James Dragon broke Jack Forte's 310+ day reign as champion, ending his record setting reign. At the same show, in a massive upset, Cousin Eddy became the 2nd TV champion and the team of Michael and Joey Bryant defeated the team of Tyson Storm and Slate Bass for the newly created Tag Team titles.

    IWT Championship History (open)

    Danny Jacobs
    Luis Ovaldinho
    Aids Johnson (5)
    Alias Antonio (3) (Unification Ends)
    Aids Johnson (4)
    Frank the Jock "FTJ" (2)
    *VACANT* (Unified)
    Alias Antonio (2)
    Lord Lee
    Alias Antonio
    Joey Bryant (3)
    Gav the Chav
    Joey Bryant (2)
    Bruce Knight
    Joey Bryant
    Aids Johnson (3)
    Victoria Parker (2)
    Aids Johnson (2)
    Victoria Parker
    Dat Kid
    Senhor Perfect (2)
    Aids Johnson
    Senhor Perfect
    Eric Draven
    Frank the Jock (First)

    IWT Universal Championship History (open)

    Scott Fargo (First)

    World Heavyweight Championship History (open)

    *VACANT* (Unified)
    Victoria Parker (2)
    Christian (3)
    Joey Bryant
    Alias Antonio
    Dat Kid
    Christian (2)
    Victoria Parker
    Eric Draven
    Christian (First)

    IWT Intercontinental Championship History (open)

    James Dragon
    Jack Forte (Longest reign)
    Rita Kendal *Reverted back to IC title*
    Chris Kaizer
    Lord Lee *Transformed into EU title*
    Eric Draven
    Senhor Perfect (First) (2nd longest reign)

    IWT Television Championship History (open)

    Rio Nakayama
    Cousin Eddy
    Schizo (First)

    X-Division Championship History (open)

    Jack Forté (Unified)
    Danny Jacobs (2)
    Prince Balor
    Danny Jacobs
    Lord Lee
    Alias Antonio
    Farooq (First)

    Money in the Bank/Golden Ticket Winners (open)

    Nick (2)
    Gav the Chav
    Aids Johnson

    Royal Rumble Winners (open)

    Reagan Cole
    Lord Lee
    Bruce Knight

    Proving Ground/Young Lion Cup Winners (open)

    Alexander Hightower
    Joey Bryant

    IWT General Managers (open)

    Aids Johnson
    Trip in the Head/Jonathan
    Mr. Smith/Jonathan
    Jonathan/Dat Kid

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    December 2012
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    IWT is founded December, 14th 2012 by Britanica under the name WWEF Championships.
    Frank The Jock wins the 1st ever IWT match to become the 1st ever WWE Champion (later renamed to IWT Champion)
    Senhor Perfect becomes the 1st Intercontinental Champion by defeating Rodrigo.
    Farooq becomes the 1st United States Champion by defeating Baraa, Aids, & The Jewish Jackoff
    Sage becomes the 1st Divas Champion by defeating Scarlett
    Dat Kid becomes the 1st European Champion by default
    CM Punk becomes the 1st World Heavyweight Champion by default
    Danielson and Seabs become the 1st Tag Team Champions by default
    WWEF Champions is given it's own sub-section and is renamed Internet Wrestling Championships

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    January 2013
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    Baraa defeats Dat Kid for the European Championship in the 1st title defense in IWT
    Seabs defeats Gohan in a Submission Match at the Royal Rumble to become the 2nd IWT Champion
    Stopspot becomes the 1st Royal Rumble Winner and chooses to compete for the World Heavyweight Championship

    February 2013
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    Seabs successfully retains the IWT Championship in the Elimination Chamber, but injures his quad, and the title is given to runner-up Senhor
    Senhor is also awarded the tag team championship
    Dat Kid is declared the #1 Contender for the IWT Championship by Britanica
    Jonathan becomes Assistant General Manager
    Baraa loses the European Championship to Danielson
    Sage becomes the 1st Cruiserweight Champion by default
    Big Hoss Rambler is awarded the Million Dollar Championship
    The 1st IWT Draft happens as the brand is split between Raw and Nitro

    March 2013
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    Victoria Parker & Rodrigo become the #1 Contender for the Tag Team Championships
    Danielson forfeits the European Championship
    Farooq is stripped of the United States Championship after weeks of absence.
    Dat Kid loses his #1 Contender's spot for the IWT Championship to Aids in Protege vs Predecessor 1 and stops competing

    April 2013
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    Failface defeats Baraa for the European Championship at Wrestlemnia
    Danielson gives his half of the tag team championships to CM Punk
    Jonathan becomes temporary GM for Wrestlemania
    Senhor retains his Intercontinental Championship at Wrestlemania via forfeit
    Victoria Parker replaces Rodrigo with Dat Kid at the last minute and they win the Tag Team Championships against CM Punk and Senhor Perfect at Wrestlemania
    Dat Kid wins the United States Championship at Wrestlemania against Nano and FTJ. He later changed the belt to the McMurrica Championship.
    Victoria Parker wins the Divas Championship via forfeit against Sage at Wrestlemania
    Aids Johnson wins the IWT Championship against Senhor at Wrestlemania
    CM Punk retains the World Heavyweight Championship against Farooq and Stopspot at Wrestlemania
    Britanica opens IWT Corporate Offices. Gohan becomes a frequent visitor.
    Christian gets the cover of IWT Magazine
    Farooq returns and wins the 1st ever Ladder Match against Jacob Colton
    Rodrigo defeats Dat Kid for the US Championship
    Victoria Parker becomes engaged to Dat Kid
    Big Hoss Rambler is stripped of the Million Dollar Championship and it is given to Aids
    Victoria Parker turns on Dat Kid during the wedding and sides with Aids, Jonathan, & Rodrigo. Jonathan strips Kid of the Tag Team Championship and it is given to Rodrigo
    The brand split is ended

    May 2013
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    Aids Johnson gets the cover of IWT Magazine
    IWT becomes the #1 e-fed on WWEF and becomes the main e-fed section
    Joel Rain beats Aids in his debut match
    Rodrigo retires and Danielson becomes the new half of the Tag Team Championships. The US Championship is vacated.
    The Generation debuts
    Aids Johnson quits the IWT and vacates the IWT Championship & Million Dollar Championship
    Britanica and Jonathan unanimously choose Dat Kid to face Senhor for the vacant IWT Championship
    Cloud is stripped of the Hardcore Title and Farooq wins it against Jacob Colton
    Britanica suspends Frank The Jock and takes away his World Heavyweight Championship Match
    Joel Rain wins the vacated United States Championship
    Dat Kid wins the IWT Championship against Senhor at Extreme Rules
    Adam wins a ladder match for a European Title Shot
    Victoria Parker destroys the Divas Championship

    June 2013
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    Farooq gets the IWT Magazine Cover
    Alkaline wins the United States Championship against Airbourne in debatably the Greatest Match of All Time at Payback.
    Alkaline changes the United States Championship to the Television Championship
    The Creators of Chaos, Adam & Jacob defeat Victoria Parker and Danielson for the Tag Team Championships at Payback
    Farooq beats Mr. Sackfist for the Million Dollar, Hardcore, Cruiserweight, and European Championships at Payback, merging all four titles into the X-Dvision Championship
    Seabs defeats Christian for the World Heavyweight Championship, ending his 181 day reign
    Aids Johnson returns
    Victoria Parker wins her 1st IWT Championship in a Triple Threat Match against Dat Kid and Rodrigo
    Frank The Jock returns and powerbombs Dat Kid off the stage causing spinal injury.
    Dat Kid becomes Co-GM with Jonathan behind the scenes
    Jonathan turns on Aids and nails him the face with the IWT Championship, aligning with Victoria Parker
    Christian leaves the IWT
    IWT Weekly Fight Night is started
    Baraa returns
    Suicide ends Farooq's undefeated streak in his debut match
    The Cure debuts

    July 2013
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    Kid returns to the IWT to manage Suicide & Airbourne
    Senhor teams up with Aids in an attempt to end The Cure
    Joey Bryant wins the 1st Steel Cage Match against Adam in his debut fight.
    Crayo debuts
    A Money in the Bank Press Conference is held
    Kid is demoted to GM assistant by Jonathan
    Farooq retains at MITB
    Senhor Perfect merges the TV Championship into the Intercontinental Championship when he defeats Alkaline at MITB
    Aids wins the 1st Money in the Bank Match
    Shadow wins the World Heavyweight Championship via forfeit from Seabs
    Victoria Parker retains at MITB
    Britanica admits to having an affair with Frank the Jock
    The 1st IWT Uprising is announced

    August 2013
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    Britanica debuts as a competitor
    Incognito/Crayo stops Aids from cashing in his Money in the Bank contract on an injured Victoria Parker
    Nick wins the 1st Proving Grounds Battle Royal at Summerslam
    Aids Johnson makes The Cover of IWT Magazine
    Aids joins The Cure and betrays Senhor
    David defeats Farooq, B.Dazzle, & Joey Bryant in a Fatal Four Way for the X-Division Championship
    The Cure win the Tag Team Championships against The Crusade
    Aids defeats Crayo in the most voted on match of all time
    Victoria Parker becomes the 1st IWT Undisputed Champion after defeating Suicide. Kid attacks Parker & Suicide as a result
    Christian returns by attacking Britanica with a steel chair.
    Dat Kid starts the IWT Tournament and declares if Sackfist loses he's fired.
    Kid makes himself the #1 Contender for the IWT Championship
    The Sudden Death concept is introduced when Aids vs Alkaline ends in a draw at the IWT Championship Tournament
    Anonymous forms
    Aids wins Dat Kid as his personal manager

    September 2013
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    Dat Kid, fed up with being Aids' manager, defeats him in Protege vs Predecessor 2
    Aids cashes in Money in the Bank and wins
    George leaves The Cure
    Frustrated with management, Farooq quits
    Kid suffers a concussion against Aids and can't compete against Victoria Parker
    Gav the Chav sings his first song about Jonathan
    Due to disagreements in creative Dat Kid leaves IWT with #1 Contender Danielson & former owner Britanica
    Jonathan strips The Cure of the Tag Team Championships for not showing up to the PPV
    Suicide returns to the IWT
    Victoria Parker goes on hiatus
    Nick wins a 3 on 1 handicap match
    Seabs/Erik Draven returns
    After going to sudden death, Joey Bryant wins the IWT Championship Tournament to become #1 Contender. Mr. Sakcfist is fired.
    Uprising is cancelled
    George leaves IWT

    October 2013
    Show Spoiler

    Queen Chrysalis debuts
    Gav's Parents beat him in a rap battle
    Alias Antonio pulls an upset victory on Aids
    Erik Draven defeats Senhor for the Intercontinental Championship ending his reign at 307 days since winning the title. The longest reign of any champion.
    The Dazzling Chavs form
    Victoria Parker returns
    The Cure regains the Tag Team Championships at Bound for Glory
    Nick is viciously attacked by Queen Chrysalis, Joey Bryant, & Adam. The Alliance is formed
    Failface demands a title shot or he'll quit
    Jonathan purchases FSW
    Victoria Parker beats Aids for the IWT Championship at Bound for Glory
    Dat Kid and Danielson invade IWT with the help of Nick, Trip in the Head, & Rodrigo, forming D-Generation X.

    November 2013
    Show Spoiler

    Senhor & Jonathan form the Diamond Coalition to take on DX
    Adam & Joey Bryant leave The Alliance
    B.Dazzle wins the Intercontinental Championship and ends Erik Draven's undefeated streak at Survivor Series
    The Dazzling Chavs end The Cure when they defeats them at Survivor Series
    D-Generation X defeats The Diamond Coalition in traditional Survivor Series match. Kid & Danielson are rehired as a result.
    Farooq defeats Adam in the 1st Hell in a Cell match at Survivor Series
    Aids Johnson defeats Victoria Parker & Joey Bryant in a Triple Threat match for the IWT Championship, becoming the 1st 3-time IWT Champion.
    Victoria Parker is sent to a mental institution after trying to kill people in the arena with a gun (Way to go Benoit)
    Frank The Jock returns to the IWT

    December 2013
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    Anonymous reforms forcing Dat Kid to disband D-Generation X
    Farooq returns to the IWT
    IWT celebrates it's one year anniversary
    Dat Kid and FTJ sign a contract to fight in a career ending match at the IWT Slammys
    Aids finally defeats #1 Contender DK James in a one on one match for the IWT Championship
    Dat Kid declares himself God
    Dolph's Ziggler debuts
    Britanica returns and forms The Order with Trip in the Head and Marcus Anthony


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    January 2014
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    IWT becomes mutual partners with PWGP
    Mr. Sackfist is rehired
    Farooq & his 36" Plasma win the Slammy for Best Couple
    Gav The Chav wins a Slammy for Best Musical performance
    Incognito wins a Slammy OMG moment for his debut
    The Cure wins a Slammy for Best Tag Team
    Joey Bryant wins a Slammy for Breakout Star of the Year
    Aids Johnson wins a Slammy for Superstar of the Year
    Unknown defeats B.Dazzle for the Intercontinental Championship at the Slammys
    Frank the Jock vs Dat Kid at The Slammys ends in a no-contest when Jacob Colton interferes
    Frank The Jock forms The Jocks
    Christian returns and brings back the World Heavyweight Championship
    In the midst of a huge brawl, Mr Smith debuts and announces he is the new Co-General Manager
    THG ends David's 5 month reign as X-Division Champion at the Royal Rumble
    Sir Lee wins his first singles title in a fatal four way against Unknown, Erik Draven, and B.Dazzle
    Spinz reveals himself as the returning Alkaline
    Aids defeats Victoria Parker in their 3rd one on one IWT Championship match
    Bruce Knight wins The Royal Rumble
    George returns with the intention of ending what's left of The Cure

    February 2014
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    CM Punk is suspended and stripped of his World Heavyweight Championship for violating the wellness policy
    The Roadster debuts and cheats in his 2nd match, earning him a suspension.
    Dat Kid crucifies Unknown after his qualifying match
    Sir Lee is knighted by The Queen
    Sir Lee trashes the Intercontinental Championship and adopts the European Championship
    The Order wins the Road To Wrestlemania Tag Tournament
    Dat Kid wins the Elimination Chamber for the World Heavyweight Championship by betraying Jwab.
    Joey Bryant finally wins the IWT Championship at Elimination Chamber.

    March 2014

    Show Spoiler
    Alias Antonio defeats IWT Champion Joey Bryant in a non-title match
    IWT releases a set of documentary DVDs
    Aids tries to take Mr. Smith's Co-GM spot, but is screwed over by Spinzz.
    The Order and the Dazzling Chavs are determined to face off for the IWT Tag Team titles

    April 2014

    Show Spoiler
    Alias Antonio successfully defends his X-Division title in a triple threat match at IWTMania II
    Dat Kid defeats George and retains his World Heavyweight Championship
    The Order wins the Tag Team titles
    Bruce Knight defeats Aids Johnson and Joey Bryant in a massive upset for the IWT Championship
    Alias Antonio attempts to cash-in on his Option C, but fails to defeat Bruce Knight
    IWTMania II is marred with low voting turnouts, no-shows and stupidity on both Jonathan's and the IWT rosters part.
    IWT seeks a new IWT General Manger and campaigns begin
    Trip in the Head wins elections and becomes new/co IWT General Manger
    Farooq brings the IWT Hardcore title back

    May 2014

    Show Spoiler
    Dolph'sZiggler quits in protest after claiming that Jonathan was negligent to time differences
    Senhor Perfect's protoge Lyle Chipperson debuts, and no one fucking cares
    The Church become #1 Contenders for the IWT Tag Team titles
    Aids Johnson, Britannica and Senhor Perfect are inducted into the IWT Hall of Fame
    Nick defeats Harriet Vargas for the vacant IWT X-Division title
    Aiden Ryan falls into insanity
    Joey Bryant defeats Bruce Knight for the IWT Championship
    Chris Kaizer becomes #1 Contender for the IWT European title
    Victoria Parker returns
    Aids Johnson takes a break, after having an insane year on-top of the IWT
    Jonathan and Adam have a match, for no apparent reason
    The Rock 'n Role Desperadoes win the IWT Tag Team titles from The Order

    June 2014

    Show Spoiler
    Joey Bryant debuts a new IWT Championship
    Jonathan and Adam have another god awful match
    Old School Uprising marks the returns of Eric Draven, Alkaline, Senhor Perfect, Sackfist and Danny
    Dat Kid takes action against The Artist's numerous taunts and accepts his challenge
    Aids Johnson returns for as an agent
    Farooq establishes ANOTHER stable
    Calls for reform take over the IWT.

    July 2014

    Show Spoiler
    IWT establishes a new voting system
    Trip in the Head saves_y2j's us from another Jonathan vs. Adam match and instead brings back Sackfist for another match.
    Farooq sets his sights on the only title he never held, the IWT Championship
    Dat Kid defeats The Artist, but fails to capture the World Heavyweight Championship
    Chris Kaizer wins the European Championship
    Joey Bryant hands Farooq his first career loss
    Lord Lee goes retarded and becomes Little Lee
    IWT Money in the Bank qualifiers are announced
    Nick wins the World Heavyweight Money in the bank
    Gav the Chav wins the IWT Championship Money in the Bank
    Victoria Parker once again returns and wins the Hardcore title from Farooq, his second loss in his career.
    The Artist, along with Danny form The New Generation to rid the IWT of Dat Kid
    The New Generation destroy Dat Kid's home
    Dat Kid becomes Trip in the Head's personal assistant
    Michael retires for a career backstage, but Jonathan doesn't allow him to do anything so he returns

    August 2014

    Show Spoiler
    B.Dazzle returns to face Gav the Chav for his MITB contract
    IWT establishes an X-Division centric PPV, that is horribly named X-Communication
    IWT Summer Slam is announced and a title unification match is signed
    IWT throws a chaotic house party, that ends in pure madness
    Aiden Ryan develops a friendship with an imaginary friend
    Hollywood Jwab wins a tournament to face Nick at Summer Slam for his X-Division championship
    Harriet Vargas fights through crippling loses throughout the summer and looks for salvation
    Midas defeats Chris Kaizer for the IWT European Championship
    Joey Bryant unifies both World Titles
    Calls of fraud and bias voting are brought up
    Slick Willy debuts and is emotionally invested in the Womens Locker Room
    Christian makes his first appearance since IWTMania II as the 3rd member of The New Generation
    Farooq retires
    Aiden Ryan retires, but returns

    September 2014

    Show Spoiler
    The bWo debuts and sends shock waves. Despite almost all members retiring before their debut, the name was used for a while
    The Artist repackages himself as Michael
    Andrew breaks Michael's neck on the IWT World Tour
    Jwab beats Victoria Parker for the Hardcore title and crowns himself the IWT X-Treme Champion
    Ami Enemmi defeats Alias Antonio in a massive upset
    Joey Bryant defeats Chris Kaizer, but loses his IWT Championship to Gav the Chav

    October 2014
    Show Spoiler
    FSW returns and many IWT stars defect
    Alkatrz defects from The New Generation, and joins Danny Jacobs as the Big Guys
    Ami Enemmi goes AWOL and misses out on a potential run as a main eventer

    November 2014
    Show Spoiler
    Team FSW and Team IWT are signed for a traditional survivor series tag match
    All star teams are revealed on both ends. Team FSW has a mystery partner
    Solidus debuts as the 5th and final member of Team FSW
    Team FSW defeats Team IWT, but go out of business again
    Lord Lee defeats Jwab for the X-Treme championship, and Jwab retires
    Trip in the Head spirals after his team loses and wrecks his car, and his face in a car crash
    Jwab is announced as the interim GM while Trip is away
    Michael is revealed to have saved Trip's life, brain-washed him and turned him into a slave
    The Influence airs vignettes
    Joey Bryant retains his IWT World title, but Nick cashes in and captures the World Heavyweight title

    December 2014
    Show Spoiler

    Jonathan causes another ruckus, as more and more wrestlers become discontent with his management of the IWT
    Chris Kaizer announces that he's attempting one more run for a title, to over-shadow his countless attempts prior
    Aiden Ryan retires, again.
    Dat Kid celebrates his freedom as Trip is missing
    IWT celebrates it's 2 year anniversary
    Alkatrz reeks his revenge on Michael and puts him through a table
    Christian returns for in-ring action again
    The Influence debuts
    Aids attends rehab
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    January 2015
    Show Spoiler
    Lord Lee wins the Royal Rumble, last eliminating Trip and Michael
    Many IWT originals retire
    IWT is marred with voting issues and complaints against Jonathan
    Michael establishes the FTW World Title

    February 2015
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    Christian wins the World Heavyweight title for a 3rd time
    Chris Kaizer becomes #1 Contender to the World Heavyweight title
    Joey Bryant retains his IWT title

    March 2015
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    Dat Kid and Victoria Parker are inducted into the IWT Hall of Fame
    IWTMania III is a disaster with low voting, no-shows and general discontent
    Lord Lee wins the IWT Championship
    Christian retains the World Heavyweight Championship
    Rita Kendal wins the European title
    Michael awards Rita with the FTW title
    Michael breaks his neck, has surgery and lets his contract expire
    IWT announces the indefinite halt of PPVs

    April 2015
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    Jonathan quietly retires from the IWT, after destroying it
    IWT is discontinued
    Rita Kendal brings the Intercontinetnal and Million Dollar title back

    June 2015
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    Aids Johnson reboots the IWT and announces IWT Revival
    IWT is marred with low-voting and no-shows
    IWT maintains to stay open despite having no shows

    October 2015
    Show Spoiler
    Michael takes over the IWT and announces IWT Dragon Rising
    A 4-person tournament for the unification of the IWT World title is announced
    Alias Antonio defeats Dat Kid for his 2nd IWT Championship reign
    The X-Division is announced for a reboot
    Victoria Parker wins the World Heavyweight title
    Jack Forté wins the Intercontinental title

    November 2015
    Show Spoiler
    Dat Kid becomes King Zero
    Alias Antonio and Victoria Parker don't show at IWT Once and for All, in protest
    Michael brings FTJ and awards him the title
    Danny Jacobs win the X-Division title
    Nick wins the Golden Lottery Tournament, last defeating Spawn

    December 2015
    Show Spoiler
    Aids Johnson returns and defeats FTJ for the IWT World title
    IWT Summit 2015 takes place
    King Zero challenges Michael to a Buried Alive Match for the right to face Alias Antonio at IWTMania IV
    Prince Balor wins the X-Division title

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    January 2016
    Show Spoiler
    On January 1st, IWT announces a shift to a written format
    Aids Johnson defeats a returning Victoria Parker in-record time
    Reagan Cole wins the IWT Royal Rumble
    the Intercontinental title main events Fight for your Life
    Michael buries Dar Kid with the help of Spawn

    February 2016
    Show Spoiler
    Spawn defeats Reagan Cole with the help of Michael and becomes #1 Contender to the IWT World title
    Michael declares war on NGW and Reagan Cole
    The XIX (Gato Volar, Aids Johnson and Prince Balor) and WC2 (Jack Forte, Gav the Chav and Nick) form in a battle over the IWT
    Dat Kid returns and challenges Alias Antonio to his final match at IWTMania IV
    Schizo debuts by spoiling Muff Herman's debut

    March 2016
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    Alias Antonio returns at Pride in Victory to answer Dat Kid's challenge for IWTMania IV
    IWT VICE debuts
    Gato Volar challenges Jack Forte for the IWT Intercontinental title at IWTMania IV
    Team NGW vs. Team IWT is announced

    April 2016
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    NGW goes bankrupt and many of the talent is signed to the IWT
    Jack Forte, Joey Bryant and Christian are inducted into the IWT Hall of Fame
    Michael announces a new annual IWTMania tradition, the Young Lion Cup
    Alexander Hightower wins the inaugural IWT Young Lion Cup
    Danny Jacobs returns to get his IWT X-Division title back from Prince Balor
    Jack Forte defeats Schizo and Gato Volar to retain
    Dat Kid retires
    Aids Johnson and Spawn almost break a record
    IWTMania IV is a massive success
    IWT announces a brand split

    May 2016
    Show Spoiler

    Michael and Aids Johnson agree to a match at IWT Survival
    Michael destroys Aids Johnson's dead father, gym teacher and former school mate
    Michael wins the IWT World Championship, in a shocking upset and Aids Johnson takes a hiatus from IWT
    Vignettes for "Bishop" start appearing on IWT TV
    Jack Forté narrowly defeats Danny Jacobs and is the IWT Undisputed Intercontinental Champion
    Alias defeats Spawn for a shot at the IWT World title
    Scott Fargo defeats Percy Donohue for a shot at the IWT Intercontinental title
    Michael, Schizo, Braedon Cross and Ryan Davis form Supreme
    The first ever IWT Courtroom is held by IWT to determine if WUK should return. He is represented by Aids, and wins
    Bishop destroys Jack Forté and Danny Jacobs
    The first official IWT Draft is held between Battleground and WARFARE
    IWT Grand Prix World Tour is announced to determine the first ever IWT Universal Champion
    I Got Beat by Ryan Davis retires a record 3 times in 2 weeks before quitting and getting banned from the IWT.

    June 2016

    Show Spoiler

    Reagan Cole is named #1 Contender for the Intercontinental Champion after defeating Scotty McBoatface.
    The Bullad Club forms with Scott Fargo, Danny Jacobs and James Dragon. They destroy Jack Forté and Bishop
    The IWT Grand Prix World Tour begins.
    The IWT Championship is un-unified from the IWT World Heavyweight Championship and becomes IWT Championship
    The IWT Television title is commissioned.

    July 2016
    Show Spoiler

    AIds Johnson shocks the world by defeating Alias Antonio for the IWT Championship for the 5th at IWT Uprising
    Evander Amos is injured and forced to pull out of the SummerSlam card
    Schizo is named the first IWT TV Champion at Uprising
    Louie Aldo debuts and defeats Arno Frye
    Michael defeats Ryan Davis, and announces Chris Kaizer's return at SummerSlam to face Scott Fargo
    Scott Fargo becomes the first IWT Universal Champion by defeating James Dragon in a planned "Finger Poke of Doom"
    Jack Forté makes his 10th Successful Intercontinental title defense.

    August 2016
    Show Spoiler

    Tyson Storm defeats Scott Fargo in a massive upset, in his debut match.
    IWT SummerSlam is announced with the biggest card to date.
    Dat Kid defeats Alias Antonio in an Iron Man Match to end their historic feud.
    Luis Ovaldinho defeats Aids Johnson for his first IWT Title.
    Chris Kaizer is deflected as Scott Fargo defends his Universal Championship.
    Schizo defeats Cousin Eddy in IWT's first Deathmatch to retain the IWT Television Championship.
    Bishop is forced into retirement after getting beat by Intercontinental Champion, Jack Forte
    Michael announces he has found a partner for the newly announced IWT Tag Team Revival Tournament.
    Kelsey Taylor debuts and last eliminates Louie Aldo in the FTJ Memorial Battle Royal at SummerSlam, but both soon depart from IWT.
    IW3 form with Aids Johnson, Dat Kid and Alias Antonio. They attack Luis Ovaldinho and take his IWT Championship

    September 2016
    Show Spoiler

    Jack Forte's historic reign ends after being defeated by James Dragon for the IWT Intercontinental Championship at IWT Anarchy.
    Luis Ovaldinho retains his IWT Championship from Aids Johnson prompting an attempted beatdown, but a save from Danny Jacobs.
    Michael and Joey Bryant form Virtue
    Virtue win the IWT Tag Team Revival Tournament, and the IWT Tag Team Titles by last eliminating D.T.F.
    Cousin Eddy becomes the 2nd ever IWT Television Champion by defeating Schizo.
    Scott Fargo gets his revenge by successfully defending his IWT Universal Championship against Tyson Storm

    October 2016
    Show Spoiler

    Scott Fargo is snowed in and can't make his scheduled Universal title defense against Ivy Hale
    Bullad Club conquer all single titles with Rio as Television Champion, James as Intercontinental, Fargo as Universal and Jacobs as IWT.
    IW3 hints at a revelation for their 4th member.
    Danny Jacobs challenges Aids Johnson to a title match on a star-studded VICE
    Michael takes a hiatus, joins RWK and challenges for their European Championship

    Original IWT History thread: @DatKidFromJersey
    New IWT History thread: @Nickelodeon
    Updated timeline. written and title history: @Tsar
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  3. Love the last two lines.
  4. This took about 5 different tries. The spoiler system on this site, can be soo glitched at times. I'm also surprised I was able find everything and put it together.
  5. This is pretty awesome brother but just a few mistakes regarding me. I was a World Heavyweight Champion defeating dat kid at ER and I also beat Joey Bryant in January 2015 and not Bryant retaining in February 2015 like mentioned there.
  6. Also for some reason just thought of my match vs @Shadow during my WHC run.
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  7. Was a pretty good one, just really didn't start hammering the nail on the head till my new character. Felt more energized going in fresh.
  8. It was like my only defence as WHC haha. Remembering the Desperadoes vs. Punk and I feud as well.
  9. Mate you keep forgetting that I was wHC
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