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    The podium is set up on the stage in front of a raucous crowd. The IWT logo plastered across it. The lights turn on and the crowd is hushed as the first member of the IWT HoF class of 2015 is about to receive his introduction from none other than the FORMER IWT champion - Alias Antonioooooooo! @THG?

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  2. *The former IWT champion's theme song commences to reverbarate through the arena as the crowd respectfully pop for him. As this was taped before Wrestlemania, he still has the title on his shoulder, but he is wearing a fine and elegant black suit as he makes his way to the podium. He takes a glare at the crowd and nods his head.*

    Nice to see the crowd hyped up for something at least this weekend. Good stuff.

    Anyway, we find ourselves in this building tonight to commemorate and celebrate the careers of IWT legends as they get inducted into the IWT Hall Of Fame for the stuff they've accomplished and done for the company during their tenure here. It's not easy, it's really not easy creating a honest to god legendary career for yourself here in the IWT. A memorable, hall of fame worthy career that people will look up to and remember forever. Regardless of recent lack of interest within the company, IWT STILL is the hardest-working locker room out there. But even then, only a select few can make it to the absolute top. A select few that have to constantly break molds and reinvent themselves, a select few that have to persistently prove doubters and even themselves sometimes, wrong. A select few like:

    Aids *boos*,

    Victoria Parker *cheers*,

    Joey Bryant *cheers*,

    Senhor *cheers*

    Erik Draven *mixed reaction*

    Farooq *cheers*

    Myself, of course *cheers*

    That being said, yeah, those names did do their bit for this industry. They did break molds, prove people wrong, create undisputible legacies, break them even, but no name in the IWT has ever been more influential than Dat Kid, which is who I have the utmost pleasure to induct this evening into the IWT Hall Of Fame.

    How can I say it exactly.....Dat Kid revolutionized this industry as a whole. Ever since he stepped foot in this company, the very beginning of it, he knew just exactly what he wanted to become and what he wanted this company to become, and there wasn't going to be anything or anyone that would stop him. Simply put, Kid was a visionary. No matter how big....or fat (you know) the obstacle was, Dat Kid would easily dispose of it because he had a vision. And when a man who possesses not only physical power, but mental power has a vision like that.....that vision WILL be seen as a reality. And that's clearly what some people in the back disliked. That a man had ideas of his own. Different ideas. Which is why he's been butting heads his whole career. Especially when he was put in a position of power as the co-GM here. Jonathan and Kid could never agree on shit which is what eventually led to Kid's short absence in this company.....which then led to his in-ring return under the god asshole about that. However that's exactly what proved that he was so great.

    But man, he was creative in every facet of pro wrestling and I think that's what truly matters when it comes to creating that legendary career. For me, Jabri easily takes the cake for the greatest IWT superstar in history. I've believed that for a damn while now, and I don't think that opinion is changing any time soon. There's never been a dull moment involving him, and I've never found him stale at all. Completely rejuvenates every time.

    Though on-screen Kid and I may have not always had the best relationship, backstage is totally different. Kid has that natural charisma about him whenever you're around his presence. Funny as hell dude, caring for other talents, and just all around great dude.

    One thing I'll never forget is Extreme Rules 2014, last year. We were in his hometown of New Jersey, and we were booked in an extreme rules match for the World Heavyweight Championship. Pretty sure ya'll remember that, but just a reminder. And sorry to spoil this for you, but wrestling ain't really real, so yeah. I was supposed to win the match in his hometown. I was obviously overjoyed at the fact that I'd be winning my first major title in the company, beating such a great name in the meantime. But when Kid found out I was going over, it seemed like he wasn't completely satisfied with that, so in typical Kid fashion, he changed things up and had an idea of his own. That I'd be going over him twice in the same night, in his hometown. That's not even the craziest part of it, the damn lunatic wanted to take a psycho driver off of a ladder onto a table that was set up next to the stage. Who was I to tell him no though? So we went ahead with what we had planned, damn nearly killed eachother that night, but still had what was considered a match of the year contender, and to this day, one of my favorite matches ever. Both of them we had that night, actually. So I'm grateful that I was able to have the opportunity to defeat him twice in one evening, that's what made Alias Antonio. As grateful as I am, I also love rubbing it into his face whenever I can. So that's a plus.

    Kid and I have gone through a lot, so being able to induct him tonight means a lot to me on an emotional level. I'm glad Kid even considered me an option. Hopefully I'll find myself on the opposite side of the spectrum sometime soon....

    But without further ado, let me introduce a living legend, my friend.....Dat Kid. Congratulations.
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  3. Dat Kid walks out to a standing ovation. He wears an all black suit with a purple tie, his hair is cut. Kid stands just outside the entrance of the stage for a moment, trying not to smile. Alias approaches him for a handshake, but Kid instead gives him a hug to his surprise. He whispers "You're still a faggot" and smiles back to the crowd as if nothing happened. Kid approaches the podium.

    "Thank you Dat Kid" chants break out.

    You're welcome.

    "I have existed until the dawn of time and i shall remain until the last star falls". That is a quote from Caligua that I stole for the God gimmick and it couldn't be farther from the truth because here I am, at the end of my road and the IWT still breathes. Now some of you may think that we are at the end, but the fact is we are not. IWT is not FSW, IWT has always had something that kept it going and though it seemed like it was going to die, it still lived on. That is not the credit to me or anyone else, but this community as a whole. So before we recognize me, we have to recognize the effort that each and everyone from the performers sitting in the audience, to Louie Anderson in the back.

    The crowd laughs. Dat Kid pulls out a piece of paper and reveals that it's blank, he folds it into a plane and throws it at Aids, the camera gives Aids a close up.

    That's the most TV time you'll have in a month Aids.

    The fans and other wrestlers laugh, Kid winks at him.

    As first man to ever walk out to an IWT ring it is great to finally be here, because there was a time where this couldn't have been possible. When I first came into IWT I was not the guy. It didn't just come here and say I'm Dat Kid and I think a lot of people don't remember that. I spent the first 6 months of my career losing and begging for title shots. In within a week I became a IWT Championship Contender, to winning the European Championship, only to lose it to BK Scorpion. Does anyone even know who that is?!

    But now I'm here and my career speaks for itself. Triple Crown, Elimination Camber Winner, IWT Champ, World Champ, US Champ, Euro Champ, Tag Champ, 3-0 at Wrestlemania, Co-GM, Manager of two world champions, and not to mention the leader of the greatest stable of all time, The Church.

    The crowd gives another laugh and the camera cuts Joey Bryant who's currently buying from his connect.

    Alias credited me for a lot of things, like innovating this business and it's true, I did. I had a lot of conflict about whether or not I should come out here tonight, because everything I had done for this business was always for me. I wanted to have fun, I wanted to be champion, and I wanted to be in control of where we want. So the reason I had second thoughts about coming out here is because, with motivations like those, do i deserve to wear this ring.

    Dat Kid takes his Hall of Fame ring out of his pocket and puts it on the podium.

    I mean, retiring the way I did was only because of self preservation, to keep in tact the legacy I had established. I didn't want the world to pass me by. What was there left for me to do, when I had done it all?

    "Wrestle Jono" chants break out.

    I wanted to, but creative didnt like the idea of an insulin on a pole match. :jeritroll:

    No, but seriously, I have left something behind that will guarantee our future and that is ambition. I see it in everyone here tonight because those of you who don't feel like where you want to be, just look at me. I am not supposed to be here right now, the fact that this is real is because I forced it to happen and there wasn't a damn person who was going to stop me. You only get your shot once, so when it comes by you have to snag it like a pitbull and never let go. Unfortunately for me, my grip has weakened, and it's time for someone else to fill my shoes.

    I know this may be a little inappropriate, but I'd like to call Alias back out here.

    Alias walks up to the stage.

    This man right here, is the new me, whether he knows it or not. When The Cure came out, this man played background dancer to George and Aids, now look at him. It is nothing, but ambition that keeps this man going and the only thing he's gotta do now is beat my legacy by the time he retires, so with out further ado, knowing that IWT's future is perserved, I humbly accept my spot into the hall of fame.

    Dat Kid takes the ring off of the podium.

    I've been waiting a long time for this.

    Kid smiles and puts on his Hall of Fame ring. Alias, the wrestlers, and fans applaud.

    DAT KID PUNCHES ALIAS IN THE JAW! The music cuts off. Alias is laid out on the stage. don't get to tell me when it's time to go. All of this is bullshit! I am the greatest superstar of all time, you said it yourself Alias. The greatest of ALL TIME! Not last year, not 2012, not just now, ALL TIME. OF ALL TIME! OF ALL TIME! ALL OF FUCKING TIME! And last time I checked, the clocks are still ticking and time is still moving forward! If what I did in 3 short years was enough to get me in the Hall of Fame, then you guys are in for surprise, because that ladies and gentlemen was only part one.

    Do you honestly think, that I would leave this man to run the company? Did you? You think you guys can get to where I am? Never. The lot of you are a bunch of talentless pieces of shit, that are just like me, begging for title shots, the only difference between me and you is well...I'm me, and you're you. So many of you try to walk in my shoes and be the next Dat Kid, like that faggot with the clocks and the purple color scheme.

    So this is a message to him, this supposed champion that's still laying unconscious, and to all of you. You can't walk in the shoes of a man who never wore shoes to begin with.

    Kid turns to Alias

    I hope you can hear me right now. Get real comfortable on this stage Alias, because unless you're inducting someone else it'll be the last time you're up here. You beat me at Extreme Rules and you hold it so dear to your heart because that is your career in a nutshell, one night, after that you mean nothing to these people. The only chance that you'll get to be in this Hall of Fame is when you die.

    Kid tosses the mic at Alias and starts to walk back, stepping over the IWT Championship, he stops. Kid picks up the championship belt.

    "One more match" chants start to break out. Kid reaches for the mic and picks it up.

    Extreme Rules. You vs Me. One more time.

    Kid throws the belt on Alias

    Jesus Wept
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  4. OOC: Alias isn't Champion?
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  6. Haha, loopholes
  7. lmao you really might have faced Frank one too many times. DAT KID PUNCHES ALIAS IN THE JAW! The music cuts off. Alias is laid out on the stage. :pipebomb:

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  8. Writing scripts fucked me up
  9. Too scared to face the GOAT.
  10. Who are you?
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