Storyline IWT HoF 2015 - 2nd Inductee

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    Dat Kid makes his way off stage and it is cleared off as the next member of the IWT HoF class of 2015 is about to be inducted. The next inductee has specially requested a certain presenter. So, without further ado, the next HoF member's introduction is to be done by none other than IWT's own Intercontinental and Million Dollar champion, Ritaaaaa Kendell! @Majour


  2. Rita appears from behind the curtain, dressed in a floor length, jade green dress. Both titles lay over one shoulder, she smiles demurely at the crowd and takes her place behind the podium.

    As Alias has already mentioned, tonight we celebrate the veterans of the company- the trailblazers and trend-setters. People who have had such illustrious careers, that quite frankly, seem ludicrous. People who we recognise as stars, who we aspire to be like and some whose accomplishments we wish to outdo.

    I was surprised and humbled when I was asked to induct Victoria Parker. Being one of the newest people in the company, I have only ever seen her on TV- it was incredible to see a woman accomplish so much within IWT. Having won most titles that IWT has had to offer: Divas Champion, Hardcore Champion, a two time Tag Team Champion and arguably IWT's biggest prize: World Heavyweight Champion- not once, but twice.

    But with Victoria it wasn't always just about the titles she held. Wherever she was, some kind of drama followed closely behind her. Fires, stints in asylums and a broken engagement to the previous inductee, Dat Kid are only a few of the stand-out moments for Miss Parker.

    So go Crazy.... Rita puts a hand over her mouth in mock horror before slyly grinning I mean, please welcome the second IWT Hall Of Fame 2015 Inductee…. Miss Victoria Parker.
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  3. Victoria’s theme hits as she comes out onto the stage, dressed in a black one shoulder floor length gown with a glimpse of her signature Converse on her feet. She walks up, hesitantly and awkwardly giving Rita a hug before standing behind the podium. She smiles as she looks around at the large crowd who are still standing and giving her a long applause. “I think this induction has been long overdue.” As the cheering subsides and people take their seats, Victoria continues to speak.

    “This industry is all about breaking the rules. It takes hard work, determination, and a willingness to do whatever it takes to get to the top. From the moment I debuted in the IWT as a tag team with Rodrigo, I wanted to test the limits of what a female wrestler was capable of in this industry. I sure as hell wasn’t going to be content with the tag team title or the confining limits of a Divas Championship. Oh no…my talents were meant for so much more than that. If anyone was going to shatter glass ceilings and destroy stereotypes, it was going to be me.”

    Victoria smiled confidently again, hearing the ring of applause through the arena. “From betrayal on my wedding day to stints in a mental hospital, my methods have always been riddled in controversy. I am no stranger to the dramatic and the risks involved when you make enemies of your coworkers, but for me it was a small price to pay for the success I earned. My name will always be etched in history as the first female to ever be a two time IWT Champion with one of the longest reigns of all time-“, Victoria paused slightly due to the applause, “-two time tag team champion, hardcore champion…and the final Divas Champion before I threw that piece of crap in the trash.”

    Victoria took a moment before turning her attention to Rita, who was standing off to the side of the stage. “I was the trailblazer that made it possible for female talent such as Rita to be competitive amongst all the men in this industry. Even though I earned my titles from competitive matchups rather than no-shows, Rita and the other female talent that will follow after me will have the opportunity to create their own history. Regardless of the path you take, I will never be done being queen.” Victoria and Rita stare at each other very intensely before Victoria turns back to look towards the crowd with one of her signature smiles. “Thank you IWT for this honor. I’m sure we’ll be making history with each other again real soon.”

    Victoria slides on her Hall of Fame ring as she takes a step back from the podium and waves at the crowd as the arena rings out in applause. As she walks past Rita towards the curtain, she smirks and looks at her once more as she makes her way off the stage.
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