Voting IWT HoF class 2015

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  1. When are we having this event? I know it's close to WM time, and can be deleted after the date is posted.

    @Delik @Trip in the Head @Gav the chav When is the Hall of Fame class going to be setup for this year? As the greatest inductee and a man lucky enough to induct my good friend @Senhor Perfect I think it's fair we know when to expect the next draft class to be inducted. Brita is gone, but the two originals and arguably the two GOAT members here would like to know.

    Also I'm really interested in who people choose for this year.
  2. I don't even think it's come up yet TBH
  3. DO YOUR JOB. When was it last year?
  4. I don't remember
  5. @Senhor Perfect tell him when the greatest day of our combined lives were.

    Seriously, Trip, If I look this up are you gonna push for it to be sooner? We could have gone for a PM, but this is necessary. You want your only IWT HoF class to have Aids Johnson lead it? Here's my shovel.
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  6. It was around Mania time. Maybe a little after Mania.
  7. You're the king of bringing up wayyyy too old threads. Let's get specific with it.

    It had to have been before, I doubt I win it after WM. In fact, I joined the match as #3 because I had recently became the GOAT (and still am)
  8. We discussing who should be in it? Seabs, Farooq, and CrayJ are my picks.
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  9. You're one step ahead. I like all 3, but Dat From Jersey FSW Kid is on my list. I just want to know when we are doing it.

    In fact, it had to have been during EC time.
  10. I say we save Kid for next year unless he becomes an alumni beforehand. HoFers shouldn't be active competitors imo.
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  11. Yeah I can try. Just saying we hadn't talked about it yet. Been focused on lining up the next show
  12. It was a month or so later, in May to be specific.
  13. Barely getting that done.
    I agree :stopspot: But dat kid retires after WM.
  14. Someday I'll be good enough for a hof nod
  15. proof? or I'm write because I was in it...and not in uprising after WM or soon after.
  16. Look at the Similar threads, Aids.
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  17. .............After you take over IWT.
  18. Please refer to your user title for my reaction to this
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  19. Couldnt just say that. I'm gonna jerk off to my HoF.
  20. It can work if it's after Mania then, it can be done like the day after. idk