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    Aids Johnson, born some 20 years ago known as Aids by his friends and family. Aids Johnson, competitor, friend...GOAT. He is the only 3x IWT Champion in IWT history having battles against many most memorably Victoria Parker. Yet, Aids' great match list is far longer with master piece battles against Dat Kid in the now infamous Predecessor vs Protégé match series. Joey Bryant is some of the most highly anticipated battles at the time and his greatest match to date, Incognito vs Aids Johnson at Summer Slam 2013. The match with the most decisions ever in IWT history.

    Aids Johnson, though said to be retired from a long and hard battle in the IWT he's still an active figure backstage, restlessly trying harder to get IWT back to it's former glory. Hell, he's funding this propaganda pile right now! Nonetheless, Aids Johnson overcame demons, racially sensitive friends and a hard and long stay with his trainer Fisher Kowalski.

    Tyequan (Childhood Friend) I's remember when ma niggaz would come home they's be like, Way's Aids and I'd tell em, he's makin some dough and making that Ching-Ching to buy's that bling bling for me and the rest of the niggaz back home because we're his home dawgs, his pantie knot, his niggaz, his muddafuckin homies.

    Born in the rough side of Milwaukee, Wisconsin and raised into bad habits and racial discrimination he fought that and became the leading wrestling advisor and locker room leader in IWT. Aids Johnson debuted in the IWT in the early days but what he is now didn't just come to him. He's been heard saying that Dat Kid was his saving grace. A saving grace that not only took him to the first IWT hall of fame induction ceremony but to the IWT title Mt. Rushmore. Leaving only a legacy that many wish they could have.

    Artist (Co-Worker): Aids was the first guy literally off the bat took me under his wing even though he was IWT champion at the time. Ever since i consulted him with anything i thought could be good even though he did get me angry sometimes like when he told me Dat Kid just wanted to make me the job squad leader at Uprising. But other than that he's one of the best guys to go to if you do have a problem.

    Aids Johnson lost his speculated FINAL match at IWT WrestleMania 2 to Bruce Knight being left in the dust in the decisions when the tripe threat match between Aids Johnson vs Bruce Knight vs Joey Bryant. Had Joey Bryant trailing Bruce Knight by a couple leaving Aids off to fend. He was inducted along with IWT founder Britannica (Solid Snake) and 2nd ever IWT Champion Senhor Perfect, who is known to be mentoring Lyle "Chip" Chipperson. Speaking of mentoring, Aids Johnson has mentored the likes of Harriet Vargas and has publicly applauded Chris Kaizer. All of us here in the IWT Home Video department and all fans everywhere, say only this. Thank You Aids.

    Narrator: Sycosis
    Producer: Sycosis
    Director: Aids Johnson
    Distributor: IWT Home Video Division
    Price: $25.95

    This documentary was made with FULL consent of @Aids Johnson
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  2. This was really, really good.
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    I liked it a lot, but you couldn't snuggle in a Aids/Alias dark match in there pal?
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  4. Or Sackfist Vs. Aids?
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  5. You can stay tuned for the Aids Johnson Career edition exclusively on the IWT Network. :adr: :woo1:
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