Storyline IWT interview with Trip after 1st loss

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  1. *The camera can be seen following Trip down the hall as the woman with the microphone runs after him*

    Woman: Mr. Trip, Trip in the Head is it? Can we speak to you about your first loss here-

    *Trip whips around suddenly, frightening the young woman. But she stands her ground and holds that microphone out like her job depended on it *

    TRIP:WHAT!? What do you WANT? *Trip hugs the scorched, blood stained teddy bear*

    Woman: I-I was wondering if I could get a few comments about your first loss here in the IWT?

    TRIP: Well, yes my dear I am. *Trip wipes his eyes* But these are not tears of sadness you see. NO NO. These are tears of joy, hahaha. The pain inflicted on me is much sweeter than the pain I inflict on others. It.....feeeels better. I guess I could say "I feel better now". Or at least for a little while anyway. Nick defeated me, yes, but I put him through hell. And if I hadn't taken my focus off Nick and put it on Adam for that split second, things might have turned out differently. Thems the breaks with triple threat matches though eh, pretty lady? *Trip's well known smirk widens across his face and he looks at the bear* What do you think teddy? I think its time we brought you back to your owner. I think she misses you. *Trip shakes the Bear's head as if to say NO. Trip becomes visibly angry*

    Woman: Who are you talking about Trip?

    TRIP: *To the bear* What do you MEAN no? You like it better with me don't you? *Trip shakes the bear's head as if to say YES this time and Trip hugs the bear and looks at the camera with evil intent* She knows who she is, but I guarantee you, she won't even see it coming. *Trip looks left and right quickly and takes off down the hall and out s set of doors into the dark alley way*
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  2. OOC: Your mastery of that gimmick is great. It really is
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  3. OOC: Thanks man. My friend that drew the picture for my first match said it kind of reminded him of Al Snow and Head at first. I had never even thought of that! Years of WWF/E story lines shoved in this noggin of mine, plus waaaaay too many comic book characters quirks, lol. The funny part is the bear was never an original piece of the character. I had him grab it when Britanica threw it out once after burning it (hence the charred part). Figured it could make for some cool storyline in the future (nudge nudge Brita, if you don't mind me calling you that).
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  4. I am also loving the gimmick and your promos for that matter. Really unique and out of the box, and also really well thought out. :obama:
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  5. Again, thank you. I kind of see it as an amalgamation of MANY different characters, except the butcher/meat part. Well even that I can say I sort of get from my Dexter fanboyism (even though I am so behind right now). I really just write the stuff on the fly and improvise the best I can. I'm glad you guys like it. NOW GIVE ME A TITLE SHOT! Just joking, really. :dawg:
  6. OOC this shit is gold. Terrifying, but so damn good.
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  7. Thank Jesse Pinkman for that nickname. :pity:
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  8. No problem, kiddo! :sandow:
  9. OOC: Feeling the love this morning lol:troll:
  10. Looked like Mike Foley. Great job
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  11. Yeah, Mankind/Cactus Jack definitely have a little influence on the character. I was such a Mankind mark back in the day. Doesn't need to be said, but the early Mankind vs. Undertaker matches were epic when I was a teenager. I loved watching those matches. Jim Ross was the best commentator IMO.

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  12. You call me kiddo yet I am older than you :pity:
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