Storyline IWT is going have very bad Lux

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  1. Fans are excited as they await IWT's latest signing. Then his music hits, and the crowd goes wild.

    Jack Lux: Wow I have to say I wasn't expecting that kind of reaction. I mean you guys have obviously very heard of me so let me introduce myself. My name is Jack Lux, and my intentions are very simple. I'm going on a conquest all of you mindless idiots will never forget.

    The Crowd begin to Boo.

    Boo me all you want. I don't care, just know that I will take out anyone in my path to become champion, no matter the cost. I will make sure that you remember the name Jack Lux, because that's going to be the name on the next name plate to be put on the Championship.

    Lux then rolls out of the ring to a chorus of Boos and make the belt around the waist taunt as he walk backstage.