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  1. This is a IWT discussion thread except your gonna have to be in character, and OOC tags need to be used to talk other wise. Please try to keep OOC to a minimum. Enjoy.

    • You can discuss the matches in character and other things
    • You can discuss the Dirt sheet shit
    • All kinds of IWT related shit!

  2. OOC another random IWT thread man?
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  3. OOC: you were 1 of 2. People I told that I was doing this, lol
  4. There's already the backstage/news story thread for this
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  5. Exactly, OP does things a little bit hastily.
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  6. This isn't a news thread, it's a place where you discuss things in character
  7. That's what backstage thread is for.
  8. The backstage thread seems to be an out of character area. I'll wait a little bit to see if this actually gets attention and close this if it doesn't
  9. It's for both.
  10. It says Story feature and all the posts are not in character, it's a news thread not a in character discussion thread.
  11. They serve the same purpose. Why are you so compelled to make so many threads for IWT.
  12. Why can't i? I feel that i can add some fun to a section that of it's 30 members 10 are still active (barley)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.