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    *A splash screen comes across the tv explaining Pink Floyd's "Money" is the official theme song for IWT MITB as the song plays and the screen transitions to black*

    *The camera feed begins and Trip in the Head is shown from behind sitting on a large thrown-like chair, two scantily clad women by his sides. The camera pans around to reveal he is holding a goblet style glass and drinking from it. He is wearing his usual suit, albeit undone and loosened around his neck and wrists. He dismisses the women, who promptly leave as the camera pans closer to Trip and the music fades out*

    TRIP: So I guess people have a bunch of questions about what is happening at MITB in a few weeks. Well I am reviewing your performances from Uprising and other events and making choices as to who will be in the 2 MITB ladder matches for the IWT and WHC belts, respectively. These and the other matches scheduled for MITB will revealed soon. Now, how will these MITB matches be taking place you ask? Well, here, let me explain. (OOC: Bear with me here as I walk the line between kayfabe and realism). Each MITB match will have 6 participants (if we have enough people). The match will begin when one participant cuts a promo, then the remaining participants will each have 24 hours to cut one promo of their own. A quick voting round will commence next (12 hours) and the participant with the lowest score is out. The participant with the highest score gets the first promo in the next round. The match will continue in this fashion until we have eliminated everyone and have a winner for each - our new MITB contract holders! *Trip takes slow a drink from his cup* Now, I made a challenge to Britannica at Uprising for a match to determine @Dat Kid 's fate for SummerSlam. Well, my lawyers have been in contact with me and have informed me that Britannica is refusing to compete. *Trip shakes his head* But no worries. Its been awhile since I set foot in what is now MY ring. Instead of taking a victorious type attitude due to what is little more than a cop-out by my ex-faction leader, I purpose the same challenge to one Dat Kid. We have a bit of past here as well - one I aim to make him pay for. Now I know he'll accept this challenge. The stipulations being all he asked for at SummerSlam on the line. So I'll just wait for him to accept it and act like he's already got the match at SummerSlam in the bag, like we all know he will. *Trip sneaks another drink* But just remember, my other stipulation still stands. If I beat YOU at MITB Dat Kid, you won't retire, you're career won't be over. No. You will be my plaything here in IWT for as long as I see fit. Now, why don't you cry about it some more. *The camera fade out as the official theme song for MITB - Money - plays one more time*
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  2. Nice concept Trip, so it will be an all week match for both MITB matches?
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  3. Yeah, thats how I see it going down