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    A Knights Night (open)
    There's a man, an underdog, a Knight. Bruce Knight the under dog heading into IWTMania 2, not only defeated 3 guys in one night but he defeated, Aids Johnson, Joey Bryant and Alias Antonio! In one of the most courageous showings in IWT History, Bruce Knight is not only 2-0 at IWT Mania but is the NEW! IWT Champion. It was surely Knight's night. Bravo.

    X-Deadvision? (open)
    Heading into IWT Mania, The X-Division was rolling high down the hill with as much momentum as a metal ball rolling down a ramp. Then just at the conclusion of the X-Division was left without a champion. Until this moment there is no idea of where the X-Deadvision is heading as of now it's legs are dangling in it's grave.

    Order vs Dazzling Chav's (open)
    The Order vs Dazzling Chav's happened and ended in a great match that was surely something to remember and was a battle for the ages, 9/10 from editor of IWT Magazine Jimmy Peniz.

    Dat Kid (open)
    Dat Kid went out to IWTMania 2 swinging but ended up retaining his World Heavyweight belt. That same night another IWT Superstar with the name Artist, went out and laid a verbal beating on a non-respondent Dat Kid. The following night of Mania Artist and fellow IWT Superstar Chris Kaizer went out on the Art Show to address Dat Kid and Frie for their remarks on each other, as Dat Kid stated Artist was a no name. Later on Dat Kid came out to address his colleague, ultimately it ended with Artist vs Dat Kid, Career vs Title at IWT Uprising this June! Call 1-800-ART-SHOW to get 20% off IWT Uprising

    Finding Aids Johnson (open)
    After a heart breaking loss at IWTMania 2, Aids Johnson was left out with only 5 decisions. A challenge was made at IWTMania for a match with Dat Kid in Protégé vs Predecessor III at Summer Slam! Yet, the IWT Legend hasn't been seen since his loss, are we seeing Aids Johnson getting lost? Or are we seeing Aids Johnson's rebirth, a new start? Time will tell but until we see him again....Thank You Aids.

    IWT Star of the Month (April) (open)
    He graces our cover, he takes his rightful spot at being voted into Star of the Month this April, congratulations and thank you for your contributions! Chris Kaizer!

    Post Note: Thank's to Dat Kid and All of the people who made this possible, Thank You 4/10/14
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  2. Can't be the X-Deadvision if I'm gonna be the champ bro
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