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    Five Pages. Check them out and tell me what you think about each segment!

    Page 1: A-Division (open)
    We sat down with The Jwab after his competitive match with one of the biggest names in IWT, Nick. We spoke about his luck at SummerSlam, X-Division in general, and his return

    Carson The Interviewer:
    Jwab, You are the new X-Division champion, man! How does that feel?

    It feels good. It feels good to come back and just take something from people that earned it in the ring other than earning it outside the ring. People told me I didn't deserve it, that's obviously not true. I might not deserve it more than most people but I deserved it. Let's not forget about my accomplishments in the past. Being the dark horse going into Elimination Chamber. Coming out with a loss but also with praise. After that, filming the biggest movie of 2014, Protectors Of The Universe. Just because I wasn't here for four months doesn't mean I didn't deserve it. But yeah, it feels great!

    Carson The Interviewer:
    I actually heard that you were supposed to film another movie right after Protectors Of The Universe but instead, you came back. Can you give us info on that?

    Yeah, I was supposed to film a movie about a man that lived in a world without color and had to deal with depression. But, I told them to postpone it til I'm done with my current run which is whenever I have nothing to do and this right here, *looks at the X-Division title* this is going to give me something to do for a while.

    Carson The Interviewer:
    Speaking of that title, Do you have any plans to become the longest reigning X-Division champ and take that spot from David? Also, how do you feel about people confining themselves to just one division?

    I've heard that from a lot of people. Claiming that just cause they are in contention for this title means that they are stuck to challenge just for this title. I don't know where that originated but I'm pretty sure that doesn't include me. Hell, I have tried to get a Hardcore X-Division title match behind the scenes now but Victoria Parker won't accept my challenge. She'd rather face other female competitors including Harriet and Nick. Speaking of Nick, how close was he to David's reign? Two months away? I actually think he would have had it in the bag if it wasn't for me stepping in his path. He's a talented guy but when you place a talented guy like that against a more talented professional. It's not gonna help your case. But, to answer the question. I hope man. Haha.

    Carson The Interviewer: Haha, Who would you like to defend your title against across the span of your reign also is there any fact to your luck at SummerSlam since you are two and zero at the PPV?

    Jwab: Oh yeah, plenty of truth there. I came into this company and won the Tag Titles at my debut PPV match. I come back to the company and win the X-Division title. It's astounding. I didn't have the luck for the tag titles at the Royal Rumble and I also didn't have the luck at Elimination Chamber. But, I also think that I'm not the same guy I was yesterday. So there is that. But, the people that I'd like to defend against? Man, there is many. Aiden Ryan is a guy I want to have a program with. He comes out there week after week and puts on killer matches. I feel bad for the guy. I feel bad that I ripped his dreams away from him in our match at X-Communication. Trevor would be another cool one. He had his losts but I still think he has time to turn it all around. As long as he doesn't give up.

    I said this earlier but I would love to have a Hardcore Title vs. X-Division Title match. I don't feel the need to be that many titles in this company since more people are moving on to First Strike Wrestling. Plus, for some odd reason, turning the X into a H after would be awesome. I would be making history, making a new title, and facing someone that is considered a legend in this company. It'd be amazing.

    Carson The Interviewer: Well, that's all the time we have so hope to see you in the future.

    Jwab: See ya next month.

    NOTES AFTER THE INTERVIEW: It seems that Jwab's smile vanished and was very rude after the interviewer. Jwab threatened to have Carson fired for his "unprofessional" work.

    Page 2: IWT Countdown - Missed Opportunities (open)
    #10. Rhod - One of the most promising young talents in IWT History. But like the mythological Icarus, he flew too close to the sun and burnt himself out. Leaving the company. His "Crusade" for change along with Adam and Nano floundered to such an extent where Rhod quit. FUN TIDBIT: The Cure (Jwab & THG) beat The Crusade (Adam & Nano) for the tag titles.

    #9. Failface - Had all the tools to succeed, but minor slip-ups always seemed to be the reason behind his major career setbacks.

    #8. Marcus Anthony - Great tag team wrestler with a promising singles career in his sights. While receiving some of the biggest pops in IWT History, he never seemed to get the opportunities that Trip got, leaving him in the dust of The Order.

    #7. David - Debuted with the most dominant force in IWT, The Cure. He held the X-Division title for a span of five months becoming the longest reigning X-Division Champ of all time. After losing the X-Division title and losing his qualifier to get into the World Heavyweight Championship Chamber. He lost all motivation and became absent among the IWT Roster.

    #6. Frie - All the talent in the world, backed by SIN, but could never get that win. His frustration from losing lead him to his demise as he backed down from the MITB match and hasn't been seen since.

    #5. Airbourne - Managed by a creative mastermind and beating the man himself, Aids, people thought Airbourne was destined for greatness, but within a blink of an eye, he disappeared.

    #4. Bruce Knight - Won the Royal Rumble. Won the title at IWT Mania II plus beating Joey Bryant & Alias Antonio in the same night making for the perfect 'Mania moment. But, his reign ran through his fingers like sand in an hourglass and was never seen again.

    #3. George - Some would say being the Leader of the Cure and being one of the most gifted on the mic and in the ring would translate into a spectacular singles career, But once he fell short of capturing gold on two occasions. He disappeared.

    #2. Crayo - Weeks if not months leading into his promising debut against Aids Johnson, also known as the biggest match in IWT History, and then..... nothing. One of the biggest unwritten chapters in IWT History.

    Honorable Mentions

    #1. D'Z - One of the most hyped names ever to come into this company. But his one month run fell flat after not being able to claim the European Championship from Lord Lee. He was never seen again.

    Page 3: Two Belts. One Man. (open)

    I sat down with Midas, one half of the current IWT tag team champions and the new IWT European champion for a quick interview the week after Summerslam as he was passing through Phoenix Arizona on the way to a business meeting. To talk about his new belt, his partnering with Andrew and Lord Lee, and the future of the IWT. Here are a few exempts from a longer interview which will be available on

    Carson The Interviewer:
    So Midas, how does it feel to be a double crown champion walking out of Summerslam?

    Midas: It feels just right. I’ve always been sure in my abilities. This is the second time that I hold a singles title in the IWT, and while my old run was short, I feel that I have grown as a competitor since then and I am all confidence going into this European title reign. The way I see it: I hold the single most important belt in the wrestling world, because it is around my waist. And no other belt in the company or any company is more important at this moment.

    Carson The Interviewer: You speak about growing as a competitor, is that in relation to your pure ring skills, or to your character and presentation?

    Midas: Both actually! Back before my short break. I was still confident in my abilities, but I felt that there was a sort of limiter on what I could achieve, a self-imposed one. I was young and nice, letting people walk over me. And I got burnt and needed to get away for a while. Once I got away I could gather my thoughts and regain focus. And I realized that my one way to success was by being myself, showing off what I had. And what I had was money, more money than the rest of the company combined, and an ego to match. So why not flaunt it? And judging by how things have gone since then: I’d say it’s paid off.

    Carson The Interviewer: Since your return in the fall of 2013 you’ve formed the tag team of the Desperadoes with Andrew, and then SIN along with Andrew and Frie and now Lord Lee. What are the thoughts behind this?

    Midas: I’ve always loved tag team wrestling, so joining forces with a man of a similar mindset to myself in Andrew was obvious. We are totally in level with each other mentally and can almost read each other’s minds it seems. We have that natural chemistry which spells success. And SIN was born out of a wish to evolve IWT, take it to that next level. And we believe that together we can achieve just that.

    Carson The Interviewer: What are the futures for your championships and the IWT as a whole in your opinion?

    Midas: About my belts? Well, Andrew and I have decided to lay down an open challenge for Night of Champions, who picks that up remains to be seen, as for the European belt: I have been in contact with a few talent scouts, measuring up the opposition. I intend to make this reign a memorable one filled with matches you haven’t seen before. So expect the unexpected.

    As for the IWT as a whole: I know that there has been some unrest backstage with the locker room. But I believe that it’s just a passing face. Unrest comes and goes quite often in as volatile a work environment as this. Some people will leave, some will come back, and some new faces will show up. We’re like a hydra, for every head cut off, two new grow. I believe that the best is yet to come, because my ego does not allow anything less.

    Page 4: Quickie w/ bWo's Muuuftah (open)
    The Interviewer: Hello Muuuftah, thanks for coming here for a quick interview. I only have one question for you and you can be on your way, What is the bWo?

    Muuuftah: What's the bWo? Is this some kind of sick joke? Are you really asking what the Bready World Order is? Do you know who I am? Let me tell you, I'm The Big Bad Booty Daddy and I'm one 3rd of the rarest breed know to mankind. Y'see the bWo is not just another fraction or another group, we're a brotherhood brought together by the same common entity that flows through our body. We, the Bready World Order are real men, real men who are tired and of the pussies that run today's society. We're real men who will shake the foundations of IWT... Remember, stay classy, stay bready.

    Page 5: THE Champ (open)
    Carson The Interviewer sat down with the man himself, Joey Bryant. They talked about FSW, IWT World Heavyweight Title, and potential contenders for his title.

    Carson The Interviewer:
    Hey, Joey Bryant. How does it feel to be the new IWT World Heavyweight Champion? Your feelings on the merging of the titles also? Thoughts on Alias going to FSW?

    Joey Bryant: Haha, I can't tell you what a feeling it is. I laid it all on the line in that match, I don't like how the match played out, as much as I hate Antonio's guts we deserved a better result without the dumbass egos of Dat Kid and Jonathan getting involved. But, I walked out as the winner, and that just feels amazing. If someone would've watched my opening promo from when I debuted in this company a year ago, they would never have thought "Wow, this kid's a future 2x IWT Champion, this guy's going to main event Summerslam and unify the titles." I even wouldn't have believed it! It truly is something special, and to be honest, winning the belts isn't even the best feeling. Beating Alias Antonio one on one is a much more accomplishing thought than just winning the titles. I proved to him that if he would have stayed with me and reigned over this company with the second generation, we both could have been stars. But now, I proved to him that I've always been better than him and he got one lucky win a few months back.

    *Joey Bryant takes a pause and shakes his head*

    F.S.W... I hated those letters last year, absolutely hated them because I thought they'd be the ones to put IWT out of business and everything I was working for would have been shut down. I still hate those letters, and it's only fitting that since Antonio knows he can't get any bigger in IWT with me as champion, he would jump ship to work with one of his top RIVALS in a company that can potentially give the IWT some competition. Instead of taking his anger out on me and guys in IWT, he wants to completely destroy IWT. Carson, I feel this is a perfect opportunity for me to personally say you will see me in FSW this time around. I'm not going to be fighting for any kind of gold, but if I happen to win some, hey, that's cool. I'm not going to be there to continue my fight with Antonio or Dat Kid, I'm going to be there for team IW fucking T. Simple as that

    Carson The Interviewer: Your opinion on the controversial end to your title match?

    *Joey answers right away*

    Joey Bryant: Like I said, I hated the ending, I really did, but at the end of the day it still proves who the better man was, no matter what Antonio or anyone else says. I went out there and proved once again why I'm no fluke champion that everyone thought I would be when I lost to... *He shivers* Bruce Knight at Wrestlemania. I beat Farooq and retired him from IWT, I now beat Alias Antonio on one of the biggest shows of the year and no one can take that away from me.

    Carson The Interviewer: Is there anyone that you would like to have face you for your title?

    *Joey Bryant sits back and thinks long and hard about the question*

    Joey Bryant: That's actually a good question. Who truly DESERVES a shot at my title? There are so many names that I feel deserve it it's truly hard to pick just one but at the top of my list, B.Dazzle. I for one was pretty excited when he won that MITB contract and I was extremely disappointed when he lost that very contract to Gav the freakin Chav. By the way Gav, I hear your words, but you're never going to be IWT Champion while the belt is around my waste, and that's the bottom line. B.Dazzle has been completely overlooked as a competitor since the Royal Rumble, I thought for a moment he'd be able to make a main event push but he randomly disappeared and now he's back and hungrier than ever. If he wouldn't have lost that contract, I would love to face B.Dazzle for the belt, but now he's just gotta climb his way up the old fashioned way like Joey Bryant did. If I could choose another, it'd be my partner Chris Kaizer. I've said it from the beginning he has been overlooked too many times, he's got true talent, and some day he deserves a shot at the IWT Title instead of being trapped in the mid-card like B.Dazzle. We may have never got our rematch for the tag belts, but I tell you, the day that we do face is going to be a main event on one of IWT's biggest shows, I know that for a fact. Lastly, Andrew from SIN. I have no reasoning behind this other than if he truly wanted a shot at my belt, I know he has it in him to climb up to me in the matter of a month and get his opportunity. Why he doesn't do it baffels me but eventually I know it'll be Andrew vs Joey Bryant for the IWT Title. So Dazzle, Kaizer, and Andrew, you've all been chosen by me to step it up, the IWT Champion thinks all 3 of you deserve a shot at my belt so this is your opportunity to be noticed. Don't let this slip through your grasps, take hold of this, and I'll be waiting at the finish line to see who takes their shot at my belt.

    Carson The Interviewer: Well Joey.

    Joey Bryant: So we done here? The big news is FSW, and to all you FSW fans, I'll be there, but I better hear you all chanting "I-W-T!" by the time I get there

    Bonus Page: #KaizerFans (open)
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Thoughts on each page? Was this a fun read?

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