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    Mr Money in the Bank: An Interview with Aids Johnson

    Q: This is your 2nd time on the cover of IWT Magazine and you were voted as people's choice. How do you feel about the fans voting your way?

    A: It's a true testament to how great i really am. IWT's greatest champion, Mr. Money in the Bank, and soon to be the first 2 time champion. Honestly though, i was as surprised as anyone to win over a great competitor like Senhor Perfect, the man who layed down for the biggest 3 count at WM. He is a great champion, and the voters choosing me only proves my relevance in IWT.

    Q: In addition to that first, you recently became the IWT's 1st Money in the Bank winner. How was that match for you, being in the ring with 5 other competitors who equally wanted the briefcase?

    A: It was intimidating, i wont lie. There were former champions, a current champion, and we all needed that briefcase to get our careers back on track. The best man won.
    Q: The world wants to know. Who are you going to cash in on?
    A: It wouldnt be special if i ruined the surprise, the world will just have to wait.

    Q: We saw you outside of Seabs' hospital room with the briefcase, why didn't you cash in then & there?
    A: What kind of champion would i be, if i just cashed in on a man who couldnt move his shoulder if he tried his hardest? I deserve better, and the champion who faces me will look like Seabs only AFTER i cash in. I plan on being the Unified Champion, i'm not concerned about the lower belts, Shadow can take the easy, cheap, pathetic win. He and his manager go together perfectly.

    Q: Alkaline didn't take too kindly to your false cash in on Seabs. However you two have seen eye to eye in a wager with Dat Kid. What's your current relationship with Alkaline?

    A: We both keep our distance. Alkaline is one of the best members of the IWT community, and competing in a tag match with him will still be one of my favorite IWT moments to date, even if we managed to lose to two rookies who will be spending their careers in the lower card.
    Q: You'll be facing Alkaline in a match to determine who Dat Kid manages for a month. Why would you want the managerial services of Dat Kid?

    A: "Why would I" is the perfect question. I wouldn't, and it will be the loser who ends up spending their time with the former cripple. I have aligned myself with 2 managers who both were undeserving of tying my boots, i don't need a third.
    Q: We almost got to see you cash in on Victoria Parker after her match with Farooq, then the lights go off, and you were stopped by a man who calls himself Incognito. What is going on with that? Do you have any idea as to why he would target you specifically?

    A: Summerslam, i see myself in the Main Event, even if it won't be closing the show. I know almost nothing about this man, other than the fact he see's me as a disease to the IWT, and he is far from alone in that opinion. I see myself coming out stronger than before, and the fan's know this will be a match worth watching. When that match ends, the only lights that will be out, will be the stars in his eyes. My time, is now.
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  3. The real champion is rocking this IWT cover. 2 time IWT's cover story, soon to be the first 2 time IWT champion. Aids, Johnson.
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  4. I like the placement of that comma :happy:
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  5. timing of speech bro. Sad you didnt get your interview, i was expecting a lot of love from my bro senhor. The runner up. 2nd place. Basically the first loser.
  6. Apparently Skype is the IWT's version of the Kliq. If you're not on skype you get ignored by the powers that be.
  7. so get on skype. Worst case scenario, you get stuck chatting with me and danny woods.
  8. Anytime I go on skype it is pretty much dead. lol
  9. Who the hell ignored this fine gentleman. I personally guarantee you will be on the next IWT Magazine.
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  10. :pity2:
  11. Ill be the cover. 3 time 3 time 3 time cover. Damn im pretty.
  12. I swore I posted in this thread. Seabs = Eric Draven dammit! :christian:
  13. Aids > Draven > Shadow > Parker > Dat Cripple.
  14. then you need to add the champ. I got chats like woah.