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    IWT Mag is back in action this month and it's up to YOU the fans to decide which superstar gets the cover for the return edition! Here's the people you can choose from:

    The New IWT Creative Team - 5
    Dolph's Ziggler - New Year, New Star - 1
    The Dazzling Chavs - *some explicative phrase I'll have Gav come up with*
    Christian - World Champion Forever - 2
    Victoria Parker - Nudes on page 3 - 1
    Senhor Perfect - Yes, I'm still alive
    The Order - Something something wolves - 1
    Farooq - Dat Kid interviews himself
    Joey Bryant and Frie - An Unbreakable Bromance - 2
    Danielson - Can I have a match please?
    Those Crazy Beacon Guys - What the hell are you talking about?
    Nano "Jacob Colton" - Kid screwed Kid
    Sackfist - Mr. Main Card

    These are all candidates and most of those titles aren't real titles for the magazine, lol. So go ahead and pick. Aids wasn't put up because he was on the cover twice. You can't vote for yourself.
  2. Joey Bryant and Frie
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  3. I dont even get nominated when I am a champion.
  4. Christian~
  5. Ftj is hilarious.
  6. Victoria parker :fap: :fap: :fap:
  7. Shit didn't you ask me to do this last month? Completely forgot. I can answer the questions you PM'd me if you want.
  8. Favorite character right now is Christian, so I'll go with him.
  9. It's alright. I'm gonna move on to next month, since your character hasn't been involved in storylines lately.
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  10. Surprised I was a candidate to be honest.

    My Vote - Joey Bryant and Frie - An Unbreakable Bromance
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  11. is giving you the D on the regular.
  12. I vote the cover is all of the new management and what they hope to accomplish within their respective divisions

    If that's not possible, ftj
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  13. I do like Danny's idea, I just really don't want to see FTJ getting more credibility than he already gets.
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  14. i 2nd this instead of my other vote.
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