Storyline IWT Magazine: July Edition

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    Money in the Bank (open)

    Last Sunday, IWT Presented the Summer's Royal Rumble and it was filled twist, shocks and great moments. B.Dazzle and Nick rose to the occasion to win their respective briefcases. With B.Dazzle the top hunter in the IWT division and Nick the top hunter in the World Heavyweight division. You've got to wonder what's will be happening in the future. Marcus Anthony who hasn't been seen since was the first to go after Gav the Chav screwed him over in IWT match while The Artist was the first to go from the World Heavyweight match. Andrew failed to win the World Heavyweight title as they retained their title after a rigged ending by the same man Andrew failed to defeat earlier. Dat Kid lost his freedom to Trip in a MOTN candidate. It was a great show and you can watch it all over again, coming soon to IWT Network.

    IWT Network News. (open)
    IWT Network President, Tsar, announced that IWT Network will be producing THREE NEW Documentaries. Those include, Sleep: Chris Kaizer's Story. Harriet Vargas: Majour and B.Dazzle: The Most Electrifying Man. All set to be released soon.

    IWT Network also stated they wish to work with the workers to produce movies written and acted by the actors themselves. They said the The Jwab and Farooq are their top scouted actors.

    Dazzling Trail To The Top (open)

    B.Dazzle wasn't the most popular favorite to win the IWT Money in the Bank match but truly rose to the occasion. He last beat Manik in a great match where Dazzle walked away with the briefcase sparking a grudge with former best friend, Gav the Chav.

    IWT Superstars (open)

    IWT Superstars will have it's second showcase later next month. The show is advertising Little Lee as the headliner with names such as Victoria Parker and Andrew were pitched as his opponent.

    IWT Network officials have been looking out for ANY COMPETITORS LOOKING FOR A MATCH. To contact them

    Star of the Month: July (open)

    Star of the Month: July goes to....Nick for a hard fought battle to prove himself nearly a year after winning the Proving Grounds battle royal. Thank you for your contributions
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  2. Substituting my name? Weak.
  3. I really like this and IWT Network but I sometimes wish someone else was in charge of it :( sorry roadstah
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  4. :tough:
  5. I see nothing wrong with this.
  6. I think he means he doesn't like me. That's why the dick wipe agreed.
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  7. I may slightly dislike ya but I feel that someone like Dat Kid or Trip or someone else could put more into this cause they know more about this. Dat Kid also has the ability to turn anything into perfection.
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  8. None of them care enough to spend an hour a day making a list. Lol.
  9. "We Want Aiden, We Want Aiden!"

    Hear that? The one person in my fanbase is asking for Aiden to be in next month's. The people want it.
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  10. If you wouldn't mind, I'd like to help with next month's. I wanna give it a shot
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  11. That'd be awesome. You can PM if you want some details on it or we can just wait until next month.
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  12. I'm kinda excited to see another contribution to the magazine. Will be a really interesting read!
  13. u mad brah?! lulz he mad @THG? he rlly med lel
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  14. lel u think med?! I not med @ ul!
  15. Don't look at me lol. Tsar started this IWTN thing himself, he checked with me or delik before doing most stuff. Dude puts in work believe it or not. Some may say he tries too hard, but at least he's trying is my opinion on that. We got you a nice spot in the archives @Tsar , but IMO there should still be a stickied IWTN thread in the regular IWT section that you update with links to your articles and stuff in the archive section.
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  16. It's updated frequently, that's what Delik told me when I asked him about sticking. But thanks, really appreciate it.
  17. Thats true, but if someone was just exploring the IWT section and it had not been updated recently they may miss it. But if it was permanently in the top there they would be more likely to see it and I feel IWT is presented in a nice way when you put these things together.

    I may be being optimistic thinking people just come through here browsing though. :jericho:
  18. Yeah. I mean guys like Ric and some of the guys Manik brought over really joined for the e-feds. Doubt anyone knows about this place when they first join. Superstar profiles would be a good sticky thread to let the new members get to know other members.
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  19. I think Solidus had some stuff in mind to upgrade the section, but no idea when they would be coming
  20. It looks good imo, considering he is taking time out to do this. :)