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    The Public Enemy: An interview with Farooq
    Q: I'm here with current Hardcore and Million Dollar Champion, Farooq. Let's get right into it. We're approaching IWT's Payback this Sunday and you suffered an injury recently. IWT medical staff said it would be unwise to compete in your condition, but you insisted that you did and you'll be facing Sackfist in a four title unification match. Why not take the PPV off and face Sack as the #1 Contender when the belts were unified?

    A: Because what do the fans want to see? A contender vs a champion, or a champion vs a champion? This will draw more people in, even if I am hurt. It'll take a few weeks for me to heal as it is, so it would be to long to make him, and the fans of IWT wait. This isn't a safe environment, injuries happen quite often, and this one isn't going to stop me from attending the match.

    Q: IWT officials cancelled your #1 Contender's match for the tag titles because they didn't want you in three matches in the same week. Are you upset that they cost you a shot at the tag titles this Sunday?

    A: I was unaware of this really, but no it doesn't bother me.

    Q: You took a big leave of absence and you were stripped of your United States Championship because it. Your thoughts on that?

    A: Well it was unofficial, it was more or less expected that I was going to be stripped.

    Q: When Aids left the IWT you decided not to be handed the Million Dollar Championship and you fought Danielson in a cage match. Was there any particular reason for that?

    A: Because I had no right to be "handed" the championship. I won a match for the belt, not a simple hand out, and since Danielson wanted a shot, I thought it would be a good match.

    Q: This Sunday you lose a title no matter the outcome of your match because the winner must choose which of the four titles to walk out with. You're walking into this match with two of those four. It must be upsetting knowing that you'll be losing at least one. Your thoughts?

    A: I've grown accustom to these belts, but I know it needs to be done. It doesn't bother me much; things come and go, it's all a part of life.

    Q: Between getting stripped of your title and losing one this Sunday it seems like the general managers are not very favorable of you. Do you think that's the case or were their decisions good for business?

    A: I think it'll be good for the entire IWT. Right now we seem to have plenty of championships as it is, winning a championship doesn't seem to feel like much of an accomplishment since there are so many to choose from. Whatever the general managers think about me is to them, if they let it affect the business, then they need to learn to put their feelings aside or else they might plunge it into darkness.

    Q: Despite being an IWT original you have never won a world championship. Why do you think those belts have eluded your grasp?

    A: Need to fight more, which I catch strange. Looking at the list of a few world champions, with Christian, Gohan, and Seabs(up until recently) they seem to fight not much when it doesn't involve the world title. Honestly, I know I should put more fights, but at the same time I feel that winning one match is enough to fight them. Still, I would rather work my way to the top, which is why I'm here in the midcard division of IWT. I don't want that world title shot for I can make very few appearances, I want to form a fighting spirit and be a fighting champion.

    Q: Final question, you call yourself the "Public Enemy", why is that?

    A: Because, I want the fans to have someone to look up to who doesn't believe what he's told. I don't listen to magazines, news shows, or anything without a legitimate source. I don't follow in "trends" or whatnot because it's all for the moment, and some of these trends die out. I am against this stuff, and I want it to be known. I love the fans, which is why I want them to know what's right and what's wrong, to not go against the popularity, but to do what's right, which most of the time makes me, a enemy of the public. Also took it from the rap group Public Enemy.

    A Returning Warrior: An Interview with Danielson "The Woodwarrior"
    Q: First off I would like to thank you for taking the time to join us here in IWT headquarters for this interview. You've just made your return from a hiatus from IWT a few weeks back, what made you want to come back?

    A: When I left I always planned to return. My spirit journey had me travel across the world, and search within to find my inner-being. I wanted to take time away that way I could emerge as one of the best IWT wresters of all time. IWT rules would have prevented me from expanding my mind properly, so I took a leave of absence.

    Q: In addition to returning you've identified more with your Native American heritage as we've seen in the past few weeks with your attire and riding down to the ring on a buffalo. Why the sudden change?

    A: I guess I answered your question in the first one, but to elaborate, I wanted to get in touch with myself. I was always searching for who I really was in the IWT, and in life. I was born on the native Choctaw tribe, and thought it was time to re-establish myself with my people.

    Q: We saw you partner up with Team Dat @$$ before they broke up and you replaced Dat Kid shortly after you aligned yourself with the group, was that the plan all along?

    A: Before I left I was wrestling under the name Danielson and volunteered to team with Victoria but she chose the "the relentless one" Aka Dat kid. When I returned there was a spot open and I jumped all over it again. It was never the plan, but it's been an honor of mine to team with victoria, and try to continue the success she had with Dat Kid.

    Q: What's it like teaming up with Victoria Parker knowing that she has already had two tag team partners during her title reign in the tag division?

    A: It's a little weird, but I try not to think about the past too much. I'm focused on putting on the best matches with her, and hold our titles as long as possible. I could sit here and wonder why she didn't choose me at first, but I believe what ever is meant to happen, happens. We are teaming up now, and have the ability to beat any team in the IWT.

    Q: You were once partnered up with Senhor Perfect for your first tag team title run. How does Senhor differ from Victoria?

    A: First off they have quite a few similarities. They're relentless work ethic that they put into the matches, and both would work with me one on one to prepare for matches. The only difference is that Victoria is sort of a wildcard. Sometimes she has the tendency to go off script, not that it's a bad thing, but she keeps me on my toes.

    Q: Despite being one of the more popular competitors in the IWT you have only held the European Championship, which is on the verge of being unified with 3 other belts. How do you feel knowing that the one singles division title you held might not exist come this Sunday?

    A: I think it's for the good of the company. I believe the less titles you have, then immediately the more prestigious they become. Like I said before, I don't live in the past, and my European title run was good for me to start my career.

    Q: Do you ever plan to return to the singles division anytime soon?

    A: I've tried several times to get matches in the singles division. I'm not saying people are afraid to fight me, but they aren't exactly lining up if you know what I’m saying. I don't think I need to prove myself to anyone, because I know what type of competitor I am. I'm waiting for the right opportunity, and it just happens there is one coming up at King of the Ring tournament. if I win that, then I have the ability to pick any title I want. That's my main focus at this moment after our tag title match at Payback.
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