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    Joey Bryant's Destiny
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    IWT Breakout Star of 2013 Joey Bryant got his way in the Elimination Chamber
    Winning the IWT World Title from Aids Johnson
    Even though he won the title many say
    he has met his destiny. IWT released
    a documentary called Destiny: The Joey Bryant Story
    earlier this month. He has worked his way to the top
    for sure but what will KEEP him at the top?
    Will WrestleMania be the end?
    call 1800-IWT-JOEY To order IWT Mania with a discount

    Aids Johnson Breaks Silence
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    Aids Johnson spoke out the first time
    after losing the title where he introduced Harriet Vargas
    Vargas, a new kid in the town has been on a 2-0 winning streak
    Aids gave her a big break as of now and no one knows what the deal is between them.

    The Rising Star...
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    There's a man who plowed down the IWT Champion,
    Ran crash coarse through the X-Division.
    This man is none other than X-Division Champion, Alias Antonio.
    Defeating the IWT Champion by 19 decisions over 3
    Alias Antonio is the man of the hour and is only getting stronger.
    Will Alias be the one to end the Bryant era? Or will it be Bruce Knight?
    Next months issue will surely document this young studs rise to the top.

    The Order vs Dazzling Chav's intensifies
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    After burying Gav the Chav at IWT Uprising
    The Order and The Chav's went crazy with a no contest between Dazzler
    and Marcus Anthony. They have had many mic battles only making their tag match
    at Mania a MUST-SEE.

    The IWT Battle That Caused a Revolt
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    Aids Johnson vs Mr. Smith
    The match to determine the CO-GM of IWT, The match was in Aids
    Court until Spinzz ran into ruin it, Mr. Smith kept his job, but this lead to
    many outrages backstage with many arguments takin to a lot of attention.
    What does this mean for the future?

    March Star of the Month
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    Joey Bryant has graced our cover, but the popular public has spoken and this months "Star of the Month" is.....Ailas Antonio! Congratulations Alias!
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  2. Congrats on Star of the month DK!
  3. I'm not scheduled for mania, and I'm not managing Majour.
  4. OOC- The one thing that pisses me off about you, you always show up out of no where.
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  5. [​IMG]

    Came back deciding if I should setup a WM match even though Jono said I had until yesterday to book my own matchlol

    It's tough when my part of the roster only includes me and DK James.
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  6. I'm saying this as a kayfabe thing. Not meant to say the truth. And you are on the Mania list, so not my fault. Me.Picky
  7. Changed...
  8. Also if you are gonna quote manson, do a good one. "Who am i? (small text) nobody. I'm nobody" That is the creepy/dope one i can think of offhand.

    Do what you want in this section son, or hit up creative about it before and make their lives easier, whatever works.
  9. And not even a mention of Alias Antonio, tsk tsk tsk.
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  10. The rumor mill has it that Joey Bryant is now over Aids Johnson, and has moved onto Alias Antonio. No words have been made official, but we do suspect a tribute youtube video is in the works. Joey has refuted the rumor stating "im not gay, i swear." We will continue to update as more news comes out.

    There you go bud.
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  11. I think you deserve star of the month over dk tbh
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  12. What ever happened to the official IWT Magazine that was gonna happen?
  13. First time ive heard of it tbh lol

    maybe @Delik and @Dat Kid know more?
  14. Yeah, IWT Creative was gonna be on it.
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  15. lolgoodone.
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  16. We'll I guess they took months to do something that took me 30 minutes :)
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  17. You can really tell it took you 30 minutes.
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  18. Yeah, is that supposed to be an insult? You want me to add extra long articles? I chose 4 things I think deserve recognition, you're just mad because I didn't mention you.....
  19. nah just you to spend more time on the shit. Update the IWT Champ without having to be told 3 times, etc.

    and lol @ Thg hate. He beat DK James by 19 votes in their match. You are turning into the Jono of IWT Magazine, next thing we all know you will be expecting people write their own success stories to the magazine.
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  20. Changed for @THG?