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    IWT Mag Gets Aids: An Interview with Aids Johnson
    Q: Recently we've seen the formation of Jonathan & Aids. How did that first come about and why did it?
    A: It just feels right. I am here for the fans, and without me, what would the IWT be? People say i abuse my power, that i NEED Jonathan to move forward, but that isn't true. Jonathan is a GM who had the 20/20 vision to see me, the IWT CHAMPION, as the best opportunity to get more fans involved. I am just a loyal servant of the IWT community, and a deserving champion.
    Q: As controversial as a figure as you are you obviously have never been a fan of authority, why choose now to align yourself with one? Why is now the time for Aids to go corporate?
    A:Aids, corporate? I am working in the interests of the people, i am no selfish man, but i agree i have had a history full of issues with authority. I would tell you that the authority was the one to finally see the right way to do things, not me.
    A: What's next? Anything is possible here. I am setting up the world for something great, for a reason to watch the IWT, and something that will make sure people earn their success, like i did on my way to the IWT belt. I stomped out Dat Kid *Aids laughs* And defeated the weak Senhor Perfect to give the people a champion worth cheering for, finally.
    Q: Despite your consistant pleas you've never been able to step into the ring with Gohan in a one on one match. Are you disappointed about that?
    A: Gohan is a pussy, and has no chance of ever beating me in a fair 1v1 match. He plays prediction cups, essentially putting all his faith in a coin flip. Me? I earn my wins.
    Q: How has life outside of the ring changed now that you're WWE Champion?
    A: Life outside the ring? It's the same. People always knew who i was, now i just have to fit more money inside my bank account.
    Q: One of your most notable matches was Predecessor vs Protege. Stepping into that match was there any hesitation in stepping in the ring with the guy you had basically raised as far as professional wrestling goes?
    A: That was the match of my career, at that point. I wanted nothing more than to prove myself over Dat kid, and even with him and i putting on a 5star match, i still feel as if me winning was just never enough. That wasnt the match of a lifetime, it was match of the year, and you will be seeing another in 2013, plan on it.
    Q: Just last night we saw Aids align himself with two more people in Victoria Parker and Rodrigo. The world wants to know, what exactly happen? How did it happen? And why did it happen?
    A: Roll with the punches, people. Victoria parker and Rodrigo are great members to add to the function, and that is all Jonathans doing. I may be the Champion of our "group" *Aids hand signs quotes* but Jonathan puts the cards in order for everyone involved, i just keep on winning.
    Q: Rumor has it that Dat Kid was next in line for a WWE title shot after beating Senhor on two separate occasions and former WWE champ Gohan. We've been told that he is out on injury and the future of his IWT career is uncertain. You narrowly beat him in your only encounter, it is safe to say that it's convenient for you that he's out, correct?
    A: It's safe to say i would welcome fighting Dat kid any day of the week, but there is no chance i'm just offering up an opportunity for MY belt. Are you crazy?
    Q: What's it like being hated by many of the fans in the arena, but praised by the internet wrestling community?
    A: .....Perfect.I have always been a winner, and the boo's honestly give me the same rush as cheers once did. I am here to prove myself, to entertain the fans, and to cement my legacy as the greatest of my generation. Generation AIDS.
    Q: We've seen footage of your cringing whenever Gohan is mentioned as the longest reigning WWE Champ. Why does that bother you so much?
    A: Because he is a joke of a champion, everything he hates about me is exactly what he did as champion. He is a hypocrite, and a man without honor. I am Aids the Jock, and he is Frank, the overhyped douchebag who cant compete with the champions. What matters most to me, is me. I am going to be the longest reigning champ, one Perfect match away. After that, start the counter, ill be Aids Sammartino before you know it.
    Q: You lived the dream of going to Wrestlemania, main eventing, and coming out WWE Champion. Is this the moment that will define Aids' career?
    A: This is far from my career defining moment. There will be a time where i rise and overcome over obstacles that seperate my champion reign from the rest of the so called "contenders" you will know it when you see it.
    Q: What can we expect next from Aids?
    A: You cant expect anything from Aids, i am here to cement my legacy, just shut up and enjoy the ride.
    OH HELL YES!: An Interview with Frank the Jock
    Q: You are the IWT's first ever WWE Champion and you beat 5 other people at Elimination Chamber last year to do it, going in to a historical match like that, what was your motivation?
    A:Yes it was a great honor to be the 1st ever IWT WWE Champion. Beat all though guys to be call the Best was great to know that I had put IWT on the mat just like I put all other place that I have gong on the mat.
    Q: Not only are you the first champ, but you hold the record for longest WWE Champion in the history of the IWT. Do you think that record will ever be broken?
    A: No I do not think so in less of course I win it back?
    Q: You suffered your first lost against @Seabs. What was it like after that match for you? What was going through your head?
    A: Well I won the match but thanks to outside infeard the match was restarted and took me off graud and seabs to averade of it and got luckly.
    Q: Out of all the IWT originals you have wrestled the least amount of times and many people criticize you for being a "part-timer" despite drawing huge numbers at every match. Your thought on that?
    A: Well I try what I can it a really be business time for the FTJ. I try to wrestle as must as I can. To give the people what that wanted! And who know U all may see more of the GREAT FTJ sometime in the future
    Q: You obviously have problems with IWT management and we've seen your arguments with Jonathan . Why can't you get along with him?
    A: HE IS THE WROST GM I EVER SEEN! Well without count John Aces! But in that list! He thing he can hold me down he thing he can hold everyone else down!? The FACT HE CAN’T! And I going to pushing him until he rezise I AM NOT GOING ANYWERE! AND FTJ WILL BE ON TOP AGAIN!
    Q: Speaking of managers, rumor has it that you and Britanica have some sort of love affair. Is there any legitimacy to this rumor?
    A: IT IS 110% NOT TRUE! Me and Britanica is the boss to me the really boss that is of IWT that it! JUST BUSINESS THAT IT!
    Q: If you were to face anyone from the IWT roster, who would it be? What match would it be? and at what PPV would you do it?
    A: Well The guy I would like to face is whoever the best is. The Champion is always the best and he the guy u go after no made what. As for in term of a “Dream Match” I would half to said Crayo even though not in the IWT just b/c he made this forums site. U take the top draw of IWT and u vs. the top draw and u got ur said a match u all will remember. Another guy whould be my good friend sackfist. I would like to face chirsan one on one but were getting a 3 way instead.
    Q: With new rookies like Airbourne, Adam, and Captain Charisma coming in, who do you think has the most potential as a future IWT superstar?
    A: Well I really don’t know must about any of then to be straight up with u. But If I have to said any its Airbourne he seen to have some good mic skill on the forums just from what I seen.
    Q: You tend to not get along with a lot of the locker room in the IWT, but who does Gohan hate the most?
    A: AIDS! He got lucky at WM29 AND FUCKIN KNOW IT! He will lose the title to Perfect and get a real check!
    Q: Since losing the WWE title you have not one a championship since, what's happened?
    A:That b/c I ownly want to be the WWE and or World Champion! NOTHING MORE NOTHING LESS THEN THAT IS A FAIL TO ME!
    Q: What can we expect from Gohan in the future?

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  2. Enjoyed it. :obama:
  3. Yeah cause he lied about the affair
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    Affair!? I ermm... Don't know what you speak of.... :silva:
  5. Somebody's hiding something......:woo1:
  6. Interesting interviews from our IWT Champion and Gohan.

    BTW Brit, you should just come out about your relationship with Gohan. The sooner it comes out the better. You wouldn't want it to be discovered by the wrong people would you? :troll:
  7. So does he yell "OH HELL NO!" during sex or do you?
    I'm sure he dropped a few pipebombs.
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  8. Interesting interview. If Gohan were to relax and perhaps engage in some meditation to calm his mind, I can see him being the world champion or IWT champion for sure in the future. As for now he's to rational, and Aids is a fool.
  9. Great job Kid
  10. Great read, nice job man
  11. Oh, beating Senhor gave me a real check, indeed.
  12. all over her face. My interview is gold, don't be too jealous.
  13. What a tremendous interview by the IWT Champion Aids the Jock. - truly splendid.

    The fact of the matter is, Gofag, that Senhor will not beat Aids and Aids WILL go on to become the longest reigning IWT Champion in history, cementing his legacy as the GREATEST IWT CHAMPION, OF ALL TIME!
  14. I have no idea what you speak of. :tough:
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    I mean... HOW AM I SUPOSTA KNOW!? :mad2:
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