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    Starting this August every IWT magazine will feature the wrestler the people want on the cover. So vote for the superstar you want to see on the IWT cover with an exclusive interview. Runner up will get an article as well.

    -You can't vote for yourself, that's the only rule.
    -You can however tell people to vote for you. Gohan :pity1:

    Senhor Perfect - 3
    Aids - 5
    Crayo - 1
  2. Might I suggest that we hold a poll every month with say five wrestlers? So that we still rotate who is on the cover.
  3. Not 5, (inb4 Langston rage). I want everyone to be eligible for this so I want to have voting like MOTM style. Except people who've been on the cover can't be featured on it again for another 3 months.
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  4. I guess I have to suggest our longest reigning Intercontinental Champion - Senhor Perfect
  5. Senhor Perfecto
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  6. Aids
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  7. Senhor Perfect

    The current longest reiging champion of IWT... the only choice...
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  8. I vote woodwarrior
  9. My vote's for Aids.
  10. I vote ANON!



  11. Looks like i win. Again.
  12. Aids.
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  13. My vote goes for Aids.
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  14. Senhor
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  15. @Aids Johnsongets the cover & Senhor Perfect gets the sub article. I will be contacting you both via PM for an interview after IWT Uprising