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    Page 1: Ami's Intentions (open)
    Carson The Interviewer: Hello Ami, ummm, nice meeting you... here. We have several questions for you today. The first since you just debuted, how did you feel before your match with Alias Antonio?

    Ami: I had a feeling of excitement. I came for a challenge, and my first match was with a former world champion, and one not even a handful of people has defeated. I knew that I had no choice but to give every bit of my will since my opponent wasn't a rookie or someone that has been defeated easily. I was glad he stepped out to challenge me.

    Carson The Interviewer: Now, you toppled one of the best that IWT has, or should I say had to offer. What's your mindset knowing that you did what so many failed to do?

    Ami: Nothing has changed to me. I defeated an opponent, one that was strong, but I can't look at every opponent through the same window. Every opponent is built different, my tactics that I used to defeat Alias could not be used with everyone else. It does comfort me a tad knowing that I have won my debut match, but now I must focus on the future, while preserving the past.

    Carson The Interviewer: We have noticed that you are now going after the leader of The Next Generation, is it okay if we ask why you have targeted him and exactly, what are you trying to accomplish here in IWT?

    Ami: I am going after a leader. To send a message to the rest of IWT, when I aim for a leader I not only fight him, but his stable as well. Most would expect a losing fight to be outnumbered, without having any allies around me and that's exactly what I want. I want to be outnumbered whenever I choose to strike their leader and look down upon. For when I rise up at Survivor Series, as the victor, all those who show doubt will be wrong and will not second guess my abilities, or call my former match a false and lucky win.

    Page 2: IWT Countdown - Overhyped Matches (open)
    10. Desperadoes vs. Danielson & Victoria Parker @ IWTMania 2 - Four talented workers, but two of the people involved seemed more interested in forced sexual tension rather than putting on a match. Leaving the other two to put on a valiant effort to save what could have been a huge match in each of their respectable careers.

    HONORABLE MENTION: The Jwab vs. Christian @ IWTMania 2 -
    .Seemed like the moment where Christian would pass the figurative torch to Jwab but due to Jwab's movie career, he ended up facing his stunt double that would also be his slave for only a week. Jwab still awaits for Christian to confront him.

    9. Aids vs. Incognito @ SummerSlam 2013 -
    Actually known as the biggest match in IWT to this day, and actually not being a bad match itself, but even then it is overhyped to this day and sometimes called a waste for it being Incognito's only match in IWT History.

    8. IWT Money In The Bank 2014: Aids vs. Bruce Knight vs. Marcus Anthony vs. Gav vs. Dazzle vs. Manik -
    A match that looked to be a disaster on paper. It had little hope but to no one's surprise it ended up even worse than people expected. Some call this an Aids match in a nutshell.

    7. Gav vs. Dazzle @ SummerSlam 2014 -
    One of the most anticipated matches of all time plus one of the hottest and biggest blood feuds in IWT History, it lead to the former partners putting their briefcase and career on the line respectively. Much was at stake but the match seemed like they only scratched the surface on what they could accomplish.

    6. IWT Championship Elimination Chamber 2014: D'Z vs. Aids vs. Trip vs. Lee vs. Bryant vs. Farooq -
    In a match where D'Z "died" and Aids' admittedly gave up. It was instantly deemed a clusterfuck and overshadowed Joey Bryant's overdue title win and rise to the top.

    HONORABLE MENTION: Dat Kid vs. Gohan @ Slammy Awards -
    FTJ's rules were on full force here, which of course... made for a screwy match. Especially with the interference of Frank's pen-pal, Jacob Colton.

    5. Team Jono vs. DX @ Survivor Series 2013 -
    Both teams consisted of legends, Team Jono having VP, Senhor, and Christian while DX had Dat Kid and Rodrigo. Plus, up and comers such as Lee, Alias, Nick, Trip, and more. But, no one seemed to mesh and it didn't live up to the expectations of what was promised by the build up. This is also the beginning of the legendary and ongoing feud of Jono vs. Dat Kid.

    Jono vs. Adam @ Extreme Rules 2014 - A feud that not only boiled over in ring but backstage also, things were heated between these two men, but their inability to put on a good match was more evident than ever here as they delivered a stinker after their original match at mania got nixed.

    3. Senhor vs. Christian @ Uprising -
    Two Canadian IWT legends booked in a dream match to some, ended up being one of the biggest snoozefests the IWT Universe has ever witnessed.

    2. Suicide vs. Victoria Parker @ SummerSlam 2013 -
    Dat Kid's former golden boy vs. the biggest female star this company has ever seen. On the second biggest stage the company has to offer. Sounds like a recipe for a five star match but sadly it only ended up strangling out a weak 3.

    HONORABLE MENTION: Aids vs. Victoria Parker -
    Known backstage as the most overhyped series of matches to happen in IWT history.

    1. Aids vs. D'Z @ Slammy Awards- Two buddies who have plenty of history could only mean a good match was in store for the IWT Universe, especially when it was DZ's anticipated debut. But it ultimately ended in a no contest as a drunken Aids and an unmotivated DZ showed up and exchanged nonsensical promos.

    Page 3: Drake Talks Change (open)
    Carson The Interviewer: Drake, after Night Of Champions... you decided to make a drastic change to your overall wrestling persona. What was the reasoning behind it all?

    Drake: Well Carl, can I call you Carl? Never mind, don't answer that. These past few months I've started to become quite contempt with the direction I was going in. I wanted to take my frustrations to the upper management, but they would've probably put it off like they do with everything. So, I decided to take matters in to my own hands. I've been going by the alias Andrew for about ninety percent of my career here, and when I first changed it I immediately regretted it. Here I was in front of the IWT Universe and I got a chance to start over, and out of everything I could've picked I what seemed like the most generic name ever. I might as well have called myself Unknown, or Michael. Haha.

    Carson The Interviewer: Speaking of names, my name is Carson but it's okay, and the second time you got a chance to change your name you changed it to Drake. Why did you go with it?

    Drake: I felt like that whenever people hear the name Drake they think 'Man, that guy must work out!'. And it's because I do. I mean have you seen the upcoming IWT calendar? Those aren't airbrushed, I'm all natural. Plus, I really like that African American rapper person. It's like we could be brothers, well adopted but you get the gist. I'd definitely work out with the guy at least.

    Carson The Interviewer: You spoke of Michael earlier, you showed a darker side of yourself and almost ended his career. What brought that out of you, and can we expect that kind of brutally from this 'new you' down the road?

    Drake: What I did to Michael was supposed to be a kind gesture to Joey. Originally he was scheduled to face Michael before Night of Champions, so I wanted to thank Joey for trying to motivate me. Apparently I hurt Michael so bad that he couldn't compete, oh well. It doesn't matter anyways seeing as young Gavin is the champion for now. We'll see how long that lasts. As for seeing that 'side of me' down the road I'd say that's a safe bet. I'm a lion in between those ropes Carl, and I'll devour anyone that they put in front of me. Welp that's all I have time for, so good day.

    Carson The Interviewer: But...but

    Drake: I said good day!

    Page 4: 10 Fun Facts (open)
    10. Trip's butcher shop was closed by the health inspector, forcing him to wrestle.
    9. Aids Johnson has a degree in Animal Behavior
    8. Alias' brother, Jack Antonio, is still the last FSW champ.
    7. You don't shake hands when entering the IWT locker room for the first time, you touch tips. This is also where Victoria & Andrew's relationship started.
    6. Johnny B. Cool decided to pick a fight with Dexx Dugan & Mike Boston before his title match with Alias, but after that fight... We never saw Johnny B. Cool again.
    5. Farooq has had a total of 50 character changes in IWT.
    4. Despite his demure demeanor, Aiden Ryan rules the locker room with an iron fist.
    3. David used to go to church before his matches, this is where he met Jwab & Dat Kid.
    2. The locker room spend the time on the road watching Pete & Pete
    1. If you walk around the IWT arenas at night, you can still hear massive Marcus Anthony pops in the distance.

    Page 5: Gav Tops IWT! (open)
    Carson The Interviewer: What is up, Gav! You... you did what NOBODY thought you would do and you bested Joey Bryant to become the brand new IWT Champion, What exactly made you feel like this was the right time to cash-in?

    Gav: Thanks for having me Carson I'm glad you asked that you see what it is right gavs been watching joey very closely over the last month waiting for him to slip up you see right alias antonio csme close to beating him but he failed chris kaiser came so close to beating him but couldn't land that final blow and thats where gav comes in someone wad gunna eventually do and gav was simply the one to do it Gav warned him he was coming after him and gav saw his opportunity and went for it

    Carson The Interviewer: You are most likely going to have to face Joey Bryant down the road and most likely at Survivor Series. Do you think that you can overcome him this time knowing that he will be at the top of his game and you will have no advantages?

    Gav: You see trust me when gav says this gav doesn't need any advantages gav the chav is hard as fuck did you forget that or am I gunna have to slap you silly just to remind you I promise you right now gav will overcome the odds once again and will defeat joey bryant once again and this time gav will be taking his WHC belt from him

    Carson The Interviewer: Say that you do beat Joey, WHO would you personally like to have a shot at your belt?

    Gav: Gav thought about this a lot and there is one or two names who gav feels deserve a shot one man that gav feels deserves a shot is aiden ryan in fact once gav defeats joey bryant a title shot will be coming his way very soon theres a few others gav would like to face such as aids Johnson, b.dazzle, and Hollywood jwab actually no he's a bit of a cheeky **** oh and even our GM trip in the Head gav still wouldn't mind smashing his face in after him and his mate took Gavs tag titles from him at IWTMANIA last year gav has many options open to him but first gav is gunna concentrate on joey bryant after that then we'll talk future opponents by the way does this belt make me look hard as fuck?

    OOC - I'd like to thank @THG? @Stopspot @Shadow for helping me with the IWT Countdown & Fun Facts. Also, like to thank @Ami Ennemi @gav the chav and Shadow for doing the magazine. Props to Shadow for making the magazine cover.

    Everyone give it a read and give me your thoughts on each thing, hope you like it.

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  9. Very nice Jwab - just glad none of my single or tag matches made the most over hyped list bwahahahaha. I still view that elimination chamber as the proverbial cocoon I emerged from. I wanted to win that match so bad but I just didn't get the votes (came in a trailing 2nd IIRC)
  10. lol awesome top to bottom - really like the cover. Not surprised I was all over the over-hyped list, I assumed me vs D'z and Senhor vs Christian would be at the top....knew EC would be there, although I will say I thought the match itself was great. D'Z and Trip both put some seriously great promo's, IMO I was the only one to flop that match.
  11. The idea wasn't to look for bad matches, rather matches that promised more than they delivered.

    Would be a lot more FTJ matches on the worst match list
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