IWT Makes Sports Illustrated

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  1. [​IMG]

    • Sage proudly posed for IWT's edition of Sports Illustrated.
    • One on One with Victoria Parker.
    • A "special" interview with Frank The Jock!
    • Plus so much more!
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  2. Fucking hell this is GOLD. They got the melon size wrong though.
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  3. I was bored haha
  4. Literally the most hilarious thing I have seen in some time.
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  5. If you look closely....You can see that this is a fake.
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  6. OMG this is hilarious. Well done Brit :lol1:
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  7. Hoping Sage comes in here & gives us a speech. First IWT female wrestler to grace the cover of a world wide magazine! Lady Deathbane
  8. This is bad and you should feel bad. :jbl:
  9. The point was to make it unbelievably bad. Its funnier. lol

    ASHLEY.. :gtfo: DONT RAIN ON MY PERIOD! :pipebomb:
  10. You're on your period? What?
    Don't rain on your period?
    Don't cum on your period?
  11. Yeah and I am not wearing any socks... Does that turn you on? :ksi:

    I WAS MAKING A GOHAN JOKE! :angry: :mad2:
  12. I like socks.
  13. Leaves more to the imagination huh? :ksi:
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  14. I have no idea what you're talking about.:meh:
  15. Christian we all know you have a foot fetish, it's been discussed many times.
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  16. I'm surprised I haven't had my dat a$$ photoshoot yet :ksi:
  17. This, is, fantastic.