IWT Managers?

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    OOC: So I haven't seen much about managers in the IWT yet? Could that even be done? I mean, Paul Heyman obviously makes any wrestler he is managing that much better. Am I right? Not sure how it would work, but its just an idea.

    I'm talking about having a separate member be your manager too, not just writing your own manager into your promos.

  2. Dunno, btw, you need to put OOC on this I think, that'd be cool though.
  3. OOC: Shit. Fixed
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  4. OOC: Ok then
  5. We've had managers here before lol. At least 3

  6. OOC: Oh I'm new. Sorry I didn't know that. Did it work out well?
  7. If you can get one dedicated enough it works well
  8. Brita Jono and Dat from jersey Kid all have been managers.2/3rds were mine...and depending on how my match with AK ended... :harvey: