OOC IWT Mania 2 Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'IWT Archives' started by Roadster, Mar 24, 2014.

  1. 12 Matches are booked!


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  2. Isn't this what the General discussion thread would be for?
  3. Eh, seems better if we put the flames in one place rather than a place already filled up.
  4. Something tells me Lord Lee vs Dolph's will be MOTN,

    The most prestigious mid-card title match IWT's ever had!
  5. I really need to get off my ass and start giving more build up to this match.
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  6. Wait, you fucking idiots scheduled me for a Monday?

    How. many. fucking. times. can. I. Tell. you. fucking. morons. Mondays. will. not. work. for. me?
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  7. Can only do weekends, mondays (you can't though so let's leave that out) and wednesdays myself, hopefully @Delik can work out a plan.
  8. Wednesday is pretty shitty for me as well. I guess Sunday works maybe
  9. If you can't do the days then the time will just be extended. Easier than moving matches around.
  10. sounds good.
  11. Easiest thing to do would probably be to ask your competitors when they are free, no?

    Sounds like a mess this way. So I'm busy Monday, oval cuts a promo, I finally get around TUesday to respond, but he isn't around, he gets back Wednesday to respond??? sounds stupid.
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  12. Why is friday two non title matches? and lol why is IC going before the x-division? lmao what a messy thrown together card. Danielson has 2 matches in 3 days, that makes sense.

    Oh well, See you all sunday.
  13. Messy, thrown together card? :lol1:
  14. Yes, can you not read?
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  15. You told me your not scheduled for Mania?
  16. Do you know how to read.
  17. They needed a draw for the match. And as of right now, Aids' penis seems to be the most relevant thing in IWT right now
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  18. Yes, and on my Magazine thread he said he's not scheduled but on the card he is
  19. Card > your magazine or whatever other bullshit
  20. What are you getting at, my thread was posted days before the card, and he told me he's not booked and it turns out he is. I'm just asking him what happened to him not being booked. Can i not ask a question?