Voting IWT Mania - Chris Kaizer vs Frie

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Who should win?

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  1. Chris Kaizer

  2. Frie

  1. The following contest is scheduled for one fall...

    Chris Kaizer(@Bill Clinton) vs Frie(@F.R.I.E)

    The rules are as follows:

    -No interuptions, only competitors can post here
    -Pictures, videos, livestream etc. are all banned, apart from titantron entrances.
    -Promos will last for 24 hours after the 1st promo is posted,
    and there is no limit on the amount of promos you can cut.
    -Voting will then last for 24 hours after the last promo is posted.

    Voting for yourself will result in instant disqualification and suspension,
    no questions asked.
    Please do not post OOC until promos are finished. If you need to address someone please do it via PM.
    Only competitors can post here. Anything else will be deleted.

  2. Mr.Smith sees Kaizer's name and starts to doze off.
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  3. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
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  4. I'm sick of you stealing my shit, the next time you get Domino's I hope you drop every fucking piece.
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  5. *Alias and Jack reunite backstage along with the rest of the IWT roster and fall asleep*
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  6. *Farooq runs into the back to celebrate his win over FTJ, but trips on the entire roster that's asleep and goes through a window*
    OH SHIIIIII--- *lands outside and the word "WASTED"* shows up*
    *Farooq is soon seen coming out of a hospital with $100 took for medical bills*
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  7. Aids Johnson is seen walking around backstage, warming up for his match. He notices all the roster members asleep. Aids turns to the camera with the awesome :pity2: look before adding "Well, at least I know who I am blaming for this lack of respect shown here," before going back to stretching.
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  8. Kaizer falls asleep at ringside
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    Chris Kaizer comes out at the 33 second mark. He walks out in a brand new t-shirt that says "Kaizer Just Wants To Sleep". He makes his way down to the ring. He taunts Frie and the crowd in the middle of the ring before being handed a mic from a staff member at ringside.

    Tonight is the night, tonight is IWTMania 2. The biggest event of the year. Tonight is special though, mainly because my good friend Aids, will recapture what is rightfully his, the IWT Championship. Bruce Knight will fall back into the pit of endless irrelevancy, just like my opponent will after our match. So far, Dat Kid, somehow, astonished us all, when he defeated George to retain his World Champion. Artist won because Anonymous got scared of that irrelevant failure write off. Lord Lee defeated D'z and retained his EU surprise. Uh...what else, oh uh Farooq beat FTJ.....such shock, much wow. We still have Aids vs Joey Bryant vs Bruce Knight...oh, I apologize, Aids vs Joey Braynt. That other guy is just there because he has to be. Because if Knight didn't win the Rumble...he would still be stuck in the X-Division. But right now, is time for Mr.Frie to take on me. For someone who hasn't even been seen for the last 2 months, goes one on one...with the me. Someone who hasn't even had a singles match in IWT, comes back to face me, which many people, including 2 guys in the main event, believe that I am the future of this company. Frie, who just disappeared faster than Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, just returns and expects to shut my mouth. Frie, if Alias and D'z couldn't, you surely can't. And they are future main eventers. You are someone whos only win in IWT came from a handicap match against Dat Kid, and you teamed with the now current IWT Champion...and by current, I mean until the main event, Joey Bryant. Guess what, Joey Bryant isn't here to carry you anymore. You are all alone. All by your self with no one to back you up. You are a lone wolf now.

    Now, I don't know if you went and wrestled for PWGP or some irrelevant company such as them, but the talent there isn't even close to the talent in IWT. IWT has some of the best stars today, Aids,Alias, though I hate to admit it, Joey Bryant, D'z, and Dat....other black guy, Farooq. Yeah, sorry for getting your hopes up, Dat Kid. After this match, you will probably pack up your bags again and go back into your little hole of darkness know as your irrelevant wrestling career. Wow, I have said irrelevant a lot. But back to the topic at hand, Frie, what honestly makes you believe you could beat me? You? Out of all the people in this company, you? Really? I believe you have Schizophrenia. It's hard for you think clearly. Because if you were thinking clearly when you came back, you would of went after Aiden Cole or someone that you could beat. Not after me, not someone who Dat Kid couldn't even beat, and I didn't even have someone to fall back on if it got too tough for me. I didn't have a Joey Bryant to fall back on, I had me,my self, and I. That's all I have tonight, and all you have tonight. Your self. I honestly don't know why I even wasted so much air on you. You are just gonna come out here, kiss up to these fans, talk about how cocky I am, talk about how arrogant I am, and talk about how Joey Bryant wouldn't be where he is today with out you. But when you think about it, you held him back. I am about to give you the fight of your life. Probably the biggest match you will ever have in your life comes right now, at the second annual IWT Mania. You asked for the fight of your life and you are getting it. I hope you are ready for this, because I am ready, more than ready to shut your mouth.

    Now, here he comes ladies and other than Frie!

    Kaizer leans into the corner and awaits the arrival of Frie
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  10. *Frie runs out of the curtain to a huge pop after Kaizer is finished babbling. He stops at the top of the stage and points at Chris and taunts his sleeping tendencies. Frie walks down confidently to the ring with a smile on his face. He goes to ringside to take a nap. He acts like he's just waken up, then jumps into the ring.*

    Are you done? I repeat.......... are you done? Because it seems to me that you're trying to hard to be IWT's spokesman. You shouldn't be doing that. You should be worrying about the concussion you're about to get effecting your little naps. I mean, seriously? You think people give a single shit when you do that? No. They don't. They don't think that you're a real "heel", they just think you're a dick.

    *The crowd begins laughing and cheering.*

    Now, I know what you think. You believe that you've gotten so under my skin that I came back in a rage just to fight you. No, that's the opposite. See, when I left after carrying Joey Bryant through the likes of Dat Kid, lifting him back up when he was down in the dumps about losing to Aids, I was laughing at your little segments. Yeah, I was laughing. But not with you. At you. Because when I watched IWT every week, I knew that I was watching the biggest, sweatiest try-hard on the face of the planet. And that's why I'm here. To expose you and humiliate you to the extent that no other man could. Believe it or not Chris, I agree with you. Future main eventers were not able stop you. But, the thing is, they're nothing like me. They just didn't take you seriously. Then again, why should they? It's 2014, Chris, and you're looking like John Oates. Come on, man.

    *Frie puts his arms up in sarcastic confusion.*

    You can keep reiterating that Joey Bryant is not here to carry me. That doesn't change a damn thing. And ya know why? Because Joey Bryant was never there to carry me. When Joey Bryant was hit with depression after 2 consecutive losses to one of the greatest competitors, I stepped in. I formed the tag team that elevated Joey back to the top. And you can't say that he won the match against Dat Kid. It was the both of us. You need to stop worrying about the past, about my past, and start worrying about the future. Especially yours. Because after tonight, the next nap you take will be permanent.
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  11. Chris Kaizer looks at the crowd and laughs then finally looks back at Frie and mouths "really?"

    Woah, I am sorry, did you say.....did you just say that you elevated Joey Bryant back to the top? I'm not a huge fan of these fans or Joey Bryant, but please, don't bullshit them. You didn't carry Joey Bryant through Dat Kid. You latched on to Joey Bryant's back, and he ran you through Dat Kid. You say you are nothing like the future main eventers, well, you aren't, they are future main eventers. You see, you say you are going to humiliate me, expose me. I'm sorry, but no. You won't, you see, even if I lose this match, I will go down fighting, I will give you the fight of your life just like I said I would. You won't humiliate me, because that would mean that you would simply beat me like I was a dog and you were Michael Vick. Never in my entire career, have I gone down without a fight. Even when Alias Antonio beat me and David at the rumble, I went down fighting, Daivd on the other hand....

    You believe that you will give me a concussion tonight and you will knock me out cold for ever. It's just not true, not even believable. Many consider me one of the future stars in this company, many didn't even know you were here. When I first saw you, I didn't even know your name, I called you green man because you painted your self green for a promo. No one ever thought "Hmm...wonder where that guy Joey Bryant teamed with went? TO THE INTERWEBS!". No one did that. No even thought of you when you were gone, let alone doing that. You had to go into sudden death with Dat a handicap match with the now IWT Championship? Wow...uh...just gonna let that sink in for a moment, I didn't even think about that until now.

    The thing is Frie, though you think you are the savior of these people,you are not. You are just another person looking to shut me up. It ain't ever gonna happen, Chico. I am a top competitor here in IWT. Though you won't like to admit it, I am. Another thing you won't like to admit, I am one of the best heels in this business. Like it or not. I get people's reactions. They are only cheering you because you are hating on me. If you came out here and hated on let's say...Jwab Atom, they wouldn't care, because Jwab Atom isn't me. Everyone loves to hate me. Wow, that sounds cheesy.

    Face the facts, here Frie, these fans don't care about you, if you came back and faced some random X-Deadvision jobber, no one would even realize you were back. Frie, you can thank me later for making you relevant again.

    Chris Kaizer smiles from ear to ear and awaits Frie's response
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  12. *Frie has a serious stare in his face, but then begins a chuckle.*

    Now, why is it that every time the "top guys" of the company react to someone, they make a list and completely show that they're pissed off? I thought you were the top heel, Kaizer. Not the top BITCH.

    *The crowd lights up with cheers and laughter.*

    Ya see, your problem isn't that you fall asleep during matches and attention whore the shit out of IWT, it's the fact that you don't give anyone chances. You see a guy like me, a guy who came back after 2 months and hasn't had a singles match in this company yet. But this first match is the starting line to another match, and a 3rd match, and 15 matches and so on. All the way until I reach the main event. Thinking about it, I should be in the main event. Considering that I'm the man responsible for him being your IWT World Champion. If you don't believe me, let me give you a rundown. My debut- I offered my help to Joey Bryant when he was down. Our match- we, as a cohesive unit, beat one of the best in IWT, Dat Kid. Their alliance- I encouraged Joey to go under Dat Kid's wing even though I disagreed with his ways. All this led to the Elimination Chamber, where Joey Bryant pulled out all the stops to win the IWT championship. And the root of all these events, is me.

    *The crowd gives off a mixed reaction.*

    And what the hell are you doing? Whining about me being carried by Joey. While that's completely false, you must have some motive. Could it be that you're jealous that while others are having their success, you couldn't win your #1 contender's match? I know, it feels really annoying to keep referring to the past, right? The fact is, Kaizer, there's nothing for you to fall back on. Even if you have multiple title matches and main events, you'll always think about the time that the man without a singles match not only beat you, but humiliated you. And you can keep thinking that no one cares about me, because it doesn't phase me. They will care, though. They'll see that in my debut match, I beat, humiliated, and exposed "the best heel in IWT" Chris Kaizer, and that I have the material to beat the Joey Bryants, the Aids Johnsons, and the Dat Kids. I'll be winning world titles, while you'll be falling asleep at ringside like the worthless piece of shit you are.

    *Frie raises his microphone as the fans explode in cheers.*

    Get out of your little fantasy world, Chris. This is no ringside dream. This is reality. The attention isn't on you tonight. It's on me.
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  13. Voting is opened.
    You have 24 hours to vote.
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  14. Really tough, two of my best bros that I wanna see succeed more than anything. Kaizer barely edged it for me.
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  15. ly2
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  16. i voted Clinton because he Mentioned me "some random X-Deadvision jobber" but it was a Great Match Guys
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  17. oh and i forgot to mention that "Aiden Cole" isn't a Superstar Clinton
  18. MOTN possibility, great from both competitors. Frie gets my vote, but it was as close as it gets.
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  19. Your winner by 10 votes to 5... Chris Kaizer!
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