Voting IWT Mania - Christian vs Jwab Atom [LADDER MATCH]

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Who's your winner?

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  1. Christian

  2. Jwab Atom

  1. The following contest is scheduled for one fall...

    Christian(@CM Punk) vs Jwab Atom(@JwabTHG?)

    The rules are as follows:

    -No interuptions, only competitors can post here
    -Pictures, videos, livestream etc. are all banned, apart from titantron entrances.
    -Promos will last for 24 hours after the 1st promo is posted,
    and there is no limit on the amount of promos you can cut.
    -Voting will then last for 24 hours after the last promo is posted.

    Voting for yourself will result in instant disqualification and suspension,
    no questions asked.
    Please do not post OOC until promos are finished. If you need to address someone please do it via PM.
    However, posts that are kayfabe like watching the match from backstage are OK. Anything else will be deleted.

  2. Ring Announcer: Ladies and Gentlemen, the following match is a ladder match! The only way to win is to retrieve the briefcase.

    Ring Announcer: Introducing first, from Toronto, Ontario, Canada - Weighing in at 225 lbs - Captain Charisma, CHRISTIAN!


    Christian comes out to his classic silver jumpsuit and starts running under ladders down the ramp.
    He enters the ring and starts posing for the fans on the turnbuckles to boo's before grabbing a mic.

    Christian: Jwab... I thought it would be appropriate for a veteran like myself to come out here and give you both the good news and the bad news. The good news is, loads and loads of people in the back actually think that tonight is the night you take that big step onto the next level! You know what level I'm talking about, the level that only a few people in this business are a part of including myself.

    The bad news is... each and everyone of them are wrong!

    The crowd starts boo'ing

    Now maybe with all this confidence and support running through your veins, you might actually think you have a shot of defeating not one, but two time World Heavyweight Champion, Christian! But you're wrong...

    Tonight isn't like any other night. We're at the grandest stage of them all, IWT Mania! And I would usually keep this professional, I would usually keep this strictly business, but this isn't business, Jwab... this is personal. The moment you stole my prized possession and put it in hands of a clown is the day that you became nothing but my enemy. You're not my co-worker, you're not my friend, you're not in the same league as I am and you're definitely not an A+ player!

    The boo's continue and gets louder

    [Christian starts laughing as he speaks] You expected to come into my life as a story and to leave as a legend[?], but that isn't the case here. This is my STORY, this is my SHOW and I am the one writing the script of how everything plays out. And sure, you could have tampered a few pages, but the end result is and will always be the same. What took me a very long time to build, only took you mere moments to destroy, but here's the catch... I can always start over and do better the next time, I can regain my World Heavyweight Championship, I can once again be on top of the world! I can't say the same about you though...

    A career that took you ages to build, will disintegrate in mere moments once I climb up that ladder and retrieve the briefcase hoisted 20 feet above the ring that holds a contract! And you people know what contract I'm talking about! A contract that Jwab signed himself that read, that once I win this match, Jwab Atom becomes my bitch! He does anything I ask or please because if he doesn't, his career in IWT is over! And if he has anyone in the world to blame, it's himself! Actually... he can blame each and everyone of you in the IWT Universe for making him sign that contract! He can blame each and everyone of you guys in the back who gave him this bit of hope that he had a chance against me! And if you expected an easy walk in the park, Jwab, you're not getting one! Tonight is the night that Jwab Atom's career dies right before your eyes and it's all... because... of you!

    Christian points at the crowd in full rotation

    [Christian starts chuckling] Jwab, if you live life by other people's standards... your life is no longer yours. So I suggest you bring your ass out here, walk down that ramp and start counting the final seconds that is not only your career, but your life!

    Christian leans onto the turnbuckle as he awaits for Jwab.
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  3. Ring Announcer: Introducing by request..... "THE CURE" Jwab Atom!!!

    *Jwab walks out with a Winter Soldier themed attire. The fans are cheering him as he comes towards the ring. He slowly gets in the ring and keeps his eyes on Christian. He grabs a mic and snarls his nose up at Christian before going to talk. He looks at someone dressed as Captain America with an actual shield made out of Vibranium and he mouths "That is awesome."*

    Christian..... Let me get some things off my chest before I take everything you said and shit all over it.

    *Breathes before going to speak again*

    I'm tired of being taken for granted. I haven't even been in this business for a year and I'm already as good as you but to me that is not good enough. You have no room to give either good news or bad news. Everyone backstage... they talk how terrible you are.... how you no show matches... how you broke the rules and got yourself suspended. But, they also talk about me. They say "Jwab isn't ready" .... "Jwab shouldn't be so high in the card at Wrestlemania" .... "Jwab doesn't deserve the things that have been given to him" ... I understand to an extent why people would think that... before Elimination Chamber but I'm pretty sure that I proved at Elimination Chamber that I am the fastest rising talent in this company. That I'm ready for the big leagues and THAT i'm ready for the World Heavyweight Title or the IWT Title. I know I'm ready. But, are they gonna give me a chance? No, because they can only see one side of the coin. The Pre-EC Jwab. The one that joked around. Came out on a polar bear..... That Jwab no longer exists! Yet, they are all gonna sit there and stare at the coin and wait for the coin to magically flip itself so they get a good look at the real Jwab. TONIGHT, that is exactly what is going to happen.

    *He looks at the ladders set up around the ring and all of the people with Jwab signs and everything*

    Let's face it. The only reason you ever became World Champ the first time or the second time is because people like me, Alias, Joey, or Lee weren't "ready" by IWT standards. My confidence does not deceive me when I see everyone pandering to be like you.... hell, when I saw that you did what it took to keep the title around your waist.... it inspired me..... it inspired me to take that title away from you no matter what. I wanted to see the one and only has been's career spiral down the drain but you just won't go down will you? Looks like I have to kick you down that drain tonight so we never see your rat faced ass again. It's been personal since the day I laid my eyes on your deadbeat carcass. I don't care what I have to do but the second I climb that ladder and grab the contract that gives me the power of owning you! You will never wrestle again for the IWT!

    *The crowd pops and they are loving it*

    But, isn't this a fairy tale ending for yourself? Your career gets to end at the grandest stage of them all..... *smiles and looks around the arena* ..... IWT MANIA!!!!! Come on? This is a storybook ending for anyone. An "A+" Player like yourself should be happy.... at least it wasn't at EC..... because we all know if you defended your title at EC... I would be standing here with the World Title and every single match on this card would be different in some sort of way.... the butterfly effect you might say. I would be World Champion. The main event would be a squash match between me and Forrest with me destroying him but I'm glad that I did what I did to get you suspended. I noticed how terrible it was being apart of The Church. How they used me. Took control of me and took me out of the EC. I was set to face God until you reared your ugly head and screwed that all up... not only letting Dat Kid pick a different opponent but also screwing me out of being in that match.... but you gave me an incentive that everyone here knows about and that is our careers are on the line. I'm tired of telling you what I'm gonna do after I beat you... capture a main event title and lead this company into a new era.... I'm just tired of talking. I don't think I'll have to end your career via contract.... I think I'm just gonna beat the bloody piss out of your shriveled old body.

    *Smiles and the crowd goes wild at his gorgeous smile and his amazing charm*

    But.... you claim this is your story and you are writing the script.... and everything else involved what not. But, you got to get this straight... your story.. your book... your saga is coming to an end... while mine.... I'm only on the third chapter of Book One. I've let people write parts of my story. Change my paths without knowing but now you get to feel that exact same feeling when I write the end of your story. I'm not just the king of my world. I'm also the king of yours.

    *Looks up the ladder*

    And remember these famous words....
    You are CANCER.
    I am THE CURE.
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  4. Christian looks at Jwab in a disinterested matter

    Christian: Is that all? Ladies and Gentlemen, JWAB. ATOM!

    Crowd starts to cheer for Jwab

    Christian: Jwab, you've been here for under a year and you already think you're as good as I am? Let me ask you a question, how many World Titles do you have under your belt, huh? One, four, seven, ZERO! You have ZERO reigns as the World Heavyweight Championship and you're going to come out here in front of my face and tell me that you're as good as I am? That you would have won the World Heavyweight Championship if I were in the Elimination Chamber? If I were in the Elimination Chamber, you wouldn't even be in that match! Hell, you were in the match... and if I recall correctly, you lost to Dat Kid. [Christian chuckles]

    The audience starts boo'ing

    Christian: Jwab, unlike you I don't pander off to these people, I don't suck up to them. I realized a long time ago, that other superstars and the IWT universe are those who held me back from my full potential. But you... you're a man that desperately needs them. You feed off their energy, you kill for reactions by cheap jokes and that's the setting stone on why I will always be better than you. I never doubted the talent of Joey Bryant, I never claimed that Alias wouldn't be a future main-eventer, but when I look at you, I see a man that needs someone watching his back and by his side. You never were the star of The Cure, you were never anything special in The Church and you definitely aren't showing anything here in front of me right now. You've always been the guy that was hidden in the back, the guy no one cared about, and it's going to stay that way as long as you live life the way you do.

    The audience starts boo'ing

    Christian: There are two types of people in this world. Those who do what they're told and those who stay true to themselves. And I'm a man who has stayed true to myself from the very beginning. I don't care that superstars talk trash behind my back, I don't care if the crowd doesn't give me a positive reaction, this is who I am and this is who I was destined to be. If I didn't like my destiny, I wouldn't accept it. I would have the courage to change it the way I would want it to be, and I look at you and I see a man who isn't true to himself. You're a man that needed The Cure, you're a man that needed The Church, you're a man that needs these people on his side!

    The crowd starts cheering for Jwab

    Christian: I NEVER NEEDED THAT KIND OF SUPPORT! Everything I have done in this business was earned by hard work and staying true to myself! I didn't need someone patting me on the back congratulating me, I didn't need to feed of the audiences reaction to get into my zone, I've been all by myself and it got me to places! Former Tag-Team Champion and two time World Heavyweight Champion! And then I look at you... when I look at you, Jwab. I see a man being controlled by these people. You're a puppet who doesn't speak your own words. And since you enjoy it so much... you won't have a problem when I grab that briefcase making you slave.

    The crowd starts boo'ing

    Christian: Jwab, I want you to remember this for the rest of your life after the match is over. I'm here today because of you and you might have the mindset that you're going to climb that ladder and reach the brass ring that will elevate you onto the next level. But I'll be up there... waiting... and every moment you reach there or feel like you're going to grab it, I will push you back down! Unlike you, Jwab, I don't need the crowd cheering me, I don't need vulgar language like most of you in the back to get a pop, I don't need to name drop people so they can say they got 2 seconds worth of TV time... I am the best professional wrestler in the biz-a-ness today and I don't need your approval, I don't need the approval from anyone in the back... and I certainly do NOT need their approval.

    Christian points to the crowd as they boo

    Christian: If you are the cure to my cancer, Jwab. You're just... not... enough!
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  5. Christian gets frustrated waiting for Jwab's response

    Christian: I ask you one more time... is that all? Is this all that Jwab has to offer to this business?! Is this who everyone thinks is going to walk out victorious!?

    Christian gets more frustrated than before and begins to yell

    Christian: A picture is worth a thousand words, but there are some things in life that will only be understood through words. And while you take your time to think of a well thought rebuttal against me, let me throw some truth on you. As long as you live the way you do, you won't get anywhere near the World Heavyweight Champion or the IWT Champion. You look at me and sure, I'm not the biggest, I'm not the strongest and I'm not the fastest, but I worked my ass off each and every night all by myself and it paid off in the long run! I was the first ever World Heavyweight Champion, I proved to the world that my position within this company was at the very top, I've had interviews, cover pages, special appearances, posters and why?! Because I stayed true to myself. I wake up and look at the mirror each and everyday and I don't see one look of regret! I have lived life with no regrets because how can we move forward if we keep regretting the past?! And with that said, I can fully tell you face to face, one on one, that you aren't walking out of this ring carrying that briefcase!

    Christian points to the briefcase hoisted 20 feet above the ring as the crowd boo's

    Christian: Jwab, let me make one thing clear right now. You think you know me, these people think they know me! [Christian points at the crowd.] And truth be told is, you do... they do! They do know me... that is, the old me. I am much bigger than before, I am much stronger than before and much much more faster than I ever was! I've never been this prepared for a match in my life and it's all because of you! As I told you before, Jwab... this isn't business... this is personal. I am in a different zone and you will see a side of me that no one has seen before! You took your way out to make sure that I wasn't the World Heavyweight Champion, but that turn took you on the wrong path. You started a fight that you can't... no... won't be able to finish. We have at least 20 ladders from the entrance ramp all the way down to this ring and you will be feeling each and everyone of them before I grab that contract! And when you think you're going to win this match, when you have this little bit of hope trying to reach for that briefcase, I will snatch it away in seconds from you and crush your long life dream... BECAUSE THAT'S... HOW I ROLL!

    Christian throws his microphone out of the ring as he prepares to begin his match
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  6. OOC - Getting off work to find that you wrote a 3rd fucking promo. God damn you, Punk, GOD DAMN YOU. Starting my 2nd promo now​
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  7. Jwab I'll wait until you get your 2nd+3rd promos in.
  8. *Jwab goes to talk but just stares at the ring in silence..... he drops the mic and looks up at Christian and has a huge smile*

    OOC - Good job, Punk. Jwab Tomko is ready. Start the voting. ​
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  9. *A random fat fan in the crowd has a look of disbelief, he yells "you're a faggot!" to Jwab and throws his hotdog at the ring*
  10. *weeps as he eats the hotdog off the ground*
  11. I got a Killswitch off the ladder.... fucking rad. (voted for my self cause I want to be just like @Danielson )
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  12. And your winner because Jwab is a retard, @CM Punk!:pity1:
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  13. After hitting the killswitch on Jwab off the ladder, Christian takes his time and climbs the ladder. He looks down at Jwab in pity and retrieves the briefcase winning the match.


    Ring Announcer: And the winner of this match, Christian!

    Christian jumps off the ladder and drops the briefcase in the middle of the ring. Christian exits the ring and searches for an item. He finds a spray paint can and rolls back into the ring. He looks onto Jwab and sprays the letter C onto his bare back and drops the can. Christian grabs his briefcase and leaves the ring with a smirk while Jwab gets cheered by the fans for an effort well done.
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  14. Mark 4 jwab
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