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    The following contest is scheduled for one fall...
    and is for the IWT Championship!

    Alias Antonio (@THG? ) vs Lee (@Ovalhead)​

    The rules are as follows:
    -No interuptions, only competitors can post here
    -Pictures, videos, livestream etc. are all banned, apart from titantron entrances.
    -Promos will last for 24 hours after the 1st promo is posted,
    and there is a 2 promo per person limit.
    -Voting will then last for 24 hours after the last promo is posted.​

    Voting for yourself will result in instant disqualification and suspension,
    no questions asked.

    Please do not post OOC AT ALL. Do not post "backstage/ringside" comments either.

  2. Joey Bryant! *clap clap* *clap clap clap*
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  3. *The notorious theme song begins to play through the PA System as the arena go into a frenzy for the IWT Champ. Flames and smoke and pyro arise from the stage floor, but Alias still hasn't come out. Suddenly, the titantron goes backstage where Alias is sat down just behind the entrance, with his eyes closed, seeminly concentrating till he gets up, looks towards the camera, and heads out on stage to a big pop (on his own). Alias is sporting a beanie, a "There's no cure for Lee" tank top with the IWT Title around his waist., and his conventional denim ripped shorts. He takes a glare at the massive crowd on hand for a split second, but instantly runs down towards the ring and grabs a mic, wasting no time.*

    There's a sense of apathy tonight. It's supposedly IWT's biggest show of the year but I see no signs that make that statement a correct one. We get it, IWT wasn't what it once was. The novelty has practically worn off by now, and what constitutes the IWT roster currently is nothing but scraps and remains from something that once was. That's the IWT roster, though. Me? I; in no way, shape or form, consider myself apart of this pathetic roster. I tried saving this company, pick up the remains and make something useful off of it. But this company is, simply put, beyond repair. However though, tonight....tonight is IWTMania, a show which I main event for the second year in a row, with my goddamn IWT Title on the line. I may not associate myself with the IWT as a whole, but tonight you'll all get to witness the continuous and unceasing path of destruction that I've so vastly created and innovated ever since I bestowed my presence upon this company, since day one. Tonight is something special. So stick that sense of apathy up your ass and brace yourselves for the end of Lee. Brace yourselves for the fortune and prosperity of Alias Antonio. Brace yourselves for a monumental ass-beating. Brace yourselves....with a sense of urgency instead. Beause what you're going to see tonight is not for the faint-hearted.

    Lee and I basically walked into this company as brothers in arms. We had eachothers back, we had dreams, we were hungry, and we even became tag team champions at one point. But there's that one thing he lacked, that I possesed big time, and that was a certain killer instinct. I had the killer instinct to confront Aids and tell him what a fucked up has-been he was, and I had the killer instinct to kick his ass and beat him TWICE. I had the killer instinct to beat Dat Kid TWICE. I had to killer instinct to beat and nearly murder Joey Bryant TWICE. What the fuck have you done, Lee!? Be a good guy? Or a "fake" bad guy? Change name and schtick a thousand and one times? You've done jack shit of importance, Lee, and if it wasn't for one of my other qualities, my generosity, you wouldn't be standing here right now. I gave you that match at the Anniversary match two years ago out of my pure generosity, because I knew you wouldn't amount to much after The Cure perished, and I proved just who was the better man all along. I had the killer instinct to destroy you that night, but you still, somehow, someway, managed to not be completely irrelevant. But you see, the killer instinct wasn't strong enough back then. I should've ended you when I had the chance to. But hey, stars align don't they, pal? And they've certainly come along nicely tonight, baby!

    You chose this path, MY path. The path of destruction. And you will pay severely for it. You're on your last legs, Lee. Just like how The Cure was on it's last legs when we first faced.

    Your Royal Rumble victory was a unmitigated fluke, and you choosing to face me on this very special night is just furthering the truth to that statement. I will make sure to send your ass to the porn industry, or hell, even to the MMA industry, if you're interested in getting your ass kicked furthermore that is.

    I wil put my killer instinct to it's best use and put the proverbial nail in the coffin definitively. I will destroy. I will decimate. I will kill. I will reign.

    I am the cancer. I am the cure.

    Brace yourselves.
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    *Lee comes out wearing sunglasses and a trenchoat, a homage to an old side of him. He slowly removes his sunglasses at the top of the ramp, winks at the closest camera and hurls his sunglasses at the ground, smashing them to pieces. He takes off his jet black trenchcoat to reveal his X-Treme belt, Be-LEE-ve shirt and an assault rifle, much to the concern of those in the arena. Lee defuses the panic by signalling he isn't ill-intentiond, instead shooting bullets high into the sky as pyro goes off, making for an iconic image. He drops the gun and takes off his belt, he places it on his head on it and gently hands it to a crew member, murmering to himself 'hope he likes his new sibling'. Lee smirks and proceeds to run down to the ring, he is handed a mic upon entering the ring. Lee sees Alias, his eyes squinting cynically in the direction of his IWT Mania opponent.*

    Lee: Wow....IWT Mania main event... *Lee struggles to hold his joy back* Not going to lie, definitely an achievement I'll be putting on the fridge.

    *Lee smirks as the crowd let off a mild chuckle*

    But, jokes aside, allow me to be serious from here on in. Firstly, I shall say one of the only things the IWT Universe will see us two former brethren agree on these days is that.. for sure, IWT has lost something. There's a great almighty vibe missing, and heck we may be two of the reasons in the eyes of some but... that isn't it. Everyone knows by now that me and Alias both came and broke the IWT moulded, then we;

    smashed it,
    threw it in the trash,
    bought new better quality moulding clay and
    made a new prestigious mould the IWT could be proud of. Not one for everyone to attempt to imitate but one that showed the IWT roster what e-fedding is all about.

    Alias and I CANNOT be blamed for this down-ward spiral! Simply put: THINGS CHANGE! A lot of the time change occurs organically, perhaps IWT's time has come and gone but I'LL BE DAMNED IF I DON'T TAKE WHAT'S RIGHTFULLY MINE AT LEAST ONCE BEFORE THIS COMPANY FINALLY DECAYS TO THE POINT OF COLLAPSE!

    And now with the mutual opinion discussed and concluded, let's get confrontational. Alias, I strongly advise you open the narrow paramaters you have set your stubborn mind. Evolution takes longer for some than others, yours came before mine but.. mine will be of a higher echelon, an echelon that not even my most loyal of allies believed I'd be able to achieve here. And hey, while I'm on the subject of discussing my human nature, I may as well touch base with this 'Killer instinct' you seem so insanely infatuated with. Despite my past, I don't believe in hyping up the concept of a 'killer instinct' to the extent you feel the urge to. We're all primal machines, off-spring of gorillas and cavemen. A 'killer instinct' is in ALL of us. But tonight, it will be me, Lee who delivers it more!

    Just like what I did to;
    Eric Draven
    Senhor Perfet
    Trevor Raynor
    Bruce Knight

    I will dig deep within myself and defeat you! You may be better and more hyped than the aforementioned but my God I'll be damned if I'm not finally prepared to earn this great achievement in my career. Downplay my Royal Rumble win all you want, I out-lasted a fair few tremendous individuals thanks to my primal instincts, but not necessarily with the 'killer instinct' you apparently have so much of.

    And hey, attack my decisions in the past, I grant you it. But, all the constant changes is in the past, I was just trying to find myself and the person I need to be but I can say with my chest out loud and proud that I know what I need to be and this will allow me to become all the more efficient as a competitor. For I don't need to be a "Good guy" or a "'Fake' bad guy" on a binary scale to establish who I am, I know how tough I am physicaly, spirtually and mentally. I've battled personal demons all my life, my depression told me to do the most sickening and horrible things but now I have it controlled, I keep it bottled and ready for these matches....

    *Such feelings just mentioned cause him to start spluttering over his words*

    Whenever I'm hammering you with a series of blows and throws, know that's not just me you're're feeling a life-time of pain, bitterness and spiralling rage.

    *Lee's heartbeat rapidly rises*

    YES YOU'RE A CANCER ALIAS! You're a tumour I want gone after tonight. It's all over after this; companies dying, competition to IWT always dies anyway... I may not leave today but I know this can't go on forever. I'll go to MMA and pick up where I left off or go wrestle in Japan...

    Regardless, although I want to end what he have/had, I'm honoured to face you in the main event and conclude our epic history together in such an epic way.

    The IWT may be beyond cure but I've finally found mine.
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  5. *Alias wanders around the ring.*

    You're so....what's the word I'm looking for here? .....Passive-aggressive. I think that alone speaks volumes on why I was made to be on the top of the food chain and you at the mere bottom. It's almost like you want me to beat you up within an inch of your life. Cut the bullshit, man. Everything you say comes off as so inorganic and contrived, almost like a cry for help, like some sorta sick puppy. Truly a reflection of what a waste of space you are.

    But yes, we did revolutionize this business when we were together. But much like you said, we evolve, some longer than others, and I realized I didn't need to carry dead weight. I could do it perfectly, but I didn't NEED to do it. It was time to dump the trash and become the bonified IWT legend I am today. Everyone knows by now that I, Alias Antonio, came and broke the IWT mould that we, as a team, innovated, then I;

    smashed it,
    threw it in the trash,
    bought new better quality moulding clay and
    made a new prestigious mould the IWT could be proud of. Not one for everyone to attempt to imitate but one that showed the IWT roster what wrestling is all about. Hahahahaha.

    *Alias smirks proudly as he mimics Lee.*

    You walk in here, with your pride above all, acting like a big deal because you've beaten 3 or 4 big names in your time here in the IWT. Well let me tell you something, "brother". When you beat Senhor and Draven, they were on their last legs, much like you are tonight, and honestly, a simple shove would've been enough to take them old fuckers down. Then, you mention Trevor Raynor. A ungrateful cretin who had no legs to begin with. He was a nobody. A nobody I brought into this company but did jack shit to prove that what I did was valuable. I had my intentions on making the future of IWT look bright and not gloom for once, but people expect me to always do the work, and that is when I decided to just focus on myself for once. And finally, you bring up Bruce Knight's name. The motherfucker is a bigger fluke than you are. And yes, he did beat me in the main event of Mania last year, but where the fuck is he now? He couldn't follow up on his gargantuan achievement and when he realized it was sink or swim, he couldn't swim to save his goddamn life.

    So yeah, you've never faced a real test other than me in your life. You've had to "overcome" depression? Boo fucking hoo. I had a rough life too, I had to and still do go through various trials and tribulations in my daily life, but that in no way stopped me from climbing the ladder of success and become the fucking IWT Champion. I'm at the top and no ones ever going to take me down. So re-think why you came here tonight, and then do some more re-thinking but no matter how much re-thinking you do, nothing, and I mean absolutely nothing is going to take me down tonight. And it's a damn shame you thought your moment at the top was now. I fucking decide whenever someone's time at the top is and tonight is just your death sentence, pal.

    You're going to take out a life-time of bitterness and rage on me tonight? That's stupid. But alas, that will ultimately be the reason for your loss tonight. Rage and bitterness may seem like a good idea to motivate you tonight, but it will blind your true intentions and that should be winning the most prestigious title in this company. You just don't possess the mental dexterity to realize that though, do you?

    It's funny how we were once a cohesive unit, with the same mindset and ideology at one point. But now I look at you, and man, our paths have gone two very different ways. I evolved and adapted my ideology into something new and fresh more and more every time while you just regressed....and regressed....and regressed.....and regresssed....

    The only reason these people know you is because you were Alias Antonio's bitch two years ago, and it's also funny how the most hype you get is whenever you're standing in the same ring as I am. Take this as the last time, though. The last time the name "Lee" will ever be talked about in any relevant manner.

    Consider yourself lucky, or unlucky. You can decide that, but your fate after tonight has already been decided.

    There's no Cure for you, Lee.
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    *Lee takes a minute to contemplate before huffing and rolling his eyes*

    Lee: (Murmered) Passive-agressive.....

    *Lee takes another few moments to contemplate before looking at the hard camera and shrugging. He clicks his neck and looks back at Alias*

    Your psychology expertise has me feckin' bamboozled really.. not sure how I can wriggle out of this battle of words.. but alas, here goes nothing.

    *Lee motions for a guy at the front of the card to throw him his baseball cap. Lee puts it backwards on his head*


    Now hey I'm a man of 'inconsistency' and all that, yeah? Nah fam. I'm a man of many cultures and layers..for you people don't deserve 'consistency' deserve ENTERTAINMENT! It's the lack of ENTERTAINMENT here that's killing this e-fed.

    Go no Frank The Jock to keep the cheeky vibes flowing....

    Without a futher ado... let me close out my IWT Mania III chit-chat with some peak bars... I've heard Alias likes rap in his spare-time, so I hope he like it Ant.

    *Lee clears his throat before putting the mic real close to his mouth.*

    Hey there Alias
    Seem kinda vexed
    Don't get my real alias
    Pretending you ain't perplexed

    Sadly you've lost at IWT Mania before
    Yet you still act pretty gassed
    You think you're a draw
    Alias you better calm down real fast

    Ratings in a match 'gainst Johnson
    not that crazy tho in that case
    The alki may be from butt-fuck Wisconisn
    but damn he sells like hot cakes

    Tonio ya wanna chat 'regress'
    Well m8 let's talk then
    Ben Dover never woulda reached success
    We all know Alias has a boner for Ben

    Dover winning a rumble?
    bruv, let's not chat shit yeah
    'Not enough filth' is all he'd mumble...
    Dover's done now yeah

    Shame how it's come to this
    We once used to bros
    But now i'll be beating you till you piss
    A tragedy of life Senhor knows


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