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Who's your winner?

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  1. Lord Ovalhead

  2. Dolph'sZiggler

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    The following contest is scheduled for one fall...
    and is for the Intercontinental Championship!

    Sir Lee(@Lord Ovalhead) vs Dolph'sZiggler(@Dolph'sZiggler)

    The rules are as follows:

    -No interuptions, only competitors can post here
    -Pictures, videos, livestream etc. are all banned, apart from titantron entrances.
    -Promos will last for
    36 hours after the 1st promo is posted,
    and there is no limit on the amount of promos you can cut.
    -Voting will then last for 24 hours after the last promo is posted.

    Voting for yourself will result in instant disqualification and suspension,
    no questions asked.
    Please do not post OOC until promos are finished. If you need to address someone please do it via PM.
    However, posts that are kayfabe like watching the match from backstage are OK. Anything else will be deleted.


  2. *The titantron is gone, only #SWAG remains, he wears a purple snapback over his head and a purple #HYPE hoodie to go with it, generic jeans and red Air Jordans to finish. He has a black plastic bag in his right hand, he clenches his left hand really tightly, matching the strained expression on his face. He still has his EU belt, oddly around his hoodie. He shakes his head as he hurries down the ring. He is handed a mic by the ring announcer.*

    Lord Lee: People don't like change, people don't like you making your own choices, you either be the person others want you to be or you get trampled. Well, screw it, some say I'm a huge corporate FUCKING SELLOUT to my family, so let's sell out some more...... #KnowingMyPlace

    Dolph's your cute little death thing in the chamber was, I must admit was.....MEGALOLZ!

    *Lord Lee sarcastically smiles at the camera*

    Lord Lee: But I bet....I'm more hi-lar-rious! Look *He grabs a cream pie out of his bag* I can do old school prop comedy, watch!

    *Lord Lee throws the pie at the referee, causing the ref to fall over and then cry.*

    Lord Lee: Ahhhhhhhhh, true comedy. I encourage you to come out and make what I'm doing seem foolish....BECAUSE IT IS FOOLISH!! But that's comedy, eh? Can't be as funny or original as IWT's fave's; Kid and Danny. They've sure made the most of being back in IWT, right?

    *Most stay silent but some loyal fans say yes.*

    Lord Lee: Well...Less sheep than expected. I like that they think that what they do is their own trademark, they invented parody and are the best at it, yet their renditions sometimes wears themselves out so damn much! That's considering one of them barely participates!

    *Suddenly, Lord Lee looks at the production area of the arena, looking perplexed and confused.*

    Lord Lee: Just as I say this, I'm getting complains from your "Professional" GM, the same guy who has had more unnecessary conflicts than I've murdered and that's saying something..

    So Dolph's, with your skin so white, why don't you help me guide this to match of the night!

    And yes, that was a poor attempt at parodying Rudolph, screw you if you didn't like it.

    And finally *Looks at Kaizer and grabs a pie*, eat shit you mediocre fuck! *Throws a pie at the sleeping Kaizer, probably still asleep lol.*
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  3. The crowd is uneasy after Sir Lee's strange opener. Nearly a minute goes by from the end of Lee's promo until "What's Golden" begins playing...

    Ziggler is well-received by the hot crowd, as he comes out with a sly smirk on his face, ready to embrace the most important moment of his young IWT career. Standing atop the ramp, D'Z stares into the ring at Sir Lee and gives him a sarcastic bow reminiscent of "Hunter Hearst Helmsley". Slapping hands on his way down the aisle, he exclaims "We're alllll about to find out 'What's Golden' ya feel me? My WAIST NEPHEW!"
    Wasting little time, D'Z slides into the ring and calls for a mic. Before starting he walks toward Sir Lee for a staredown that ignites the crowd. After a few brief intense moments, Ziggler's hardened stare turns into his trademark pity face, as he steps away from Sir Lee and begins.

    Well, Sir Lee... wait, do you prefer Lord Lee these days?
    D'Z briefly holds the mic out in front of Lee before yanking it away.
    I really don't give a rat's ass what you prefer to be called. Judging by your promo maybe you want to go by Bozo Lee Clown? I mean, damn man, I get that I have a sense of humor and know how to shoot the shit, but is that really all you've pegged me for... is a comedy character? If I cared slightly more about you as a human being or a competitor I might be offended. As it stands, you are just a one of the misguided doofuses who continues to miss the point about my career. I'm not here to be a comedy character. I'm here to chisel my face into the IWT Mount Rushmore, right in between Aids Johnson and Dat Kid.

    Much like you miss the point on nearly everything, you've completely whiffed on the concept of my Elimination Chamber showing. I've explained it time and time again, perhaps you missed the D'Z funeral-slash-resurrection (one of the highest rated segments of 2014 might I add) but since you've displayed your ignorance it allows for me once again to explain my actions, and here on the grandest stage no less.

    I'm going to give you the overly-simplified version, since the vast majority of these educated fans already know how the story goes, and well, since I know keeping it simple always helps when talking with you, HermioneLee.
    You see, when you look at D'Z, there are two competitors. The lazy, often ill-prepared jackass who skated by on natural ability and felt entitled to everything. Then, you have the devilishly handsome, hard working, ready-to-prove himself go getter you see today today. The events leading to this shift in character were the old D'Z vanquishing at the EC match, and the ensuing funeral, signifying the death of "Fuckboy D'Z" as I now refer to him as, and the rebirth of the current glorious incarnation of D'Z. Whereas before I expected to main event every pay per view and to be handed the keys to the company before earning it, I now look at the challenge of earning my way to the top as an exciting opportunity to showcase my ability and to silence the critics who question my chops as a competitor.

    And I don't mean to brag, brother, but if you think you are going over the D'Z standing before you with this half-assed comedy routine, you may as well hand me that belt now and move on with the rest of your evening, because you are wasting my time, your time and the people's time with that lame ass bullshit. So I'm going to hand you this mic, and I want you to dig down deep inside of "Sir Lee" and try to figure out how you are going to dig yourself out of this hole that you've dug, before I simply shovel the rest of the dirt onto what would become your shallow, makeshift IWT grave.

    The crowd chants "Ziggler! Ziggler!" as he tosses the mic into Lee's chest and awaits his rebuttal.​
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  4. Voting opened!
  5. ooc fuck one promo man. what a fucking flop of a match.

    just vote for oval I don't want to win the belt in this shitty match
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  6. Could time not have been extended?
  7. I was waiting on ovals second promo and planning to cut my second/final one when I got home this evening..
  8. shouldn't you be banned from the fed for being an annoying shithead?
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  9. Which should've been fine, if a match can be extended till fucking Saturday then this match could've gotten an extra day.
  10. Shit, sorry I voted already then, my bad
  11. Actually I only made that joke because you were shitting on it, why you so cranky?
  12. disappointed in sir lee and of course Jonathan sucking fat dick as commish, but the latter is to be expected.
  13. Why you taking it out on me :cry:
  14. I waited almost 10 hours after promos had closed and still no one had promo'd... none of you said to wait, how am I supposed to know.
  15. you make yourself the easiest of easy targets
  16. :okay:
  17. well it is a mania championship match with 2 total promos. common sense, which I know you lack, dictates it should run longer
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  18. I was almost finished; Was about to post it in 15 minutes. Fuck!

    Really sorry @Dolph'sZiggler about this, was trying to write some of it eariler but college/football have gotten in the way. Was hoping that the voting wouldn't be open when I got back guess my luck (yours too I guess) was not there this time..
  19. not mad at you or anything bro just disappointed cause I had relatively high hopes