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Who's your IWT Champion?

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  1. Joey Bryant

  2. Bruce Knight

  3. Aids Johnson

  1. The following contest is scheduled for one fall...
    and is for the IWT Championship!

    Joey Bryant(@DK James) vs Bruce Knight(@Forrest) vs Aids Johnson(@Aids Johnson)

    The rules are as follows:

    -No interuptions, only competitors can post here
    -Pictures, videos, livestream etc. are all banned, apart from titantron entrances.
    -Promos will last for 24 hours after the 1st promo is posted,
    and there is no limit on the amount of promos you can cut.
    -Voting will then last for 24 hours after the last promo is posted.

    Voting for yourself will result in instant disqualification and suspension,
    no questions asked.
    Please do not post OOC until promos are finished. If you need to address someone please do it via PM.
    However, posts that are kayfabe like watching the match from backstage are OK. Anything else will be deleted.

    It's sunday here :stfu:
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  2. The lights dim, as the titantron begins to a blank screen and pyro blasts going from the ceiling to the entrance.

    The crowd gives off a huge pop, as Aids Johnson does his best Scott Hall walkout, wearing an ear to ear grin. He stops at the top of the stage, laughing, before running down and sliding into the ring. Aids hits one of the corner, talking shit and pointing to the WM2 sign up in the rafters. After finishing his pose, Aids steps back, being handed the microphone from the referee, before he shakes Aids hand and thanks him for showing up tonight.

    Ladies and Gentlemen, IWT Employees and the future of this company shown on this dimly lit stage this evening! It is finally time, for your main event. *Aids chuckles to himself, pausing for a few moments before continuing* I know what people are expecting, and honestly i know it is safe to say more has been expected of me here, than of anyone else in the entire IWT. Am I talking about "Will Aids Johnson win his IWT title match?" No, it's the enjoyable TMZ petty questions. "Will Aids take shots at creative, wasting his promo time on the competitors who he should be focusing?" Aids laughs. *Will Aids address the major call out issued to him by Dat Kid after his dominant win over Mystical George, who some claim is Aids Hero?" *:pity2:*

    Well I can answer all these questions all right here and now! *Aids pauses for seconds as if deciding which topic to tackle first*

    Welcome everyone to the Main Event of the IWT! IWT Champion Joey Bryant has his first defense as champion, against the Royal Rumble winner and the man who is so intimidating, even the Unknown one refused to step foot in the ring with him. Oh, and also the 3 time champion of the IWT, yours truly....Aids Johnson. What a week we have had, and who better than the Superstar of the year, 3 time IWT Champion, and the man with big plans to come out here and get the crowd pumped for the match they all have been waiting for!?

    Honestly, I had once flirted with the idea of ignoring Bruce Knight even existed in this match. I will gladly admit openly that I value the level that my balls will grow before common sense comes in, knocking oh so quietly on my temple side entrance. Ignoring Bruce Knight would be easy, but would it be smart? Let me give him his dues and say that of all the people hating on him winning the Royal Rumble, there could have been a lot worse. Hell the majority of competitors in the Royal Rumble would have been glad to take Bruce's spot, and everyone else would still gladly step in line to get their shots in, but who doesnt love a good shit show? The Ball might not be in Bruce's court, but he will have the chance at least two times to go big tonight.

    *Aids pauses, smiling, before lifting his microphone up again*....And then there is Joey Bryant. God i love that you finally got your dues, but tonight isnt going to be that sweet date you made that cute video out to be for me before EC, this is my courtesy before I prove myself to be the greater man one more time. I love building you up to be a future champion, hell I will gladly say there are three stars i see matching my title reign of 3 at this point, and you are clearly one of them. What I continually love to leave out or only hint at, is that on any given day I could return and take the belt back from you. You got a win on me at EC, great. Alias has beaten me in two dark matches but that kid just hasnt seen me in the right light.

    "Tonight is that time, Wrestlemania. Tonight you are in Aids Country kiddos, and I'm not planning on shooting at your feet anymore." Aids says before leaning back against the corner - waiting for his opponents.
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  3. Christian is seen in the audience being escorted by security. They make way for him as he grabs a seat right beside the commentary booth as he looks onto Aids.
    Commentator 1: Looks like Christian will be joining us and grabbing a front seat for this match. Christian, do you have any predictions on who will win this match?

    Christian ignores the commentator and eyeballs Aids who is standing in the middle of the ring.
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  4. Soon after Aids is finished talking, "Underdog" by Kasabian starts to play.

    Then, At 0:24, Knight walks out on the stage, smiling as he does so. He looks at the ring, at Aids, before he points to the WM 2 sign, shouting the words "It's Time!". Knight walks down the ramp, giving out high fives to any fans. He jumps up on the Apron and smiles at Aids before Jumping over the ropes into the ring, rolling onto the mat and jumping back up with his arms in the air. He Gets a microphone from nearby.

    "Well...It looks like it's time. The Main Event. My opportunity to show everyone backstage that I deserve this place in the main event.
    As I said Earlier, Would this be any different if someone else won the rumble? No, You would still call this "Joey Bryant versus Aids Johnson". I've been preparing for this match, the chance to prove to everyone back in the locker room that I'm more then a lucky bastard who had a fluke win in the Royal Rumble. I will be taking this chance and I will not waste it.

    Aids, I admire your honesty...and your right. Ignoring me wouldn't be smart because you can never underestimate the underdog in these kinds of matches. Your also right about Me winning the Royal Rumble....I mean, Would everyone back there want to watch "FTJ vs Joey Bryant vs Aids Johnson"? I don't think so. Over the past two months, people have been shitting on me being in the main event, People who want to forget about me in this match...I promise everyone watching this that you will not forget about me. I will be a part of this match just like Aids and Joey Bryant are.

    Speaking of Joey Bryant, I listened to your Promo before this match...You want to knock me out of commission for this match? Joey, Strike me...Take me down...I don't care whatever you do, I will get back up...I won't hold back and Joey, If you think you'll take me out of this match easy...Then your mistaken, greatly mistaken. Joey, You can try to forget I'm in this match, just like everyone is doing, but remember, I am more then a Lucky man who had a fluke win....I am a genuine threat...Laugh it off, if you want to, I will keep making my way into this match even when you try to keep me out. Joey, I gave you Question earlier on in the night...."What if someone else won the rumble, would you call their win a fluke?".

    No one Believes that I can put up a fight to Aids and Joey Bryant...Tonight, I'll make everyone believe that I can match up to you two. The Odds are low for a Bruce Knight win, No one has belief in me...but that doesn't mean I can't win. Be it now or in the future...I will become the IWT Champion, I will be respected by those in the locker room...I will have the support that people like Aids and Joey Bryant have. I am the Underdog and Tonight....I where I change."

    Knight goes to the opposite Turnbuckle, Opposite to Aids Johnson, as they wait for Joey Bryant.
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  5. Dat Kid walks out, dragging the World Heavyweight Championship behind him and a chair in the other hand. He props up the chair on the stage, then sits down. Kid snaps his fingers and people come running down from the sides of the stage. It's the Datcolytes. They all line up around the perimeter of the stage and bow down, facing the entrance way where Joey Bryant has yet to appear from.

    As the most valued member of The Church I'm obliged to introduce the man who will turn the assholes of these men into gaping craters when he rapes them of their dignity here tonight.

    Kid looks at Aids
    ...or at least what's left of it.

    However, with that being said, I feel no need to give an introduction to this man, in face Joey Bryant shouldn't even be competing tonight. Wrestlemania is supposed to be these great fierce competitive battle and when I look in the ring all I see is a rookie that single handedly killed the butyrate on this PPV and Senhor Perfect 2.0. Joey Bryant shouldn't have to waste his time with this nonsense.

    I'll keep this short and sweet. I'm not here to introduce Joey Bryant. I am here to apologize to Joey Bryant. I apologize because after a momentous year in the IWT, this is the lackluster finish he has to walk in to. I am sorry Joey Bryant.

    From his seat, Kid points to the entrance. @DK James
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  6. *As Dat Kid finishes, a bunch of pyro of green erupts throughout the entire arena when the lights go out.*

    "Shall we uh, take them to uh, church?"

    *The lights now turn green all throughout the IWTMania 2 arena. The music continues to play for 36 seconds as the crowd cheers and at the 38 second mark, Joey Bryant walks out on the large Mania stage with the IWT Title slung over his shoulder. He has no emotion on his face and just stares throughout the millions cheering for him. Joey looks at Kid and nods his head and then at the Datcolytes and smirks for the first time. He paces his way down the ramp just taking in all the emotion coming from his theme and the crowd but his smirk fades when he locks eyes with Aids. He rolls in the ring and hops up on a turnbuckle and raises his IWT Title high in the air as a bit more pyro goes off above him. He lowers his title and his music begins to fade now but the crowd continues to cheer. He wraps the IWT title around his waist before glaring at both his competitors and raising his mic to his face.*

    "Looking at my life truly is like you're watching a movie. There's a plot it seems to every match I'm in. Let me start off by saying Bruce, congratulations for being in the main event of IWTMania. Must make you feel really important. But if you think for one moment I wouldn't rather be seeing Alias Antonio standing where you're standing you're dead wrong."

    *The crowd pops and Alias chants break out.*

    "No need to thank me for that one. But like I was saying, every match has a different feel to it. Each feeling is so distinct I remember matches so fondly and well it feels like I can just re-live them over and over in my head. When I faced FTJ it had a comedic feel to it, I had no worries at the time, I knew I was going to move on and win the IWT Title inside the Elimination Chamber. When I faced Alias Antonio I had a nervousness in me. I knew that people were already beginning to turn on me after winning the title and I knew if I lost to Antonio people would think even less of their IWT Champion. That happened, but I moved on. When I faced Aids the first time last year, I felt hope. Excitement. There were butterflies all in my stomach because I was main eventing a PPV in such a short time at a shot at immortality. I lost that, and I don't really remember how I felt honestly. Probably just honored to get the shot. But that second shot, that was the one the fire started my entire career I think. I knew I could win that match, I thought I had it in the bag, and it ended with me sitting on the apron watching thousands of people cheer for Aids and he celebrated his second defense against me. I remember the exact feeling after that match. Disappointment, greed, anger, doubt, and... redemption."

    *He shudders a bit at the thought of those feelings but continues.*

    "I don't ever want to feel that again. I don't ever want to be sitting on this apron and watch Aids rip my 15 seconds of fame away from me again, to have to watch everything that I worked for fade away. So this match, I'd call it the most important match in my career. The chance to finally meet Aids again for the IWT Title, to prove I can beat him and I will beat Bruce Knight. Look at me, I'm a loser, I'm a winner, I'm good, I'm bad, I'm loud, I'm righteous, I'm a martyr, I'm a killer, I'm a dreamer. I'm saying that I'm human, all of us have this dying need to be on top, everyone wants to be their own boss, control their own fate, their own appearances, their own control over the gold. I was sick of having promoters tell me where to go, when to be there, how many people are going to be there, if I'll be putting my body on the line for a few or for many. Now, I know how many people will be there. I know wherever I go people are going to want to see me, hate me or love me, they want to see me and that's what I've learned is the magic of being a champion. While Aids held this title with dominance for months of 2013 going into 2014, that must of been how he felt. He never cared what anyone thought of him, he just did what he did best, and people reacted. I watched it all happen around me, it was a good lesson. If I ran right now, just ran from this company and never returned I'm a wild boy with a lack of guidance. Hell, they'd probably blame it on Dat Kid. Seems anything anyone is ever worried about is if Dat Kid and I teaming up was good for my career, for our careers. Well it's IWTMania, let me set every damn thing straight. Look at us. Dat Kid is your World Heavyweight Champion. He just defeated the great Georgie out here to everyone's surprise. I am holding the IWT Title, something many dream of holding. No shit it was good for our careers, shut your mouths about that once and for all. Another one, is Alias Antonio better than Joey Bryant?"

    *He chuckles as the crowd gives off mixed chants.*

    "He's certainly more resourceful and he knows what he's doing. Better? We'll see. Is Aids just an old veteran looking for that last run at IWT Champion before he goes back to just helping the company? I said a week ago that Aids is like a dog, but I've become the big dog, the alpha male. As a dog goes back to its vomit, so a fool repeats his stupidity. This title is the vomit and Aids is the fool, he's facing a brand new Joey Bryant. Let's get the love fest out of the way right now, I never lost total respect for Aids. He elevated my career but that's it, I owe nothing else to him. He gave me a chance when no one else would and I thanked him, so those thinking I owed this match to him are a bunch of idiots. Aids literally handed over the torch at Elimination Chamber, he said he did not want this title anymore but here he is, back again to try and knock me down a rung on the ladder. Send me back to a darker state. *He laughs* Not this time, buddy, just not happening this time. Bruce the only memorable thing you've said so far is if someone else won the rumble, would I call it a fluke? Depends. I'm sure if B.Dazzle rightfully won it I'd be a hell of a lot happier, I'll tell you that much."

    *The crowd pops again for the mention of another talent.*

    "You did nothing to deserve that rumble win, you through a couple dudes over the rope, fucking anyone could do that. I think it's definitely a fluke it guaranteed you a shot at this match, it should've been stripped away from you when everyone realized you weren't serious about this at all. Showed your face only a few times on the road to Mania, barely even competed, barely stayed relevant. You don't belong here jabroni, you belong shining my ring boots right now. So get down, get to work. Maybe I'll let up a bit then. Back to what everyone came for, Aids you sly dog."

    *He gets right up close to Aids as the crowd cheers for the confrontation.*

    "You don't know what you're looking at, do you? Probably thinking "Oh lord, what have I created, I created another version of myself!" Hardly. If I wanted to be like you I'd run out here, call out Jonathon, do a little dance, and take a shot of scotch before opening my mouth. We're similar in the sense that I am going to eventually beat your reign record, I will hold this title more times than anyone would even think about. That's confidence, that's something I didn't have when we faced off the last 2 times for this title. I know you want this back because when you're holding this title you do nothing bad for this company! You make matches, you give younger guys a chance, you show up every day, and you brag with your large ego like only you can do. I'd like to stand here and dish out "yo momma" jokes all night but that would probably be a waste of everyone's money and time. Instead, I'm going to lay it out for you like I haven't before. On that day you put down the IWT title, I lost one of my biggest believers, I lost one of my biggest inspirations. Because while everyone must've thought that you giving up the title was a courageous thing to do, to let a younger talent take over, I saw right through it. You gave up on this company and I could tell you were sick and tired of being the father figure many look up to you as. You were so close to snapping like I have before, you could have laid it all out there right there, about how you really don't like me, you hate how overrated I've become, and how you still think you should be holding the title over anyone else. So go ahead, IWT Mania! Lay it all out there, tell me how much you want to shut my mouth and send me back to being a nobody."

    *He backs up a bit from Aids and just maintains stern eye contact with him.*
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  7. I'll try and have a promo up tomorrow....Sometime around 4:30-6 in the afternoon...
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  8. Aids shakes his head, letting out a small laugh as he stares down Joey Bryant momentarily, before holding up his microphone once again.

    It's astounding how you can be so right on some points, and still come up with such a horribly wrong conclusion. I am in this match because let's face it, if there is no Aids Johnson, you winning doesnt count as a win, and Bruce Knight winning could have been the burial of the belt. I included myself for the bigger picture, as I have always done, and I can gladly tell anyone and everyone this isn't about becoming the 4 time champion. This is about being in the main event of back to back wrestlemania's, the grandest stage of all, with the microphone in my hand to set the record straight.

    You see the reason I hate the idea of you being champion has nothing to do with you, it has everything to do with the leech proclaiming to be the one who built you up to be champion. Dat kid cracks lines at me asking "Where are your world champions," giving himself credit for your success, when he deserves none. Where was he when you won the #1 contender spot? Where was he when I gave you the rematch? In my longest run as IWT Champion, the ONLY match I was allowed to choose, i chose you to face me, because it was best for business. What has Dat Kid done? He chose a match vs an opponent 9 months removed from the IWT. While I helped build the future, people like Dat Kid and Christian down there speculate that this is my last chance in the lime-light. Me, the ONLY 3 time IWT Champ, the man who walked out of Wrestlemania 1 as champ, Mr Money in the bank, and Superstar of the year. *Aids begins to pace again*

    Guys like Dat Kid and Christian. Christian, ladies and gentlemen! People are wondering why he came out tonight, watching me intensely? It's simple, honestly. He found out Dat Kid wants to face me, and he is hoping that when we face off at Summerslam, it will be for the unification of the titles. You see, that is the only way Christian can EVER consider himself becoming the THREE TIME WHC Champion! *Aids laughs, giving Christian a middle finger salute*

    And I don't need to put you down Joey, I dont want to send you back down the ladder, hell I dont want to send Bruce back down the ladder either. This is the showcase of the immortals, and at this point there are only two here. There is dat kid, the false prophet, and then there is Aids Johnson. You see being compared to Senhor perfect was never that bad. He is still one of the greatest three of this company, a man who took his ball and decided to give the other guys a chance at something new, something different. Is it successful? Will he eventually contend with the IWT? Only time will tell. But me? I have bigger plans in house, and they begin as soon as these lights go out. *Aids points all around the arena*

    Now, back to what we are really here for.

    Bruce Knight being absent is blamed on him, and let's face it everyone - how is that his fault. He wins the Royal Rumble and is instantly chosen to main event wrestlemania, and yet he was only booked once. It was a match vs the jobber to end all jobbers here - Anonymous. How is that showing confidence in your Main Eventer at Wrestlemania? Should he have competed in more dark matches? Why would he. It's simple why this match was booked as such a weak main event, and the blame should not be held over Bruce Knights head.

    In fact the blame should not be over your head entirely either, Joey. You went against Alias and were not just defeated, no. You were demolished. And what did you do? You ran back to the shadows, waiting until only days before. Are you to blame? No, the man taking credit for your success kept cutting his promo's, entirely immersed in his own plans for the future, while ignoring the chance to help you out before what could arguably be the biggest match of your career. Do people hate the idea of you and Dat Kid teaming up? Why would they? He is going to hold you back, while you keep spouting the lessons you learned from me instead of what you have learned from him.

    You will be a great champion someday, but that one hundred fifteen pound sack of shit on your back is really going to only hold you back. Do I need this belt? No. I know what I am, and I know where my future lies. Can either of you claim the same?

    *Aids points at Bruce Knight* You see we have an underdog - *Aids points at Joey* and we have a martyr. *Aids points up towards the wrestlemania sign* But me? I am a champion, but I don't need a belt to prove that.
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  9. Crowd chants "Thank you Aids! Thank you Aids! Thank you Aids!"
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  10. As Aids finishes speaking, Knight ends his little thinking session, taking in the words of Aids and Joey Bryant. He gets off the Turnbuckle and turns to face Joey Bryant.

    "Joey, You're right about one thing...I'm not the right man to be IWT Champion right now....but do I care? Do I step down, refuse to show because of your negative opinion of me? No...I come out, I'll put up a fight...I'll make myself a respected opponent, I'll prove that I can, one day, become the IWT Champion...That I can compete on the level of you and Aids. No one has any faith in me....Aids puts it down to the booking team that I wasn't prepared....You, Joey, Put it down to the fact that I'm "Insignificant" to you....Just because you have that Gold Belt around you. Alias defeated you, He dominated you....You would class him as "Insignificant" since he hasn't got your belt. You ran off into the shadows, you became scared of this match....but not for me...No, You became scared because of him.

    Knight Points to Aids, Smiling as he does so.

    "You expected this match to be Bruce Knight vs Joey Bryant, Jobber vs Champion....You had small hopes of Aids cashing in his Title rematch here....but he did. You see me as having no chance...I have a slim chance of winning....Yet a Great Chance at proving myself to everyone. I promised my self that tonight would be the last night that I would be "The Underdog"...That this match would help me get recognized. Joey, I won't win the Title Tonight, I doubt I would pin you or Aids....but that won't stop me from trying. Trying is all I have left in this face IWT's Finest in Aids Johnson and the "Fake Champion" known as Joey Bryant."

    "Aids, I didn't get to warm up for this match....A couple of Promos and a win against a no showing Coward...I admit, I'm in no form at the moment to stand a chance in winning this match. I respect you, Aids...Your the Face of IWT, why wouldn't anyone Respect you? Your a 3 time IWT Champion, You battled the best here and you've defeated most of them...I see myself as having no chance in defeating you....But I have a motto..."Never say Never". For those who don't know what that means, It means "Never give up...For anything can happen." I will continue to fight, no matter how many critics are on my back, no matter how many IWT Stars say I have no chance or have a Negative Opinion of me...I will never give up. Tonight, I end my run as the "Underdog"....Tonight, I become the new "Bruce Knight"."

    Knight goes over to a Turnbuckles, drops the microphone and leans, thinking about his choice of words.
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  11. Voting will open when @DK James gets a 2nd in
  12. OOC: Thanks, will be up by the end of the night got out of school and went right to work, will have it though.
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  13. *Joey sits there and takes all it in and begins to pace around the ring furiously when Bruce finishes.*

    "Fake champion, did you say? Why don't you just sit your ass down and watch the real men do what we do. You're a lost dog, you mean nothing to me and until you prove it to anyone else you mean nothing to this company."

    *The crowd begins to boo Joey.*

    "Oh so let me hear it! I sit hear taking in all this bullshit, having to let my ears bleed from the spew that just flows out of Aids' mouth and out of Mr.Knight's mouth, it's just awful. You all heard it, you all know who you really want to listen to and that's ME. Joey Bryant is your IWT Champion, there is no denying that and it's going to stay this way for a long lonnnng time. So stop cheering for false prophets like Aids Johnson, stop praying for the underdogs, realize all along I've been the man. I won this title out of work and I'll be damned if I get it taken away just because he knows "The IWT needs him."

    *The crowd boos louder and it's now a mix. He shakes his head.*

    "You don't think I appreciate what's going on though, do you? I love this moment. I got the chance to walk out on the biggest show of the year raising the IWT Title high in the air for everyone in the back to see. To know I'm the leading man. I'm THE guy. Something Bruce Knight may never be. Something I'll make sure Aids never is again. Because with or without Dat Kid, with or without Aids Johnson, Joey Bryant would have still excelled. I'd still be standing here in the main event of IWT Mania 2 because I opened people's eyes to the truth! The truth that this is time for a new era in IWT and with my success, guys like Nick, Kaizer, Trip, Sir Lee, they all realized if I could do it, they had a shot too. I am what's right for this company, I brought out the best of the current talent to shine, so no matter who I aligned myself with, I know I'd still be standing here. It's my destiny, I was born into this company to a star no matter how long it took everybody to learn about it."

    *He continues to ignore Bruce and stares right at Aids.*

    "The fact that you're letting the presence of Dat Kid ruin my title reign is disappointing from a guy like you claim to be. Saying you're the best thing for young talent, you brought out the best of many new competitors, but your passionate hate for Dat Kid makes you completely lose your respect for me. A guy who did it nearly by himself. That's the great thing about Dat Kid actually, so many people like yourself just hate him so much. They hate when he shows up, they hate when he's in a match, they hate when he leaves. It takes so much attention away from me I almost want to thank him because you proved it, you are annoyed by my reign because I did it with aid from Dat Kid. You need to let it into your skull that while you're a 3 time IWT Champion, Dat Kid has his fair share of accolades as well. You may be scare of him getting more successful than you. Yea, that's it. If I beat you, you know the group known as "The Church" ruined your legacy plans led at the helm of Dat Kid. I may be boosting Dat Kid's ego here but that's basically all you did in your 5 minutes of talking. Saying how the blame can't be put on Knight or myself, but this is between you and Dat Kid. Well if that was the case you would have challenged him for his title, and not me. You wanted to face me for many reasons. Finally try to bring the best out of me and prove that I'm a champion, or but to get into the head of Dat Kid. To be able to rub it in to him that you beat his golden boy for the prime gold in this company, for the right to say you ended my mediocre reign. Ay yo, not happening."

    "Notice how I'm not sitting here talking about how much I respect you again. What you're seeing is the man that was hiding in the back of my mind many months ago. The fact that you say Dat Kid's absent lessons are being mixed up in my brain with the so called "lessons" you taught me. The only thing you taught me is I needed to be better, that maybe I wasn't made out for the main event. It was then when Dat Kid showed up a couple months later and basically promised me success. He knew I didn't deserve to lose to you, Aids. He told me straight up that I can be the IWT Champion, it was just going to take a little more work than just telling you what I like about you. When Alias Antonio beat me, I didn't come out and talk about what a fluke it was, I know I was beaten bad, and there was only one way to bounce back from it. I decided that the only one true way of bouncing back on it was to beat you. Defeat you at the biggest event of the year and prove I don't need to beat Alias Antonio to show why I'm the best. I'm glad Aids was entered in, I wouldn't have nearly enough fuel to say about Bruce Knight. All I could do is rip on the poor guy for being so vulnerable in a time like this but you know what, you got your main event at Mania. Take it as the only success you're going to get in this company and go back home and be happy. Be happy that you got to face guys like myself and Aids in a highly rated match and put that on your resume."

    *Joey walks to the ropes and throws his hands up*

    "So go ahead, Aids. Strike me down and end my reign like only you think you can do. But I warn you, I'm not going down as easy. And if I do happen to fall, I'm not turning to another teammate that I need to carry. I'm not turning to a new mentor, I'm just going to rise back to the top like only Joey Bryant can. So no matter what you do to me it's not going to matter, your true goal of taking out Dat Kid will not be a success and instead you'll be left with the empty feeling with a thought that you just ended a mans title reign that you so badly wanted. It'd be a shame, but this is business, and I've learned it's a bitch."

    *Joey throws down his mic but keeps his hands up in the air facing away from Aids and Bruce.*
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  14. Voting opened!
  15. i voted for Bruce Knight because i want a englishman to Humliate Aids and Joey(it's actually a pity vote but don't tell him that)
  16. Knight is winning!
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  17. Well the voting problem sure has been fixed.
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  18. Just cuz you're losing ATM :troll: kidding kidding

    TBH I was surprised to see the voting done the old way for Mania. "Voting going forward" must mean "Whenever Jono feels like it" lol
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  19. Tuesday, the most active day on WWEF, time to break the voting record.
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