Voting IWT Mania - IWT Champisonship Cash-In!

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Who's your IWT Champion?

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  1. Alias Antonio

  2. Bruce Knight

  1. The following contest is scheduled for one fall...
    and is for the IWT Championship!
    THG? is cashing in his X Division Championship!

    Alias Antonio(@THG?) vs Bruce Knight(@Forrest)

    The rules are as follows:

    -No interuptions, only competitors can post here
    -Pictures, videos, livestream etc. are all banned, apart from titantron entrances.
    -Promos will last for
    24 hours after the 1st promo is posted,
    and there is no limit on the amount of promos you can cut.
    -Voting will then last for 24 hours after the last promo is posted.

    Voting for yourself will result in instant disqualification and suspension,
    no questions asked.
    Please do not post OOC until promos are finished. If you need to address someone please do it via PM.
    However, posts that are kayfabe like watching the match from backstage are OK. Anything else will be deleted.

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  2. Crowd (still chanting): HO-LY SHIT! HO-LY SHIT! HO-LY SHIT!
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  3. *Marcus and Trip are in the locker room in front of a monitor holding their new Tag Team Titles enjoying this moment*
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  4. *As the bell rings, Alias picks up the mic again, not taking an eye off of Bruce, staring at him intensely.*

    Don't get me wrong, the whole build to your "moment" has been pretty compelling. I was personally excited to see you in this match, hell, I was rooting for you back there. Because you know as much as I do that Joey and Aids do not provide me a challenge anymore. I have beaten Aids twice, and left Bryant hiding under Dat Kid's coattails for weeks after the sheer embarassment I left him in not too long ago on Uprising. But even when he came out and showed up for this match, he left with double the embarassment because he was beaten by a kid, a rookie who had been told he had no chance in getting far in this business, for this, I congratulate you Bruce. You definitely proved your worth here tonight Bruce, regardless of who you beat or not. But I'm a bad guy, you know that don't you? Everyone should at this point, right? I don't give a shit if the "underdog" has overcome the odds, because I will shove that underdog right back down with the baddest intentions a human can have, up until to the point where that underdog will never have the courage to step his poor little paws onto an IWT ring ever again.

    I do hope you know what that bell ring signifies Bruce. You're about to tread into the devil's favorite demon's battlefield, where nobody walks out with their bodies in tact. I am the pain inflicter, and I am the dream ender. All men dream, Knight, but not all do so equally. Those who dream by night in the dusty recesses of their minds, wake in the day to find that it was vanity and self-glorification, intoxicating themselves with false thoughts and beliefs: but the dreamers of the day are dangerous men you see, for they may act on their dreams with open eyes, to make them possible. I am the dreamer of the day Knight, and I am the man responsible in ending YOUR petty night dream. You had the foundations built to complete your dream, you could have been walking out of here tonight as the reigning defending IWT champion, but a sudden catastrophe has swiped out and demolished all of the foundations built for our goddamn dream, and that catastrophe will take away each and every one of your precious belongings Bruce, and that includes, haha, that IWT World Title. And that catastrophe is just getting stronger.

    I am the personification of that catastrophe, and I have already victimized your foundations. And next in line is you Bruce Knight. All friendships aside, all grudges aside, everything aside, I have not cashed in my title to lose, and I guaran-damn-tee that I'm walking away as IWT champion here tonight.

    Bruce, you've proven your worth tonight, now it's time for you to swallow it!

    God forgives, Alias motherfucking Antonio doesn't.

    *Alias once again stares fiercely at Bruce, awaiting his response*
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  5. Knight gets up on one knee, ending his moment of joy and shock, and he takes a glance at what is his for the moment, the IWT Championship. He is visibly tired from his match against Joey Bryant and Aids Johnson yet he requests a Microphone, prepared to undertake the challenge of putting his Critics to rest. He looks at Alias and smiles, Knowing that he has accomplished a 99% of what he set out to do. He raises the Microphone, still tired and on one knee, still looking at Alias, Alias chants coming from one side of the Arena, Knight chants coming from the other side.

    "Tonight....Was the Night where I silenced my critics, the people who kept shitting on me, saying that I was lucky and gained a fluke Rumble win. Tonight, I defeated Joey Bryant, The Favorite for the Match and Aids Johnson, A Respected member of the Locker room...and I silenced most of those Critics. For those 'Critics' still watching....Here I stand, In this ring with The Man that you all have been rooting for since January...Antonio Alias....and through this match....The True Main Event....I will prove that I can battle the best IWT has to offer."

    "You think....That you can humiliate me enough to stay out of IWT, Alias? I've said this Joey....I've said this to the critics....Anything that Happens to me....I will find a way back....No matter what happens. I said this during my match against Joey and Aids, I could of stayed back there, let them fight their battle of 'Church vs Aids'....But no, I made my way out there, I felt confident enough that my Journey would come to an end here....that I would no longer be called the 'Underdog'. I did so...I went out there, I shocked everyone of my critics by defeating their favorite IWT Stars. Alias, You already have proven to be smarter then Joey Bryant....He Ignored me, Forgot I was there....and I defeated him. I proved that I wasn't to be Ignored and you have realized that....And While I appreciate that...It means that you will pose a Bigger Challenge then Aids and Joey did."

    "Alias...My Dream has already come true....I am an Official IWT Champion, Be it for just a few minutes or a few months....I've already achieved my dream. You may beat me here....but you can't kill a dream that has already been accomplished....All I will try to do now...Is to extend that dream. My Foundations wern't built on a dream....I had one thought on my mind, the same thought I have here....To show my Critics....To show the World that Bruce Knight is deserving of the Main Event of IWTMania. Alias...I'll continue to prove my worth right here....and I'll prove it against you....Because tonight is the end of the 'Underdog'....Tonight will be the beginning of the New "Bruce Knight"!"

    Knight gets up onto his two feet, he looks at Alias and he shouts "I'm not Scared of you!" as he gets himself into position, ready for the match as he awaits Alias' next move, still tired yet resistant to lose his belt shortly after winning it.
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  6. OOC: Alias you are the Randy Orton! Challenging the Underdog!(yes i am calling me and Aiden Underdogs)
    *Reagan is watching Backstage with a Intense look on his face*
    Reagan*to himself*: Come on Bruce you have this in the Bag.......
  7. Kaizer is backstage watching the match
    Did everyone forget that you can't post in match threads?
  8. "However, posts that are kayfabe like watching the match from backstage are OK."
  9. I was sure he changed the rules, meh.
  10. *Alias claps and applauds Knight's courage, with slight sarcasm*

    You speak with much humility, Bruce, you really do. And although that at times may be a given virtue by god, for me, it just makes you look more vulnerable than you already are. I expect to see fire and passion come out of your mouth Bruce, but all I hear are sappy, forced words being put into your mouth. I know you can bring out the enthusiasm out of you when it's needed, but the only thing you're bringing out of yourself tonight is bonified bullshit. I know your game Bruce, you're attempting to recite your laborious rise to the top, trying to gain this crowd's sympathy, and as it's not hard to tell, it's actually working. You get their sympathy, you get the roster's sympathy, I mean you give yourself SYMPATHY, but one guy guaranteed to not give sympathy to absolutely anyone in this world, is me. You're not playing games with me tonight Bruce, you're in a WAR, but you just seem too flaccid to stand up and fight in this brutal WAR. I will take no shame in losing to a man who brings out his fury and passion everytime he steps foot in this ring, but I will be damned if I get defeated by a gay ass Bruce Knight aiming to get over with this crowd, it just seems so apathetic from your part to go the ordinary route and spew this bullshit.

    I have respect for you, but not sympathy. Which will not stop me from beating you to a bloody pulp in the middle of this ring tonight. I will beat the living sympathy out of you tonight, and hopefully, out of this, you will learn to not speak so humble next time you step foot in a ring. Bad times don't last Bruce, but bad guys do. You portraying this good guy will only get you as far as this, but if you want to preserve and perpetuate your worth and cement your legacy over the time as one of the greats of IWT, you will not have the power to do so as this "good guy". People like Aids, Dat Kid, Victoria Parker, Joey Bryant, DZ, etc. People love them, people idolize them. But they didn't get to the top for those people to love them without being the baddest sumbitches this business has ever set eyes on. Everyone has a bad guy in them, and Bruce Knight, if you're WILLING to defeat me tonight, end my undefeated streak, RETAIN that title belt and claim your way to the top as the BEST IWT superstar of all time, you have no other choice..........but to bring out the most sadistic bad guy in IWT history. I'm urging you. Nice guys finish last when put up against REAL opposition, and I will testify that statement tonight if this nice guy act lasts any longer.

    But I will also say, underestimating you will be wrong from my part. It's just hard to underestimate you when there's not much to estimate, though. There's no real substance hidden behind you Bruce, and as cliche as it may sound, you're just smoke and mirrors. You're just another flash in the pan here in IWT, and consider this YOUR 15 minutes of fame. The IWT title is coming home bitches.

    Satan wept.

    *Alias smirks*
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  11. Knight looks at Alias, He keeps his eyes on him as he grins, A Slightly Evil Grin.

    "A War....Your right about that....This is a war. This is a war between Us...Right here in this Battlefield....One leaves as champion....and the other leaves, losing whatever he had held. We both have something to lose...Your X-Division title is already lost into the abyss known as 'Vacancy' while this...The IWT Title....It's future is yet to be told. I don't need sympathy....The 'Critics' were taunting me...saying I was weak, Saying I had no chance....I WAS the "Underdog"....and As I said....The New 'Knight' Comes out tonight. This crowd had nothing to do with me winning my match against Aids and Joey Bryant...They didn't want me in that match...But I forced my way back into Aids and Joey's mindset...These Fans realized that I was going to be the Victor, so they began to cheer...Cheer for the 'Underdog'. That name is is the Old Bruce Knight."

    "You want a War....I'll give you a War, Antonio Alias...I'll show you the side of me that has been itching to get out, the side of me that has wanted to take out every single Critic backstage since the Royal Rumble....and that side will be the one that ends your "Streak". Alias, I didn't need Luck, Sympathy or any gay ass reason you suggest to win my match against Joey Bryant and Aids....It was all down to Joey's Dumb Ass Brain blocking me out and Aids' inflated ego taking over his mind....I simply took advantage of the two fools.
    Alias, Here I am....The True "Bruce Knight"....No 'Underdog'....A mind with one clear Objective....To win this war.....To Defeat Antonio Alias...

    The War Begins here....Alias."

    Knight smiles as he looks at Alias, Keeping his eye on him as he does so.
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  12. *Alias goes to talk again, scratching his head*

    I seriously cannot stand here, and let this match commence with you getting the final word. I feel like I've been redundant enough and explained what is your problem, but you seem to not get it. Not even your threats makes me consider you as a wrestler who can cause havoc and inflict serious damage on people. Only time will tell, but dude, maybe there isn't a bad guy in all of us, at least not in you. Although you may not be a bad guy, you are one determined wrestler. You are willing to make this show yours, you want to STEAL this show, just like each and every one on this roster. But you, you Mr. Knight, you stood up to the challenge that is facing Aids Johnson and Joey Bryant, a thing half of this pathetic roster wouldn't even contemplate doing. And as much as you hate to hear it, that was just a quick warm up for bigger and better things.

    I, Alias Antonio, am single-handedly that most vicious wrestler in IWT. Love me or hate me, that's the damn truth and I am simply not allowing you Bruce Knight to eradicate my legitimacy in this company. You've come along way Bruce, but tonight marks the decline of your career and the ultimate apex of mine.

    The Old Bruce Knight is dead, the Underdog is dead.......and Alias going to kill the New Bruce Knight before it has even been born.

    And as my old self would are the cancer........I AM THE CUREEEEEEEEEEEEE!

    *Alias goes face to face with Bruce Knight*
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  13. Knight stares into Alias' eyes, Giving him a death stare as he does so before raising his microphone up.

    "Oh, Alias....You don't think I already know. It was inevitable that you would cash in your title was predictable, be it tonight or next month. I knew that Aids and Joey would of been the "Starter", with you being the "Main Course"....It was inevitable that you would cash your shot in....You felt held down by the title and when that rule was announced by saw it as your oppertunity, just like the Royal Rumble was for me, to get a chance at the title....a chance that you felt you deserved. We both defeated Aids and Joey Bryant....but we have never faced in IWT Before....You Defeated me in PWR and Genesis Wrestling...I kept trying to defeat you Alias...I kept coming so close until....Until you always snatched the win from me. I'm determined alright....I'm determined to defeat you here tonight!

    One of us will walk the road of a champion while the other will be continuing to earn a shot at the man who defeated him....Alias, I will walk the Road of a Champion....I will defeat you here tonight. You can use all your catchphrases to get a reaction from the Crowd...You can try to scare me by saying your the most dangerous man in IWT....That won't do anything. My Determination to beat you will help me overcome the challenge that you pose....You can strike me down, Knock me down....I'll keep on attacking, I will unload every punch, kick and tactic I have left to take you out and to win this match.

    I will Walk out of 'Mania as the IWT Champion, Your Cure will not work....Satan will end his weeping.....and Alias will be begging for Mercy.

    The "Underdog" Is Dead....and A New Knight Rises."

    Knight Stares down with Alias, dropping his microphone and staring intensely at Alias.
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  14. *Alias goes nose to nose with Knight*

    I guess time for talking is over, show me what you got young boy

    *Alias starts brawling with Knight*

    OOC: @Delik open the voting lad.
  15. OOC: Ok I would just like to say thank you to you two for knocking this out so quick. Gonna be a good read, I'm sure.
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  16. OOC: Gotta say, me and Forrest clicked in this match. Enjoyed it a lot.
  17. OOC: I say it's down to the Amount of times we've faced eachother. One in PWR, One in Genesis and One here....I really Enjoy Facing you, THG... Kinda like a Rival to me now...
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  18. OOC: Yeap, good shit.
  19. MOTY, period. Went THG, he has been so damn consistent.
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  20. Forrest really surprised me, but dammit Alias the vote goes to you because of the consistency throughout.