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Who's your winners?

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  1. The Order

  2. Dazz and Chav Connection

  1. The following contest is scheduled for one fall...
    and is for the IWT Tag Team Championship!

    The Order(@Trip in the Head & @TheArabHammer) vs Dazz and Chav Connection(@B.Dazzle & @gav the chav)

    The rules are as follows:

    -No interuptions, only competitors can post here
    -Pictures, videos, livestream etc. are all banned, apart from titantron entrances.
    -Promos will last for 24 hours after the 1st promo is posted,
    and there is no limit on the amount of promos you can cut.
    -Voting will then last for 24 hours after the last promo is posted.

    Voting for yourself will result in instant disqualification and suspension,
    no questions asked.
    Please do not post OOC until promos are finished. If you need to address someone please do it via PM.
    Only competitors can post here. Anything else will be deleted.


  2. OOC I'll post in a lil bit, just waking up
  3. Team Entrance:
    The lights in the open topped arena go out and the arena is pitch black. There are no clouds and it is a clear starry night with a full moon. The crowd starts to pull out their cell phones and hold them up to mimic the effect of the stars. A shot from a blimp overhead is shown of the arena and it looks like a mirror reflection of the open night sky for a moment. Smoke starts to rise from the stage in the dark and Fenris the wolf walks out onto it, moving to one side. Fenris rears his head back and howls at the full moon in the night sky as the Order of Night's theme begins to play on the titantron.

    Trip in the Head and Marcus Anthony walk out slowly from behind the curtain. A single spotlight in the dark shines on the two as they stand at the top of the ramp looking at the ground with Order of NIght hoodies pulled over their heads. As they start down the long IWTMania ramp Fenris follows behind them. The crowd is going nuts and trying to get reactions from the two superstars as they march down the lengthy ramp, but they acknowledge nothing. They finally get to the ring, throw back their hoods, and look at each other for a moment and nod before they slide into the ring under the ropes. Fenris makes his way over to the time keeper, growls at him for a moment, and then calmly sits down with his eyes on the ring. Trip and Marcus stand in the middle of the ring and both lean back, simultaneously releasing a primal scream. Then they each slap their left hands down on the mat at the same time while going down to one knee. At that exact moment bright white pyro goes off on the four corners of the ring, on both sides of the top of the ramp, along the ramp up to the ring, and all along the giant scaffolding that is set up around and above the ring for IWTMania. All these bright white pyro blasts blind the crowd whose eyes were, by now, used to the darkness. The lights come back on and the members of The Order of Night each remain on one knee in the ring glaring back up at the ramp.

    My First Promo:
    *The Order of Night stands up in the ring, revealing they each have their own specialty microphones in their hoody pockets. Trip in the Head raises his mic, which is shaped like a small dagger, to his mouth as the crowd breaks out with thunderous BOOs*

    TRIP: *smiles* Tonight is the night IWT universe! IWTMania. Only the second of its kind thus far. And the Order has dominated the night, just as we always do. Farooq's match was.....interesting to say the least. FTJ surprised everyone with his performance tonight, but it was still not enough. And Alias Antonio just got done defending his X-Division title with ease. What an entertaining match that was to watch, am I right people?

    *Trip raises his hand with the mic to get the fan's reaction, a thunderous pop of yet more BOOs. Trip just shakes his head and brings the mic back down, continuing*

    TRIP: Now, one thing I have noticed so far tonight is the lack of titles actually changing hands. Dat Kid is still WH champion, Lord Lee is still the EU champion, and, of course, Alias is still the X-division champion.*Trip pauses and his voice gets more intense* But that stops with this match! These no talent hacks we face tonight have been tag team champions for long enough! Look at what has happened to the tag division while they were on top! It dwindled to almost nothing as they have yet to defend the belts against anyone. Sure they had a match against some Cure cronies resurrected by Dat Kid, who, if they had actually beat this so called Gav and Daz connection, would've gotten a chance at the belts, but those ineffectual amoebas couldn't have even laced up The Order's boots tonight! The Dazzling Chavs have had those belts for MONTHS, yet they have only fought in one match since then as a team. Turns out thats the only match they have won recently as well. How quaint. *Trip chuckles and changes his tone again* Those two have ruined the reputation of the tag division here in IWT and me and my partner are going to change all that.

    *Trip addresses the crowd again*
    TRIP: Did you people pay to see a real fight tonight or what!?
    *Crowd pops*

    TRIP: I know the first half of the show had its disappointing moments, what with no shows and matches being cut short, but weee *Trip points at himself and Marcus* will not be disappointing you people at all here tonight. You can believe that. I've heard a lot of talk about who is going to steal the show tonight and who has MOTN in the bag already. None of that really matters to us though, you see. The only thing we are here to do is prove that we are the dominant tag team in whats left of the IWT tag team division! And beyond that, that we belong among the best this business has to offer. And we won't stop there. After we win those titles tonight, and bring prestige back to those tarnished belts, there will not be months in between our title defenses. Oh no. We will be the fighting champs the IWT deserves, unlike these two wastes of space walking out here to face us tonight. We will welcome ANY team to try and defeat us. Try being the key word there folks. So come on down, you two has beens. B.Dazzle, come spit your catchphrases once again for these drooling idiots. *Crowd boos* I can't even bring myself to go over them again honestly. Everyone knows what they are by now. And everyone is tired of them. And you. You come up with anything truly original yet? And Gav, Gav-Gav-Gav, I don't even know what to say to you after that burial I handed you at the last Uprising. At least your partner will have someone to blame this loss on....again.

    *Trip climbs up in one of the corners. He brings the dagger mic up to his mouth as he looks out across the crowd, looking like he is going to say something. But before he can the crowd erupts in BOOs once more, but a "Give in to the Order" chant could still be heard through the noise. Trip smirks and raises his right hand in a victorious fashion to more BOOs, then hopping down from the turnbuckle and rejoining his partner in the center of the ring.*
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  4. *The sound of howling wolves echo around the arena. The arena goes totally dark for a while, until something appears on the titantron. The camera shows a giant herd of Elk roaming across a great plain. Suddenly two wolves run past the camera and attack the herd of Elk. The wolves prey on one Elk after another. As the other Elk run away in fear, the two wolves feast on the Elk they managed to kill. The Wolves stand in front of their fallen prey and let out a loud, ominous howl......................that is quickly silenced by two gun shots! The Wolves fall to the floor dead, as the camera turns to two men dressed in black with guns in their hands. Both men look to the camera and shoot the camera, causing the titantron to turn dark. The arena goes totally dark and silent until a theme song begins playing.*

    *Mist floats around the top of the ramp and a dark blue light shines where the mist is. Standing in the light is none other than The Dazzler and Gav the Chav dressed up in all black with their tag team championships in their hands. The Dazzler and Gav hold their titles up at the top of the entrance stage and get a huge ovation from the crowd. The Dazzler and Gav walk down the entrance ramp, not once taking their eyes off of Trip and Marcus. Dazzler and Gav grab two mics from off of the steel steps and start to enter the ring. Gav enters the ring, but Dazzler stands on the ring apron. He climbs up the turnbuckle and he and Gav hold their titles up once again as the crowd lets out another huge pop. The lights cut back on and the theme slowly, but surely begins cutting away. The Dazzler stays on the turnbuckle and Gav stands in the corner as well. Both teams exchange intense stares, not one man blinks. The Dazzler leaps off of the turnbuckle into the ring and stands his ground next to Gav. The Dazzler begins talking.*

    The Dazzler: Finally.....................The Dazzling Chavs are here at IWTMania 2!

    *Crowd pops.*

    The Dazzler: This is the moment The Dazzler and Gav have been waiting for since they won these titles. This is the moment they've been waiting for since the moment the tag tam tournament started. This is THE moment they've been waiting for since the tag team tournament ended. The two best teams in the IWT today are about to go two on two, in front of a capacity crowd during the biggest PPV of the year. When The Dazzler and Gav decided to team together to win tag team gold, this is the moment we dreamed of. We dreamed of walking into IWT Mania as Tag Team Champions, but we also dreamed of walking OUT tag team champions. Tonight is our chance to make our sweet dreams, an even sweeter reality. We know good and well the path to victory is going to be hard and tough, but like the old saying goes, sometimes to get to Heaven, you have to raise a little hell. Tonight, we raise hell. Tonight we wake the undead. This is the match of our lives and we all want to walk out with our lives intact. Mania is the night that legends are born, and IWT Mania 2 is the night that the legend of The Dazzling Chavs is written. Trip, Marcus, you two have made our lives a living hell since you won the chance to face us tonight. You've tried to break us physically and mentally, but no matter how good your efforts were, you failed to do so. Your Order of Night may be strong, but at the end of all dark there's a light. And light will ALWAYS defeat the dark.

    *The crowd starts a chant of "Dazz and Chav." The Dazzler waits for the chants to die down before speaking again.*

    The Dazzler: Trip, this tag team division was already dying when The Dazzling Chavs won these belts. The only reason it dwindled down to nothing because nobody else but you two and us had the balls to stay in the tag division. Everybody else separates and goes on their seperate ways, trhing to become a somebody, and what happens? They get lost in the shuffle and find themselves at the bottom of the ladder. You know what those jabronis do next? They come right back to the tag division and make it look like a second-tier group and make a mockery out of it. It is because of those types of candy ass jabronis that this division has little life in The Order and The Dazzling Chavs. Tonight though, tonight will be the night that starts of a boom period. The guys in the back are going to be watching the two best tag teams in wrestling steal the show and have the MOTY, and they are going to come running to join. And when they do, The Dazzling Chavs will be right here waiting to whip all their monkey asses, just like we are about to do to you two.

    *Crowd pops.*

    The Dazzler: Trip, this is how this match is going to play out; The Dazzler and Gav are going to rip you two to shreds for the pain and suffering you have caused over the course of the last month. You two vile, wastes of life will be brought down to your knees begging for mercy, which we will NOT give! Your Order is about to be shut down for good! The only chance you two have at being fighting champions is by being tag team champions in some C-rate company. You two will not win. We will rip your hearts out with our bare hands and crush your petty dreams right before your own very eyes. You don't want catch phrases, you won't get them! There will be no silly gibberish tonight! Tonight isn't about fun and games, it's about us two destroying you two dark, demented pieces of shit and burying you two down in the ground. We will send you two backing to deep, dark depths of hell where you will never come back! There will be no blames for our loss, because we won't lose. Losing on this night isn't an option. I swear on life and death itself, WE will retain our tag team championships and will fight with every fiber of our being! There will be no remorse, there will be no mercy, and there will be no repercussions. What is tonight will be done, and there will be no changing it! The Order will be the ones giving in to us, and then at that moment, they will be slain by our hands. This ring has become your living hell, and we are the Reapers send down to take you to your unimaginable, gruesome fates. Every man has an unseen side, and you've awaken mine! Gav and The Dazzler will not be stopped, nor can we be stopped. You may look at us and laugh, but that's just we want. Take us as a joke, and the joke will be on you!

    *The Dazzler moves the mic from his mouth and the arena is completely silent.*
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  5. *gav grabs the mic from the dazzler and begins to speak*

    ( Gav the chav) here right listen up you see what it is right you know what you are right trips

    *cheeky **** chant breaks out*

    No no no no no not quite a cheeky **** he is what I would like to call a lily livered **** let me explain

    You see right way back in December when we win these tag team titles me and dazzle felt like we were on top of the world we felt untouchable then we realised something we realised there wasn't a single person for us to face zero so gav came up with a crazy idea when he heard you 2 were forming a tag team

    Before you began who the fuck really knew who you 2 were? Marcus you were some rookie who was just starting out and I believe you lost your first match say no more trips you started around the same time as me and lets be honest your record at the time was fucking shocking you couldn't win a match to save your life you even said it yourself so gav thought how the hell do we make you 2 look like credible opponents?

    So gav came up with this little idea of throwing you and several others in a little tournament to determine who the number one contenders were with the hope you 2 won but before the tournament began to ensure you were both confident enough to win it we put you guys over in a dark match thats right we let you win what you really thought you could beat us? Hahaha you silly little ****s can you fuck beat us were hard as fuck just like your gunna find out tonight

    *gav turns towards trips and stares him down*

    That win at uprising was easy wasn't it? Too easy maybe why? Thats right it was all part of gavs crazy little plan to make you two seem like a threat to us and it worked like a treat maybe a little too well not only did we fool you 2 into thinking you will walk of out here with these belts but we seem to have fooled everybody backstage stage even gavs pal aids Johnson thinks you're gunna win the fucking cheeky **** but you are all gunna feel silly when me and dazzle fuck you both up

    you can throw whatever insults and shit at us all you want but without us you 2 are nothing you think you are both great but gav made you believe you were great with this crazy plan of his we built the ground you both walk on you claim that we destroyed the the tag division but what you have to realise is we are the tag division without us there is no tag division we're finished with you two tonigh trips you will go back to being the crazy butcher you truly are and marcus Anthony you will go back to being a nobody a nobody that anyone give a fuck about
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  6. *Marcus Anthony laughs heartily at Dazzle and Gav*

    IWT Mania....the place where legends are born and where legacies go to die. Now I can tell you for certain our match tonight...will go down in history. This night will be the type of night where you'll remember where you were, who you were with, and what you were doing when The Order of Night ended the reign of The Dazzling Chavs.

    *the crowd fills the arena with the majority being boos with a few cheers mixed in*

    It wasn't by chance that we got here, WE EARNED IT. We beat every single team thrown in front of us including the two asshats across from us.

    Dazzle, I'm glad you embraced your dark side. It took you long enough to realize that without're nothing. Just remember a few months back you talked about walking away after losing your title and went looking for answers when the whole time it was right in front of you. The only problem is that the night knew the time wasn't right. It's patient knowing it will come when needed. It did for it did for it did for Alias it did for Farooq. With you, you had to rid yourself of the light to even appear on our radar.

    *fans give a huge pop*

    All those rhinestones and catchphrases did you no favors except make you a victim. A victim of your own doing wanting nothing more than acceptance from these feeble minded drones *Marcus points all around the arena* in attendance.

    *fans immediately turn and boo the shit out of Marcus*

    It had taken too long for you to realize that OUR SUCCESS had been created on a foundation of having no fear. Our fearless nature has given us the ability to let our gifts of chaos and destruction run rampant with blatant disregard for our well being. To be at the top in this industry, you have to stop fearing death and start creating it. I've never been one to be afraid of laying my life down in the ring but tonight I see that YOU HAVE SEEN THE DARK.

    *Marcus walks right up to Dazzle and stares him dead in the eye*

    Now this is the Dazzle I wanted to face, this is the Dazzle that needed to be. Unfortunately, this WILL BE the last night this Dazzle will see as we will line your corpse right next to that miserable excuse of a partner and watch you decompose until you have no other choice but to....

    *Marcus holds up the mic for a second but pulls it back*

    Speaking of that "partner", Gav you are a funny guy. Your humor is a rarity for someone in your position. Considering you may as well be known as the pocket pussy of the IWT with how many guys have come in, laid you out and left you to stew in your own waste like a two bit whore. You've had the greenest of rookies come in and beat you senseless and you have the audacity to call me a nobody?

    *Marcus sarcastically scoffs and begins to laugh before getting right in gav's face*

    Let's get one thing straight, you can try to convince yourself that I'm a nobody or my brother in arms just a measly butcher but we came here for two things....those titles and your destruction. This nobody and this butcher are seconds away from making you and your ride to those belts GIVE IN....TO THE ORDER
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    *Trip is recovering from laughing pretty hard and as he regains his composure and brings his dagger mic back up to his mouth*

    TRIP: Ohhhhhh man, Gav. How many drinks did you have before THAT sounded like a believable story to you? You masterminded the rising of the Order in the IWT ranks, eh? I believe our final opponents in the tag team tournament - Andrew and Spinzz - might take offense to that accusation there Gav. Just as Andrew mentioned earlier toinght, that was one of the best damn tag team matches this company has ever seen - and you mean to tell me it was all a work by the feeble minded Gav the Chav? *Trip chuckles* Oh I think not. *Trip looks back up at Gav, pointing at him* And you think bringing up our pasts will help you here tonight? It's true Marcus and I each had a problem....finding our in the IWT at first. But we are NOT the same people we once were. All your dredging up of our pasts will do is fuel our determination to take you down that much more. And all you've done by "letting" me get that easy win over you at Uprising is make yourself look like a fool, Gav. And the only people you are fooling is yourselves. Fooling yourselves into believing that you still have a chance here tonight. I can't wait to see how your beliefs hold up when I'm driving your head into this mat tonight with the Fall of Night. Will you still think you are so hard when you are broken and laying in a puddle of your own waste? *Trip pauses and looks like he is thinking for a second* Well, I guess if you think people are going to believe that ridiculous fucking story, then you just might I suppose. And you know what, that is the only thing I really admire about you Gav, your will to still think you are this "hard as fuck" competitor even when you lose to the new talent. Well, I admire that and that belt around your waist *Trip points at the tag belt Gav is holding* But after tonight you won't have that anymore.​

    *Trip turns to Dazzle, who is obviously not happy about Trip's words for his partner*

    TRIP: Dazzle, look at you. Coming out here all in "no catchphrase" mode. *Trip smirks* Good. These people deserve a better show then that reused list of one liners could ever provide. *Trip steps towards Dazzle* Now did I hear you say there's always a light at the end of the dark? Is that right? And I suppose you two are supposed to be that light? The one that's gonna defeat the dark? You do realize that no matter how bright your supposed light is, on the outskirts of the edge of where that light exists - the darkness waits. Its unending patience never wanes. And, just like all sources of light, it will eventually die out, just like your light has done Dazzle. And THAT is when the darkness reclaims all in its path. And you are definitely in our path here tonight Dazzle. *Trip leans in towards Dazzle* And darkness has fallen.

    *Crowd pops as Trip makes his way back to his partner's side*

    TRIP: Now you definitely sound like you are ready to "bring it" here tonight Dazzle. But just so you know, the saying as I know it goes "Sometimes to get to heaven, you gotta GO THROUGH hell". We are that hell you see. And there's no way you're going through us that easily. You think you will crush our dreams by stopping us tonight? The only dream that will see its end here tonight is that one you mentioned earlier about the two of you walking out of here with those belts. And you're planning rip out our hearts you say? Well that may be difficult to do from your backs. Because that's where you're going to end up. Flat on your back with the ref counting 1.. 2...3...right next to your head while nothing you can do will stop it. *Trip's voice gets more intense* This is the night of IWTMania 2 and The Order will rule this night just as we do any other we choose to. Nothing will hold us back from reaching the top. Not even the dwindling light of The Dazzling Chavs. *Trip pauses and looks to his left and right slowly, the crowd slowly breaking into a back and forth "Or-der! Dazz-ling Chavs! Or-der! Dazz-ling Chavs!" chant.*

    *Trip starts pacing around as the chant continues. He approaches the ropes facing the IWTMania sign. He puts one foot on the bottom rope, another on the middle rope, and points at the IWTMania sign high above the crowd as the crowd erupts once again. As the crowd is going crazy Trip holds on to the top rope with his free hand and leans back, yelling as loudly as he can into his dagger mic over the thunderous crowd "GIVE IN TO THE ORDER!", which elicits another reaction from the crowd. Trip gets down off the ropes and returns to his partner's side, staring down the Dazzling Chavs once again*
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  8. *Dazzle takes the mic back from Gav. He turns his attention to Marcus.*

    The Dazzler: Marcus, let's be perfectly honest, every man in this world has something they fear. Even the bravest, strongest men in this world have something they fear. People try to act tough to impress. They try to pretend they have no fears, because they feel showing signs of fear is sign of cowardliness, but The Dazzler doesn't look at it that way. Deep down, in your cold heart Marcus, you fear something. What is it, The Dazzler doesn't know, he just knows you have something that eats you up. Something that makes you wince and flinch. A man doesn't know true fear, until fear is staring them right in the face, until Death has made it's presence known. Marcus, fear us for we are they who slay the monsters from the depths. Fear us for we are your Nemesis. Everything you to worked to build, the city you built under your dark rule, will be burned to rubble before your eyes and under our feet. You wanted this Dazzler to show up to IWT Mania and he has. You don't want jabronis candy asses, you won't get it. What you will get, though, is first hand witness of a monster incarnated. The only corpses that will be laying down to decompose, will be you two. The Dazzler and Gav the Chav are now certified grave diggers, and we have dug two nice graves for your careers. You two won't decompose, for we will send you six feet under to an eternal hell of flames and smoke. These two titles are the holy grail and you two are playing the roles of King Arthur, but the sad part is that in the story, King Arthur never found the Holy Grail before his end of days. Just like King Arthur failed to find the Holy Grail and complete his destiny, you two will fail to capture OUR tag team championships!

    *Crowd Pop.*

    The Dazzler: If you're looking for somebody to give into your precious Order, you have come to the wrong place. The Dazzler is sure that you'll be able to find some other excuses of life filled up on drugs and alcohol to brain wash. The only giving in that will be done, is when you to give in to the pain and find yourselves begging for your lives until the end.

    *The Dazzler looks to Trip.*

    The Dazzler: Darkness has fallen. It hasn't fallen on The Dazzling Chavs though, no, it's quite the contrary. Darkness has betrayed it's spiritual leaders and is now falling on you. You two may have already been consumed by the darkness, but the darkness is being generous enough to let your bodies live. Tonight, the darkness that takes you away won't give you the same generous gift. Know this Trip, when the darkness starts to consume you two and break you guys even further, as you whisk away into nothingness, know that in the corner of your eyes there will be a sudden light. That light will be The Dazzling Chavs shining bright in victory.

    *The Dazzler starts getting fired up.*

    The Dazzler: There are two different sayings The Dazzler has heard, Trip. Sometimes to get to Heaven you do have to go through Hell, but you two aren't Hell. You are mere mortals who can die and snap just as quickly as the rest of us. This match IS hell, but you two aren't. Hell is unstoppable, which makes the differences between you The Order and Hell quite noticeable. Hell is a cycle that will go on until the end of time and probably further. The Order will be put to rest tonight, that is something The Dazzler has guaranteed. The Dazzling Chavs will be flat on their backs once before this night ends, but that will only be when they get a good nights sleep after kicking your collective asses and walking out with our tag team championships are our waists just like when we walked into this war. When your hearts are ripped from your chests, your dreams will be shattered like glass. Every reign of tyranny has been put to an abrupt end, and that trend continues tonight. The Dazzling Chavs are this companies best tag team, and these belts are proof. The Dazzler has just went all in on this gamble of life, and The Dazzler is interested in knowing what your next move is. Do you guys feel like you have a good hand, or are you nervous to continue? Perhaps The Dazzler is bluffing, maybe he's not. Does The Dazzler have an ace up his sleeve? Maybe. The pressure is on, and The Dazzler hopes you don't fold. Although it may just be the wisest decision you'll ever make.

    *The Dazzler looks around the crowd and looks back at both Trip and Marcus.*

    The Dazzler: The Dazzler would you usually finish this speech with a certain catchphrase, but he's a man of his word. What's funny to The Dazzler is that you two stand there and give The Dazzler crap for having some catchphrases, yet you two stand there and spit out a couple of cheap, repetitive lines of your own. Don't worry though, The Dazzler has the perfect cure for your severe case of hypocrisy; an Ass whipping all over this ring!

    *The Dazzler hands the mic over to Gav as the people begin chanting The Dazzler's name.*
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  9. You know why...they call me The Phoenix?

    It's because no matter how hard you try or how bad you think you beat me...I ALWAYS RISE FROM THE ASHES TO SMITE THOSE WHO BETRAY THE ORDER.

    We stand for ending all tyranny and want to help those who can't help themselves. Dazzle, you speak of us being hypocrites by spouting off catchphrases for what they truly are.....our credo. You are you've already proven my point here tonight by showing that the only way you could "up your game" is by giving in. Giving in to the night. Accepting the darkness in you to grab the reigns of your mind, body, and soul so you can stand a chance to walk out of this arena.....but in the end WE WIN.

    *Marcus laughs maniacally*

    You speak of being grave diggers? Well that saved us time because we may as well be Undertakers to give you two your last rites to pass on to the afterlife. With that extra time you provided I wrote a eulogy for the both of you....

    *Marcus takes a couple note cards out of his sleeveless hoody*

    Here lies a man, who had worn thousand dollar shirts, who called people jabroni, and pandered to the "millions" of his fans all to throw it away for his selfishness. Here lies a man who could no longer bare the weight of a world he couldn't survive in. He had to LIE. LIE TO HIMSELF. LIE TO HIS PARTNER. AND LIE TO THE PEOPLE. Now that man lies dead and buried and walks among us in the night. His name was B.Dazzle

    Oh and there's gav, he jobbed...called people ****....and jobbed some more end of story.

    To the not so dearly departed we wish you farewell and may the maggots feast well on your decaying bodies

    *Marcus grabs two black roses out of his hoody and tosses them towards Dazzle and Gav and drops the mic*
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  10. Voting opened!
  11. Fuck sake Arab gets a promo in as I open the voting :facepalm:

    It was 3-3 and promos closed about 6 hours ago
  12. Was gunna get another but got nothing lol oh well
  13. Come on guys, get those voting numbers up! All tied up. Are we going to have ANOTHER sudden death match?
  14. Your winners by 9 votes to 7, and the NEW IWT Tag Team Champions... The Order!!
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  15. Till the rematch
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  16. Congrats guys.
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