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Who's your winner?

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  1. THG?

  2. Butters

  3. The ReagMaster

  1. The following contest is scheduled for one fall...
    and is for the IWT X Division Championship!

    @THG? vs @Butters vs @The ReagMaster

    The rules are as follows:

    -No interuptions, only competitors can post here
    -Pictures, videos, livestream etc. are all banned, apart from titantron entrances.
    -Promos will last for 24 hours after the 1st promo is posted,
    and there is no limit on the amount of promos you can cut.
    -Voting will then last for 24 hours after the last promo is posted.

    Voting for yourself will result in instant disqualification and suspension,
    no questions asked.
    Please do not post OOC until promos are finished. If you need to address someone please do it via PM.
    However, posts that are kayfabe like watching the match from backstage are OK. Anything else will be deleted.

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    OOC: @Delik we Swapped Days with Dat Kid vs George because THG aren't Availble Today and Dat couldn't make it on thursday,LOL
  3. What I swear you changed it to Thursday
  4. Jonathan such a great GM
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  5. :facepalm: completely forgot.
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  6. Goddammit, I said I would go first.
  7. Fixing it now.
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  8. *The Order's theme commences to reverberate through the PA System, performed live by Project 86. Suddenly, the lights go out, prompting a mixed crowd reaction, but regardless, a huge roar is heard from the audience. Shortly after, smoke begins to arise from the ramp and extroardinary red pyro begins to blast up in the air as the crowd begin to cheer in adulation and in the midst of it, out comes Alias Antonio with a glooming smirk on his face, wearing an extravagant red robe andX -Division title resting on his shoulder. He saunters down the long IWTMania ramp, towards ring walking in a dauntless, fearless and near exprensionless manner, looking as focused as ever, vehemently holding his X-Division title and blankly glaring towards the ring.
    Before entering the ring, he wipes his boots on the apron and flips of the crowd with cheeky a grin on his face.
    Once in the ring, he grabs the mic out of the announcer's grasp aggresively, and commences to speak in a slow, calculated way, letting sink in the crowd reaction.*

    Now that was a prominent entrance, wasn't it? What a momentous event like IWTMania 2 deserves, and what a premiere athlete like me is entitled to. So here we are guys, IWT's biggest show of the year, where legacies get etched into the history books, where stars are made, where every single superstar on this roster showcases their perpetual hard work throughout the year and exhibit why they deserve each and every moment on this card. This is THE event people sharpen their craft for, this is THE event why people commit themselves to this company for, for that one Wrestlemania moment. The moment that puts YOUR name on the map and catapults you into stardom.

    *Alias stares at the crowd intensely, receiving a pop as he shakes his head in excitement*

    But with what comes prosperity and success, also comes the akin chances of tragedy and failure. This is also an event where legacies can get tarnished, where people's careers end, where people's dreams are so aprubtly shattered. An event that you so regularly worked hard for to ultimately fail and disappoint not only you, but the whole IWT Universe. This is why at IWTMania you put everything on the line, your legacy, your future. You either put up or shut up. And I'm not ready to be that guy to fail and flounder in the biggest stage of them all infront of this capacity crowd, no no, there is no chance in hell that that is happening. I am putting up everything on the line here tonight, baby. The stakes are at an all-time high, and I'm going to be the guy that this crowd will speak about once IWTMania 2 is over. Not George, not Kid, not Aids, not Bruce, not DZ, not Oval, not Jono, not that jackoff donkey sucker Adam, and especially not the man I defeated just last month, IWT Champion Joey Bryant.
    *Crowd starts chanting "Joey Bryant! A-LI-AS! Joey Bryant! A-LI-AS!*

    Oh that dude is still relevant around these neck of the woods? I thought I slapped the relevancy out of him, but I guess not. That's cool, that's real cool, I just wonder if he'll still be relevant by the time tonight ends hahaha.
    Anyway, about the subject I was on about. I've worked too hard and too long for this moment, and without a shadow of a doubt, I am not allowing two jobbers to fuck me over, to fuck up MY MOMENT! The only legacies getting tarnished and defamed here tonight guys, is Aiden Ryan's and Reagan Cole's! They will be the guys who's dreams are so viciously shattered, they will be the ones to disappoint themselves and all of you sheep sitting here in this arena tonight! And the guy pulverizing all of those petty dreams that Reagan and Aiden hold dearly to their heart, is going to be none other than this guy, Alias Antonio. I will "regretfully" end both of your careers tonight, and I guess it would be pretty cool for both of you to watch me win that IWT Title sooner rather than later from your hospital beds. I mean it would be a nice detail, because after all, I am doing both of you a colossal favor. You two are honestly not needed in the IWT, we've already got a surplus of jobbers and I'm sure it would have been a matter of time before both of your asses got fired tonight. So consider the forthcoming ass-kicking a favor. Would you rather die a "hero" or live on as a worthless jobber in a company who's chairman doesn't even know your name? Nothing personal, I'm just taking the thorn in the flesh of getting rid of you two. And it won't even make me break a sweat at all.

    I'm sorry if I'm hurting your tiny weenie feelings but in this utopian battlefield you either man up and make a name for yourself or you come into this battle already knowing your fate. I already know your fate guys, hell I've repeated it a dozen of times in this promo. But the million dollar question is, do I know my own fate after this? Do any of you know my fate after this? Does IWT Management themeselves even know what my fate is?

    My fate cannot be mastered; it can only be collaborated with and thereby, to some extent, directed. But if all things end up going to plan, my fate is being directed to a very good place hahahahaha.

    Bring these jobbers out.

    *Alias leans back against the turnbuckle, awaiting the entrance of a new opponent.*
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  9. A Loud Howl Echo's The Arena.

    Leaving The Arena Silent For A Few Minutes.

    The Music Begins To Play.
    A Dark Shadow Emerges On top of the ramp with a steel baseball in he's hand.

    The Lights Flicker as the music base hits loudly, With a white light beaming down upon Aiden Ryan.
    He Lifts the baseball bat around the back of he's neck and walks down the ring with not when muscle inching from he's smile.

    The Camera Zooms In To Where Cole Had Struck Ryan.
    Rotating around to he's face Aiden Swiftly Jumps onto the apron and looks back at the ramp.
    Looking at the champion infront of him he shake's he's head in disbelief.
    Bringing he's baseball bat down he enters the ring and asks for the microphone.

    "Hurry The Fuck Up!"
    He Mouths as the announcer quickly hands it to him.
    Taking a quick glance at Alias, Aiden turns to the announcer.

    "Seriously, Were you dropped on your head when you were younger?" Aiden Snarls at the announcer.

    Aiden Shakes he's head and lowers the microphone.

    The Fans Boo Loudly.

    "You Sold Out!"
    Chants begin to echo the arena.

    "I don't think it's safe to chant such untruthful things about me, IWT Universe" Aiden Responds as the fans continue to chant loudly.

    "You Suck!"
    The Fans Chant Loudly.

    "Alright, Who do you think will win this fight. You fat ****s with hotdogs or me with the STEEL baseball bat?"
    Aiden Laughs as the fans boo loudly.

    "Keep eating your sorrows away, You miserable fucks!"
    Aiden Yells into the microphone as the fans begin to throw items into the ring.

    "Anyway. Now that the failed abortions have shut their gob maybe now I can finally say what Is on my chest."

    Aiden Smiles and heads over to the turnbuckle.
    Jumping up and crossing he's legs on the top rope he lifts the microphone back up

    "You See, All My Life everyone has stated that I am just this overly nice, friendly, lovable character. And that perception of me couldn't be more wrong...
    Now everyone is questioning my mental stability as if I am some lunatic who has bi polar issues. Oh beg my pardon for being hit with a baseball bat and being enraged by such a thing, Shame on me. I guess I really have sold out for displaying emotions. Next time when I get hit with a baseball bat I'll stand up and smile with the blood pouring out of the back of my skull because you know, That's what Aiden Ryan Is all about Positiveness and not being hurt, I'm such a superhero. I just can't help myself!"

    "But Tonight is the perfect example of showing who I really am, To... "

    Aiden Sighs with a growl.

    "To Twist Alias's Neck to the point where it is limp, And to do the exact same to Cole and wrap their necks around together and tie them in a knot and leave them hanging on the turnbuckle like some dirty,used chuck taylors."

    Aiden Looks down rocking slowly.
    "To... Rid those who devour off success. To Destroy... every single bone in a human body... to..."

    Aiden begins to bite he's finger nail and twitch.

    "To... be... "

    Aiden Look's at he's hands which are shaking
    The fans begin to chant degrading comments.

    "Shut up.... Please."
    Aiden Croaks as the fans get louder.

    "So Cynical... You're all just so Cynical. "
    Aiden Rocks Himself on the top rope.

    "You Will Job!"
    They Clap Chanting, Not one bit of sound destroying the chant.

    Aiden Hops down from the top rope and circles around the ring.
    Dropping the bat by he's foot Aiden run's he's fingers through he's hair and shake's he's head.

    The Fans get louder as
    Aiden Stumbles he's words and begins to panic as the fans begin chanting louder.

    "SHUT UP!" Aiden Screams as the fans keep chanting.

    He looks over at Alias.

    "I'm Not Psycho! Nor Am I a jobber! I can wrestle, their lying! Tell them their lying!"
    He Mouths At Alias.

    "You made them turn against me..."
    He points at Alias as he's eyes begin to twitch.

    You Can't Wrestle!"
    "Aiden's Psycho"
    "You Can't Wrestle!"
    "Aiden's Psycho"

    Aiden looks around the arena as the fans begin chanting those comments.

    Aiden throw's he's microphone away and begins to break down in the center of the ring.
    Bat by he's side he keep's screaming trying to out sound the fans.

    "Mental Clinic"
    The Fans Chant Loudly As Aiden Grabs he's bat and starts hitting the mat violently.

    "SHUT UP!!!!"
    He Continuously Yells Smashing the mat.


    The Bat slips out of he's hands and Aiden kneels down, Hugging he's knee's he tears begin to flow down.
    "I don't want to be in a mental clinic."
    He rocks himself slowly.

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    OOC: it's funny how all 3 of us wanted to go first but whatever...
    *Reagan walks out of the Curtain with no music and stands in the middle of the Ramp and looks out at the Crowd before Pointing at the titron as a British Flag falls down over the Mania Screen and Reagan Points at the Flag for a few seconds then his theme Song suddenly Hits*

    *Reagan shouts "It's almost Time!" before walking down the ramp but the Camera view moves to Show Reagan's Girlfriend Amber O' Neal and Reagan Notices it and walks over to the Camera and tells him to stop looking at his Girl's tits and The Cameraman backs up away from Reagan and Amber as the Pair Kiss and Amber Tells him good luck and Reagan Replies you know i don't need Luck before Jogging around the Ring with his Arms spread out then he finally slides into the ring back on the side of Amber and he jumps onto the bottom Rope as the Pyro happens behind him before he Chuckles and the Pyro stops and Reagan gets the Microphone from a Assistant*
    Reagan: well it's here....mark this Moment Ladies and Gentlemen....actually judging by the People in this crowd tonight,the Ladies and Gentleman must of moved away from this terrible City because all i see are Homeless Slobs
    *The Crowd Boos*
    Reagan: oh,you people don't like that? well i only speak the truth so Shut up!
    *The Boos grow really loud now so it's the opposite of what Joey Bryant will probally get in the main event as Reagan looks at Aiden*
    Reagan: but on Serious note....Aiden,you know why i attacked you and your Promo a couple days ago which i did see and i need to say that....i LOVE this Ryan,the Aiden Ryan that is Extreme and only cares about hurting his opponient.i have been wanting this since you did that thing to respect Edward Coleman,That Aiden Ryan was Pathetic,stupid and a Bitch!
    *Mixed Reaction for Aiden Ryan*
    Reagan: but now we have this Extreme,Serious,Violent Asshole! but in the end it won't matter
    *The Crowd starts Chanting "Shut up!"*
    *The Chant grows louder and Reagan ignores it and looks at Alias*
    Reagan: now onto the **** Champion Alias Antonio
    Reagan:who thinks he is a GOAT because he defeated Joey Bryant, OH MY GOODNESS! HE BEAT JOEY BRYANT! HE BEAT THE IWT CHAMPION! with more on this story,Reagan Cole
    *even through the British Flag is getting rolled up from the Titron,Reagan shows up and he is in a suit and in a Fake News studio*
    Reagan*in a Newsreader voice*: Thank you Reagan,Now Alias Antonio recently Beat the IWT Champion Joey Bryant on a Episode of Uprising....wait....this just in....NOBODY CARES ABOUT ALIAS ANTONIO!.....Back to the Best Superstar of the X Divison and soon to be X Divison Champion! Reagan Cole!
    *The Titron goes black as Reagan smiles and The Crowd is Booing Louder than*
    Reagan: Thanks for those Lovely Words Reagan,there were truly Heart-Warming but anyway back onto you Alias and i,like many Many People,Believe in what the News says so what it Said was Nobody Cares about You but don't be sad,my Rival because Nobody talks About Most of the People in this Divison including Aiden Ryan but Do you want to Know who what these Idiots seem to Talk about....they Talk about The only Wrestler in this company that actually has Wrestling Abilty....Reagan Cole...oh and before i end this truly Awsome Promo...Aiden,you say you are going to beat me with the Baseball Bat that i attacked you with? not that Weak bat you have there
    *Reagan slides out of the Ring and Goes back to Amber and she gives him the Baseball Bat and Kisses him and Reagan Rolls back into the Ring and Drops it in the Center of the Ring in front of Aiden*
    Reagan: come on then,do your Worst!
    *Reagan backs into his Turnbuckle,staring at Alias and Aiden*
  11. *Alias cuts straight to the chase*

    I literally didn't heed any of the promos, mainly because it's the same old monotonous shit I've previously heard, shit I've seen before. All I heard was just two punks talking incoherently and spewing out some bullshit notions and false beliefs about them becoming the new X-Division champ. You know, I find it real cute. I really do. I, for one, am completely fine seeing two pathetic wannabes maunder on about winning a war that they've already lost as soon as this match was announced. I find that acceptable, let the kids dream however they want. But deep down, deep deep down in my abysmal heart, all these prophecies coming from two 3rd rate superstars makes me.......cringe. I mean really? Look at it this way.

    I've demolished, I've obliterated, and I've annihilated practically everyone on this roster. I've laid waste to some of the top in this business, simply because they can't come up with anything creative when they speak or when they're WRESTLING in this very ring. No one can hold a candle to what I do in this industry, and that's not an embellishment, that's just the truth, a thing you two don't know how to convey no matter how many times you say you do. Basically what I'm saying is that I expected better from two rookies aiming to make a "name" for themselves at the biggest stage of them all. But no, instead we got two customary, same old same old promos. And that's the dilemma with nowadays, people don't know how to branch out their thoughts and sharpen their craft. Which will once again end in Alias Antonio reigning supreme.

    I was given a brass ring, and I ran with it all the way to IWT Mania. And now that the ball is in my court, I'm ready to play the game. Actually, I've played the game quite long enough now. In the first quarter, I was carried by my teammates, but that still resulted in me gaining success with my partners Jwab Atom and Ben Dover. The second quarter was slightly disappointing, we lost our gold, our team slowly disintegrated, and we lost all loyal fan support. The third quarter, however, marked the Genesis of the Alias Antonio era as I became single-handedly the most menacing threat in the IWT roster. I steamrolled through guys like Aids Johnson, like David, like Sir Lee, like Chris Kaizer, like Nick, and like, haha, DK James. This was the regeneration of Doble A. And now, now we're in the final quarter. The quarter that counts the most out of them all, and I couldn't agree more. This quarter will be the most physically intense and compelling quarter. It will consist of me eviscerating the living souls out of these two jobbers, which will be done in the quickest time possible to ensure that there's still time left on the clock. Then, haha, then.......the game changer happens. In the final stretch, I will show off my explicit dominance.......and then you will see for yourself the way I conquer the gold.

    Hahaha, I don't speak in riddles kids........I just state true facts. And me becoming the next IWT Champion, yeah, that's a fact.

    God forgives, Alias motherfucking Antonio doesn't.

    GG no re.

    *Alias drops the mic and stomps around the ring intensely*
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  12. OOC: i thought it was the end of promo time
  13. Cut it just in time I believe. I'd be cool with you and Butters cutting another one too. Up to @Delik on extending time.
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  14. OOC: Posted with LITERALLY minutes to spare lol. Delik hasn't opened voting yet guys, c'mon this is MANIA
  15. just checked and you done 4 minutes before closing time and let's see if i can do a quick comeback
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  16. 3 days in and voting isnt open yet?
  17. Match started thursday, I made the thread on tuesday as I forgot. Promos closed just over an hour ago.