Voting IWT Mania - X Division Sudden Death

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Who won?

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  1. Harriet

  2. Nick

  1. You totally underestimated me, Nick. Just lumped me in with the 'Rookies and nobodies'. Well the rookies and nobodies are gone and now it's just you and me.

    Harriet's coy smile drops from her face, her eyes grow wild as she continues to focus on Nick

    You're going to regret having those misgivings about me. The chance for you to compete at Extreme Rules- gone. That dream is over for you.

    She steps closer to Nick, looks him up and down before shaking her head disapprovingly.

    What happened to you? Where is the real Nick at? Where is the Nick that has the real passion for IWT? He is not standing in this ring.

    She waves a hand dismissively and shakes her head again before turning away from Nick. She begins to pace.

    You're a shadow of your former self, you know that? I see you holding it all in there-' Harriet stops, dead still in front of Nick and uses her pointer finger to tap her temple. 'Reeling your crazy in. But you know something? That was what I liked- respected about you. You were a totally different breed of competitor, you didn't let the fact that you were bat-shit insane hold you back.
    If somebody crossed you- you would hurt them. Like.... fucking dismember people just like that.'
    Harriet clicks her fingers.

    'But then... something went seriously wrong with you. Now all we ever get are bullshit excuses on your failings and utter fallacies about just how good you are.

    'You're the hungriest, strongest motherfucker in here? She steps up to him, invading his personal space.
    Fuck no! You couldn't have shown less conviction if you'd have tried. Where is the fire and the passion, Nick?

    WELL, WHERE IS IT NICK? Harriet yells, glaring up at him before stepping a few paces back.

    You can't just bullshit this and hope to get the win based solely on the fact you've been here longer than me.

    When you lose to me, you will save the fucking excuses and complaints. My win will be a fair, well earned one- There are no politics or agendas here.

    Let's be real here, 'baby boy' Harriet smirks 'My winning this tournament will benefit the division- show the other divisions and the fans that we have some of the finest talent around, that we have some true competitors here in the X-Division that could actually take that strap from Antonio.

    Unlike the majority of this division, I'm not a comedian and I'm certainly not a fucking jobber and I will keep fighting until my last fucking breath. Nothing will stop me now I'm here in the IWT. The X-Division is just the tip of the iceberg.

    Time is up for you now Nick, it's time for the new generation of champions to shine.
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    Nick is out of breath, wondering how this match isn't over. Nero and Freeborn are now gone from the ring, leaving just Nick and Harriet in a stare down. Nick rips the microphone out of Harriet's hand and makes his best attempt to speak clearly.

    "They said... they wanted it... The talk was Harriet Vargas vs Nick... and here it is."

    Nick takes a few moments to regain his breath, and then puts the microphone back to his mouth.

    "You're right. I did underestimate you... Don't get me wrong - I see the talent in you. I just didn't think that you could cut it. I didn't think you could outlast there being more than one competitor... I won't make the same mistake twice, this time I'm giving you my all."

    He takes a few more seconds to catch his breath as the crowd gives a faint pop.

    "You see, I could've unleashed my wrath on you - but I didn't want to. Throughout our verbal confrontation and the match, you did something I didn't expect you to do - you earned my respect... So I didn't want to end such a promising career from someone who I've grown a liking to. I was hoping we could maybe go out, grab some dinner one night, maybe get to know each other, you know? But now my hopes for that to happen are gone, because you just made the biggest mistake of your life."

    Nick walks into the corner and taps the microphone.

    "You want the psycho to come out. Ask and you shall receive. It's really going to hurt me to ruin such a beautiful face, but this time around, I will NOT hold back. This time I will go all in. 20 years of everyone I've ever known backstabbing me, using me, and abusing me, 20 years of the ENTIRE WORLD kicking dirt on me will be redirected onto YOU! You could've just gotten beaten normally, but now you've grabbed a microphone and provoked me. So I'm gonna make you eat those words! Bones will be broken, blood will be spilled - and it won't be mine. I will show you I am hungrier than you, I will show you I'm stronger, I will show you I still don't give a fuck, I will show you the fire, the passion, and most of all I'll show you that you aren't even good enough to lace my boots."

    The crowd pops and begins split chants of "Let's go Nick" and "Harriet".

    "The new generation of champions will not shine because my time isn't up Harriet."

    "It's only just begun."
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  4. Voting is open you jaded lad, good luck to both of you.
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  5. Good match guys, MOTY candidate at least until this point in the card, Nick and Majour good job.
  6. Congratulations Nick!
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  7. You both did amazing! i really enjoyed this and would love for you to, to clash again!

    You compliment eachother well.
  8. Your winner by 8 votes to 4... Nickelodeon!