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Who's your winner?

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  1. The following contest is scheduled for one fall...
    and the winner will receive a #1 contenders match for the
    X Division title at Extreme Rules!

    @Nero_x3 vs @Zach vs @sXe ToTo vs @Majour vs @Nickelodeon

    The rules are as follows:

    -No interuptions, only competitors can post here
    -Pictures, videos, livestream etc. are all banned, apart from titantron entrances.
    -Promos will last for 24 hours after the 1st promo is posted,
    and there is no limit on the amount of promos you can cut.
    -Voting will then last for
    48 hours after the last promo is posted.

    Voting for yourself will result in instant disqualification and suspension,
    no questions asked.
    Please do not post OOC until promos are finished. If you need to address someone please do it via PM.
    However, posts that are kayfabe like watching the match from backstage are OK. Anything else will be deleted.

  2. It's 48 hours of promos, right?
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  3. Chris Kaizer comes walking down to ring side. He grabs a seat at the announcers table and before falling asleep says

    "Here I go again"
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  4. Artist walks down puts whip cream on his hand and tickles his nose with no reaction...
  5. 'Ladies and Gentlemen, are you ready for a fight?'

    As the lights suddenly fill the arena, Harriet stands at the top of the ramp scanning the crowd. Giving them a playful smile she starts her walk down to the ring, collecting a mic from an assistant on her way.

    She slides into the ring and glances up at the 'IWTMania' sign before looking out to the crowd once more.

    'So it's official, IWTMania has begun. I can tell you that I'm just as excited about this as each and every one of you.'

    The crowd pops.

    'I'm here to gain my first win at a Mania. I've got my name out there, shown you people just how much talent I possess and now it's time for me to start reaping the rewards, starting with the X-Division strap. If Antonio Alias didn't take me seriously before, he will now.'

    The crowd pops for Alias, Harriet let's the crowd go on a little before holding a hand up to silence them.

    'Tonight isn't about Alias though- it's about me taking out these other 'competitors' and showing exactly why I was given this shot.'

    'Overall, these other challengers don't deserve shit and that is a solid gold fact.'

    Harriet paces around the ring slowly.

    'It's hard to work out who is the least deserving of this match. We have Tyler Freeborn, the 'Straight Edge Saviour' who's going to... not drink, not smoke, in fact, not do anything that is of any interest to anybody else here. I can guarantee that you will not be walking away from this ring as the number one contender for the X-Division title.'

    'Zach the Jerk- a Richie Rich wannabe. Who I can only assume has bought his way into this match. I literally cannot figure out how else the guy got here. The fact the Jerk would pay people off shows his utter and complete lack of both stones and talent. Another typical rich boy who thinks his financial strength should enable him to get whatever he wants without having to lift a single over privalidged finger. Zach may not even show for this match- maybe he finally got an ounce of common sense and realised that getting to the top of this business actually requires passion, talent and graft and having none of those attributes decided to leave this to the professionals.'

    'Another person who would be smart to no-show would be Nero. I am yet to see somebody underestimate his competitors and overestimate his own talent quite so much- It really is an art. Speaking of talent- your little to and fro with The Artist... You made him look like the exceptional one and that is... as close to a miracle as you could possibly get.
    'Your ego is preposterously over-inflated. You've had one match against one of the division's-'

    Harriet holds a hand up to correct herself.

    'No, one of the entire promotions biggest known jobbers and suddenly you're hot shit? Wrong. You've accomplished nothing yet and you are about to have a particularly nasty fall from that pedestal that you put yourself on.'

    'The only person that could even be considered as something as close to a threat to me is Nick. And that is a generous statement at best. Yes, he has had his moments of glory in the IWT- nobody can deny that. He was a legitimate threat in the IWT- all be it briefly. But those moments were just that...
    It's time for you to move aside for those of us who are relevant and deserving.'

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  6. *Nero Kousaki walks out from backstage to boos from the crowd. He pays them no mind and walks down to the ring. He grabs a mic and meets face to face with Harriet. He stares at Harriet and only Harriet, as his facial expression turns from nothing to dire unhappiness. He lifts the mic to his lips and starts talking.*

    Kousaki: So you're Harriet Vargas. A name that I'd seen recently, yet I've never had the chance to encounter you myself. However, today that changes. Tonight, you're no longer just another competitor here in IWT. Tonight, you're one of my many opponents, and this match decides who'll go on to face Alias Antonio next month at Extreme Rules. And out of all the people to win this match, you think you deserve it more than the rest of us? That's the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard of in IWT aside from the Artist still being employed here. You've been here slightly less longer than I have, and you've only been seen on Uprising and a dark match. We both debuted against the same guy. How fitting. Yet what separates me from you the most is the fact that I didn't come here to play along with the crowd. I didn't come to IWT to try and become the fan favorite. I actually thought you were going to be decent here, but after the first seconds of you coming out here and trying to win over the crowd? That's disgusting. You are not here to please any of these people. You are here to wrestle, not play along as IWT's residential fan-favorite bitch.

    *Kousaki hears boos from the crowd, yet his emotion doesn't change*

    Kousaki: To be fair, you're not the only competitor here tonight. Hell, you're more worthy of this title opportunity than a man named Tyler Freeborn, who will debut in this match. Now, in what world does Tyler Freeborn deserve a title shot? He has never had a match here before, and thus far he's done nothing to impress anyone inside or outside of the ring. After tonight, Tyler Freeborn will be a name that no one shall remember aside from the fact that he was in this match. His claims to be straight edge serve no purpose in a wrestling ring, yet he flaunts them around like a schoolgirl. I'm curious to see if he'll even show up tonight. Tonight's the biggest match of his life, but I don't imagine he needs to make an utter fool out of himself while trying to act like a somewhat formidable threat. Tyler, I can certainly say I respect you more than a CERTAIN SOMEONE who'll I'll talk about soon, but I can't say I'm impressed by the latest petty attempts instilling fear into us.

    *The crowd shows little to own emotion, as small Tyler Freeborn chants start breaking out*

    Kousaki: And now I remember seeing the name Zack on the card. Now who in the blue hell is Zack? Has he even had a real match here yet? Better yet, why in hell does our "General Manager" allow morons like him into the company? If a guy can't wrestle, he can't wrestle, and he's already proven that by not even having a single match thus far. He hasn't even tried to make a name for himself, he's just been hiding behind everyone else in IWT because he can't muster up the testicles to get out here and accept a loss like a man. How he found IWT and made his way into the company? I don't know, but I'm not one who likes to delve too deep into the lifestyle of the inept and unfortunate. Zach, you serve no point in IWT, as you lack any ounce of charisma, talent, or motivation. It's pathetic to see someone like Zach being allowed into a number one contender's match, yet he hasn't done a single damn thing. At least Tyler Freeborn has tried, I quote TRIED, to hype himself up as a threat, which if you've forgotten already HE ISN'T. It's moments like these that make me question the direction that the company is going in. Then again, it was going to be run by a former champion known as Aids Johnson, but we were stripped of that opportunity, and we were sidelined with the saddest insult of a GM known as Jono. With all that being said though, if Zach actually wants to compete in this match tonight, then he'd drag his ass down to this ring, and fight the rest of us like men. Yet, considering how he's show bare signs of life over the past few months, I'm not going to expect anything.

    *The crowd refrains from reacting to Kousaki's remarks on Zack, due to their own personal questionings of Zack*

    Kousaki: Now, the one person I actually fear to face tonight, Nick. Nick has proven himself as a solid force in IWT. His record may be 5-9, but he won Proving Grounds last year. You've faced some of the best wrestlers we have in IWT. You were recently given the opportunity for the Intercontinental Championship. However, you lost that opportunity for a reason. For months on end, throughout most of your matches, you've always talked about being the underdog who never gets anything he deserves. But Nick, please enlighten me to the fullest extent, in what way do you deserve anything here in IWT? On paper, you're a formidable competitor who's made himself known in IWT. In reality, you tarnish all of your credibility due to your constant complaining and your denials. You complain day in and day out that you've been screwed out of the real opportunities with the championships and being in the main event scene. Recently, you've brought no charisma upon yourself. The crowd has lost all interest in even trying to cheer or boo you. It defeats the purpose of them even trying to watch you painfully execute promos better yet even put on a match. Hell, I almost felt bad for you during that number one contender's match, yet I knew not to because you never bring anything different to the table. Every time you have a match, it's the same old bitching and complaining that you should be in the top, and the distant claims of everyone else receiving benefits only proves the fact that you can't bring yourself to improve your abilities as a wrestler. If you can't even improve yourself as a wrestler, what point do you serve being in IWT? Unless you're in it for the money, which I can't say you are, as you've shown passion for the company, the fans as well as my fellow wrestlers here wish to see you less and less throughout the coming weeks of IWT. What I find even more sad is that you were shooting to face Sir Lee at IWTMania, yet you're here tonight facing the other 3 wrestlers and myself, and unless you want to twist this into some form of you being screwed over again, then you have no one to blame but yourself, and that is fact, and your ultimate shortcoming as a wrestler is only inevitable. Nick, I used to respect you as a competitor, but you have said nothing that makes me want to respect you anymore. You had the chances of being at the top, but YOU ruined those chances, and you wish to pit your ineptitude on everyone else. Hmm, where have I seen that before in IWT? I'll digress, if you can actually prove me wrong and bring something to the table tonight, then I'll be ready to have the pleasure of pinning you once the match ends.

    *The crowd starts to boo Kousaki again, and they start chanting for Nick*

    Kousaki: Now Majour, you've heard everything I've had to say about all of the other wrestlers. I originally started with a small exploration of you and your chances as a wrestler, but as we are face to face, I'd say it's a good time that I broke down your aspects as a wrestler. After all, you've already tried to explain my flaws. Now, if I recall correctly, you said that I beat a jobber to start off my way in this company. Fun fact of the day Harriet, you debuted in IWT at Uprising facing the same guy, Reagan Cole. Of all people to try and tarnish my first win in IWT, you have no credibility by trying. You beat Reagan in your debut, but unlike myself, you had your match at Uprising a couple weeks back. I had my match against him, by debut match as a matter of fact, at the Elimination Chamber PPV. Do you realize how much greater the levity of me beating the same guy as you did during our debuts is by winning it at a PPV? Even though we both won our matches in landslides, I won at the PPV, you won on an episode of Uprising, nothing changes that. Also, before you try to go off on how you have 2 wins and I have one yet you've been here shorter than I have, realize that beating Artist isn't an accomplishment. It's something that virtually anyone can do at any given time. Artist is 2-7. Now, although you could say the same thing about me beating Reagan Cole, keep the fact in mind that you beat him too. Once again, you're in no position to comment. Artist is one of the jobbers in this company that has no real future here. He might have some strange gimmick that he likes to live by, but the quality of his wrestling matters much more than his little gimmick, and it's apparent that his wrestling is getting him nowhere. Also, I almost laughed when you said that I made Artist look like an exceptional miracle. It's funny how you act as if I should even care about someone like Artist. If I ever wanted to give my full efforts against that jobber, I could've easily pinned him in the ring one on one. Besides, in my spat with Artist, all he did was insult me with the most atypical insults in the book. You think that's something exceptional? If that's the case, then I see how far you're going to get when you say hello to talent relations. My "ego" as you like to call it isn't inflated. I know my place in this company and I'm holding solid grounds, much similar to Nick in a way, without all of the complaining. Did I ever place myself as better than most of the people in this company? No, but I know exactly where I should stand when it comes to being here in IWT. I never asked to be put into this match, but now that I'm here tonight against the 4 of you, I've realized my purpose, and I'm ready to pin anyone, preferably Nick, in order to get myself a chance at the X Division championship.
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  7. Tyler Freeborn comes down to the ring, some USA chants are heard but most of the people are cheering him, he already has a mic in hand, he gets to the ring and looks ready to speak

    Tyler Freeborn: So, this is IWTMania, the biggest stage of them all, I`m a little nervous to be honest, my debut match…, pretty awesome

    Crowd cheers, Tyler goes near Harriet, and starts talking to her

    Tyler Freeborn: So, Harriet Vargas, “The Next Big Thing”, the future of IWT, You must have a lot of pressure on your back, I`m not here to insult you or say something about you and Aids dick, I`m here to tell you this won`t be your first Mania victory, it will be mine!, you can say I won`t bring anything interesting here, that really makes me laugh, have you seen me wrestle?, no!, and yet you say that I`m a nobody, that I don`t deserve to be here, that won`t happen, if you and the other fucker (Points at Nero) think this will be an easy win over me, I wanna see you try, I was given this opportunity because the GM knows I`m better than you, than Nero, than Nick and than Zach, and I won`t let him down, that`s a fact!

    He backs away from there, and starts walking around the ring, like thinking, after a bit,he leans on the turnbuckle and starts talking again

    Tyler Freeborn: Since I signed up on this company, people have threatened me as an underdog, everyone thinks I`m a joke because I haven`t had a match here yet, I`m tired of it, But what can I do?, It has been like this in every company I have been a part of, and what did I do?, I dominated everyone they put me against, and it seems the same will happen with IWT, and that…, starts tonight!

    He leaves the turnbuckle and goes face to face with Nero, and smirks at him, then, he starts talking

    Tyler Freeborn: Instilling fear into you? I`ve never tried to do that, you are so confused about me…, and I like that, gives me a better chance, which I don`t really need, but whatever, at beating you, what gives you the confidence to think you can beat me?, I`ll ask you the same question I asked her, have you seen me wrestle before?, no, of course you haven`t, why would you watch anyone else`s matches, you will realize that they`re better than you and you will not be able to handle that, I know that you won`t, and that will consume you on the inside, that will be the cause of your Downfall, I know people like you, people who have they heads so far up their asses that are not able to watch and let other people know that they`re good, you remind me of a young me, a young 17 years old Tyler Freeborn, I was just like you, I thought I could beat whoever I wanted, but when I started to lose, I realized I should start to pay more attention to the other guys, and that made me win my first championship, and then my second one… and the story can go forever. But I hope you get the point, because if you don`t, you will commit the same mistake I made, and had me far away from victories.

    Freeborn makes a pause, while the crowd cheers for him, after a bit, he talks again

    Tyler Freeborn: Now, who`s next?... oh yeah, Nick, without a doubt, one of the thoughest competitors here on IWT

    The crowd starts cheering for Nick, Tyler waits for the cheers to die out and speaks again

    Tyler Freeborn: Now, Nick, I think you may be the only competitor that has my respect, you have proven yourself as one of the best performers here, You have had a lot of championship opportunities throughout your whole carrer, but you threw away most of them, and you will have another one tonight, because, even though no one thinks I`m not going to win, I will prove all of them wrong, and when I`m done with that, I will beat Antonio, and win the X- Division championship

    He does another little pause, and talks again

    Tyler Freeborn: And… the last competitor, Zach, I really don`t know much of him, but if the GM booked him in this match, must be because he`s tough, and I can`t wait to find that out

    The crowd cheers

    Tyler Freeborn: So, Zach, Nick, come out here so we can do this!​
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  8. Zach the Jerk's titantron hits as the crowd boos as they await him to come out to the stage. Suddenly, the titantron cuts to a boat out in the water, where Zach can be seen lounging in a beach chair with the unrecognized IWT Million Dollar Championship on the table to his side along with a drink. He grabs the drink and takes a sip with a refreshing "Ahhhh" and sets it down on the table again.

    Oh hey there guys! Unlike you stupid filthy peasants I can actually afford a vacation and I don't have to break a sweat earning it. So I hate to inform you that I will not be attending this match today because I am currently in Spain! Don't you ladies and germs in the audience worry though, I will make sure to buy myself into another match sometime. Adios!

    He shrugs and takes the camera off its stand and tosses it from the side of the boat. The camera spins as it flies through the air and shortly lands in the water with a large splash and cuts off.
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    The Nick chants grow as Zach finishes. Then, the crowd goes quiet as the music plays.

    At about 0:45, Nick emerges from the curtain, wearing a black jacket and black trunks. The crowd pops as he takes in the view of the thousands of fans cheering for him. He pulls a microphone out of a pocket in his jacket and taps on it as he slowly and cockily makes his way down the ramp. He rolls in the ring and stares at each of his opponents.

    "They say you save the best for last... well we certainly have done so. Nobody is going to stop me tonight. I've had some great moments in my career. I debuted at the 2nd biggest event of the year - Summerslam - and won. Survivor Series - I lead the charge for team DX. I was the FIRST one out there against Team Jonathan - and we won. Both of those matches were multi man matches. They say those are my specialty - and the numbers don't lie. I'm 2-0 in multi man matches, and I WILL make it 3-0."

    The crowd cheers as Nick begins circling the ring, his left arm twitching with each step.

    "I'm gonna leave a quick suggestion here. Do what Zach did, pussy out. I'll give you to the count of 3 to walk out. I'd highly recommend it. I'm sure you guys wanna eventually settle down, have some kids, or if not, at least continue to live a normal life. Alright, here goes. 1... 2.... 3!

    Nobody budges, causing a smirk to appear on Nick's face.

    "Alright, Tyler Freeborn. You're straight edge. Cool. You're being very respectful out here and I'll give you some advice - that's not gonna get you very far. Harriet did make a good point. You won't be winning my friend."

    He turns to Nero and rolls his eyes.

    "Oh and Nero, on the behalf of these people, I would like to ask a favor of you. Please, shut up."

    The crowd pops and Nick nods his head.

    "The people and I haven't always seen eye to eye but tonight I am their man. And man, Nero, I almost fell asleep. You didn't have to come out and here and give us a fucking verbal essay! There's a reason why it was dead quiet when you were running your mouth - you put everyone to sleep! And just as a correction, I am now 6-9, thank you very much. There was only ONE time the people made any noise at all during your ridiculously long speech, and that was when you mentioned ME. Here's the thing, you say the people don't care, they aren't interested - which is an obvious LIE, as we are seeing now. However, have you not noticed that that applies to you? Have you not noticed that nobody cares about you? You're a decent talent - I'll give credit where credit is due - but come on? Your promos are absolutely DREADFUL. You make some decent points, but you don't need to give us a lecture to get your point across. And as if boring everyone watching wasn't bad enough, you made the gravest mistake of your life. You... you insulted ME. What I'm gonna do to you in this ring isn't because of me doing what the people want. You made this personal. So here is what I'm gonna do. I'll give you two options. 1, you can leave this ring while you're still breathing, get to the back and go watch your tentacle porn. Or 2, you can be remembered forever in IWT. You can go down in the history books as the guy that got killed by Nick!"

    Nick pauses briefly as the crowd gives a decent cheer. He moves closer to Harriet.

    "Alright, Harriet, baby girl, let's be real here. The people aren't talking Nick vs Harriet Vargas vs Nero Kousaki vs Tyler Freeborne vs Zach the Jerk. They aren't talking, X-Division tournament. They're talking Nick vs Harriet Vargas. I noticed you're pulling one out of your boy Aids Johnson's book by dropping the ol' 'relevant' line on us. How original. You can only ride him so far though - and it looks like you've reached the limit. Sorry, but Aids and his penis can't get you this win. I'm alone in this world and I always will be because that's the way I like it. I don't need hasbeens to get me places because I am just that damn good. I find it ironic that you claim none of us deserve this match. You have no room to talk. YOU need a reality check. Just because you've got Aids' dick doesn't mean you deserve this. NONE OFYOU DESERVE THIS OPPORTUNITY!"

    He stomps his foot on the ground and slowly regains his composure.

    "In fact, I'll predict the future for everyone in here. Freeborn and Zach will go right back to obscurity where they once came from and belong. Nero will struggle for relevance after his life is nearly ended by me. Harriet will continue to try and ride former champions to the top, but will ultimately never get past the X-Divison. And me? I will win this match, dethrone Alias Antonio, defend my title enough times to earn me a shot at the IWT title, and win it from whoever holds it. I'm hungrier, smarter, stronger, more experienced, more determined - and most importantly just better than you. I am the only one who deserves this match. Because EVERYTHING that I've ever earned, and everything that I've ever DESERVED has been taken away from me! An I'm not letting that happen again. Two rookies and two nobodies stand in my way. I am the best wrestler in this match and I am the future of this industry."

    The crowd gives a faint cheer.

    "This may be known as IWT Mania 2, but at the end of the night it won't be. To everyone in the back, you might as well not come out for your match because the show will be stolen by me and NOBODY is going to bring it back. IWT Mania 2 is going to be synonymous with Nick. IWT Mania 2 will be known as Nick Mania, because it is going to be remembered as the night that began the odyssey that took Nick from being a psycho to the face of the company."

    OOC: If there's any bad typos or phrases that sound weird let me know, I typed most of this from my phone.
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  10. OOC: Lawled at the tentacle porn part considering how the character himself isn't Japanese at all, contrary to what Aids says.
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  11. OOC: Also, I'll make a response tomorrow. Already got huge ideas for my response, mainly on Nick's behalf.
  12. Harriet's eyes are slightly glazed, still reeling from Nero's lengthy 'evaluation' she looks to Nero and smiles teasingly.

    'You debuted in a PPV match- good for you, especially since I didn't. This was almost a valid point.'

    Harriet steps a little closer to Nero

    'What you failed to mention was the fact that my contract was signed after the PPV's. But then you would neglect that tidbit since it was a logical point and essentially nullified any worth in the statement you made.'

    'I'm not going to go off on some soliloquy about you and waste everybody's time- we all see your weaknesses, so I'll leave it at that.'

    Harriet gives a wave of her hand, disregarding Nero and turning her attentions to Nick

    'Nick- I've said it once and I'll say it again, you are the only viable threat to me.
    Originality is big thing to ask of some people and seemingly you would be one of those people. Despite the fact that you think I'm the unoriginal one.'

    ' I'm the unoriginal one? Me?'

    Harriet laughs, slipping a hand over her mouth.

    'Pointing out just how irrelevant you have become was- maybe not the most original point- however, it is the truth. The claim that I ride Aids' dick to get me places, couldn't be less original or true.'

    'Is he standing by me in this ring speaking on my behalf?'

    Harriet looks around and shakes her head.

    'No, he isn't.'

    Harriet raises an eyebrow at Nick

    'Did I bring up the name of Aids Johnson when I entered the ring to compete in this match?'

    Harriet shakes her head again.

    'That would be you who did that. Because you have nothing else on me, why else would you have to try use such an accusation? It's certainly not because it's true. I don't need to name drop- yes, I was hand picked by the three- soon to be four time champion but I've shown that I'm a force to be reckoned with- and I'll continue to do so, way after this match is over.'

    Harriet takes a few paces towards Nick

    'You stated yourself that I'm the one person who is a threat to you. You at least have the sense to recognise that.'

    'I'm more than a threat- I promise that you will not leave this ring 3-0 in multi-man matches. This win is mine.'

    'I expect that after you lose we'll be hearing your usual excuses- how everything you get is taken away....'

    Harriet steps into Nick's personal space, looking him straight in the eye.

    'Its taken away because you don't deserve it. The only thing you deserve to take from this match is the loss that is inevitably coming to you.'
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  13. *Alias Antonio watches backstage, calmly, title around his waist*

    Alias: This division is kinda rekindling it's former magical past. Thank Alias......thank Alias.
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    *Kousaki turns his attention to Harriet once more*

    Kousaki: Ah Harriet, you once more try to use logic to act as if you're making a point, but there's one little fact that you left out. You were in free agency for a long while, including before the EC PPV. You had every opportunity to get yourself into IWT and debut at the PPV. Guess what, you didn't. So until you can prove that you had any excuse in the world of how you couldn't get yourself into IWT before the EC PPV, then there's no way in hell that you can tell me that my point is right or wrong. Deal with it.

    *Kousaki redirects his attention to Nick*

    Kousaki: Ah Nick, it's good to finally meet you face to face in the ring, and of all places to meet, why not IWTMania 2? You know, remember when I said that the only thing you ever do in this company is bitch and complain? By coming out to this ring and cutting a promo like you just did, you've only bolstered my point. You complain about me sounding off for too long, and the crowd being too quiet meaning that they're not caring. You forgot to mention the fact that I DON'T CARE about anyone who sits here in the crowd tonight. I don't care whether or not they are on my side. The crowd may "love" you, or whatever you wanna call it, but this crowd is nothing more than easy money in Jono's wallet. As I've said before, you prove absolutely nothing in your promos. You never utilize the facts; instead, you decide to bitch and complain whenever someone else says something bad about you. Don't even try to deny that, considering how you got so upset when I "insulted" you, and by insulted you meaning pointing out the obvious, that being that you have no place in this company anymore. You've lost every opportunity that you were either handed or earned. You can only blame yourself for that, but instead of gathering up all of your courage and finally accepting the FACTS, you come out here and bitch about it AGAIN, and AGAIN, and AGAIN. You complain about my promos, which by the way only proves my belief that you have some sort of superiority complex. From what I've seen, you've proven virtually nothing true or factual against my wrestling. All of your little "shots" against me are entirely opinionated, and although opinions aren't wrong, you're forgetting something. I'm NOT a rookie here. I have had a match before at EC and I beat Reagan Cole. There's more than just saying that "I suck in IWT" Nick. Oh wait, where have I seen this before? Remember your number one contender's match with Chris Kaizer and Ziggler? All you did was shit on Ziggler and Chris Kaizer because they apparently sucked up to the higher ups, even though in reality they're better wrestlers than you are, have been, or ever will be. Face the facts for once and learn how to swallow your pride. I have no reason to leave the ring when someone I can beat stands in it, and with only 3 others in the ring now, I'd say my odds are pretty damn good. However, if you even want to try killing me right here tonight to start off the show, then show me that you're something more than that atrocious 6-9 win loss. Show me what Nick claims to have as a wrestler. However at the end of the day, once I pin you on the mat for the three count, you'll finally start to realize that here in IWT, you're nothing more than a whining, crying, moaning little bitch.

    *Kousaki turns back around to face Tyler Freeborn*

    Kousaki: Finally, the rookie Tyler Freeborn made his debut promo tonight. You've made a fair point on addressing how we've never seen you wrestle, but I don't imagine you could do too much damage to everyone else in the match. With Zack being busy in Spain, you're the only rookie in this match now, Tyler. You've talked about how you wanted to wind down and fix your wrestling to start winning again, and you made it back to the top. Yet you're failing to realize you're in IWT now. This isn't the independent circuit, things are much different here. You've got some of the X Division's "Finest" (a bit of a stretch), in the ring tonight. As for myself, I've never lost my way in the wrestling industry. I'm here to wrestle and do promos, I'm not here to play lapdog to the GM or the champions in order to make my way to the top. Tonight is another stepping stone for me. For you, it's a chance to get yourself some of the spotlight, when you never deserved it in the first place. Cherish it kid, but someday you'll see things my way. And after tonight, I'll reassure you that you'll start to realize how things work in IWT.
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  15. Tyler smirks, but seems a Little confused, after a bit, he grabs the mic and talks

    Tyler Freeborn: So, First of all, Nick, I`m not looking for any friends in this match, I know friends don`t get you anywhere, I have already learnt that over the years. But I still think wrestling is about respect, and I respect you as a competitor here, I know you have worked hard to get to this spot, something I haven`t, and I know that, so any of you have to keep saying that, well, going back to you Nick, I said I respected you as a competitor, I don`t care how you are with your life, I don`t care what you do, I only know you come out here and get the job done, but, this is not the case, because I will win tonight, I don`t care if I have to pin you, Nero or Harriet, but mark my words (raises his voice a little), I WILL WIN

    Now he goes to where Nero is and starts talking to him

    Tyler Freeborn: Now Nero, First of all, have you even paid attention to what I was saying? I`m not 17, I`m older than that man, you got it all wrong (Tyler smirks and does a facepalm)…, but that you think I can`t make damage just because of my age?, (Tyler starts laughing) that`s the funniest thing I heard in my life!, I might be the rookie here, I know that, and I`m glad you think that

    The crowd, and Nero, are confused

    Tyler Freeborn: I`m saying it because I love being treated as the underdog, because, you know, it hasn`t been the first time somebody threats me like that, it has been the same in every company I have been a part of, and I`m glad that here the same is happening, but, when I`m at the top of your unconscious body tonight, after the referee counts to three and raises my hand, having proved you wrong will make my victory even sweeter, and… when I face, and beat, Alias at Extreme Rules, I will prove everyone wrong, I will prove to you three, and to all the people in the back, that I am an A plus player, and that I can do whatever I want

    Now, he turns his attention to Harriet, who`s leaning on the turnbuckle

    Tyler Freeborn: Don`t think I have forgotten about you, I loved when you forgot about me in your second promo, that better not be a mistake you do on your match tonight, because it can cost you an opportunity to be in a title match, which you won`t be a part of anyway, because you are just like Nero, you think you are the best wrestler here, and maybe, when I beat you, something will make a “click” on your brain, and you will know you are not, and that`s because, I AM THE BEST!

    He throws the mic to the floor and gets into a fighting position
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  16. Harriet steps away from the turnbuckle.

    'Yeah, I didn't forget you- you just aren't worth mentioning.'

    Harriet shrugs and settles back at the turnbuckle, both arms resting on the ropes.
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  17. Kousaki: I don't think your age matters. Age doesn't matter in a wrestling ring. However, the inexperience of you being in IWT will lead to your downfall, Tyler. You know, you're starting to sound like Nick now. The same atypical "underdog" that wants to prove himself. Are you even in the rightful position to act as if you deserve this title opportunity? I'd think not, but even though you might appreciate it now, just wait until later tonight. Even after all the efforts of all 4 of us, our match doesn't really matter tonight. Say what you will, but looking at the rest of the card, and being the kickoff match, no one will even remember our match except for determining the number one contendership for the X Division championship. However, does that mean I should just throw all my efforts away in vein because I can't be remembered at my first IWTMania? No, and that's where I give you some credit for your fortitude. You want this title shot just as much as I do, hell as much as the rest of us do. You've given us a better impression of yourself than that spoiled brat Zach did. Understand something though. Tonight won't grant any chance for you to prove yourself. Unless you win this and get to Extreme Rules against Alias, then you'll be stuck in limbo.

    *Kousaki walks back near the ropes to face all 3 of the opponents*

    Kousaki: On paper, IWTMania 2 looks like our moment to shine, our chances to steal the show. Forget all of that garbage. Tonight is like no other night, treat it like a normal PPV. Unlike the rest of you, I already know that this match won't be remembered by the many watching IWTMania 2 here tonight; instead, they'll be busy marveling over the IWT title match, or the Tag Team title match. We're all here to start off the beginning of the PPV, so instead of trying to look at ourselves like we mean the most to the PPV, get the referee to ring that bell, and let's get this started right here right now. I want that title shot as much as the rest of you, possibly even more, so I'm not here to steal the show. I'm here to get my shot at the golden belt, regardless of what anyone else thinks. Ring the bell.
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    @Delik might need you to open voting soon I guess. Time expired and I'm not sure when Nick's showing up or if he wants to make a response.
  19. OOC: Good match guys, MOTN candidate for sure. I'm pretty sure the voting opens after all competitors say there ready but i may be wrong
  20. Voting opened.
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