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IWT MITB Cash-in Special

Jonathan, Sep 30, 2014

Maximum stake $5000 - bet over that and it will be deleted.
This Event is closed and is no longer taking wagers
This Event was settled Nov 26, 2014
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    IWT MITB Cash-in Special

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  2. The guy left 5 days ago, hasn't been seen since and we're betting on his cash in?
  3. Yeah you are. Quit worrying about me, I know you want my creative spot and my MITB. I had a lot of personal shit to handle and I'm still dealing with it. I'm not leaving forever. I'm going to return, deal with it
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  4. I wasn't worrying about you, I find it weird we're betting even though you're not active, ATM.
  5. Maybe if you look at when the bet closes.
  6. It's okay Nick, if you need someone to hold onto your MITB... I'll hold onto it.
  7. The 6 hour rule implemented just seems messed up to me, I don't know. All someone has to do is wait until the champion falls asleep and they're guaranteed the title. I do think that the MITB holder does indeed deserve an advantage(especially if we're continuing the week long matches going forward), but having a 6 hour match is just too extreme. I'm almost positive that it wasn't like that last year, but we'll never know because Kid didn't post the rules in the match thread. That being said, a more reasonable advantage would be a 10/12 hour match in my opinion.
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  8. Putting a grip of cash on Nick, but I want it to change if the rule changes. I think 12 hours is the most fair option (especially to DK as champ) and I know I won mine without the advantage....but we all know it's what I does. :stopspot:

    I'll bet as soon as I know if any changes are made to rules, i get a full refund and can re-bet.
  9. There'll be no refunds regardless of anything changing. It's called betting.
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