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    The following contest is scheduled for one fall...

    Dat Kid(@Dat Kid ) vs Trip in the Head(@Trip in the Head )

    Video Package (open)

    OOC: Compiled by Dat Kid


    June 15th 2014: "Jesus wept" echoes through the speakers and the crowd comes alive as the arena is blanketed in dark purplish light.

    Dat Kid wearing jeans and his usual vest walks out from behind the curtain. The crowd gets even louder, people in the front rows bowing down as he walks by. Kid maintains his focus on the ring as he stretches out his fist, mic in the other.

    Commentator 2: Oh god, I thought Alias killed him, dammit.

    Dat Kid: At Summerslam, I am challenging both the IWT Champion and the World Heavyweight Champion in the same night, because it seems like the IWT is dying, because it seems like I am sick and tired of managing and putting over inexperienced brats, because it seems like it is time that I am due for what I deserve.

    Hey Trip, you back there shittin bricks? You should be.

    Later that night...

    Reporter: Mr. Head sir, what are reactions to Dat Kid's words for you?

    Trip: Do you think I'm scared of Dat Kid? He loves to talk doesn't he? The best part is the people eat it up.

    June 16th 2014:
    During Dat Show From Jersey

    Dat Kid: You want to know why these people hang on my every sentence, because they're just not words, they are prophecies. When I want something, I get it, period and history has proved that time and time again.

    Truth is, I am going to face both champions at Summerslam and it doesn't matter if you give it to me or I have to weasel my way into it just like I always do, it will be done.

    Artist: Prophecies? The only prophecy that will be complete is that someday when you don't bail, we'll have a match and i'll kick your ass which is something I've been itching to do for nearly 3 months now.

    Dat Kid: You want the World Heavyweight Championship, it doesn't matter who the hell Trip puts you against for a number one contender's match, if you don't beat me you sure as hell can't beat Alias.

    Artist: I chose the stipulation this time...Your Career v My Title match.

    June 23rd 2014:
    IWT Uprising The Reaper vs Dat Kid - Career vs Title Match

    Dat Kid walks out of smoke with his head above the crowd. The Artist runs down to the ring and takes down the awaiting Dat Kid.

    Commentator: Reaper has come to fight! He's letting everyone know that he is done standing idly by while others get ahead of him.

    Cut: The Reaper hits a series of clotheslines on Dat Kid as he scrambles to his feet, followed by a spike DDT that can be heard around the arena. The crowd gets on their feet in shock as The Reaper starts feeding of their energy.

    The Reaper is ready to hit Kid with his finisher until Kid rolls out of the ring. Reaper follows behind Kid as he turns the corner. Kid leans on the apron in exhaustion as Reaper turns the corner.Kid suddenly runs full spring towards Reaper and nails him with a big boot the causes the back of Reaper's head to hit the ring post.

    The screen goes black and white. "You want to know why these people hang on my every sentence, because they're just not words, they are prophecies." repeats eerily over the video.

    Dat Kid throws Reaper into the ring and is about to enter the ring from the apron until he sees Reaper staggering to his feet as if a gentle breeze could knock him over. Dat Kid goes back out onto the ring apron and looks at Reaper with malice intent. Reaper turns around and Kid springboards off the rope to hit him with a big boot.

    The screen cuts to black then fades back in to Kid getting his hand raised.

    Announcer: ...and the NEW #1 Contender...

    Reaper is shown looking up deliriously and the video fades to black.

    Later that night...

    Announcer: The following contest is for the World Heavywe-

    Britanica: My client, Dat kid has justification.

    The screen fades back in to Trip and Kid already standing in the ring, with Britanica walking to the ring in a business suit.

    Britanica: When's the last time Alias defended his World Heavyweight Championship? If I'm correct the answer to that is May 5th, 2014, the very same night he won it in a rematch with Dat Kid. That makes 51 days since Alias has defended the Championship and by now you should understand what that means. Alias Antonio should be STRIPPED of the World Heavyweight Championship.

    Not only that, there is enough evidence of negligence and abuse of power to sue you and this entire company to the ground! Your only hope of recovering from this is an out of court settlement. At Summerslam, my client Dat Kid will take on both the World Heavyweight and the IWT Champions in a Triple Threat match with BOTH titles on the line.

    With that being said....

    Britanica pulls out another piece of paper and places it on the floor in front of Trip

    What say you, Trip?

    Cut to July 2nd 2014:

    Trip: Its been awhile since I set foot in what is now MY ring. The stipulations being all he asked for at SummerSlam on the line. So I'll just wait for him to accept it and act like he's already got the match at SummerSlam in the bag, like we all know he will. *Trip sneaks another drink* But just remember, my other stipulation still stands.

    If I beat YOU at MITB Dat Kid, you won't retire, you're career won't be over. No. You will be my plaything here in IWT for as long as I see fit. Now, why don't you cry about it some more.

    Cut to July 4th 2014:

    Dat Kid: When I reunify the IWT and World Championships, you and I are going to have to work together whether or not we like it or not, so I want to make sure we have an understanding of the basic rules of IWT.

    Rule #1: Don't fuck with me

    Finally, a lone image of Trip in the Head as the new GM is shown with a dark background. Words flash on the screen that read:


    *The background behind Trip becomes a transparent image of the current Britannica and Dat Kid alliance. A large smile forms across his face before he throws his head back and laughs in slow motion as a final word fades in on the screen as his image fades out*


    The rules are as follows:

    -No interuptions, only competitors can post here
    -Pictures, videos, livestream etc. are all banned, apart from titantron entrances.
    -Promos will last for 24 hours after the 1st promo is posted,
    and there is no limit on the amount of promos you can cut.
    -Voting will then last for 24 hours after the last promo is posted.

    Voting for yourself will result in instant disqualification and suspension,
    no questions asked.

    Please do not post OOC AT ALL. Do not post "backstage/ringside" comments either.

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  2. After the video package airs there is a moment of silence as the crowd waits. The arena is blanketed in purple light and the crowd gets on their feet to boo the man they know is coming.
    A billow of smoke rises from the bottom of the stage. Dat Kid walks through it, keeping his eyes locked on the center of the ring as he approaches. Kid walks around the ring and snags a mic, stepping into the ring.

    Saving you...
    Show Spoiler

    You could've just given me the shot, ya know. I mean who was going to fight Joey Bryant and Alias Antonio at Summerslam? One of the losers from the Money in the Bank match? Because that's what you've got left aside from the Dudes with Tudes and they can't even win a 4 on 1 handicap match.

    My point being Trip, the IWT is a shell of its former self and you are behind the wheel. We may not have all liked Jonathan, but at least when he was in charge this place was still alive. Now we have a lackluster World Heavyweight Champion, a lackluster IWT Champion, and a roster so thin it makes Victoria Parker's pancake ass jealous, and it is all YOUR FAULT!

    So don't you, or any of these people look at me cross eyed when I say I want both championships on the line at Summerslam!

    You can hate me because I'm better than you, but I will NOT be called the villain in this one, NOT THIS TIME! I am here to save the IWT from the people that put this man in charge. I am here to save it from you!

    Dat Kid points at individuals in the crowd.

    and using you to do it
    Show Spoiler

    But General Manager Dipshit in the Head won't let me do that. For what?! You have nothing to gain from this. No matter how this match goes it's going to end the same.

    You lose, you go back to your office and you sit on your fat ass. You win, you go back to your office ans you sit on your fatass and I'll be there to bring you ice packs for your sorry ass career.

    The biggest thing you've ever done in this company wasn't winning the tag titles, it was partnering with me and winning the 1st ever traditional Survivor Series match, you're welcome by the way. Then when I decided to go solo, all of a sudden there was a problem.

    I build you up, provide you with the necessary tools to survive, and you scramble around like a lost kid at Wal-Mart, crying for daddy.

    So you left with momma Britanica and now she's with me. So as your parents we have something important to say. Trip...not only are you adopted, cause you sure as hell didn't get my good looks, but we never loved you.

    We used you and tossed you to the side, just like I'm using you now, but this time I'm not tossing you to the side. I'm going to hang you out to dry on these ring ropes.
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  3. *The crowd is alive with anticipation after Dat Kid’s intro. Suddenly the music hits and blares out of the sound system*

    *Suddenly the midget version of Trip in the Head we saw last week comes out and panders to the crowd for a good 30 seconds. He goes through the list of old Hulk Hogan poses on the stage as the crowd goes crazy for a midget. Then……*

    *The IWT GM himself strolls out from behind the curtain with a smug look on his face as his name is said in the song. He is wearing black tights and boots with green highlights in them and pictures of dollar bills floating down on the outside of his legs. He points at the midget and then claps, the crowd joining in. As the midget smiles and gets closer to Trip, Trip sticks out his hand for a handshake to show there are no hard feelings. The midget Trip approaches the GM…..and then gets a kick in the gut! Trip then grabs the midget by his hair and holds him up. Trip looks down at Dat Kid in the ring with a look of anger and revenge before turning towards the edge of the stage, lifting up the midget Trip, and power bombing him off the stage through a table. The crowd erupts in shock and transitions into a “Holy Shit” chant as Trip makes his way down the ramp. He makes his way to the steps, grabbing a mic from the crew on his way*

    TRIP: *smirking* Adopted huh? Well all I can say to that is thank God. I would'v been one of those few kids growing up that wished he was adopted if all that were true, hahahaha.

    *Trip paces around the ring*

    Who would've fought Joey Bryant and Alias Antonio at SummerSlam you ask? Whoever I say is worthy of the shot. If I remember correctly, I am the one running this company now. And sure, you can say I'm doing a shitty job, or however you phrased it, but these people will feel differently I believe. *Crowd erupts with cheers* And what I have to gain from this match has nothing to do with me beating you here tonight. *Trip pauses* Well, let me rephrase that, because I will be beating the hell out of you here tonight. What I meant....was that tonight is not about me gaining a victory over you Kid, oh no. This is about me FINALLY getting my hands on you. For all the wrong you have wrought upon my career since I stepped foot in the IWT. I joined DX with you all those months ago to try and pick myself up from the unrecognized scraps at the bottom of the IWT roster. And you say you built me up? Did I miss something? We had one the one match together that you mentioned and I was so happy to be working with a REAL talent who took notice of my ability early on, only to be dropped like a sack of rotten potatoes when you packed up and left to start FSW. As I watched my old butcher shop close down and become a pile rubble due to financial complications you were spending money like it was going out of style in FSW. Which eventually sank your company, and I enjoyed seeing that just as much as I am going to enjoy pounding your face in with my bare hands here tonight. Even if you get the "W" tonight and go on to your plan for SummerSlam, this will not be an easy victory for you Kid. Or me for that matter. This is a clash of titans in this industry tonight. *Trip turns to the crowd* And you are all here to bear witness to it!

    *crowd cheers as Trip turns back to Dat Kid and approaches him slowly*

    This night will go down in IWT history Kid, no matter who wins.​
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  4. No, it won't Trip because it is the winners of war who write history and guess what. When I win this war and write that history, this moment won't be in it because this isn't some sort of momentous match. I'm sorry being in the ring with a person of my caliber led you to believe that.

    This match is nothing but a stepping stone to me and just like my match with Roadster was. Just like Roadster you're going to give 100% and just like Roadster you're going to realize 100% ain't even close enough. However, I will give you the opportunity to be in the history books. When I become the IWT Champion and the World Heavyweight Champion I'll give you the honor of raising the hand of your champion...and true sole owner of the IWT.

    You think you're in charge of this company? Tell me Trip, who did you give a match to for the IWT Championship? Farooq and who was backing him, giving him false information about Joey Bryant's weaknesses. Tell me Trip, who told you to put on that Battle Royal, knowing full well that there wasn't a man on this roster who can beat Alias?

    You told me that there was no guarantee that Joey Bryant and Alias Antonio would make it to Summerslam as champions. I'm telling you now, that you were wrong. I am now inches away from THE EXACT match a was prophesied weeks ago! Tell me Trip, do you think you're "running the company".

    The only thing running is the company from right under your feet, leaving you with nothing to stand on and you're too stupid to realize it. Oh, but you'll realize it when you start falling and by then it'll be too late for you.

    Jesus wept.

    The mic falls from Dat Kid's hand

    Show Spoiler
    You see what I did there? Mic falling, Trip will fall. Very Symbolism, you impressing. :jeritroll:
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    TRIP: *looks confused* So this isn't a momentous match with the one and only Dat Kid? The crucifier of IWT talent? The one who considered himself a god? *Trip shrugs* Well I guess your "caliber" is at a much lower level than I had anticipated. I however came out to put on a match for the IWT record books, so its *Trip smiles as he drops the most popular word in IWT* irrelevant really. I am glad that you have come to accept this match as a war though Dat Kid, because I aim to deliver nothing short of a war on a scale these people have never seen before in between these ropes tonight against you. *Trip smiles as he says* And every war has its casualties.

    *crowd cheers as Trip leans in a corner*

    Now tell me - what does Roadster, or whatever his name is now, have to do with us here tonight Kid? You're diluting the essence of your own legacy just by bringing his name up in this match. Like his 100% is anything close to mine, pfft. And they way this is looking so far, neither is yours.

    *mixed crowd reaction as Trip stands back up and approaches Dat Kid again*

    Also, who backed out of their newly earned WHC title shot causing the need for the Battle Royal to happen in the first place? *Trip points at Dat Kid* You and your need for it all Dat Kid. One belts not good enough for you. Ohhhh noooo, you need two. And yet.....being in the ring with you here tonight is NOT a momentous occasion? Are you not a future IWT dual champion? The man who will unite the belts? You're nothing but a walking contradiction Kid.

    *Trip shakes his head as he turns from Dat Kid and takes a few steps before continuing*

    It is true that Alias and Bryant will likely still be champions come SummerSlam, isn't it. But what did you have to do with that? I'm almost positive you'll tell me you spiked Andrew's water or something like that before that match right? Anything to make it look like the master manipulator you think you are is in control. Well, Dat Kid, you need to hook me up with whoever you are getting your weed from. I mean, you're black so you must smoke weed right?

    *Trip grins something awful as the crowd erupts and he continues*

    Well, whatever drugs you are on tonight Kid, they are leading you towards one.....

    *Trip lowers the mic back down by his side and waits to see if Dat Kid picks his back up*

    HA (open)
    Used a little "trip" gag in my own way.
    Oh and sorry @Tsar - nothing personal. Just business :dawg:
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  6. Dat Kid slowly picks up his mic and looks at Trip.

    I usually don't like to talk after I've said those famous two words, but you want something monumental. I've got something monumental for you.

    Tell me something Trip, when you walk up the stairs do you think twice about the steps you take to get there? I don't think so. That's exactly what you are to me, a faceless step. So I do apologize if you feel a bit hurt by that, but you are no different than Roadster in my eyes.

    You want to criticize me for wanting two championships. I was told that IWT was THE place to be, that I wouldn't be brought to trial for ambition. If having ambition is a crime here then maybe I should answer the message I got to go over to ACW. Oops, did I say that out loud.

    I look at the state of the IWT and it hurts. I sat backstage all night and look at those two sorry ass Money in the Bank matches. I watched a former IWT Champion compete for the Hardcore Title. Then I struggled to keep my eyes open during that special guest referee match. This is a shit show and everyone knows it.

    You know why this is a shit show because you listen to people like Aids Johnson who's a well known ass kisser- oh wait I'm sorry, I heard he gives rim jobs to creative now a days. You'll listen to that sack of shit and struggle to put anything entertaining on in that ring. The fact that this is the most hyped match on the card and isn't the main event or even for a world championship is just a testament to your pathetic attempt to run a company, but then again I did most of the work. Tell me I'm wrong!

    You couldn't even break into the main event scene when you were a competitor, how the hell are you gonna book one? Jonathan was a lot of things, but the one thing he wasn't...was a joke.

    Dat Kid shoves the mic at Trip
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  7. *Trip takes the mic, with a large smile on his face. He slowly begins to laugh, building and building to the point that it sounds like uncontrollable laughter. He quickly regains his composure as he stops laughing and brings the mic up to his mouth*

    TRIP: There he is! That's the Dat Kid I was looking for. You are aiming deep now with those words. Whose the last person to get you to pick up that microphone after you've uttered those two annoyingly repeated words, hmmmm?

    *Trip walks over to a corner where there are steps outside and looks at them*

    A faceless step huh? Well I got news for ya Dat Kid. *Trip turns back to Kid* I'm going to be much more like the step that someone is slamming your head into here tonight. Maybe you will take notice after the beating you so sorely deserve is finally handed out to you. See, you might not have come into this match expecting much, but that is where you falter Kid. I knew this would be one hell of a match this evening, and I prepared as such. You wanna treat me like just another Roadster? Fine, but thats a big mistake Kid.

    *Trip turns and walks back towards Dat Kid again*

    No one said having ambition here is a crime. Coming in and demanding you get what you want without earning it and expecting me to roll over and just give it to you - now there's your crime. You beat me here tonight in this ring to earn it and you get what you want. Its that simple. But when you don't even take me seriously coming into the match *Trip shakes his head* I guess you didn't want it that much. Hell it sounds like you were too busy watching the show. You know what I was doing while all the other matches were taking place? I was getting ready for this one. I'm actually kind of interested to see how the IWT roster feels about you now. After having said all their matches basically put you to sleep. Speaking of the IWT roster - why am I not surprised that you would bring Aids up in this match. The protege once again envokes the name of the predecessor. You think I listen to that guy!? I make him THINK I'm listening to his drunk ass, but his sway here amounts to the same as...well Jonathan's does now - nothing. And thats what your title ambitions will amount to when we are done here tonight.

    *Trip gets up in Dat Kids face*

    Now, before I finally put this microphone down and exact my revenge on your career, you mentioned one more thing. About how I never really rose to the main event scene in IWT. And your right, I can attest to that. I was not given many chances in my career here to shine. *Trips eyes grow wide* But I RUN the main event scene now Kid. You think I have the need to go after the titles anymore Kid. I'm above them. Just like I'm going to be standing above you tonight after I hit you with the Fall of Night.

    *Trip backs away a couple of steps*

    Go tell Jesus to get the tissues.

    *Trip drops the mic and rushes Dat Kid as the bell rings*
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  8. @Delik - hook us up with a voting form would ya?
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  9. Well I have to give Dat Kid credit, even though he pretends he isn't a part of everyone, he readily admitted no one is going to beat Alias. Trip FTW.

    Also @Roadster @dios or whatever your name is today, check out all those name drops you got bro. You made it.
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  10. How do I vote using a non-existent form @Dicklick?
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  11. @DonkeyLips
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  12. Yes! I can't believe I was buried in 6 promos! I've definitely, positively made it.

    Good match Trip in the Roadster and Dat Undertaker From Jersey
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  13. This was pretty close.
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  14. Awesome match.
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  15. First time me and @Dat Kid have faced off I think. Head to Head at least
  16. Lots of votes, nice. Hope you guys enjoyed it as much as I did.