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Who is your winner?

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  1. CrayJ Lee

  2. Respect Gohan6425

  3. Xanth

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    The following contest is scheduled for one fall... and is for.. the IWT Championship!

    The rules are as follows:
    -No interuptions, only competitors can post here
    -Pictures, videos, livestream etc. are all banned, apart from titantron entrances.
    -Promos will last until 7pm Eastern USA on 14th July and there is NO LIMIT on how many promos you can write in that time.
    -Voting will then last for 24 hours and close at 7pm Eastern USA on 15th July.

  2. *Victoria heads down the ramp with her manager Jonathan by her side. Once inside the ring Victoria is handed a mic and she begins to speak

    Ladies and gentleman, nearly a month ago history was made. A wrestler redefined everything everyone thought they knew about the IWT. That wrestler was me. I became the IWT’s first female champion. Now a new PPV is upon us and it’s my duty to retain my title. Unfortunately for all of you in the audience this evening, you have to put up with possibly the most illiterate and irritating wrestler this company has to offer. As I will demonstrate to you this evening, the opportunity Gohan received to face me is one of IWT’s greatest controversies. Jonathan, if you would please put the first piece of footage on the titantron.
    *Up on the titantron is a compromising photo of Gohan and Brit in Brit’s office

    No one is more appalled than I am. It’s no wonder that Gohan was able to win a court case with a photo like this floating around. Despite his 30 day suspension, Gohan was able to use this photo to his advantage in his court case to win an opportunity at a title shot. Now, I know a lot of superstars in the back like to use derogatory comments to describe me, but it seems like the true slut of the company happens to be Gohan. He literally screwed his way to the top and it’s no wonder Brit decided to resign. But, ladies and gentleman, my deepest regret is that the controversy doesn’t end there. This next piece of evidence is bound to make you cringe so please bear with me. Jonathan, if you would please.

    *Another compromising photo goes up on the titantron of Gohan laying shirtless on top of Aids

    Again, I deeply apologize for having to share that disturbing image. However, the evidence is clear. Gohan just couldn’t get enough of Aids and needed to have some personal time together on the side. I mean, who knew that Gohan was…gay!

    Although this has been highly entertaining for me, it’s time to get down to business. In order to become IWT Champion, I had the challenge of defeating two men in a triple threat match. Like I have done often in my young career, I stood victorious in the ring despite the odds against me. My strength and determination in this ring is unrivaled and my unpredictability makes me a force to be reckoned with. Still the wrestlers in the back struggle to find a way to handle an ambitious and assertive woman like myself who can wrestle even better than themselves. Nothing will change from here on out. Even beyond this moment, male wrestlers will continue to fall. Gohan is just my current victim. Gohan may have had this title shot handed to him for all the wrong reasons, but I will retain my title this evening. Everyone will continue to know about Victoria Parker, the most dangerous female wrestler in the IWT and still your current IWT Champion.
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  3. Give him til 12
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  4. Give him more time as Kid says. We know what he will say but let him post the promo. (right now he isn't online)
  5. Why? Im sick of giving him preferential treatment. If CrayJ Lee can post in time why can't he. He knew the date and time for well over a week.
  6. People has a life out of here as you said more than once. He may be at work right now. Who knows?
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  7. He's not getting preferential treatment. You made the deadline 7, when you started at 9, not even 12 hours worth of time. Plus MITB is tonight and he'll be watching. A lot of people want to see this match Jonathan. Extend it till midnight, it wont make a difference
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    *FTJ comes out to the ring with his usual attire. Walls to the ring slowly. Enters the ring and asks for a microphone*​

    That's right, FTJ is back here in the IWT and I'm back to take you guys down. 1st of all I would like to said all though Photo are FAKED by Johntharn who know how to photoshop photo! Now I'm here to take you down, Lee. I'm here to take down everybody because I'm sick and tired of being bullshited. I should be the IWT World Heavyweight Champion. I was wrongfully suspended two days before the PPV because they (fuck) screwed me. They cheated me because they just didn't want the great FTJ to reign supreme but now thanks to my boy David Otanga who is now 23-0 in court cases I am now not suspended anymore and now I'm allowed to get a title match against either one of the IWT WWE Heavyweight Champion or the IWT World Heavyweight Champion. I chose you Lee because I know that you know that your win last month versus Dat Kid was a fluke. And I proved it when I took him and powerbombed him through the stage, knocking him out, putting him out of commission and if you thought what I did to him was bad wait a bit because I will take the IWT WWE Championship away from you and bring it back where it belongs, to the first ever, longest reigning IWT WWE Heavyweight Champion of all times, ME! THE GREAT FTJ! Yes, I will win it back and prove once and for all that I am THE BEST IN THE WORLD.​
  10. Well it's obvious that Gohan has not written this promo himself....

    Voting open.
  11. uh!? yes I did! pove it! and don't me and lee have 2 more promo to do!?

  12. Well based on the OP there was no promo limit. Also, we both did one promo each so no one had an unfair advantage. May the best person win! Good luck Gohan.
  13. I though u told me a week ago that were doing 3 promo or something?
  14. Respect Gohan6425 has been PM'ing users, in particular one user, asking him to vote for him in the poll.

    What's people opinions on this? IMO he should follow the rules and be reset to 0 votes, however I'm sure Crayo would say I'm being a dictator.
  15. If he has been pming people asking for votes. Then off with his head (Reset the votes). He is not above the rules and he should know this by now.
  16. Suspension. Thats what I got. Seems fair.
  17. Gohan, if you're main event material, why do you need to beg for votes?
  18. Also, who cares what Crayo thinks unless he's siding with us.
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