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    Go here to vote >>>

    The following contest is a Money in the Bank
    contract ladder match.

    The participants of this match, in no particular order are......

    Aids Johnson - @Aids Johnson (re-tagged him since he changed his name...again. TRIP)
    Marcus Anthony - @TheArabHammer
    Bruce Knight - @Forrest
    B.Dazzle - @B.Dazzle
    Gav the Chav - @gav the chav
    Manik - @Manik

    The rules are as follows:

    -No interuptions, only competitors can post here

    -Pictures, videos, and gifs are all ALLOWED as this is an anything goes type match.

    -Promos will begin when the first promo of the round is posted. Each participant gets ONE promo (and only one) per round. Post a second and you will be removed from the match for not following the rules and your promos will be deleted. Promo period will be open for 24 hours, but we will make extensions where needed to make sure all participants have posted a promo for every round.

    -Voting will then last for
    12 hours after the last promo is posted. The participant with the lowest score of the round is eliminated. The participant with the highest score of the round will be required to post the FIRST promo in the next round.

    -This pattern continues until only one participant is left standing. The equivalent of making it to the top of the ladder and grabbing the briefcase.

    Please do not post OOC AT ALL. Do not post "backstage/ringside" comments either.

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    As the crowd waits for the match to begin, the titantron shows a video running backstage. A few of the members of the IWT MITB match are warming up backstage, including Aids Johnson. He takes notice of the camera, and takes the opportunity to smile and promote his new brand of Scotch, Jeebak's 12 year aged scotch. He tosses it aside, finishing his bottle of water off as the music hits.

    Aids walks out to a mixed reaction from the crowd, but he bypasses his chance to showoff, walking directly down to the ring before taking a few quick steps and sliding in. He takes one more sip from his waterbottle before throwing it outside of the ring, grabbing his microphone.

    Tonight is a wonderful Money in the bank match, there are matches and I'm not the one to promote them. You see you didn't only lose the man who handled the lack of talent relations recently, the fact is the hero of the IWT and the company is gone and is back in action like Michael Jordan when he was on court with the Wizards. I look around tonight and see everyone I pushed for nearly a year, wondering how they got into this match, wondering not only if they believe in themselves, confused as if they could be IWT champ, but does anyone watching this backstage or otherwise feel the same? Will the winner of this battle walk out knowing they have a real chance at dethroning the IWT champion?

    I retired. I thought the best thing for business would be to promote Trip and I would back off, seeing how things would go, but just like Trip deserves credit for the activity boost, one would assume I would be given my credit I deserve too, but not tonight. Not here, not now. Why am I back to competition? Do I even expect to win?

    Take time back a year ago, and I was nothing here after leaving, just hoping for my opportunity or any opportunity at all, when Dat Kid put the odds against me and gave me a shot. It wasn't because of our friendship, but instead it was because even though he and I love to compete, we both know how great we are, and what kind of serious damage we could do in this company. Fast forward to the end of the show, I won, cashed in, and the rest is history (holds up his ring)

    But now here I stand, on the brink of an elimination, once again wondering if I am honestly not built for a competition on this level. When I lost at Elimination Chamber, I didn't lose my belt, I lost my way. I am back now not only to win the title, but to prove to myself that humility and pride mean more than selfish desires. Later on tonight, this ring will be filled with IWT talent, the biggest of them being Aids Johnson, but what does my name even mean to this company anymore?

    I've squandered my opportunities, and while I am normally glad to list of my past accomplishments and achievements in order to talk down to the people coming to stand across from me, I refuse to squander this opportunity by burning any bridges. Tonight, I state my case and let everyone decide if they want more Aids Johnson in the IWT, because I'd rather dig my own grave than have to ask someone to do it for me. I'm not Dat Kid.

    ETA: just fixed the horrible sentence structure.
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  3. A new theme hits as Aids and the rest of the arena looks at the stage, wondering who would emerge. Within ten seconds, Victoria comes walking out onto the stage, clapping and smiling on her way down the ramp. As she gets down the ramp and crosses in front of the ring, she extends her hands towards Aids and shouts "Aids Johnson everyone!" She continues to clap for Aids as she walks over and takes a seat next to the announcers at the announcers table. Crossing her legs and leaning back comfortably in her chair, she continued to smile and look on at Aids as she put on a headset. "It sure is great to back. This is bound to be a match no one will ever forget."
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  4. *The fans erupt in boos as B.Dazzle makes his way out from the backstage area. He stands at the top of the entrance ramp and looks around at the crowd. B.Dazzle rolls his eyes at the fans booing him and sets his sights straight at the ring. He glances up at the IWT Briefcase and nods his head. B.Dazzle walks down the ramp and heads towards the ring. He stops at the end of the ramp and looks at Aids, who is standing in the ring. B.Dazzle slowly begins walking around the ring. He gets a mic from a ringside attendant and then stops in front of the announcers table. He looks at Victoria Parker, gives her a smile, and then winks. As B.Dazzle climbs up to the ring apron, he takes one quick glance back and gives Parker the finger. B.Dazzle climbs up to the top turnbuckle and raises his arm in the air, resulting in more boos. B.Dazzle's music stops and he stays up top the turnbuckle. B.Dazzle turns his head towards Aids and begins to speak.*

    FINALLY............B.Dazzle has come back to IWT Pay Per View!

    *Crowd boos.*

    Dazzle: Which means FINALLY.........B.Dazzle has come back to in-ring competition!

    *Mostly boos from the crowd, although a few cheers can be heard.*

    Tonight is the single most important moment in B.Dazzle's life. Tonight B.Dazzle has the chance to walk out here with a contract that basically guarantees that he'll be IWT Champion someday, something that B.Dazzle has worked his entire career for. The IWT Championship is the only reason that B.Dazzle came back to IWT,well, that and to kick Gav the Chav's monkey ass, something he'll also get the chance to do tonight.

    *More boos.*

    B.Dazzle understands that the task of winning that briefcase won't be easy, but things for B.Dazzle have never been easy. It wasn't easy carrying Gav the Chav to a tag team championship win and carrying his ass for a few more months after that. It wasn't easy being the I.C Champion.It wasn't easy elimination twelve men in the Royal Rumble. But you can bet all your candy asses that B.Dazzle did each and every single one of those things. Life isn't easy, it's never easy, you do things the hard way, and sometimes the hard way is the fun way. There is not a single doubt in B.Dazzle's mind that he'll win this match. B.Dazzle knows he'll win the MITB match and he is damn sure not gonna let five other rudy poo candy asses get in his way. For those of you who don't know, including the competitors in this match, you aren't facing some comedy gimmick. When you step in a ring with B.Dazzle, you step in the ring with the most dazzling man in all of sports and entertainment.

    *Slight mixed reaction begins, but it's quickly overshadowed by boos.*

    You are stepping in a ring with the jabroni beating, pie eating, trail blazing, eye brow raising, that briefcase is mine, this match is ending fast, if you don't believe B.Dazzle.............YOU CAN ALL KISS HIS DAZZLING ASS!

    *The fans erupt with more boos.*

    Dazzle: When you doubt B.Dazzle for a second, he shoves those doubts right back up your ass. B.Dazzle is focused, he's ready, he doesn't just want to win tonight....he NEEDS to win tonight. B.Dazzle didn't come back to win the IWT Championship sometime down the road, he came back to be IWT Champion as soon as possible. That's the goal, and that will always be the goal. No matter who steps in my way, B.Dazzle will push them out of his way. Bring everything you got, throw in the damn kitchen sink if you need too. B.Dazzle overcome all of that, overcome all your boos, and send you all home in a puddle of your own tears as he walks out of this arena Mr. Money in The Bank!
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  5. The arena darkens to a low light appears as we see Sackfist standing on the stage with his back to the audience.

    "Tonight is a very special match, a chance at a briefcase and redemption from the man who broke his vow. Aids Johnson, it has been a long time since I defeated you in IWT. We've been waiting for our rematch, the clock has made its rounds and we find ourselves once again in the path for MITB. I think its time we unbury a secret. You didn't fail IWT Aids Johnson, despite the sins of abandoning IWT as it's champion years ago. You failed me. You're greed got the best of you almost a year ago and you let you're...friend fall to unemployment, you robbed me of my IWT career, and I'm here tonight to rob you of your IWT Title shot"

    Sackfist turns around and slowly walks to the ring

    "Joey Bryant put the bullet in the gun that ended my career, but in the temple I was reborn. I've comeback to IWT and already I put a dent by defeating Farooq at Uprising. People didn't seem to notice so I need to make a louder impact, and what louder way than becoming Money In The Bank, a guaranteed shot at Joey Bryant whenever I want it. What better way to stab you in the back Aids, like you did to me back at Night of Champions, I gave Bryant everything I had, the first and only match to ever go to double Sudden Death, that's what I bring to IWT."

    Sackfist walks up the steps and stands in the ring

    "Regardless of what happens at SummerSlam, Dat Kid, the man who put the gun to my head or Joey Bryant, the man who pulled the trigger, I want a guaranteed shot at either of those who failed me. This match not only guarantees me that, but it means they'll be looking over they're shoulder. I cameback to take down those who failed IWT, Bruce Knight failed IWT, Marcus Anthony failed IWT, B.Dazzle failed IWT, every man in this match fell from the path and let this company down, but tonight I finally climb the ladder to the brass ring, the same ring I was finger tips away back at Night of Champions. Joey Bryant, Dat Kid, I'm coming for retribution as Mr. Money in the Bank
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  6. * gav the chavs music plays as gav makes his way out to the ring Staring out dazzle as he makes his way out to the ring gav climbs in the ring and heads straight towards b.dazzle and they both stare each other down for several minutes until someone hands gav a mic*

    (Gav the chav) right fuck it lets forget all the irrelevant bullshit fuck the other competitors The only one I've got my eye on is you dazzle you fucking cheeky **** its about time I put you back where I found you. You've come out here over the last week or so chatting pure shit saying things like How you carried me whilst we were tag team champions or how you think your the best thing since Slice bread I've let you get away with it but now its about time I put you straight

    First of all right did You fuck carry me through every match in fact before me and you united as a team your career was on the verge of ending you were ready to walk out that door you weren't dazzling you were fucking dull there was nothing dazzling about you when Gav found you I picked you up shined you up real nice and showed everyone just how dazzling you truly were I put the dazzle in b Fucking dazzle then we went on and picked up the titles together as a team not you on your own like you tell all these people how you carried me on that same night though you did go on to win the intercontinental belt but then you stupid **** you went and Threw it away you could of been a great champion but instead you dropped it to adam even I could beat him with my eyes closed you know what right you fucking embarrassed me That night I should of ditched you There and then Whilst I had The chance chris kaiser would of been a great Tag team partner actually thinking about it but instead I stood by you I picked you up whilst you were down and walked into IWTMANIA with you as tag team champions and as you all know our reign as champions ended then fast forward a few weeks you go and embarrass me yet again by ditching me in the middle of a match and announce your retirement you're just one big complete and utter embarrassment keep telling these people just how great you are The more you do that the more of a complete and utter twat you look you know what right im Done with you right now I'm gunna go talk to some real fighters not some rocky Maivia wannabe

    *gav turns towards aids and manik*

    @Manik you can just fuck off gav and these people don't give a fuck about you the only let down in this ring is you when you were around you had all this potential to be great you were main event quality decided to stick around in the mid card everyone in this ring has held IWT gold in the last year except you so why don't you just fuck off back to where you came from

    * gav turns towards aids Johnson*

    aids I can't even chat shit About you because I respect you too much without you gav wouldn't have a career and If I manage to achieve half of what you have I will be satisfied and that is gunna start right now by claiming What is mine coz im gunna take every single one of you out and grab hold of the MITB contract and go on to win the IWT BELT and not a single one of you can stop me!!!
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    As soon as the Guitar is heard, Out comes Bruce Knight, Carrying a chair with him and his hair tied back to keep it out of the way. He still looks pissed from the past week, walking down to the arena, hitting the chair on the Guard rail every few seconds, sending a message to the others. He walks around ringside, intimidating his opponents before reaching the announce table. He glances up towards the IWT Contract before looking at the Ladder and back towards the ring, throwing his chair on the announce table and snatching a Microphone from one of the crew. He rolls into the ring, looking at Aids in particularly yet keeping his eye on the others.

    "It's funny, really...we're all here, "The Fallen" according to Sackboy over here. You were gone the longest, Mr.Midcard, yet now you decide to come back? You see, many of us had reasons to leave...Aids retired...I had a 'nagging' injury...while you simply left, turning your back on IWT. I really wouldn't care for a reason around this point because if there was one, people would of forgotten about it by now. The only thing I can remember from Joey Bryant kicking your ass before the Elimination Chamber.

    He looks at Gav and Dazzle next, pointing to them as he does so.

    "And now we have the Bromance that went oh so wrong. A Team that were Tag Champs, the team that defeated Alias and Dover...broken up due to...obvious complications. I can sympathize with you, Dazzle...You never mixed in with Gav, You were always out of place, the star of the team while Gav was just a man who was known because of his gimmick, much like FTJ or any other ridiculous pretender. But...You see, I 'Robbed' you of that chance at the rumble, Remember? Oh but wait, what happened, oh, I defeated both Joey Bryant and that retired piece of shit that was somehow able to make it into this match...I personally blame Trip for that. But what did I do after the match, Dazzle? I did something that you or anyone else in this ring couldn't do...I defeated Alias Antonio on my own, one on one, even when I was down on my knees, out of energy, hurt from my match...I stood up and defeated him...Could you do that, Dazzle? You won't be climbing that ladder tonight and so won't your 'buddy' Gavin over there.

    Oh, Don't worry Gav, I haven't forgotten about a worthless gimmick like you. I mean, It's not every day the Network allows someone spew out a lot of...utter bullshit. You deserved what Dazzle did to you, heck, he carried your team...He was the better man. Your only in this match due to Dazzle's attack. Out of everyone in IWT, Plenty of people to choose Victoria over there, You get picked to come out here and compete for what will be mine. You are nothing, Gav...You are just a gimmick, A tool...a means of making a quick buck for this company.

    He turns around to Aids, smirking at him before giving him a serious look, one of intent to injure.

    "Aids...I don't know where to start...I mean, you attacked when I was about to take out that piece of crap known as trip...and THEN, he puts you into this match? If that's all it took to get a match, everyone would be doing it. You want to say your name means nothing anymore? Aids, I hate you right now for what you did but where the hell did that spirit from IWTMania go? Sure, I won that match but right now, your sounding like an Old dog who has no new tricks and is wanting to be put down. At IWTMania, you had the willpower to defeat Joey Bryant...I don't want to face a the pathetic former shell of Aids Johnson, Tonight...I want to face the Aids Johnson who came out at IWT Mania, wanting to settle a score....The Only Aids Johnson I know. I won't have it anyway.

    And Marcus, I know you're itching to get out here, So do so because I'm willing to throw you through a god damn ladder should you get in my way...and the same goes for all you dejected rejects.

    Bruce Knight will rise...and Everyone else shall fall."

    Knight goes by one of the turnbuckles, awaiting Anthony whilst keeping his eye on everyone.
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  8. 4:1 odds Marcus is finding out he's having another kid.
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  9. Alright Arab has 9 hours to get a promo in, if it's not posted by the time I wake up voting will start.
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  10. Enjoying all the promos, Victoria sits forward in her chair to look around the ring to see if Marcus is about to come down the ramp. Disappointed, she frowns and sits back leaning casually in her seat. "Where's the rest of the show? I don't know about you but I don't like waiting. Tick tock Marcus, your time is running out."

    A small smile crossed her face as she looked at the two announcers at the table before she turned her attention back to the competitors. "We wouldn't want him to miss out on his career-altering opportunity, would we? After all, anyone could capitalize on that kind of horrendous mistake. Let's hope he shows up for the fun."
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  11. The lights in the arena dim and Marcus Anthony's theme roars through the arena speakers and at the 31 second mark, he appears at the top of the ramp with mic in hand. He runs down to the ring and slides in with his signature hoody still on. He looks around at each one of the competitors and a smirk appears on his face as he begins to address them...

    Marcus: IWT, my time has come. Tonight....THIS the one that changes everything. The landscape is shifting as we speak. For only one in this ring will leave with the rights to have a title shot anytime in the next year. That me, Marcus Anthony.
    *the crowd burst into cheers*
    I've risen from the depths to reach new heights, re born with a fire more powerful than the flames of a thousand suns. This fire, fuels me to take what's my rightful place in the IWT. And that place is as it's champion.
    *A chant starts in the crowd going ANTHONY! ANTHONY! ANTHONY!*
    Most of these men in the ring here tonight have felt the wrath of The Phoenix. All but one...Aids Johnson. Months ago I came to this man for guidance. Who better to steer you in the right direction than the champion at the moment. He showed me the ropes and believed I was more than just a sidekick. He knew I was a leader.
    *a "we've got Aids" chant breaks out* Tonight he makes his comeback whether it's to boost the young talent or for selfish gain. Knowing Aids...he's looking to become a 3x MITB winner not to bring credibility to this match. He sees us as fish in a barrel. It just so happens, he picked the wrong barrel.'ve been a friend....a brother....but tonight, It's war. I'll go through you if it means having to sacrifice everything to claim my rightful place in the IWT.

    Dazzle and Gav, I've had my history with you two. Now it seems you have your own little spat going on. Both you just need to face the facts. You couldn't beat me. Either one of you. So to use a catchphrase that you've both heard more than a few times because we all know how much you guys love your catchphrases
    Dazzle, Gav, once again quit while you've still got your health and just *Marcus hold the mic in the air and crowd screams "GIVE IN TO THE ORDER"*

    Bruce Knight I can understand why you're mad. I don't blame you for wanting to hurt the man who put you on the losing end of your comeback. Falling from grace as fast and hard as you did. You needed a scapegoat. You needed to take out that anger on someone. Unfortunately for you, you picked a fight with someone who's a lot angrier and a lot more determined to climb that mountain and reach the pinnacle of success once again. So tonight you'll witness the sequel first hand. You're gonna see me climb that ladder and get to the top and grab what's mine while you're flat on your back.

    Sackfist, we've fought on the same side before and I know exactly what kind of competitor you are. I've had no quarrel with you. That is until you got in the way of me realizing my destiny here tonight.

    I embraced the darkness because it was always written in the stars that I was to become great. Tonight my journey to greatness continues

    *The crowd is sent into a frenzy and they all chant PHOENIX!!PHOENIX!!PHOENIX!!*

    Oh and VP....remember The Phoenix ALWAYS rises so get ready for a show
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  12. @CrayJ Lee god dammit you had one job
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    WRONG. I got permission from Jono and Trip to do this beforehand. Nice try though.
  14. Ohh looks at the permissions!
  15. Chris Kaizer sleeps without permission
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  16. At least she asked
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  17. Ooc: Arrrgh.... I don't like this waiting around
  18. Good, the suspense is worth it
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