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    Go here to vote >>>

    The following contest is a Money in the Bank
    contract ladder match.

    The participants of this match, in no particular order are......

    Aids Johnson - Random Hero
    Bruce Knight - Forrest
    B.Dazzle - B.Dazzle
    Gav the Chav - gav the chav
    Manik - Manik

    *Gav the Chav will go first in this round*

    The rules are as follows:

    -No interuptions, only competitors can post here

    -Pictures, videos, and gifs are all ALLOWED as this is an anything goes type match.

    -Promos will begin when the first promo of the round is posted.
    Each participant gets ONE promo (and only one) per round.
    Post a second and you will be removed from the match for not following the rules and your
    promos will be deleted. Promo period will be open for 24 hours, but we will mak
    extensions where needed to make sure all participants have posted a promo for every round.

    -Voting will then last for
    12 hours after the last promo is posted. The participant with the lowest
    score of the round is eliminated. The participant with the highest score of the round
    will be required to post the FIRST promo in the next round.

    -This pattern continues until only one participant is left standing.
    The equivalent of making it to the top of the ladder and grabbing the briefcase.

    Please do not post OOC AT ALL. Do not post "backstage/ringside" comments either.

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    * gav takes the mic and continues to speak*

    ( Gav the chav) boom! See ya later marcus you fucking cheeky **** none of you expected that did you I've told you all ages ago marcus Anthony was fucking shite and was the weaker man in the order and I've just proved my point he thought he was fucking clever coming out late and making us all wait he got what he deserved if you ask me

    *gav turns his attention towards bruce knight*

    Ahhh bruce knight me and you go way, way back even further than me and dazzle do I faced you In my debut match after you came out and interrupted me and decided to be one of the biggest cheeky ****s I've ever met clearly thats still not changed you could not beat me then when I Was still learning my trade and you're not Gunna stop me now you wanna know why I'm in this match? just ask marcus Anthony later when you join him backstage after I take you out just like I took him out I'm in this to win I maybe the underdog just like you were at IWTMANIA but the challenge I face is much, much bigger than yours on that night you all thought I'd be the first out didn't you? You think im just Some gimmick that will eventually die out one day well guess what I started out here over a year ago and im still going strong

    *gav turns his attention towards b.dazzle*

    Now this piece of shit here*points towards b.dazzle* this my friends is a gimmick In fact its a copycat of a gimmick which makes it even worse you see this pile of shite thinks he's the fucking rock he has every little thing spot on except one little thing talent the rock is hard as fuck but b.dazzle right is fucking shite always was and always will be he lost his title to fucking adam for fuck sake but every single one of you have the cheek to come out Here and claim he is better than me and he carried me I might chat some shit but thats the biggest bullshit ive ever heard

    Like I was saying unlike b.dazzle over there I'm not some wannabe gimmick im the Real deal im a Chav through and through I bleed chav its in my blood I don't come out here using other peoples catchphrases I don't go on and on about my previous wins and carry on pretending to be the underdog seriously nobody gives a flying fuck now mate IWTmania was Months ago now I don't throw a fit when some bullshit backstage gets in the way an decide to throw my career away and becoming as irrelevant as dat kid and I definitely won't turn my back on these fans and run away to some other promotion I'm simply me gav the chav always have been and always will be so please come on and throw whatever insults you have got because I will simply not give a fuck but please don't use the same fucking thing as the last person its pretty tiresome come on you cheeky ****s hit me with your best shot!
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  3. OOC: I'm leaving in an hour and will probably be gone the entire day, so I'm gonna get started on my promo now.
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  4. *B.Dazzle lifts the mic back up to his mouths and looks at Gav.*

    Dazzle: Well if you would look at that, Gav just took Marcus's biggest chance at being a world champion away. It's not the first time you've taken someone's chance of getting to the top away, is it Gav? Now, you're probably thinking "Oi, what the hell are you talkin about you cheekly little ****?" but don't worry, B.Dazzle will tell you what he's talking about. You took B.Dazzle's chance at getting to the top away from him, you want to know how? Because for several long months B.Dazzle was far too busy carrying you up the ladder to the top, that he never got the chance to climb on his own. That's what B.Dazzle is talking about. The funny part is that your candy ass thinks we did everything we did as a team, which is false. B.Dazzle was the one man wrecking crew, and now that he's going on his own, you're jealous. That's right, you're jealous. You're jealous that B.Dazzle is, was, and always will be THE DAZZLING CHAV! You say you put the B in B.Dazzle, well B.Dazzle says that is one hundred percent horse crap. B.Dazzle puts the B.Dazzle in B fucking Dazzle. While he was doing that, he was also putting the Dazzling Chav, in the The Dazzling Chavs!

    *The crowd begins chanting NO!.*

    Dazzle: Whether you, or any other of these candy ass jabroni's believe me or not, it doesn't mean a damn to B.Dazzle. What angers me the most, is when every single rudy poo, pile of trash in this company calls me a Rock "wannabe." B.Dazzle is his OWN man. He is his OWN man.You say you are a real Chav, and it's true. You are a true, stupid, retarded, illiterate Chav, that not a single god damn person cares about. Just look at your family, actually nobody should even glance at your family, because it's not just the cause of blindness, but also mental retardation.

    *Gav starts to clench his fists as he looks at B.Dazzle.*

    Dazzle: Now Gav, you are gonna sit there and watch as B.Dazzle keeps on stealing the show, which you've done your entire career. It doesn't matter who thinks B.Dazzle won't win tonight, ok, it doesn't matter! Aids, you don't think B.Dazzle will be able to win? IT DOESN'T MATTER! Gav, you don't think B.Dazzle can win? IT DOESN'T MATTER! Bruce, you don't think B.Dazzle can win? IT DOESN'T MATTER! Manik, you don't think B.Dazzle can win? IT DOESN'T MATTER WHAT ANY OF YOU THINK! What you think of B.Dazzle will never matter, because B.Dazzle knows that he matters. And he's gonna prove it by climbing that ladder, winning that briefcase, and going on to become the next IWT Champion! If you don't think so, when B.Dazzle does win, then you call commence getting down on your knees and kissing B.Dazzle's DAZZLING ASS! Don't just smell what B.Dazzle is cooking, see what B.Dazzle is cooking. Because he's cooking up a whipping for AALLLLLLLLLLLLL YOUR CANDY ASSES!
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  5. With Marcus being eliminated and the fans anticipation of finally seeing B Dazzle and Gav go face to face, the other three competitors aren't shown on camera for minutes, with the announcers not even mentioning their names or situations. Aids Johnson finally comes back into view, sliding ass first into the ring, holding onto his bottle of scotch, wearing the crooked smile he is best known for, before taking a long pull off the bottle, nearly killing off all of the contents inside.

    I can't believe that bullshit I just pulled was still enough to keep me in this match. I know i'm as soft as baby shit, but let's hope no one was fooled by the nonsense first round you were all so lucky to witness. Fuck it, without Marcus I feel like that shit up there *Aids points to the briefcase on top of the ladder* is mine already.

    Jesus I don't even know who to backhand first. Gav you cheecky fucking ****, I couldn't be more proud than I am right now, it's like watching the meth baby you tried to abort go all the way to term and thank you for being allowed to live. And, you, Jabroni. You know your roll and stay alive long enough to be worth a damn.

    *Aids eyes flicker for a few seconds, as the booze clearly kicks in hard.* And Bruce Knight, where is he? Someone get that man a Cure t-shirt and escort him back to the 32nd row where he belongs. Anti-IWT my undersized dick. *Aids turns and gives VP a wink over at the announcers table, before sliding back out of the ring and taking off his Sting t-shirt*

    *Sackfist buddy brother pal fella guy, we could have had some great matches, I owe you two losses but I think at this point FTJ might have it right when he said you just weren't good enough. Every time you come back, you spit gold out of your mouth, and then you disappear, only to reappear with someone entirely knew to face, you and Bruce should be a tag team. Random Fucking Gimmicks.

    You see in anyone else's hands, this is just a bottle of $200 scotch. But in my hands.....

    *The crowd starts a CM Punk chant, marking for the reference, but instead Aids vomits the liquor out into a garbage can at ringside, dropping the mic and bottle and can be heard saying "Fuck CM Punk"
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  6. "Do you hear that? Opportunity is knocking at everyone but Marcus's door. One man down, 4 more to go before opportunity knocks on one door...mine. I proved to the IWT Universe that I remain a competitor that has recognition. Marcus failed and was eliminated, no surprise, The Order has fallen, First I beat Farooq, then I outlast Marcus. And now in the ring with me is the Hall of Famer who has yet to pull a win over me and 3 fresh stars I haven't yet had the pleasure of competing against. The votes show that while Gav remained top, yours truly was the runner up, so in my mind, there is one real opponent for me in this match, Aids, the people have spoken and once again, I own you, once again you have failed IWT because you cannot beat a former part timer. All your weeks of devotion and you still, a year later, I still beat you."

    "New blood now gets a chance to shine, 2 former champions, Bruce and Aids, if you look back at the history, Bruce had 1 successful title defence, and lost it to the former champion, A look at history shows us that the Champion defends his or her belt twice successfully, in the case of Aids and Victoria, but 3rd times the charm, they fail IWT. They fail to reach the benchmark. IWT needs someone to maintain the titles integrity, and not to fail the belt, I am that someone, I've defeated some of the greats, Senhor Perfect, Aids Johnson, FTJ, all former IWT Champions"

    "The time has come for IWT to see Me step in the ring with Joey Bryant, The first and only Double Sudden Death Match, I think we all deserve to see the sequel, when it can come anytime, anywhere. Unlike Aids Johnson, when I win the IWT Title, I'll be the defender of I...W.....T"
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  8. Knight gets back into the ring following Anthony's elimination, Laughing at the event.

    "Aids...Poor, Poor Aids. It looks like your addiction to alcohol seems to have kicked in...which makes easy target for the vultures. Aids, The only thing in your hand after this night will be a pair of crutches because You will be the next to fall off that ladder and unlike Anthony, Your frail alcohol filled body won't be able to take the punishment it so rightly deserves.

    That Briefcase is not your property and never will be."

    He turns to face Gav and Dazzle.

    "Gav, You are no underdog...You can barley speak proper English without resorting to using your usual foul language...Is that the kind of champion you want? A man who half the people here won't understand? A man who can't even stand up on his own without getting a lucky break. Gav, You got lucky with eliminating Marcus...and you'll be even more lucky if you stay in this match any longer.

    You two can argue all night long for all I care because I know that you two will be gone soon...and Gav took out the only man who offered a reasonable challenge towards a man such as myself. Your just a Bunch of Gimmicks, Merchandising ploys used to generate money. Two Gimmicks, A Chav and a man full of catchphrases...

    Fortunately, for the IWT Scene...You will not be winning this match. "

    Knight turns to Sackfist, giving him a more serious look unlike he has done with the previous three.

    "With Anthony gone, I thought my job would of been easier...unfortunately, you've finally decided to step up your game. Sackboy, You can talk about all your previous wins against men that have retired or have lost their edge, I did something that you couldn't do...and that's defeat Joey Bryant in his prime. Even though Aids was there at that fateful match, the record stands as a win against Bryant. I went out and I defended my Title the very night I won it against the man who was on a unbeaten streak, Antonio Alias. Now tell me why that doesn't warrant a second chance at the IWT Title? I defied the odds twice, something no other man in this company could ever replicate.

    I deserve another Title shot...It was in my contract as a Rematch Clause...and Then Trip took that away from me. Sackboy, You will forever remain the defender of the midcard and You will not be infecting the IWT Title scene with your "defending IWT" crap...IWT will fall...just like you will tonight.

    I am Bruce Knight and that Briefcase up there rightfully belongs to the man who had his title rematch stolen away from him, the same man who deserves his title shot...the same man who wants to settle a score with Joey Bryant...Me..."

    Knight looks at his enemies, eying up their every moves whilst keeping an eye on the drunk Aids Johnson, looking for a chance to attack him.
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  9. Your winner of round 2, with an average of 8.75 and going first in round 3... B.Dazzle!!

    Bruce Knight has been eliminated.

    Full results here >>>
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  10. Shit I didn't even get to vote lol. I was out last night.
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